A Particularly Adorable Bridal Edition of Ask Away Friday.

I’m writing/posting this on Kindergarten Eve, so capitalized because of its meaning.

As I’m writing this, Scarlet is shouting out, “I can’t wait for tomorrow! School!” And Des is home from the first day of daycare in which I left him. I left him. I said, “I love you. Goodbye. I love you. I’ll be back soon. I love you.” I walked out because I said I would. I didn’t linger or waffle. I choreographed the whole thing in my head for 40 minutes before I did it. Then I walked outside, and listened under an open window for five minutes. Not a sad sound to be heard. Then I stumbled into the sunshine, received a text from my friend that Scarlet didn’t want to buy cat food with me, then I ran into a nice friend and her kindergartener, and then I bought cat food. Lots of it. Overpriced. What else could I do? I bought overpriced cat food.

Now I’m hunched over my computer, and the weight is sinking in – into my chest and the back of my neck. I take deep breaths and I straighten my posture. It works. And so, we begin this adorable edition of Ask Away Friday, in which my sister, the bride, interviews Scarlet, her flower girl. And vice versa. Prepare to be charmed, because I so enjoyed putting this together.


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Here are Scarlet’s questions for Lindsay about being a bride:

1. Where are you going on your honeymoon? What will you do there?

We are going to Mexico!!! Ironically our first dinner date was at a Mexican restaurant! Mike will teach me how to relax, and we will have a couples’ massage, dinner on the beach, take a zip line adventure, ride wave runners, and most importantly enjoy being newlyweds on a romantic trip!

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2. Why do people sometimes bring their spoons to their glass for them to kiss?

People like to see the new married couple displaying public affection of love, on what can be one of the most romantic days of the couples’ lives! If you want, you can you bang your spoon and howl like a dog and we’ll know to make it a big kiss in Scarlet’s honor!

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3. How did you meet Uncle Mikey?

I met uncle Mikey years ago when I was 13-years-old at a mutual friend’s party! Uncle Mikey got thrown in the pool and went home crying, while I broke my foot! We met again later in life at QCrossFit where we both worked out. Mike had a rule to go to the gym and not worry about women. I, on the other hand, had a rule to try and meet men at the gym!

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4. Why does the cake have to look so fancy?

Eat Cake! It’s dessert and something Uncle Mikey and I will eat a year later to remember our wedding day! It’s fancy because it’s the one day in your life you get to really be a princess, and who doesn’t want a princess cake built for a kingdom!?

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(Moose and wolf cake from Tamara & Cassidy’s wedding, but you probably knew that..)

5. What are your favorite songs at weddings?

I love dancing to anything classic rock that reminds me of my amazing childhood with my equally amazing family!

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And here are Lindsay’s questions for Scarlet about being a flower girl in her upcoming wedding:

6. a.Are you happy that I’m marrying uncle Mikey ? b.What do you like best about Uncle Mikey?

Yes! I like that he’s cute.

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7. What excites you the most about being the flower girl at our wedding, and what makes you nervous?

Throwing flowers makes me excited! Nothing. I’m not nervous about anything.

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8. What songs would you like to dance to at our wedding, and who do you want to dance with?

“Let It Go”. And “Beauty and the Beast!” I mainly want to dance with you, Aunt Lindsay. And Nana. And Dada. And Larry Dodo. And Athena. And Des. And Mama.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

9. Are you more excited for the macaroni and cheese at our wedding, or our HUGE princess cake?

The macaroni and cheese because I love it so much.

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(This is an “I love mac and cheese face”, no?)

10. Do you think aunt Lindsay is going to look like a princess at her wedding? Do you think you’re going to look like a princess? Which ones will you both look like?

Yes, I am. Yes, she is. I’ll look like Elsa and Cinderella and she will too!

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        1. Can I PLEASE be sisters with you girls? Please? I want IN!!! Lindsay, you are breathtakingly gorgeous in every way. This was just precious to read the answers to BOTH you and Scarlet!!!

          I know it will feel like I’ve been there- through Tamara’s photos to come…

          But I just wanted to wish you EVERY PERFECT MOMENT you could EVER EVER EMBRACE on your very special “get to be a princess” day!!!

          And I am going to bet that you will feel like a princess EVERY day after… your ‘husband’ should make it so. πŸ™‚

          1. You can totally be our sister! I think you would fit right in. We are pretty vulgar. I hope she has the best wedding ever. I was too wound up and anxious on my own special day. I want a do over!

    1. I loved our cake so much! And I remember being very excited when Cassidy’s cute cousin got to eat one of the giant chocolate moose. It was very special.

  1. This is adorable! There is something so special about an aunt/niece relationship – your sister and Scarlet seem to have a wonderful one. I’d have to choose the cake over the mac and cheese, but that’s just me.

