One Crazy, Wet & Wild, American Summer.

Before I begin… as I begin.. Happy Birthday to my totally gorgeous little sister.

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This was supposed to be a post dedicated to her, and the rest of my family, but life got in the way. Life in the way of freak rainstorms, work negotiations, daycare research, birthday party planning, Tuesday market runs, emails, more emails, work, more work, dog-sitting and just plain it being too hot upstairs and me being too stubborn to turn on the central air. Yet.

So my sisterly homage will be published on Monday. And it will be June by then. Yikes!

Luckily for me, Rabia and Lisa have another great #TuesdayTen linkup, and I can’t resist another great #TuesdayTen linkup.

The Liebers

And so I present to you my 2014 Summer Bucket List. We’ve got a lot of livin’ to do:

1. Juicy berry picking… with a twist! Juicy berry picking in OUR OWN YARD! Ahhh! There is no taste on earth quite like fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden. We’ve been working hard in the garden this year. By “we”, I mean Cassidy.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

2. Tanglewood! It’s become a bit of a summer thing for us. We go with one set of in-laws and have a beautiful picnic spread. For our first year there, it was Beethoven’s 9th. Last year was Yo-Yo Ma and DvorΓ‘k. Who or what will we hear this year??

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

3. A road trip for our ten year anniversary of meeting. Cassidy and I met late July 1st in NYC. Then we went to Long Island. Then western Mass, where I had never been (oddly), and then we wound up in Maine – in a town called Bethel. Fireworks were going off as we drove in, as if to welcome us. Then, we saw our first moose. Scarlet made us promise on New Year’s Day that this would be the year we see a moose together as a family. There are hard ways to find them, and there are lucky easy ways too.

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4. Buying a bathing suit. And using it! I haven’t bought a bathing suit in five years and that one doesn’t do it for me anymore. Also, I can still wear two pieces, right? I’m still young(ish)! The thought of a one piece bathing suit honestly gives me 8th grade flashback horrors. I say work it if you’ve got it. Unless you’re at the YMCA with your kids’ preschool classmates. Then maybe lay off the Victoria’s Secret swimwear? Maybe. I don’t make the rules. You all rock what you want to rock!

5. A great summer concert! Last summer we did a Warren Haynes night with Boston Pops. This year.. favorites are teaming up. Tom Petty with Steve Winwood (heart palpitations!). Counting Crows with Toad the Wet Sprocket. My 14-year-old self is shaking her fist at me and telling me to buy those tickets!

6. I want to be the best wedding co-planner in the world for my sister’s fall wedding. I always dreamed this day would come, as surely as I dreamed up my own wedding day. She really deserves it. Whatever she needs from me, I’m there.

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7. Star gazing with the kids and/or fireworks. Things in the sky!

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8. Ringing in the three birthdays in style. Des is first with a June 13th birthday, which is technically still spring on the calendar year, but it will be the same day as Scarlet’s preschool graduation. So it really is the start of our summer. Then Scarlet will turn five on July 9th. I’m following not long after her on July 25th.

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9. I want to not fully say goodbye to preschool. That’s right. There’s still another month of it because our school is doing a summer pilot day camp program. We might put Des into a home daycare program next year and it is run by people from our school community. My real bucket list item is to survive these spring/summer/fall transitions.

10. I’m going to wear my sundresses like I own them. (I do) I’m going to eat ice cream like I own it. (I plan to) I’m going to feast on all of the summer delights. All of them. Sprinkles. Hoses. Bubbles. Tortellini Pasta Salad with bits of pepperoni in it (oddly specific, no?), dog parks, beach trips to Cape Cod, cotton candy, fairs, boardwalks, watermelon. You name it. I’m going to eat it. Or wear it. Or kiss it. Yes. I’m going to kiss it.

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  1. You guys are sooo lucky that you can pick fresh berries in your yard! I wish I had a yard to do that in. We visited a strawberry patch last year, and picked fresh berries. It was awesome and we got fresh homemade ice cream that was so yummy! I haven’t bought a swim suit in nearly three years and I didn’t even buy it, my husband did. I always see the cutest swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret in the catalog and online and want them all! Happy Birthday to your sister! Your sisters are so pretty!

    1. I do want those Victoria’s Secret swimsuits! That’s the one I have actually. I bought it after Scarlet but before Des. For some reason it seemed fine then, but now seems too skimpy for me. Not sure what changed because my body is similar to how it was then.
      Modcloth has VERY cute swimsuits!

