Daring, Lightweight And Experimental Outfits For Your Holiday

Daring, Lightweight And Experimental Outfits For Your Holiday

It’s cold, wet and miserable. There are another two long months of winter left. If you didn’t take a Christmas holiday, now’s your chance to get away from the ice and snow and fly to a warmer climate. At this time of year, you’ll read a lot of fashion advice about winter wear and winter fashion. But if you’re packing your suitcase dreaming of Barbados or Australia, chances are those won’t be very useful to you. But fear not, because these ideas will elucidate your mind and get you thinking of lighter instead of heavier outfits.

Lightweight and comfortable

While you’re out shopping or discovering the architecture of a city, you’ll want lightweight clothing and an outfit that affords you plenty of mobility. For your top, choose from these playsuits that give you a loose but not too loose fit, and feel almost as light as a t-shirt. Consider the Calli-style playsuit for example. It’s styled as a utility romper, fitting close to your body but designed to be breathable and comfortable. If you want something more colorful and flattering, the Aemilus, zheeta playsuit would be more to your liking. Couple this top with some sheer white sneakers and a classic pair of bold black square Miami-style sunglasses, and you’re ready to take on the town. 

A bold mixture

In 2020, we’re going to be seeing a lot of seasonal crossover outfits. Taking bits from one season and mixing them with another is a fashion enthusiasts dream. It’s difficult to get right, but it’s the ultimate test of mix and match. For example, you could wear a thin slim t-shirt and a long lightweight cardigan. Marry this with knee-high lightweight leather heels and take a look in the mirror. The materials you’ve used are for winter and autumn, yet because they are lightweight in design, they would go perfect for a warm climate. Knitwear is making a huge comeback this year because it’s ethical and sustainable. A thin knitwear long dress would be great for some casual exploration. You won’t have the mobility but if you’re just walking around enjoying the sights, this is a chic and bold choice.

A high-end experiment

Blazers are not just for the casual man, women can wear blazers too. It’s experimental for some because you need to have the overall look to pull it off, including haircuts and accessories. However, a cream blazer and chinos would get very well together. A casual white shirt together with gold jewelry would be splendid to match. A pair of two-tone sunglasses and dashing red nail polish would give an alluring and sophisticated look. This is an ensemble, which needs to be worn with confidence and grace. Blazers can be quite masculine if not worn correctly, so hang it loosely across your shoulders for a dainty effect. A pair of flat shoes in black or cream, with a metal buckle, will be the cherry on top. 

Going away this winter sounds like heaven for some. These outfits will give you lightweight maneuverability, a daring mixture of seasons and an experimental sophistication.

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