    1. I think I’m with you. Cake. I am very close to my aunt, and I do have a new niece but I only met her once. I can’t wait to get to know her better.

  2. I am with Lindsay and just absolutely love this to pieces tonight. I just took my time reading through each question and answer and could not stop smiling. They both made my night. Thinking of you tonight Tamara and Scarlet is going to do amazing tomorrow. I have Lily’s pre-school orientation at 10 am, but if you need anything, I am a text away for you. So, text me! Love you and hugs always πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Aw!! You are in orientation right now. I am thinking of you too. Des had his daycare orientation this week. Then today was kindergarten. I think I’m going to sleep all weekend! Love you more and more each day.

      1. Thanks, I just got back and checking in now. Was good, but apparently the kids didn’t need to come. Thought that was a little strange. Thankfully I wasn’t the online who brought my kid though. Still am more at ease with Emma and her school now then the pre-school, because the teacher although nice enough just seemed a bit rough around the edges, but then again probably just how she handles herself with adults, because she did say with the kids she is always hugging and very loving with them. But Emma’s kindergarten teacher is just more what you’d expect from a little kid’s teacher if that makes sense. She is all about getting right down to their level and even my neighbor said to me (her kid had this teacher a few years ago), “I want some of what she had!”, because quite simply she has 10 year old triplets and a dog at home and seems so calm and mellow. But anyways, hoping Scarlet’s first day was a blast and text me later if you can tell me all about it πŸ™‚

        1. That is weird! Why wouldn’t you take your kid to an orientation so that they can get comfortable? And rough around the edges is usually something that you’ll get from having good people instinct. Hopefully it’ll all be good! I will definitely let you know how it goes today. I’m assuming silence is good because I do have my ringer on but I hope the school doesn’t have any reason to call me!

          1. I know it is, isn’t it? I just looked at the school again and it did say Parent/Teacher orientation, but still the pre-school I had her in last year did it for both the kids and the parents at the same time and then a back to school night, too (don’t get me wrong had my issues with they way they ran other things though). So, maybe they don’t do the back to school night and this was it in essence. But still how do you send a 4 year old for the first time on the first day without some sort of meet up with the teacher beforehand? Thankfully Lily is more outgoing of my two children, but still seemed strange to me. And at drop off, the teacher even has this red “x” drawn on the floor right outside the classroom that parents stand on and can’t go past. So, if your kid is crying on the first day after never laying eyes on this woman, you can’t get into the class to calm them. Seemed just a bit cold, but again just could be me. But still, I mean the elementary school Emma is in allowed us on the first day to follow the bus and walk them into the building and meet them in the gym before leaving. And that was kindergarten not even pre-school. Sorry for the vent, but I was definitely feeling like she was a bit rough around the edges from this meeting. And won’t say anything in front of Lily and hoping my I am just over wrought mother from this past week right about now. And I have my cell on still and we are at day three! So, trust me I keep telling myself no calls are a good thing!!

            1. I like when you vent. This is a forum, isn’t it? I think that is weird. Is there a way you can enroll her somewhere else, or would that be too much stress? I suppose if she seems happy… She does seem like the kind of funny kid who would tell you if something was not right by her.
              I actually really like the way our school did it. We did go into the classroom for orientation but for drop off today we did not. I think that makes it harder to leave. We did a very long goodbye outside and then we all waved them off as they went into the school. Scarlet was holding hands with a new friend and it was adorable.

              1. At this stage, I truly don’t want to deal with paying registration fees anywhere else try to find someplace else. I honestly loved the ladies in the office and the few times I had to call about stuff when I registered her and such they were so nice to me. I think I will stick it out at least for now. The curriculum did sound great and she does stress on having the kids write their names out, which is one thing Lily has had trouble with since she is left handed and am not. So, I hope that my initial feelings today were just me being a bit over sensitive and hormonal after the last few weeks of back to school craziness. But you know I will totally keep you posted and thank you for seriously letting me get my feelings out here. Love that I can indeed do that and you always have a way of making me feel better. And I love that you left Scarlet holding hands with a new friend. Love you πŸ™‚

                1. Scarlet is totally left-handed. She’s never once used her right hand, and she even kicks with her left leg. People say it’s too early to tell to you too? We constantly hear that but I know she is left-handed. At this point. Des still is ambidextrous.

                  1. I have heard that and you are right she is also definitely left handed and no denying that. but then again Kevin is left handed and that is so where she gets it from. Emma is like me and right handed though.

  3. SO SWEET! I love this exchange and Scarlet is beyond cute that she is not nervous. I know she’s going to be awesome! Oh and the spoon to the glass thing..I had no idea – Cool tradition πŸ˜€

    1. What a cool thing to ask too! She was at an anniversary party recently were people were doing that so that must be where she got the idea. She is just too adorable!

