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Exciting news is being announced this week – Penny’s amazing Ask Away Friday will live on for your enjoyment!

Please bear with us because we’re scrambling to get it back up and running, with some amazing help from many, and we even have a new logo designed by the talented Tiffany. We will be more prepared for next Friday, but I couldn’t resist posting today.

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And now for my first partner in the new #AskAwayFriday – Ida from Second Chances Girl! Well, who knows how we met anyway? (maybe she does) Many of you know all of this wonder blurs together for me and I just feel like I’ve known you all from the start. And really, I should have, because it took me three years into blogging to start having blogging friends. Ida is raising a blended family, which reminds me wonderfully of my own childhood. She throws incredible parties, posts thoughtful reviews, and writes about her life in warm and sunny Florida in a way which makes me sometimes (often) regret the whole New England thing.

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To see Ida answer my questions, go HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Oh, that’s good. It would be near impossible to narrow down all of the amazing parenting, love, photography and writing advice I have gotten. I’m not positive this is advice, but I think it is, and it came from my mother-in-law. I don’t know that she’s the original source of the quote but she was the first to say it to me and it stuck with me. It’s actually quite simple: “The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, is to let people in and out of your heart.” It might be “in and out of your life” too. And that’s really it. Let them in. Let them go. All things must pass. It kind of jumpstarts your heart and makes you want to LIVE while you can.

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2. Which fairy tale character do you most associate with?

I tried to cheat and ask Cassidy and Scarlet, but it wasn’t much help. I think I’m a little bit Belle because I enjoy my solitude and my nose is often in a book. I’m a little bit Alice because I know what it takes to grow up, and I still have much more to explore down the rabbit hole. I’m definitely a bit Elsa because I know too well (or I used to) how to conceal, don’t feel. And when I do let it go, giant wonderful things can happen. Or giant, scary ice castles can happen. Maybe I’m also a bit Snow White because I like to talk to animals, and sometimes birds land on my shoulders, and I could probably really rock a Snow White dress.

This see-through, last minute, $20 one isn’t a great example, though:

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3. What’s on your bucket list?

Someone asked me this recently and I referenced THIS POST with a few examples. So I’ll give some different ones right now:

1. See a blue whale. No explanation necessary.
2. Have photos I’ve taken featured prominently on the walls of a home that doesn’t belong to either me or my family. An unrelated family who loves my work that much.
3. Go on a (somewhat) safe Great White Shark Expedition during breeding season off the coast of the Farallon Islands. Some people would be afraid to do that. I’m less afraid of sharks than I am of…like…trying marijuana. So we all choose our battles in life.
4. Either live half of the year or even all of it, eventually, in northern California.
5. See Tom Petty live.

4. Do you believe in destiny, fate or free will?

Whoa, heavy hitter. I do think my opinion has changed/changes throughout my life. I think it’s…all of the above. I guess I believe that our lives/futures are somewhat fated, but that we do have free will. I think there’s a balance, but I try not to think too much about it because life is happening right NOW. We have choices. We also have luck and chance. We also have coincidences. And maybe, just maybe, something a little (or a lot) more?

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5. Let’s talk hair. You have beautiful hair. What do you use to take care of it?

You know, not much. I wash and condition it. I don’t fully dry it. It’s half wet a lot. I don’t use products, but I probably should. At my wedding, I’m certain there was product. It doesn’t curl like that at the bottom so perfectly, but it does curl at the bottom!

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6. I know you grew up in a blended family. What advice would you give to us moms raising blended families?

There is so much I wish we knew then but we didn’t yet have the capacity to know it. It’s about love. And I wish I had known that we’d all grow up to love each other fully and that the word “step” wouldn’t be in our vocabularies. It is complex, though. My situation was born out of grief and not divorce or separation or single parenting, so it might be different because of that added element of pain. We were either too young or too grieving to just admit – this is hard. It will take years to get rid of a large percentage of the thoughts of, “You love your ‘real’ (insert blank – mother, father, child, sister, brother) more than me.” And those thoughts may never be fully gone, but we live on and the love lives on.