  2. Pretty sisters! You have lots to celebrate next month and the coming months!
    Happy birthday to your sis. πŸ™‚

    Funny because I talked about wearing swimsuit and bikini on my blog just now and how I thought I can’t show off a photo because I’m shy! LOL. And you girl of course, you can rock a one piece or two piece at any given time.. right time. BTW, I haven’t worn one since I got pregnant! Enjoy your summer! While yours is about to start, ours here is about to end. πŸ™‚

    1. Is it your recent post? I’m getting there today! It’s pretty hot and humid a lot so I imagine you have to make do with less clothing than we do here. Today is 52 and rainy. In late May. I rest my case!
      Interesting about our opposites sides of the world/seasons. I think it’s fascinating.

  3. Star gazing and cloud watching are two of my favorite things to do!!! It stinks because in LA there really aren’t many great places to go in order to do such things in a PEACEFUL and SAFE manner!!! πŸ™ But I guess I can just think about my younger years when I used to do these things all the time! Just like when I used to eat raspberries from the bushes in my backyard! Man, growing up was awesome!

    1. We have some raspberry bushes that didn’t do that well last year but we still had fun eating them off the vine. The best!
      In LA, are there are lot of cliffs and scenic overlooks like they have in the movies?

    1. I’m working for it! Last summer was so great in every way. So many milestones and my anxiety was at a real low. This year.. I feel.. more tender. Less solid. However that’s why I want to own my summer because.. sob sob… kindergarten follows it.

  4. I love your list! We do the birthday whirlwind in August when my oldest, youngest, & hubby all have birthdays within a one week spread. And, I’m only slightly jealous that you can still rock a two piece bathing suit. After two kids and 37 years on this earth, it’s not happening here – I’ve been wearing a granny one-piece or tankini for years! πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to your sis!

    1. Well I don’t know if I can rock a two piece so much as that I’ve NEVER been able to rock a one piece. I think I’ve always bit a bit too awkward for it. So it’s my only choice to skip that!
      Tankinis rock, though!

  5. Last year we made a list and then did almost nothing on it. SOOOO… this year I’m going to try and take advantage of whatever the day holds. And buy tickets. We seem to be better about doing things when we’ve invested in tickets.

    1. Aw, that’s rough! It’s also on my summer list to be hand-served one of Michelle’s awesome drinks that she blogs about. It will happen!

  6. First off, Happy Birthday to your sister and trust me know all about blogging and life just getting in the way of so much right now. Your bucket list sounds perfect for this summer. We, too, have a lot of summer birthdays and events. Kevin just celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago, mine is on June 10th and Emma is July 17th. Our 8th wedding anniversary is July 8th and we too met on July 12th back in 2003. So, the summer months do hold a lot of special dates and such for us, as well here πŸ™‚

    1. Wow your birthday is SOON!! And our girls are totally twins. So many similarities here. And in my family from childhood, all of the birthdays are in May. We call it “Christmas in May!”

  7. Tanglewood sounds like our Ravinia…I haven’t been there in ages, and every summer my husband and I say we should go. We’d like to take the girls there on a night that the Chicago Symphony is playing, since we can sit on the lawn and it would be more fun for the girls than a traditional concert.

    1. Yes! Tanglewood is where the Boston Symphony Orchestra rehearses. It’s really amazing. It always sounded like a dream to me when I was younger and it’s a dream that came to life.

  8. Excellent bucket list! Our August is full of milestone birthdays – 40 for my sister and 13 and 16 for my kids. And my dad is 70 in June! And I’m oddly still 29.

    1. Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteens! And 70! That seems like an ok one because 70-year-olds still seem so young to me. My grandmother was almost 70 when I was born and she seemed like a spring chicken. And she’s 100 now and still pretty youthful.
      You’re 29 too??? We are twins.

  9. Yes! Kiss the berries, kiss your beautiful children, kiss the ocean πŸ™‚ I love summer. I’m so pumped, and my list is much the same as yours. I went to Tanglewood for the first time last year and had so much fun! Also, my summer kicks off next week with my birthday! πŸ™‚ (Yes, you can still wear whatever bathing suit you like. With pride!)

    1. Oh fun! You were at Tanglewood too. What did you hear? We were there in early August, I think.
      Janine’s birthday is June 10th! And we’re swapping Ask Away questions around your birthday! So awesome. I’m already thinking of questions..