    1. Thank you! I’m sure I will have a lot of posts about that one. The wedding is in mid October. And there should be some shenanigans with bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

    1. Me too! I feel kind of left out sometimes as- the only sibling who doesn’t live in New Jersey because I just want to love on nieces and nephews more.

  4. Oh how cute, she is going to a be great flower girl and congratulations to your sister! P,S, Are you planning on bringing Athena to the wedding? That would make for some interesting pictures πŸ™‚

    1. Ha! Sadly, Athena is not invited. And we will have to figure out what we are doing with her. My parents have two dogs that will probably be boarded that week.

  5. This is so sweet and what a nice twist! Do you think Scarlet will be a blogger too when she’s old enough? πŸ™‚ I think she’ll be a great and witty blogger! And ohh, your wedding cake is perfect!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is adorable! What a gorgeous couple. The wedding picture – was that your wedding? SO pretty. Where was it?

  7. so much fun. I love the cake and the Q&A! I am shocked to see your wedding party was nearly as big as mine!! I had 8 bridesmaids one junior bm 2 flower girls and 8 groomsmen. Whew. Just thinking about it makes me crazy. I suppose I made it so big because we had 270 guests but man. Ok I need to snap back to the present—planning my wedding was such a task!

  8. Oh gosh. My favorite part and it really is so special given that today is Scarlet’s first day of kindergarten is when she said, “I’m not nervous about anything.” I love that your anxiety has nothing to do with the way Scarlet feels or sees anything in her life. And your sister is adorable, I love her! Sisters are the best! OMG AND YAY FOR DES TAKING HIS FIRST DAY AT DAYCARE LIKE A FREAKING CHAMPION! <3

    1. I wish I could be more like that. Not nervous about anything. I was definitely nervous already by her age, but that was circumstantial. Maybe I was meant to be a calm person! Actually I don’t think so. Luckily they got that great trait from Cassidy because both kids are so just ready for anything!!
      Sisters are amazing. Lately Scarlet has been asking me for a baby sister. I tried telling her that nothing is guaranteed, but she won’t listen!

      1. Seeing as you always find a way to give your kids anything they ask for (princess laptop, kitty kitty cats) it’s probably only a matter of time……………………….lol ;]

        1. Ha!! We have talked about it. We have not done anything permanent in either direction. To be completely honest, it’s a lot of financial and emotional stuff. And I’m totally petrified of a third pregnancy. I mean like scared beyond belief. There are other options, though. And we have discussed them.

          1. I’m scared of a 2nd pregnancy. I think I could do it if I didn’t have to carry or actually have the baby myself. If I think about it too much the “NO NO NO WAY” clouds everything else. Plus I really want to adopt…but i don’t know. It’s confusing and complicated and as much as I hate finances to dictate my family size, it’s a reality I cant avoid.

            1. I hear that! And since I’m not the financial breadwinner, it’s a lot to swallow.
              Adoption is a beautiful journey, but it is a journey. It can take a lot of time and hardship, and money. I think it’s a beautiful choice, though.

  9. Oh such cute responses! I love that Scarlet is not afraid and that she wants macaroni more than cake. So adorable and confident. What a fun wedding to look forward to! Good luck on the kindergarten – I bet she will love it!

  10. This is adorable. Have you bought Athena a dress because according ot Scarlet, she will be making an appearance! This is one of the cutest posts you have ever done! Oh and I am so proud of you just leaving on the first day. You are definitely on your way to Super Mom status!

    1. Thank you! When people compliment my parenting, I feel like a fraud because it takes so much for me to rise above anxiety. Then I realize that that truly is the super parenting. If it were easy, I’d be calling it in!
      Sadly, Athena did not get a wedding invitation. And I have to speak with my sister about this!

  11. This was a great swap. I love how creative you are getting with your AAF posts. I may copy off you and let my son ask me questions for an upcoming AAF. I’m sure he would have a lot of entertaining questions.

  12. I’m glad you made the cut of people she wanted to dance with! It was a close call! THAT is very much an I <3 Macaroni and Cheese face! πŸ˜‰ Great job being so brave yesterday and today! Just keep breathing and straightening your posture! Walks are great too!

    1. Yes to walks! I do feel overwhelmed lately, but there’s just a lot going on. I need to be kinder to myself. And I’m so glad that she said she wanted to dance with me at the last minute. We had a good time dancing last week at an anniversary party. I think I almost put her to sleep with my dancing.

  13. This is so absolutely adorable, what a fantastic idea for #AAF! Scarlet is going to make a wonderful flower girl, and your sister a beautiful bride.

    1. I would love to live my life in the Scarlet way! It’s very funny that she thinks he’s cute. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that about anyone. Except for little kids or babies. And that’s a different meaning.

  14. This is such a fun swap. I hope Mikey and his wife enjoy their wedding day and that it is magical.
    It is amazing how kids aren’t nervous to be out of their comfort zone only if we could continue that in our adulthood.