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7. Are you planning on involving Scarlet and Des in any extracurricular activities: (playing an instrument, sports, etc..)?

Funny you should say that because the discussion came up TODAY about how beautiful of a singing voice Scarlet has. She sings in key, memorizes lyrics, and has incredible voice control and emotion. Obviously, I’d love for her to sing because it’s an unrealized life dream of mine, and I kinda suck at singing. I’d love for them to learn piano and/or guitar. We’re more of an artsty family than a sports family, but I welcome all physical activity!

I’d also love for both kids to take art lessons with my mom.

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8. You are very open about your life on your blog. What’s one thing you haven’t shared with us yet?

Oh. Gulp. Um. When I was in 5th grade, I stole a rubber shark from a science classroom. I still have it. If I can’t unfriend you on Facebook without it being obvious, I will hide you from my news feed. This feels great.

9. What’s been your most embarrassing moment, so far, as a mom?

It’s hard for me to get embarrassed, and it didn’t even happen when Scarlet talked loudly about if Des’ “pagina” had fallen off, and it didn’t happen when Des had a blowout diaper that flew out of his diaper and onto his clothes AND my dress. I handle those things with grace. I think it’s when Scarlet has pushed me to the point of nearly yelling in public, or this one time at the park that I threw her over my shoulder, while pretty pregnant with Des, and carried her screaming and flailing to the parking lot.

I shouldn’t have been doing that in this condition:

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10. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

Car. Which sounds totally PATHETIC, but I’d find ways to improvise. Without internet, I’d lose my livelihoods for a month – blogging and sharing photos. And I just can’t have that, can I?


Thanks for the questions, Ida! People, link up if you can! Sorry for the last minute!

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  1. If I didn’t do FTSF, I would so linkup and join this with you all, just have too much on my plate. I took some time today and redesigned my whole J9 Designs site. Yup, I am crazy that I did this when I could have been relaxing, but it was bothering me and I just couldn’t resist. That said, I have to tell you Lily is our singer like Scarlet and wonder if she will sing professionally someday, because the kid is literally always singing! 🙂

    1. I hear you. I was actually thinking of joining FTSF when Ask Away ended, but now I have Ask Away as a host AND Ladies Only Blog Share! Yikes! Maybe one day we could combine super forces and do an Ask Away/FTSF linkup and the first question for both of us would just be the FTSF prompt.
      One day!

  2. Okay, I totally hide people. All the time. People I like and see day to day but I just can’t handle the FB version of them, it’s horrible, I feel bad. Especially when they say “did you see…” or “why didn’t you respond…” it’s not personal, it’s just, well I guess, it is personal – I just don’t want to spend my time reading about their stuff. I can’t relate to that part of them. But I like them in real life. I really do.

    1. ha! If someone ever noticed that I don’t “like” anything they do, maybe they’d be onto me. It’s rare. And Cassidy asked me why I don’t just unfriend them, but there is sometimes just a complicated history/love or something like that and it’s just not something I can easily break apart from.
      And sometimes it’s just rude political rants. I have many friends of different opinions, but most are not rude about it.

  3. Tamara, I can’t imagine you ever yelling, much less throwing Scarlet over your shoulder…and while pregnant! I literally had to think about that for a moment, and I’m choosing not to believe it. 🙂 Nonetheless, I know as moms we all have our moments. I know with my already rambunctious little guy, I will have plenty of them! You were such a cute pregnant lady and Scarlet just looks precious!

    1. Tenns, I am laughing out loud. You are right. I changed the wording above to say she has gotten me close to NEARLY yelling. No, I have never yelled at my kids in public. Ever. And when I did sling her on home, I wasn’t yelling. I was strangely quiet – that scared her even more!

