Packing Lunches Together With Horizon Organic.

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It’s November 3rd.
School has been in session for two months nearly to the day, but who’s counting anyway? We have so much on the brain now, two months into first grade. We see the kindergarten students and remember that entire year. We see the second, third, fourth and fifth graders and try to imagine what that’s like. Now when we stay after school for even an hour to play, the sun starts going behind the bare trees – that were only golden and orange and full – just days ago. We’ve passed around our first wicked cold and cough, and we have our eyes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah. For me, it’s a time of reflection.

Horizon Organic

What have we learned? What could be better? What could be worse? Right now I’m focusing on school lunch.
Packing lunches can be very time-consuming. Scarlet tends to go through phases of buying school lunch, and then of wanting home lunch. Either way, I want to make home lunch a regular part of her life, because it’s more cost-effective, and I can find brands and ingredients that parents can feel good about. I’ve learned a few tips along the way, with one being that Scarlet and I can create a fast, on-the-go lunch with Horizon Organic products, and I know she’s getting a good quality meal in the middle of her day. At some point in the last two months, I realized that we did things better and faster together. And that it’s not hard to raise excitement with a six-year-old. Not only that, when Scarlet helps me pack her lunch, it means she’ll actually eat her lunch! Gone are the days of opening up her lunch bag at the end of the day to find it still filled with food.

Packing lunches together means learning opportunities, making clear and better choices and Scarlet eating her lunch!
Tips For Happy School Lunch Packing With a First Grader:
1. Find a spot in your kitchen, cupboard or pantry in which your kids can get to easily. Scarlet is petite so I do have to make sure I’m aware of what she can and cannot do. She is perfectly capable of getting her own food if it’s not too high.

2. Examine your lunch gear. Are you still using last year’s ratty lunch bag. (guilty) Did the water bottle get chewed on by her little brother? (guilty) In order to get Scarlet excited about lunch, I looked into affordable but convenient options that would also excite her. There are a wide variety of products out there, but mainly you need a lunch container, a thermos, a water bottle and small ice packs. You may want to use a printable heat transfer for labels on gear.

3. Think outside those things too. With Scarlet’s help, I’ve discovered plastic jars for fruit & thermoses to keep food warm.

4. Make it fun. As a kid, I used to open my eyes and order breakfast. At my grandparent’s house, I used to sleep in and then wake up ravenous. (still happens) My sister would be up before me and she’d make a menu with my grandmother to slide under my door. I’d see it, read it and make check marks of what I wanted to eat. Think like a room service menu. So much fun, right? I was inspired by this idea to make school lunch packing menus for Scarlet. She’s six and learning how to read and write. While I could have made a printable, I like to write because it inspires her to read and write. So handwriting analysts, please don’t judge my odd scrawl. I’m a meal planner and Scarlet is too. We are always enthusiastic to plan ahead, so I made this fun activity for us. It’s not very time-consuming because I draw up menus by what we have to the week so I really only have to make one a week, and have her check the boxes with pencil, that I can then erase it for the next day.

I know it’s dorky but it’s so much fun to revisit one of my favorite things as a kid. When Scarlet is making her own clear choices, it shows in the empty lunch containers she comes home with. And it’s helping her learn to read and write more!

5. It’s all about the food. Obviously, keeping good foods in the house is key. We have totally slacked on shopping and have wound up scraping the bottom of the cupboards for school lunches. This is not inspiring to me, and certainly not to Scarlet. Horizon® products have been a full family favorite for years now. We use them for lunch bags, snacks, travel and much more. We buy the Horizon® Squeeze Pouches and Horizon® Sandwich Crackers at Walmart.

The Squeeze Pouches have five grams of protein per pouch, and are an excellent source of calcium.
Don’t miss upcoming demos for the Horizon Squeeze Pouches at Walmart between 11/5/2015 – 11/8/2015. Find out if your local store is on the participating store list, link HERE.

Horizon® Sandwich Crackers are either stuffed with organic cheese, or organic peanut butter.

Don’t forget that the new The Peanuts Movie is coming out on November 6th! It’s all my family is talking about. Look for specially marked Horizon products with The Peanut Movie packaging. Will you be seeing the movie?