  10. That’s an amazing bucket list and one that I would gladly share with you. Madison saw her first moose this week, well not in it’s wild habitat but the zoo does kinda count. πŸ™‚ And as for that 2 piece swimsuit, I say flaunt it if you stil have it and you sure do! I’m not so sure about me, I’m still too self conscious about a 2 piece so feel right at home in a 1. Here’s hoping that you fulfill your bucket list this summer.

    1. I love that you started her young with moose. Yes, it counts. At least when you see them at a zoo or wildlife park, you can just look at them. You can stop to take it in. In the wild, it’s exciting, but they’re often running elsewhere. Or it’s too dark and they’re too dark. Boo!
      What’s really on my bucket list is to go to Colorado and see moose with you all, but I’m not sure that’s possible this summer.

  11. What a great list!! Especially #10!! (I seem to do the eating part of it year round haha!). I’d love to take my daughter to see fireworks for the first time this year, and get out and do more things in our surrounding towns. Daytripping, if you will. We were not good about it last year despite my best intentions. But she and I will be together quite a bit this summer so I really want to take advantage of it this time. And my 14 year old self is saying you have to go see Toad the Wet Sprocket. HAVE TO! πŸ™‚

    1. Daytripping is my favorite and I do suffer in winter without it!
      Although I have a tendency to be painfully slow in the morning so I have to be pretty inspired to get out the door with both kids, snacks, water, a plan, etc.
      It’s wonderful.
      I saw Toad when I was in my 20’s – it was after their LONG absence. They had broken up. It was astonishing. I mean, really amazing. Their music fits into my heart just so.

  12. YES, you should rock that bikini as long as you can. That’s my motto anyway. I only wear a one piece if I’m swimming laps. So own those sundresses AND bikinis, hot mama! And good luck with the suit shopping. As much as I love my two pieces, I dread shopping for them. I usually just find a cute top I like online and then pair with a solid colored bottom from Old Navy. It spares me the excruciating experience of flourescent lights! Bikinis always look better in natural light!

    1. I totally agree about natural light! if I try on a sundress in my horribly lit bathroom, I’m all, “Wait, why did I buy this?” Then I go in front of the mirror next to the picture window and I’m all, “Yay!!”
      I think I’ll honestly just buy a bathing suit online and hope it works out.
      The Modcloth ones are cute and I have a gift card!

  13. What a great bucket list! Going to an outdoor concert is on mine too. And I’m so jealous that you can pick berries from your own backyard! Hope you get to see a moose as a family and happy early birthdays to all of you! You’ve got your work cut-out to plan so many!

    1. It’s tough! Luckily the kids are so young that we just tack on Des’ party to Scarlet’s day. And on their actual birthdays, we do something small with cake and extended family. And presents.
      I hope that moose dream comes true. Athena saw a moose with us in April, but Scarlet and Des were back home with my mom!

  14. I’m going to pig out on ice cream too. And I do like berry picking! All the food you mentioned has made me drool. Cotton Candy! Yum!

    And yes you can wear a two piece! I cannot, thanks to the cookies and cakes and candy bars I consume on a daily basis. I mean, I sort of do, as I wear tankinis, but it covers everything.

    1. Tankinis seem like the perfect compromise. I’m all in for that. I go wave surfing so I need something…sturdy. At the beach. With my father-in-law. And my kids.
      This comment is making me hungry!

  15. It’s about a zillion degrees here now, so ice cream, water and sundresses are the bomb this summer! One more month of preschool. I remember being mad and feeling kindergarten was just a terrible plot to take my daughter away, I know, irrational much?

    1. haha! I love this. It’s totally a plot. I want to keep her! We have two more weeks of school. I’m sobbing on the inside. Tomorrow is a kindergarten buddy day and I’m nervous. Nervous! To sit in a library for 45 minutes while occupying Des with snacks.
      It’s 52 degrees here today. Seriously. In late May.

  16. A family moose adventure sounds fun. I don’t think you will have to worry about being to old for a two-piece for a long time. I’m a fan of tankinis.

    1. That seems to be a big consensus here! I think I’ll have to look into tankinis. I need something that will stay on. I’m actually wearing a swimsuit to swim… and not just sunbathe, like in my more youthful days!