      1. Lol, okay that sounds much more like you! The quiet mom voice is always scarier than the loud one. I remember my mom getting that quiet voice and me being so scared as a kid. She wasn’t a yeller, but she had a a look that would get us right into gear.

        1. Yes! The quiet terror. I really didn’t scream at her when we were alone in the car either. I think I was too shocked. She never went through the terrible twos, but somewhere on the way to three, she’d start to have some meltdown moments.
          Des’ tantrums are still adorable and short. I hope that lasts!

  4. I didn’t swap this week although Sonya and I are supposed to! But thank you for making AAF happen once again. I think it’s great that we have grace under pressure when we are with kids. I think I do pretty well in that area too. LOL. Or maybe I refused to be embarrassed simply because I’m thinking that those people around me have kids too so they probably understand.. and if they don’t, eventually they’ll have kids and they’ll understand in the future. Hah if that makes sense! 🙂

    1. We threw it together fast so the official launch is next week, but we were ready to trickle it out today and get the message out that it’s ON! So I’m sorry about that. Hope you and Sonya rescheduled? She’s fantastic and so are you!
      I think it’s true that other people with kids usually give you sympathetic looks in public, and never dirty looks. And often they’ll even try to help distract or delight my kids!

  5. You make a lovely Snow White…I can so associate with Belle, solitary and head in a book! LOL! I definitely can see me, throwing a monkey, I mean kiddo, over my shoulder, while preggo…As a matter of fact, I am sure I did at one point or another! LOL! Most likely my lil miss as she is my feisty one! I could so go without a car, myself…normally the hubby has it and I am becoming more of a hermit! LOL! It is so great that your mom can give the art lessons to Scarlet and Des, I wish my mother in law were still around to teach lil miss. Lil miss loves to draw and her grandma was an amazing artist. I would be more afraid of the sharks! LOL! I am so glad that we could keep #AAF going! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    1. Happy Weekend to you, co-host! So happy to be doing this.
      I love a good Snow White/Belle hybrid. Then I threw in Elsa and Alice, although I don’t look a thing like them, sadly.
      My mom lives far away and my kids are young but when they’re older, they’ll probably spend whole weeks at her farm and go to art classes with her. She teaches week long summer workshops in New Jersey and they’re fantastic!

  6. Very cool that you all are continuing this. I love the advice from your mother in law. It IS hard. I’ve done it though. I’ve let go of toxic relationships, but I have to say I held on to them for far too long, not knowing what to do. I’ve only hidden someone on my news feed once. I ignore. When things show up that I just can’t deal with, or don’t want to look at, I just don’t.There’s a fine line between sharing enough to let someone into your life, and sharing everything about your life. You, of course, manage that beautifully. I love seeing what you share. 🙂 Constant rants or every single movement of someone’s life…not so much.

    1. Thank you! It’s a delicate balance and I probably share a lot, but certainly not in the TMI realm. I see it often and it makes me laugh but you won’t see me doing it!
      I’m so happy to be doing Ask Away and LOBS. Maybe I’ll even do FTSF every now and then to really mix it up.

  7. I love that you are continuing these. ELSA – You are so ELSA!! I have to do something thinking on this one. For me, maybe Merida? I am not really girly so the others would be hard.

    1. I still haven’t seen Brave straight through. She seems very cool, though. And it’s funny that so many people think I’m like Elsa! I never even considered that when I was first seeing the movie, but now I see it. I don’t see any Anna in myself really, except that she likes to eat cake.

  8. Glad you are keeping this going! It’s really fun to read 🙂
    Love the answer about being embarrassed and your confessions about the shark and FB – ha ha ha! Happy Friday my friend.

    1. Oh yay! I got SO into it. I couldn’t help myself from helping to bring it back. It’s what I look forward to all weekend, and it’s nice to only have to worry about writing two posts a week from scratch, and then having a framework already set in place for Fridays. I can’t help myself.
      I’m still feeling guilty about the shark!
      Happy Easter weekend! We have spring break next week. We may be heading down to the UConn barns to see the baby animals and eat ice cream!

