One Year Gone, Holding On

Hey, remember that time last year when I had two nephews born two weeks apart?

Yes, that. They were due two MONTHS apart, with baby Myles coming first on February 24th – right on time. My little sister, Marisa, didn’t want a leap year baby! Baby Parker came two weeks later on March 10th (today!), even though his due date was in May. They’re cousins – identical cousins. Let’s go back in time, shall we, and then we can flash forward to the present.

The present is rather fun.

Last year in mid-March, I introduced you all to two new main characters in my life with this writing:


I didn’t put on a cape to attend Scarlet’s spring concert, but sometimes it comes close. I DID put on a cape last week to visit the NICU, for the first time since Des spent time in one. It was nothing and everything like that one time. Did I tell you that my nephew Parker was born a week ago last Thursday? 4 pounds 7 ounces, 18 inches long, and a heck of a lot of hair. He decided to come early, because really, why miss all the goodness from the outside? There’s a lot of goodness on the outside.

Just like that, my sister has become a NICU mom. Like I was. Like Wonder Woman.

And Parker Steven, middle name for my late great father – Steven Klein – seems to wear a cape too. In just a week, he has changed into a super hero. He can breathe on his own. He can suck a pacifier. He is learning to breastfeed. He is successfully winning the fight against jaundice. He sleeps and grows and his hair seems to grow too. He gets milk through his nose!

His oxygen saturation, or whatever you call it, is even better than his NICU cousin’s was at full term!

For more info from Lindsay and Parker, you can check out her blog HERE, and subscribe to her Caring Journal HERE.

It’s not about me but it is about me because I’m about me and this blog is (mostly) about me. So I got the news that she was in labor and I cried and took to the dog trails with Athena. After burning 3,000 angry, sad calories, I waited by the phone. I got the news that he was born and ok and I cried of relief. I tossed and turned and waited for more news. I cried that my sister had become a NICU mom too. I wrung my hands and went to Target and the co-op, and stocked up on whatever I thought they’d need. My older sister and Parker, and my little sister and baby Myles James – born two weeks before Parker!

Talk about identical cousins.

Then I put on my cape. I left the kids at home with a sick Cassidy and I drove alone to the hospital, took a deep breath, hugged my brother-in-law in the hospital, washed my hands, walked into baby Parker’s hospital room, and then fell in love.

Then I got to meet baby Myles all over again, but without two cranky kids in tow!


2017 Tamara back now. Did you like how I used those little stars to show a snippet of time? I liked it. Ok, so last weekend we traveled to NJ for my nephews’ joint first birthday party. It was a whirlwind 24 hours, but oh so worth it! Both nephews have such big families that it was mostly a family-only party. And the relatives I saw that I hadn’t seen in YEARS! Boy, that was nice. Especially the ones exclaiming over how tall and thin I am, after all this time. I wasn’t even wearing heels! What a great stroke of the ego. Also, the party had M&Ms and cake, sweet cake. So much cake. All in all, I was in a place in which I belong.

Within my family, and crossing family lines, until it all blends together and meets in the middle.

The lighting was terrible and I was distracted. I had no idea photos would happen at all, but something took over me, and I compensated where things (light) were lacking. It’s all about the moments, though. One year gone. So many not yet begun.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “The places I belong are…” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin on the matter: HERE.

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Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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  1. Aw, your nephews are just two cutie pies! I mean look at them 🙂 Seriously though, Happy 1st Birthday to both these little guys and thank you for sharing more pics from their join party here with us today!! <3

  2. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Seems like yesterday I was looking at their newborn pictures. Parker’s baby blue eyes are still as vibrant as ever. It just looks like they’re going to be the best of friends. Love the photos and thanks for sharing them with us.

    • My sister was so worried his eyes would change and they haven’t! My kids’ eyes changed before they turned a year.
      Parker and Myles will be best buds forever!

  3. Hi Tamara, what a difference a year makes! Both boys looks strong and healthy and so much bigger. Your photos have captured the occasion beautifully, and I love the fact the boys don’t appear to be wearing clothes. Very sensible judging by the cakes in front of them. I hope you all had a fantastic time together and that the next year brings more joys.


    • Well that means a lot! The lighting in the middle was flat and dark. So I moved Parker towards a window at a 45 degree angle. He couldn’t do 90 degree angle because that would be too much light, AND, there was hot catered food in the way anyway!
      Sadly, Myles was already getting cleaned up or I would have done the same.

  4. Aww, they are too cute! I think it is cool they had joint parties and it was for family, that seems like it would be nice. Your photo’s look great even with the lighting haha. Here is to the little fighters!

    • I thought it was soooooo cool. They said if it was a friends AND family party, it would have been 1,000 people!
      Thanks for the lighting compliment!

  5. Happy birthday to the identical cousins! I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

    Aren’t you glad we don’t take off our shirts and smush our faces in cake anymore? Well, not in public anyway.;)

    • hah! I totally take my shirt off and smush my face into cake!! (kidding)
      With Scarlet, we did a totally healthy, all-natural applesauce “cake.”
      With Des, it was neon rainbow frosting. Oh, how the mighty fall.

    • haha, like Dana said above! How funny would it be if we still did this? Although brides and grooms sometimes smush each other’s faces in wedding cake!

  6. Goodness! Has it been a year already? I remember and they are adorable. You captured them in so many cute photos – happy birthday to your sweet nephews!

  7. That’s nice when you have two cousins so close in age. My mom’s sister had a boy just a bit younger than me and even though they lived in the East and me in the Midwest we played together in the summer and on vacations.

    • Thank you! What’s funny is that the blondie looks like he loves the cake but he didn’t! He was just posing for me! The dark-haired cutie wolfed it down..

  8. Oh soooo SWEET!!! I do OH I DO remember this a year ago… two miracles born within days… more generational gifts passed on and the world is forever a better place because of this. <3

    The pictures were precious- you can anything to capture the moment. Even in bad lighting you do it. <3

  9. I wrote it before, but I still can’t believe it’s already been a year! Where did that time go? They’re so big and so stinkin’ cute and I love that your sisters did a join 1st-year birthday part for them. Happy birthday!

  10. Your nephews are adorable! I love these photos–I can’t even tell the lighting is bad. You must’ve done something to help. I don’t even know what to do when the lighting is bad–I’m learning. Slowly.

    Happy Birthday to your nephews!

    • I did! In the beginning, they were in the middle of a dark room. Then Myles got too messy for photos but Parker was still eating so I had them move his highchair at a 45 degree angle to facing a window. And that’s it!

  11. I think it’s amazing to have an identical cousin! It’s gonna be so fun growing up. They are both adorable by the way and really look like their parents. Parker’s blue eyes are amazing. ♥

  12. I hope I will always eat cake this way, and I suspect you do, too. That’s a lot of love and stories for a short amount of time, and I know we’ll get to see them grow and hear their stories, too. Sometimes, extra characters stink, like Scrappy Doo but these boys are the best kinds of additions, if you ask me.

  13. Has it already been a year?! My goodness… how fast the time goes. Look at how adorable these little guys are! SO sweet and I’m glad you got to have a fun day celebrating birthdays over sweet, sweet cake 🙂 Your sister is a superhero, too–being a NICU mom must be so unbelievably difficult <3

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