  17. I love all the things on your summer bucket list Tamara! And can I just say that I love that the moose sighting is now a family goal? Oh but that bathings suit item is a bit daunting for me, ok a lot daunting. but I do LOVE summer dresses! Yay for summer!

    1. Bathing suits really aren’t my favorite.. but I need something! Even if I wear a dress over it the whole time like last summer when it was 55-60 degrees and RAINING. In August!

  18. The two piece bathing suit comment had me laughing. I have never felt comfortable in a two piece, ever! And I’ve seen so many people who think they “got” it to work a two-piece, that I often wish that they didn’t! Now that we’re next to the beach, we’re going to go a bunch of times this summer. If you got it, flaunt it!

    1. ha! It’s true. I think tankinis have been mentioned a lot today. Seems like a nice middle of the road swimsuit right there.

  19. You’ll be a WONDERFUL co-wedding planner πŸ™‚ And go buy a swimsuit, make it a tasteful one-piece if two are intimidating. I started writing 15 minutes but my brain is so out of it πŸ™‚ I started composing my post last night and passed out – my sleep disorder is acting up so this week has been suck-ass. I hope you’ll be wearing some lovely sundresses next week!?! πŸ™‚ Are you roomiing with anyone? HAPPY HUMP DAY !!! πŸ˜€ -Iva

    1. HUMP DAY again! Argh! The next Hump Day is our Hump Day before BlogU. Exciting! I think you asked me about the roommate thing and I didn’t answer previously? Was it you? It sounds familiar to me. I’m out of it. Anyway I got a single! What about you? I don’t think mine has a private bathroom. They said some do. Not a huge deal. I just wanted my own room because I have so many bad flashbacks of psycho roommates from college. And I may want to FaceTime Des and be all schmoopy.

      1. Yes it’s here so fast!? Time is not having any mercy! It was probably moi – I haven’t decided whether to get a room or not – will be looking at rates. I CAN drive but it’s an hour or so away so depends on my level of laziness. Seinfeld references I love them!!!! LOL “No you’re schmoopy!!” πŸ˜€ I can’t believe it’s happening so soon !!!

        1. Are there doubles still available? Or hotels? I originally looked into hotel rooms but it was so expensive. It would have been fun to room together!

            1. I hear you – makes total sense. It totally reminds me of college in some ways – um.. twin beds, shared bathrooms, anyone?
              But also the knowledge that I can cut class and no one would notice. And that I wouldn’t want to cut class. And that I’m a grownup now with kick-a** kids. And a job or seven. And so it’s none of that fear.
              And it’s like I’m in college with a lot of my favorite people ever. I’ve only ever met one or two of them in real life so far!

  20. Wow, such a great summer coming up! We always miss the berry picking and Tanglewood but want to make sure we do one this year. I also want to do a Max on the Farm dinner with the Max Restaurant Group, I think you have one in Mass. Fresh food on the farm with music, my dream dinner! Yes, you can rock the two piece, nothing worse than a mom bathing suit!

    1. Ooh, I’m turning to Google in a minute to investigate this Max thing.
      We also go to the Coventry Farmer’s Market! I should have put that. I’m meeting Allie (VitaTrain4Life) there when she gets back from Spain! Not sure if that’s close!

  21. Your bucket list rocks. I see no reason why you or any mom should wear a one-piece when they want to rock a two piece. I always wear a two-piece, no matter what. You are only young once right? I agree with doing and eating what you want this summer. Life is way too short to count calories!!!

    1. And you probably need a bathing suit more than I do! I don’t feel like joining the Y around here. Cape Cod is hit or miss. We went in AUGUST and it was 55 degrees and raining. For three days. Like…really?
      However we do have plenty of heat. I just don’t live near an ocean beach. There is a lake beach, though.

  22. I love your bucket list. Tom Petty and Counting Crows? I’m fist pumping right next to you! The boys have a Maine State Parks passport book. Our goal is to get as many stamps as possible in that book.

    1. I think (hope) they’ll be up in New England! Although I think the Tom Petty one is in Hartford (only 35 minutes from me!) on the exact night as my sister’s bachelorette party. So sad!
      I hope to get up there for the same! My mom has never been to Maine and she’ll be there for the FIRST TIME IN 65 YEARS (sorry about the caps) next month.

  23. You have an amazing summer planned! I am so ready to go berry picking this summer! I put it off last year and missed the season, so I have made it a point to definitely make sure it happens this year! Pass on my birthday wishes to your sister! xo.