      1. If you’re up for it – let me know when you go to UCONN and maybe we can meet up again? The boys would love it…

  9. I am so glad this is continuing on! Thanks for the behind the scenes work you’ve done to make it possible!

    From the moment I met you, I thought you looked like Snow White. But personality wise, I think you are most like Elsa. When you let someone in, you REALLY let them in.

    1. Thank you! I really have to thank Tiffany and Stacey for working with Penny to do this, and for creating logos and inlinkz codes at the last minute!
      I never really thought of myself as Elsa until very recently. As in, last night! I asked Cassidy and Scarlet for help and Scarlet named some witchy Tinkerbell fairy friend and Cassidy had nothing for me. Nothing!

  10. Love the shark story and I especially love that you still have the shark- ha!!! I am also proud of you that you admit the Elsa part of you… I certainly have that part of me too…

    1. Pretty sure Scarlet plays with it every day! I kept thinking I’d get caught, but no one ever noticed. I just loved this rubber shark so much! I told myself I was giving it a better “life” in order to not feel so guilty. Gulp.
      Thanks about the Elsa!

  11. Yep, you are definitely like Belle. I can totally see it. Also, you may be surprised that some family DOES have one of your pictures on their wall. You take such beautiful portraits of families and I can’t imagine that those families don’t agree and have them framed! And as you continue to be brave and put yourself out there, it will happen even more! You are ridiculously talented and have to remember that! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I have definitely taken a lot of family portraits, but the printing/choose frames thing usually puts people in a holding pattern. I see it all the time! (and it happens to me)
      However, your words have lifted my spirits so much! Thank you!

  12. You’re not a real mother of two unless you’ve thrown a hissyfittin’ toddler over your shoulder while you were 7 or more months pregnant. Really.

    I bet there are already pictures you took on the walls of people not related to you.

    Now you know we should get a video of Scarlet singing today. Right? 🙂

  13. Trust me as a mom of well more than 2 I can totally relate to the woes of handling toddler tantrums while preggers. I have definitely had a few of them over my shoulder as I waddled off to a better place to handle the situation…LOL So happy you went a head with your Swap…I can’t wait to get back into the #AskAwayFriday flow next week! Eeek!

    1. I really can’t wait either! I have to tweak the intros and what I write and I have Ladies Only Blog Share every other Friday. No doubt, my blog will be linkup city on Fridays. And I like it.

  14. I really like the new #AskAwayFriday graphic! Or, at least it’s new to me… I haven’t seen it before 🙂

    1. Yes! The wedding hair. He was a genius. I wish I could have that every day of my life. I wish I could wake up looking like that, but sadly, it is not the case.
      Thank you!

  15. Oh Tamara, always such amazing answers. When I came up with the fairy tale character questions, I totally thought of you as Belle hoping you would answer Belle. She is my favorite. I would love to have some of your photography up on my walls. We should talk about that!! I agree with other comments about a video of Scarlet. I wish I could sing. I always wanted to be on stage performing!

    1. I’m so glad I answered Belle then! I always liked to think of myself like her, but I guess I have a bit of a Snow White thing going on. Very slightly.
      I loved your questions so much – one of my favorite weeks of all time!

  16. I’m sure people hang your works on their walls. Where do you think the photos from all of those wonderful photo session photos go? I like your approach to not pushing the kids in a certain direction artistically. I did not and my kids are all pretty artistic in their own right.

    1. Thank you – I’d like to believe that about my photos. It will be interesting to see what develops with the kids and to find that balance between encouraging and pushing. I’m sure it won’t be easy!

  17. I’m totally with you on #10. I live in a downtown area, so I can walk. Don’t take my internet away though! I’ve seen Tom Petty live with the Heartbreakers several years ago. He was amazing. I will go with you if he comes to New England!

