People Are Drinking More Wine Than Ever Before – Here’s Why

People are drinking more wine than ever before, and it’s not just the older generations that are doing it, either. The total number of wine drinkers in the United States has risen by 37% over the past five years, with younger demographics leading the way, according to a recent Nielsen survey.

People are drinking more wine than ever before, and it’s not just the older generations that are doing it, either. Here are 8 reasons why.

For many people, the quality of wines available today has gone up as well – so why aren’t we all just knocking back multiple glasses every night? One of the reasons is wine reviews help people decide which bottles are worth buying for everyday use. To find out more about what’s driving this increase in wine consumption and why it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, read on! 

The Need for the Natural Relief

In recent years, wine has come a long way from its humble origins. The trend for drinking wines that reflect the terroir and respect cultural traditions is growing across all ages, genders, and backgrounds. 

Wine experts are regularly taking part in panels and events to educate consumers on exactly what they should be looking for when choosing a bottle of wine; additionally, these experts have been putting together thousands of dollars worth of reviews to help people make an informed decision before hitting up their local liquor store. People also trust friends’ recommendations more than any other influence.

The Trend Towards Convenience

Wine is an incredibly popular drink that pairs well with a wide variety of meals. It’s also an investment – at least if you want to get a good vintage. With that in mind, many people who enjoy wine may choose to stock up on some long-term wines (such as Ports or Sherries) which they can store for years while they enjoy new vintages each year. 

The average age of their collection will have steadily increased, but that shouldn’t stop them from sampling new tastes as often as possible. After all, wine (like cheese) is best when it has been allowed to mellow and gain complexity with age! 

In Vino Veritas

It’s been said that in wine there is truth. But if you’re looking for more literal meaning, check out how wine is changing all across America. More people are drinking wine than ever before and with more wines to choose from, it’s becoming easier than ever to find one you love. So why is that? 

According to market experts, wine has been undergoing something of a renaissance over recent years as increasing numbers of Americans learn about it; we have become connoisseurs not just of food but also of quality beverages like wine. And we all know what comes next: good things! Cheers!

The Rise of Urban Wineries

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in urban wineries popping up across America. From San Francisco to Philadelphia, Boston to Seattle, small craft producers are bringing winemaking back to city centres and breathing new life into old buildings and industrial spaces. Wine reviews of some of today’s top American cities for urban wineries. Urban Winery Facts In wine history terms, it was only ten years ago that urban wineries were virtually non-existent. 

Today they can be found in big cities like New York and smaller ones like Houston as well. Americans have long favored sweeter white wines over reds and while we’ve historically had a large population producing wine in California, others have been importing it from France.

How Technology Made It Easier

Changes in technology have also impacted how people drink. Perhaps you are a wine expert, but what about your grandmother? Today, it’s easy to find an app or website that helps you learn more about wines and buy them. There is a huge selection of online retailers who ship directly to your home and make it easier than ever to get your favorite wine delivered straight to your door. 

For those of us with busy schedules, wine clubs are another great option. You can sign up for periodic shipments of wines that have been hand-selected by experts (or even algorithms). The convenience these services offer makes drinking more wine than ever before possible—no matter who you are or how much time you have!

What Goes Into Our Glasses Matters Now

Bigger glasses and cheaper prices are just some of the reasons wine is on tap to become America’s most popular alcoholic beverage in 2019. Since 2005, US wine sales have grown 150 percent, a number that continues to grow every year. 

New varieties, new ways to buy it, and different styles of wine than ever before are opening up our palates to how enjoyable and versatile alcohol can be. But with so many options now available at varying price points, knowing which wine is right for you or your occasion can be difficult. This guide breaks down some of those reasons why people are drinking more wine today—and offers advice on what you should drink and when.

Super-premium Grapes Come From New Places

Just a few decades ago, wine drinkers were primarily concerned with French wines. Today, we know that other countries produce fantastic wines. Chile is one of them, and you’ll often see Pinot Noir from Chateau Montelena at top restaurants around America. Before 1982, most people had never heard of Chilean wine; today more than three million cases are produced every year. Other countries where great grapes grow include Australia, Argentina and Italy. When choosing a red wine to drink with dinner, try a new region—you may be surprised by what you discover!

Millennials Changed The Rules Of Beer

Beer has never been more popular in America, but there is an undeniable shift in beer drinking habits among millennials. In recent years, there’s been a significant rise in craft breweries and people are choosing drinks with distinct flavor profiles—and that includes wine. Millennials have been transforming how we drink for years now and it’s safe to say that their influence will only continue to grow over time. The popularity of wine today isn’t just about tastes; it’s about passion and lifestyle too. There is no going back now—the old rules of beer are dead and buried. If you want to know what happened, why it matters, and where things go from here, keep reading below!


The popularity of wine has increased significantly in recent years, with sales growing at a rate of over five percent annually. The world is waking up to what experts already know: There’s no better way to relax after a long day than by unwinding with a glass of vino. What are you waiting for? Put down that beer and pick up your favorite bottle. After all, it’s not just for breakfast anymore! Cheers!

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  1. My husband is a big wine drinker while my daughter and her husband love IPA beer. I like wine, but can’t drink too much or I don’t feel well the next day. Pretty much a “one drink” limit for me. There has been some buzz amount of the young moms around me about a wine with “no sugar.” Not sure how that works, but could be a trend!

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