    1. The season does move fast! They’re already done with strawberry picking down south and ours hasn’t started!
      I will pass on those wishes!! I’ll tell her an awesome blogger wishes her a Happy Birthday.

  24. So fun! I have a summer bucket list post brewing in my head, it’s all about finding the time to write it. Mine stems from that working mom guilt about not having time to do fun stuff with my kids in the summer while it seems like everyone else is playing all day! But really, we have plenty of time for fun on the weekends, I just need to plan ahead a little bit.

    1. Aw, summer can move fast for all but you can fit a heck of a lot of fun into those weekends. For sure. It only seems like we’re all playing. Often I’m laying around and waiting for my husband to come home from work! True story.

    1. Ah, I seriously wrote that in five minutes once I abandoned ship with my plan to do the other post – which would have taken HOURS.
      You can plan a good list in minutes!

  25. Ah… such a wonderful bucket list!!! I wanna go to Tanglewood, pick berries, go to concerts, and see moose… and see all your sundresses… and new swim suit (GO BIKINI LIKE YOU MEAN IT GIRL!!!)

  26. Happy Birthday to your sister!!!
    And, definitely you should get a bikini!!! Please don’t think you are too old because I wear one almost every day in the summer still (and I’m way older!!!) – I don’t do the one piece thing!!

  27. Geeze I could not get away with not buying a bathing suit every year! But, I do live in California and they get used a lot. There are so many cute full pieces out there but PSH- you can totally rock a two-piece. You should see the people out here, they don’t care if they are old, young, fat, skinny, or anything, they wear what they want. You should too! Uhm…berry picking in your own yard? YES PLEASE! And you do rock a serious summer dress. It’s kind of your thing. I cant wait for you to do your sister post! Sisters are the best. You’re a LEO! I love leos…but you’re kind of a cancer too, which is nice. I married a cancer. I am going to embrace summer fully too, sunshine and feel good breeze- I’m ready!

    1. It was 52 degrees here today! In late May! So bathing suits are..not always used. And then we get heat waves. Who knows?
      There are very cute bathing suits out there! I’m remembering the terrible ones of my youth, but Modcloth has adorable one pieces and everywhere has cute two pieces!
      Summer dresses = totally my thing!
      And I’m on the cusp of Cancer/Leo! I have traits of both, I say!

  28. Here’s to homegrown food and husbands who do all the gardening! I cannot wait for our tomatoes, so delicious (I can never eat a grocery store one again). It sounds like you have some wonderful things ahead of you this summer!

    1. There’s a lot of good stuff this summer – and I’ll often ask you if you want to meet up!
      We had carrots last year and my husband said it wasn’t a great crop but the TASTE! It was like.. perfume. It made conventional carrots taste like water.

      1. Yes, definitely let me know! We haven’t tried carrots, but perhaps I would be more compelled to eat them if we grew them ourselves.

  29. Your summer bucket list sounds fantastic. And I will be utterly jealous of you seeing Tom Petty. Or moose.
    oddly specific also, right? πŸ™‚
    we have wild strawberries growing in our yard. Hopefully we can get to them before the birds and chipmunks do.

    1. I think there are moose where you are! Not sure about Tom Petty but it’s possible.
      Yes, get those strawberries! We have a pup this year. Not sure what she’ll fancy out there..

  30. That sounds like an awesome summer.
    I just bought two new summer dresses *and* a new bathing suit. YES! I am so excited for summer. I have been thinking about our summer wish list too. And although I know there will be camping and picnics and days at the beach, I haven’t been specific and written one down yet.

    1. Oh yay!!
      I was just thinking about last summer and how we all “knew” each other by then and we all talked a lot about summer. And look, we survived winter to have another summer!

  31. Happy birthday to your sissy!! Beautiful!! You have a wonderful list. The transitions are so big this summer! whew. I am al about the summer concerts!! Any kind of music outdoors is divine.

    1. Thanks! Even though I didn’t make her or anything, it’s a compliment to me that my sister is beautiful. And I did take the photo!
      This summer. Whoa. Did you see that someone posted a list of all outdoor summer music/movies in NYC?

    1. Thank you! This is funny but my younger sister isn’t my sister by blood. We’re a blended family! People always tell me we look alike! I am related by blood to my older sister (the engaged one).
      Isn’t that weird??

  32. You are one seriously talented photographer, Tamera!

    And I absolutely LOVE the premise of a summer bucket list!