  18. SO awesome that you are all keeping things alive with Ask Away Friday. I have enjoyed reading these over the last several months. However, now I am SUPER jealous of you. You use NO product and your hair just curls at the ends like that. Oh my goodness!! LOVE it. I always half dry my hair as well, and while it doesn’t curl, I have some amazing beachy waves if I don’t straighten it….which I never do these days. LOL If you don’t talk to you beforehand, I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a HAPPY EASTER!

    1. Well it doesn’t always look so Disney Princess, trust me. I think it’s a lot of laziness and some luck, but only on some days. When I lived in California, my hair was pretty fabulous all of the time. Depends on the water and climate.
      Your hair is AMAZING.
      Happy Easter to you!

  19. I would also much rather go without a car, but then living in Cambridge it wouldn’t really be that hard. Minus grocery shopping with an infant…I would have to take much more frequent and smaller shopping trips. But small price to pay!
    Now I really want to hear Scarlet sing. We’re also more of an artsy than sporty family, though once upon a time I was pretty good at tennis (the ONLY sport I was ever good at!) And whenever I buy a place, I will inherit my family’s piano, so perhaps Eve will one day take lessons.

    1. I’ll try to get a video of her singing. It’s adorable. I have a friend who teaches vocal lessons, and she owes me some favors. I’ll certainly call them in!
      Inheriting a family piano = amazing!

  20. I’d put one of your photographs on my wall In A Heartbeat!!
    Then when you are super famous, I can say: pshaw – I knew her when she was pregnant and hollering and swinging her child over her shoulder in public. BWWAAAH!!!
    I don’t believe that for a minute by the way. LOL
    I already don’t have a car, so that question was easy. Now, if I had an iPad mini, well that’s transportable and I can drive to free Wifi somewhere.
    It’s all in the scheming…..er, planning. right?
    Happy Easter!

    1. ha! Well no, I never yelled at her in public. I wanted to, though. I’ve adopted the steely death stare. I don’t think she buys it either for a minute, by the way.
      Now I need to take a photo to grace your walls!

      1. I have a signature phrase: “do we need to take you to the car for a moment?”
        they know that pretty much means “all your toys are now mine”. LOL
        usually works like a charm.

        I am determined this year to get a proper photo to be used for Christmas cards.
        wish me luck. and cooperative children. 🙂

        1. ha! Can I borrow your signature phrase? I think I need it.
          You’ll do great with the photo.. sending cooperative photo vibes, as well as good light vibes.

  21. OMG .. a rubber shark from Science class??!!! Bahahaha! That’s awesome. And I too will remove someone from my feed if they start annoying me on Facebook. Then again, I am rarely on Facebook anymore. This whole time thing … there just isn’t any of it left.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your beautiful family mama!

    1. Thanks, Mama! It’s cold here again, after three wondrous days. May is the answer to New England, I suppose. Brrr…
      (I still have the shark in Scarlet’s room. If only she knew..)

  22. Hey Tamara, I’m so happy AAF will continue on. I hide mostly family members from my news feed, but I have unfriended a few too. I think I would rather go without a car too. I live within walking distance to a grocery store, pharmacy, and several restaurants. I think I could use the exercise of walking everywhere.

    1. That’s so nice – to live so close to walk to errands. I don’t but I used to live about a mile from downtown and I would walk or push a stroller there.
      I think I’d have to have my kids outside a LOT, and maybe have grocery stores deliver. Luckily, it was hypothetical!

    1. I know! I was just saying that I’d have the kids running around a lot outside and I’d have grocery stores deliver. Anything to keep my internet!

  23. I am not kidding. When I read the second question…before I scrolled down to see the photo…I said to myself, “Tamara would make A GORGEOUS Snow White” I love it when I am right! 😀

    Do you have any idea how depressing it is for us with normal tresses to hear that you don’t even really do much to get that hair? You don’t fully dry or even use product? *sob* I couldn’t achieve such hair perfection with HOURS of work and 57 products. I weep.

