PANDORA Leather Bracelet Promotion.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but simpler is better for accessories.

Maybe it’s because I’m a photographer, and often on the go with a lot of gear, but I generally fall in love with just one or two accessories, and that’s it. This time of year for me is my hair loose or in a braid, and wearing a sundress, sandals, my wedding right, and a PANDORA Leather Bracelet. And if we’re being honest, I can’t just wear one. Or two. I love to stack them.

I get my fashion inspiration from Scarlet:

She started lining up hair ties on her wrist earlier this spring, and it’s become her look. So I decided to start layering my five PANDORA Leather Bracelets up my wrist, with Scarlet as my icon. Luckily it’s easy for YOU to have one as well. Or five.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a family member or loved one, it’s time to take advantage of the PANDORA Leather Bracelet Event. From June 2nd until June 19th, REEDS Jewelers is having an amazing promotion! You get one FREE Leather Bracelet with your $100 PANDORA purchase with upgrades available on all bracelet styles. It’s an amazing offer.

Shop PANDORA’S new Summer Collection at

I struggle a lot with what to give my loved ones as gifts. I always want everything to be personal and perfect and sometimes I wind up just getting too scared to give anything. For Mother’s Day, I used to give jewelry gifts to my mom, my two sisters, and my sister-in-law. It made them happy, and it made me happy to give them gifts in gorgeous little boxes.

My favorite bracelet is the PANDORA Light Blue Leather Bracelet, and Scarlet loves the light pink best. I wear a lot of shades of blue in the summer, so I feel like the bracelet is an awesome accessory for me:

(One of my favorite dresses, that matches the new bracelet nicely)

After finding a new sundress for the summer, or five – if we’re being honest, it’s then about my favorite accessories for the summer – or five, if we’re being honest. I don’t see how you can wear just one PANDORA Leather Bracelet. Then it’s all about the search for the best nail polish color, the best shorts or capris, a twirly summer skirt, one necklace (not five) or one pair of earrings (not five) and then the perfect summer hat. I’m all about summer hats.

Don’t forget to participate in the PANDORA Leather Bracelet Event From June 2nd until June 19th! Shop for PANDORA’S new Summer Collection. It is perfect as gifts, or for YOU! Check out Which one is your favorite?

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