    Great post.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I really love visiting your blog – totally new and dedicated reader.
      I got this premise from my friends but it made a nice, last minute post!

  33. So I just have to ask…is there a cutoff age for a two-piece? I could be in trouble. I figure I’ve seen women half my age with a lot more to love around the middle than me in them so I should be fine.

    We have a couple of concerts planned here as well.

    Happy bday to your sister!

    1. No cutoff age, girl! You work it. It seems to me that people just go by their own body type or comfort level. So I’m going to think that anything goes if you’re comfortable.

  34. I think just about everything on your list sounds simply wonderful! You will have a great time, I know I would.
    How about Tom Petty AND Counting Crows?! I know that Tom Petty I could get hubby to as well, for now we’re thinking about… The Offspring, just a little different πŸ˜‰

    1. Tom Petty and Counting Crows? I would love it. I would simply lose it. Once two of my favorite combined in one show – Ben Folds and Tori Amos. It wasn’t great, though. We were late and missed most of Ben Folds. He seemed very gracious and fun and she seemed..cranky that night. Boo!
      The Offspring?? They’re still around?? Awesome.

      1. Big boo to a cranky performer when they are doing their work! Oh yes, The Offspring is definitely still around, I was more wondering about Tom Petty – LOL. Now I had to check and he is actually coming to Madison Square Garden on September 10…

  35. A summer evening spent looking up at the sky sounds absolutely glorious…as does everything else on your list! Also, you and your sisters are all such gorgeous women. Looking forward to seeing your tribute on Monday.

    1. Thank you so much!!
      I’ve always felt like the awkward middle sister..which is precisely what I’ve always been! I’m down with it now, though.

  36. Oh wow. Happy birthday to your sister. Thanks for sharing your photographs. They are really wonderful. I hoe you all had a happy celebration with her.

    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t see her on her birthday (distance is sad!) but we got together about a week or two before and had a fun family party.

  37. Looks like you’ve got a fantastic summer ahead of you! I’m definitely jealous of your berry collection. Strawberries are starting to go out of season here and it’s so sad it’s almost depressing. And definitely enjoy looking at the sky, jamming to the music, traveling with the love of your life and letting the magic of summer take over for a while!

    1. That’s so weird to me! That our season hasn’t even started and yours is ending. I have been looking at the Baltimore weather forecast for BlogU next week and it’s so different from ours.
      Considering it was 37 degrees this morning, I think I’m rather excited to leave this!
      Your last sentence = perfection!

  38. Here’s to owning summer. And to owning ourselves. What a hard, hard thing to do, right? Owning ourselves? I feel like it must be one of the hardest of all. Also? Tucker’s birthday is July 4. Our kids are almost twin babies, sister wife. How cool and awesome is that??

    1. It is hard. Let’s own ourselves together! Like.. soon! Eeek!! How’s my hair? Good. Ok.
      Wow our kids are twins aren’t they?? We are such sister wives.

  39. I’m not gonna lie–I love that pasta salad with the bits of pepperoni. And deviled eggs. I can’t have summer without deviled eggs.

    All of these sound amazing, but I got extra excited about Tanglewood. Such an amazing festival!

    Definitely the two piece. There’s plenty of time left for one pieces, right? (“That’s a problem for Future Ted and Future Marshall.”)

    1. I love deviled eggs! True story – I was at a winery with friends and we got a special VIP tour because someone knew someone. I don’t love or even like wine but I wanted to show respect for the VIP tour so I wanted to buy something from their shop. So I bought a deviled eggs recipe book.
      Oh yes.
      Your last part cracked me up! I will wear my two piece and I will own it. (I think? I’m a little scared)

  40. Rock your Summer Tamara! Our’s just ended and man, we have not crossed off everything on our bucket list and I want to hit my head because I so wanted my kids to have the grandest summer! Life surely doesn’t cooperate sometimes.

    1. I keep looking at the Baltimore weather forecast. It will be early summer. It was 37 degrees here this morning! I’m in for a change, I think.

  41. 1. At a cookout last weekend, I wondered out loud if those were mini pepperonis in the pasta salad, or tomatoes masquerading. A noble boy snapped one up, tasted it, and declared, “definitely pepperoni!” Good lad.

    2. To hear Beethoven’s 9th live is on my bucket list – if I had one. It’s my go-to musical choice when I need to bear down and write.