    Bobby plays the guitar and Lucy plays the piano. Both are on a hiatus from their instruments right now, but I hope they pick them back up eventually!! –Lisa

    1. That’s so awesome about the Snow White! My sister used to always identify with Snow White so I never really thought about it. In truth, since I wear sunscreen and all and my sister tans, I’m totally more Snow White! She’s..Esmeralda, I think!

  24. I’m right there with you – take my car but leave my internet. In fact, put me on the beach and I don’t even need a car!!!
    I have only unfriended 2 people on FB – one of them it took her almost a month to realize that we weren’t friends and then she blamed it on my cold-heart which I can handle. The other was my mom – I felt like it was a total farce since we aren’t friends and don’t even speak in real life (sad but true).

    1. You? Cold heart? Not even.
      I’ve had to unfriend people, but then they friend me back thinking it’s a fluke! That’s always weird.

  25. I’d say I’m a lot like Belle too. I’m always wanting to read. I’ve burned many dinners because I was reading. Oops.

    Tom Petty rocks. I have a lot of his songs on iTunes.

    I’ve had to carry a screaming Natalie away many times.

  26. I am so glad that AAF will carry on!! Although, I am always torn between AAF and FTSF. Sometimes I combine, but I have been overwhelmed lately. Maybe I need to start alternating. . . . Hmmmm…. Anyway, so glad you are helping it continue!

    1. I get ya! I have LOBS too. I’ll probably try to do it all during certain points, especially if I swap with a FTSF-er, like I did with you.
      Which was totally fun because that question rocked!

  27. Love that you are now a host. Perfect fit! I also hide friends in my newsfeed—My limit is pretty much met if I roll my eyes at someones posts too much. That is the perfect time to hide. I can totally see you as Alice! Love the advice too…let them in, let them out. Its the let them out part that I have trouble with, letting them in is a free for all!

    1. Thanks! I think it’s a good fit too. I was way into it. Now I am even more!
      I love the eye rolling idea – I do find that happening a lot but sometimes I like to see it play out. Like a train wreck. Does that made me sound horrible?

    1. I’m so excited we can go on as scheduled for #AAF!
      That is a terrible feeling but I imagine nearly every parent has to do that at some point, or more!

  28. I’m late to the party – my work week has been hell. So glad its over – weekend time!!! Pagina – lol! Priceless 😉 You should totally put Scarlet in singing classes, it’s an unrealized dream for me as well and one day I hope to take some vocal training classes just cuz! I couldn’t go without internet either – literally, I work with computers not happening. Lol. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Tamara! -Iva

    1. Oh, honey. Never late! This was even the same day! I have friends who are two weeks behind on my posts. It’s kinda funny, actually.
      Pagina is the best word I know, I should think.
      Have a great weekend! I hope it’s sunny and warm and delightful.

  29. Another awesome interview with fantastic questions!!! I had to carry Cass out of the grocery store kicking and screaming when I was pregnant with Cade… out into the 100 degree summer air and I swear she almost was stronger than ME! I could NOT shove her into her car seat!! She would NOT let me! I battled her will for 20 solid minutes… sweating and crying.

    Not embarrassing at all.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Snow White was my favorite. I think next year I’ll invest in a better dress than the one I got at Target! It was terrible!

  30. That advice is so, so true! I love it!!
    And funny we lean toward our kids doing the things we love. We’re a sports family, so I naturally tend to think of my boys playing all different sports. Not that i don’t encourage singing or art, but it never came naturally for me (I suck at both) or for my husband, so it’s kind of hard for us to relate to it. I think I push my boys toward sports a little because I (somewhat selfishly) know it will be a connection I can have with them.
    And I would go without a car before internet, too!! Sad, but true!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Tamara!