What’s your best packing school lunch tip? What’s your favorite Horizon Organic product?

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  1. Oh I love the menu board idea! I think it is great to have the kids invovved In making their own lunch as soon as they can. Love the matching dresses too!

  2. It is so important to have them involved in picking and preparing their school lunches. I think it means less waste and healthier school lunch. I love the lunch box, a beafing kit?! How cool is that! We love Horizon products.

  3. Surprisingly enough I still struggle with the lunch choices!! Most times I let him eat the food the chef prepares but somedays he is just not in the mood and that is when I step in. These are great choices!

  4. Oooh super jealous! I wish we have that brand here, it will surely make packing lunch for my picky eater boy easier. He’s currently eating in school’s cafeteria that I have to pay for every 10 days lol.

  5. I didn’t realize that Horizon had more products besides Milk. I am so going to check out those crackers. Those would make great snacks and I also love that chart where the kids get a choice. That’s something I might do with Madison as well. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    1. I think we’ll probably see it this weekend too! How fun!
      My mom didn’t do it, but it was so much fun with my grandparents and their “room service breakfast menu.”

  6. I bought the super expensive Planet Box lunch kits and they had better last until college years, but the good side is YES – they come home empty almost every day. They can hold quite a bit of food, so I don’t expect them to be that hungry every day. And all the kids help me pack their lunches in the morning. It’s less stress for me, they learn to make good choices: Win Win!
    I am taking my Girl Guides Spark troop to see the Peanuts movie next week! We rented out the entire theatre for all the Guides to come and bring family or friends. I cannot wait!! 🙂

    1. Hey you, about Planet Box…do the compartments seal? So there’s no leakage from one section to the next? I’ve been looking at replacing some worn out lunch gear.

      1. They do not specifically state that the compartments “seal,” and they do not recommend stuff like yogurt or apple sauce be put in there. However, I have found that the compartment does close fairly tightly and have experienced no kind of food transfer from one compartment to the other. With regards to things like fruit, crackers, cheese, nuts, etc. It does come with two separate stainless steel containers (2 sizes), both of which seal. I have put yogurt or hummus or dipping sauce in these containers with no problems.

    2. Wow, that Girl Guides Spark troop field trip sounds fun! Will you spring for popcorn too? If so, I’m coming.
      Also, renting theaters out is amazing.

  7. cute memories of your breakfast memories

    I haven’t seen those Horizon products yet, will have to look for them. We just discovered the Vanilla Milk boxes this summer and my daughter really loved it. Although – a bit pricey. Sometimes you can get a coupon.

    cool lunches you guys made 🙂

  8. I love your menu board! I feel like… I need that for myself 🙂 LOL, I work from home and there are definitely days I make less-than-stellar decisions when it comes to snacking. This would be a good reminder 🙂

    1. haha, I hear that. I work at home too! I always think I’ll have a good breakfast and then I drop the kids off and pass a million beautiful places.. like a pie bar!

  9. We love Horizon products too. We buy 3 cartons of whole milk with DHA every week 🙂 There butter is also really good. We haven’t tried the crackers yet, but I love it that the Peanuts are on the box.

  10. I love your menu chart – what a great idea! My boys never wanted school lunches. I wonder how many I’ve made in my day? Luckily they both loved peanut butter & jelly, so it was an easy task.

  11. That lunch menu idea is so cute! T has been asking to help make her school lunches, but hasn’t really gotten that involved yet. Perhaps I should push her some more… Making a menu might really help with it too. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  12. Awesome! I’d really love to start doing this for Reiko. He’s only in class for an hour and a half though so we mainly pack snacks for him and have him take lunch at home. I love the idea of having a menu without a blank or space for “others”. LOL. Makes kids “order” or request what’s available and not think of anything else. Reiko tends to request for food/snacks that are not readily available at home. Sheesh. Love your handwriting seriously, it’s like a super cute font!

  13. That list is freaking adorable. And that lunch? I’d order than five days a week.

    I’ve tried to see what the girls would really like in lunches. They want more bulk. They like noodles as a main course, believe it or not. And probably bacon.

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