    My sister got married about a month ago and it was a beautiful ceremony, my youngest son enjoyed dancing. He got out on the dance floor and danced to several songs. He loved it.

  15. One of the very best ask-away Fridays ever!!! Love this pairing and the sweet answers from both Lindsay and Scarlet!!!
    Hope Scarlet loved kindergarten!!!

    1. Ha! I just love hearing your stories about the car line. We don’t really have that here. Basically you park and pick up your kids. But I did see some people who sat and waited in their cars for a long time, even though you have to get out of the car to get your kids!

    1. Thank you! It was my sisters idea. I will not be photographing the wedding officially because I’m a maid of honor, but I will put a little of my touch in some photos if I can!

  16. I love this so much, and it might just be my very favorite ever!!! I love your sisters and Scarlet’s questions and answers to one another (and side note OMG KINDERGARTEN). They will both be princesses. And so will you. And Uncle Mikey is pretty cute. Also, I’m with Scar – the mac and cheese over cake. Because mac and cheese!!!

        1. haha, NEVER!! I mean that mac and cheese over cake makes me sure of mac and cheese. Mac and cheese over cookies makes me less sure of mac and cheese, and contemplating cookies.
          Did that make any sense?

  17. Your daughter is ADORABLE and so sweet. I bet this wedding is going to be beautiful because it’s going to have one cute flower girl. My oldest was the flower girl at my husband’s sister’s wedding when she was about that age… It was very interesting for her.

    1. Interesting is a good word! She was the flower girl for my other sister’s wedding too, but she was only 15 months and she was sick so it wasn’t a very fluid experience. I look forward to this.

    1. Unless she’s having one of her straight hair days! Wavy haired girls just confuse everyone. I spend my life doing that. I can already taste that mac & cheese!

  18. LMFAO I like Scarlet: I’m not nervous about anything. Jeez, fearless! She has cojones! And if you don’t love Mac N Cheese we can’t be friends so I’m glad we’ll be friends. When I go to restaurants and if I see “mac n cheese” – decisions have been made. Boom! Have a great weekend lovely and I expect cake from this wedding >:) -Iva

    1. Oh no worries. We can definitely be friends.
      The caterer was actually on Chopped once. And my mom taught him when he was a kid. He is fiercely talented at what he does. I will definitely be mailing you some cake!

  19. Sorry I’ve been MIA for weeks. Going through such a rough patch right now but this just brought a smile to my face. I love it when the kids take over and I just love those answers by your sister. Hahahaha going to they gym to meet me LOL. Sounds like they’re meant for each other and here’s to a marriage filled with lots of love and happiness.

    1. It’s okay! I know you’re going through a lot. Life can be tough at times. So glad to bring a smile to your face. And I will still be visiting your wonderful blog later today.

  20. that totally made my heart sing!
    And I swear it’s not just because I am happy to be back in the web world. (although the moose cake may be a bit a reason why)
    Love how full Scarlett’s dance card is going to be. And who doesn’t want to wear a princess dress at least once? that was the one day I was the most girlie girl I’ve ever been in my life. and.no.regrets.

  21. Aww yay, weddings!!! She seems like a super calm bride, massive kudos! May she feel like a princess for years and years to come! And love that the flower girl loves mac n cheese…girl after my own heart;-)

    1. I know! I hope she can pull that calm bride off until the end. I couldn’t do it for even a second and I regret that.
      At least there is macaroni and cheese.

      1. πŸ˜‰ thank you both!!! It helps that I’m surrounded by just a huge support system! The yoga teacher in me keeps calm and praying I can remain so come wedding day!!! I think once the tent is set up and decorated I’ll be at peace and just happy to be in the moments with the advice from
        My fellow brides who came before me !!! Xo

  22. I bet this is going to be one gorgeous wedding! Two or more princesses and where there’s a princess there’s a hero and romance and dance and fun – and love. Scarlett is just so darn’ cute and then as a flower girl – awww –
    And Lindsay’s honeymoon plans sound pretty awesome, too, I wouldn’t mind any of those either.
    You all have a fab time! (When ever that time is πŸ˜‰ I am sure there’ll be a photo around here somewhere at some point)

  23. Awwww. That really is a particularly adorable edition! I bet they really will look like Elsa and Cinderella, too. (Plus, nostalgic music from childhood really is amazing)

    1. I cannot wait to hear the music. My sister was putting it together today. Sadly, I don’t think there will be any princess music at this rock DJ’s wedding!

    1. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been a flower girl either!
      I have been a bridesmaid a few times, and I think a maid of honor. I don’t even know!

  24. That is so cute! Scarlet will for sure be an adorable flower girl! I have never been a flower girl and it sounds like fun! I was a bridesmaid once, though! I love Scarlet’s answers! Hope you have a great weekend!

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