    1. ha! I suck badly at sports, but my kids and husband don’t. It’s a bit early to tell but Des might be the sports guy. Or not! I don’t think it’s selfish at all to push them in that direction. They don’t have to follow unless their heart is in it, so clearly it is!
      Happy Easter!

  31. Belle! She’s my fave. She loves her dad, she loves books, she marries the ugliest guy on the block because he has a kind heart (which she was patient enough to learn), umm, she’s a winner winner! Scarlet is really independently minded huh? I can’t imagine that angelic face throwing a legendary tantrum! That destiny/fate/freewill question was real heavy, lol. I would have to think a long time about answering that one.

    1. When Disney haters make fun of it, I get so mad. I mean…she fell in love with him as a BEAST! He was actually a human. He turned back into a human. She would have taken him either way. I think she’d probably prefer the human because..you know..no claws and the could..have relations and all. Nothing shallow about it, right?
      haha. I’m nuts.
      Yes that question was hard! I still am not sure what to say about it.

  32. I’d probably rather go without a car too. Recently I went without a computer for over 6 weeks and had to use my son’s until I could get another one – I almost died – lol

    I’d like to see Tom Petty – and recently I’m thinking I totally want to see Fleetwood Mac – because I love them 🙂

    1. I saw Stevie Nicks and Don Henley together. It wasn’t quite the same but it was cool!
      I love Fleetwood very much.
      When we moved here five years ago, I was without my own computer for FIVE months. It was terrible. It would be worse now that I blog/do photography, but the difference is that now I wouldn’t let it happen!

    1. Thank you! It’s ok. It has its moments as far as hair goes. You can straighten it or curl it easily.
      And I’m so glad so many people agree with me!

  33. YOU EFFING ROCK. You stole a rubber shark? Could I have loved you more? Yup, because you stole a rubber shark and I’m pretty sure you said you still have it. Also? I don’t do much to my hair either, although yours is way better and mine is getting gray (sob). I love your answers. Happy happy Easter.

    1. I totally did steal one and I still have it! It felt so awful at the time, but you know what? No one ever noticed it missing! It just goes to show you that no one else was as obsessed as I was..and that no one else would have appreciated it and loved it as much as I did. I’m 33 and I still have it for my kids! (or for myself??)

  34. Oh the car/internet question was a doozy!
    I would be lost without my internet, but I need to drive the boys around. I think I would be spending lots of time at coffee shops and the mall – anywhere there is free wi-fi. 🙂

    1. Good point! I think both of them take away certain freedoms we have gotten so used to – the freedom to roam the world…physically..and the freedom to connect with and learn about the world..remotely.
      Ah, I love them both!

    1. I’d like to believe I know that. And I think the fact that NO ONE missed it makes me think it was always in a better place, and always will be.
      I mean. How could you not miss a giant awesome rubber shark??
      I’m a bit Princess Fiona. And a bit the donkey.

      1. I stole a plaque from my high school of one of our most distinguished alumni, Dwight Clark, who played for the San Francisco 49ers. It was dumped in the laundry room of the baseball field house.

        It was better off in my hands, i reasoned. (I stole a game piece to Mousetrap in kindergarten, but that was a story about revenge. For another day.)

        I could see the Fiona in you. You know what I mean.

  35. You’re scared of roller coasters but you’d make out with a shark?
    I say that you are a beautiful Snow White. I think I’m that bird in Little Mermaid. I want to say Merida from Brave but I am not a true ginger and I have a soul…so…
    Pagina is my favourite word of the day.

    1. haha! That bird in Little Mermaid is AWESOME!
      Pagina is still my favorite word…
      Ok, hmm…are we going with that bird? I’m sure we could come up with another for you!

  36. Wait a minute – Tom Petty is on MY list, too!

    Love that I have read so many of these Ask Aways, and I’m still learning things about you!

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