Packing Healthy School Lunches

How do you come up with food they want every day that they won’t trade? Here are some tips on packing healthy school lunches for your kids.

Packing Healthy School Lunches

You may try to avoid having your child eat the standard fare along the lunch line at their school, but packing a lunch they want to eat produces a challenge. How do you come up with food they want every day that they won’t trade?

You could pack their favorites every weekday, but that might grow rather expensive. Some favorite foods don’t travel well either. Time provides another important element in preparing healthy lunches. As much as you want to feed your family well, you may not have the time it requires to prepare healthy meals every morning. You can help your kids avoid the lunch line though. Here are two options to use depending on your schedule.

Once a Week Meal Prep

Once a week meal prep lets you choose a meal menu on the weekend that will see your kids through the week. You can cook or chop ingredients ahead of time. Preferably on Sunday evening, you prepare and package each day’s meals, then label them by day.

With this method, you need to prepare meals that can be kept well in the refrigerator or freezer. This lets you defrost them on the day they’re needed, so your child can eat them as prepared. This still puts quite a bit of work on you, but you can schedule it so that the majority of the work happens on one evening.

Pre-Prepared Meals

You can purchase pre-prepared meals. We’re not talking microwave dinners from the frozen section, but high-quality meals delivered to your home once per week. We’re talking about meals like Sunbasket healthy bowls.

A pre-prepared meal that doesn’t require microwaving before eating lets your child enjoy a tasty meal on the go. A pre-prepared meal lets your child eat a healthy meal at school that they won’t want to trade. What kid trades mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, or spaghetti and meatballs?

Advantages of Planning Your Child’s Lunch Menu

When you plan your child’s lunch menu in advance, you can build a shopping list that lets you procure healthy ingredients. You don’t have to resort to picking something up at the last minute and you don’t find yourself out of ingredients for a meal your child wants.

You can include your child in planning their meals, so you know that you pack what they want to eat. Including them in the planning and shopping process lets them learn the value of money, the importance of nutrition, and how to choose healthy meals that also taste good.

You can show them how grocery websites or shopping services work and show them the family budget. This lets them learn how to create a shopping list that keeps them within budget while letting them eat the foods they want.

Plan for a longer planning session the first time or two you do this because they’ll be new at it. You’ll need to sit down together to discuss the menu and decide what makes a feasible school lunch. When you plan ahead, you can feed your kids healthily without spending too much and without giving up part of your morning every weekday to make lunch.

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