    3. If the Rockies are above .500 and I see copious sundresses about, it’s going to be a great summer.

    1. I think biting into a tomato and expecting pepperoni would be so disappointing! Good lad, indeed. My lad would do the same.
      I admit I got obsessed with Beethoven’s 9th from reading “Clockwork Orange.” Note, I said reading. I think the movie sucked but don’t tell Kubrick I said so. We were supposed to see it at Tanglewood three years ago but Hurricane Irene came. It was the last Sunday afternoon performance and to have it canceled is nearly unheard of. Stupid hurricane. So two years ago we tried again. I pushed for Beethoven. I won.

      1. It’d be like biting into a bran muffin when you thought it was banana nut.

        I won’t say a thing to Kubrick. We need to compare notes on Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

  42. Not enough commenting space to tell you now much I enjoyed every pic in this post. I’d be going on forever about it with extensive commentary. hehe. Yet I thought your headline read “African summer”. Which makes me think about how my hubs tried to convince my kids I was born in Africa. They still believe him.

    1. I love your comments. They make me giggle as much as your posts.
      African Summer! We told my little sister she was from China so I guess it happens. I was trying to combine many different summer movie titles in one!

  43. Awesome list! I love it! I hope you check back on it as summer goes on so we can see your progress! Own it! I love it! Honestly your list has me inspired to start planning all the things I want to do this summer. I am with you on the garden, I planted all my herbs this weekend. Now I need to get my tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers planted!

    1. Oh I think I will! Maybe a mid-summer bucket list checkup. Cassidy really loves gardening, which is good, because otherwise neither of us would be doing it!

  44. I’ve always wanted to go berry picking…umm…and see a moose! lol! Gorgeous photos as usual…sigh. I could look at your gallery online all day.

  45. “By “we” I mean Cassidy” made me laugh…that’s how the garden grows at our house too. It’s certainly not me out there making it happen. I want to go point by point through your post but I won’t – that would amount to a post in itself – suffice it to say you are so lucky to have sisters to celebrate and I cannot wait to see the photos from her wedding!!

    1. They’re all out there gardening right now. I’m… at #sitssharefest. I win! Ok, we all win really but I get to eat those vegetables soon.

  46. Wow, Tamara. Your pics are delightful. They inspire me to create my own Summer list.
    Birthdays, concerts and enjoying life – I can’t think of a better way to live in the moment.

  47. Aww, loved this list! so much fun stuff to do… I’m a little jealous because mine is all work and little play. next summer I’m going to try to redeem ourselves in the summer activities dept.

  48. What an amazing list! We used to have this huge thicket of wild berries in between our yard and the dorm behind us. My kids would pick the berries in buckets and we would make muffins. They were so delicious. But they weren’t actually on our property (although we were the only one besides the birds that picked the berries). When they redid some landscaping to have more grass over there, they ripped the whole thicket out. My kids were so bummed…as was I? We still have some growing on our property, but it’s not nearly enough for buckets full. We ended up planting a raspberry and a blueberry bush of our own, but neither one bears a lot of fruit, and the birds seem to get the berries before we do. πŸ™‚
    I haven’t created a summer list. I think I am going to let this summer just unfold. We have lots of family coming in and staying for a good portion of the summer. I may just sit by the pool and enjoy.

    1. Oh bummer! Do you think they knew you were picking from the thicket?
      It’s pretty easy to plant new ones but don’t ask me how to keep them alive and thriving! Although Cassidy is working on that as we speak.

  49. I love your list! I want to go berry picking and to Tanglewood. Ed and I used to go all the time before kids. I want to go back. And I love wearing summer dresses. For me? Trips to the beach please!

  50. Ohhh! I love the picture of you and Scarlet that is in black and white! Love that you all have a garden, too! I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to eat of your own garden! I look forward to having one one of these days if we can for sure! So much to look forward to, Tamara! I can tell Summer is one of your favorites. I can see why.

    1. It’s the best! And it’s my birthday season so I’ve always loved it.
      Hope you have a wonderful summer too! Is there any gardening in Arizona?? I have no idea what grows.

      1. Yes, this summer I think will be good. I have a few things to look into that the library offers for free that I can do with the family like Phoenix Zoo and Children’s Museum and things like that. I just got acquainted with the library yesterday so I’m pretty excited about that. Gardening in AZ can actually happen all year round. I’ve read a little about it since I’ve been thinking about how and when I want to start one. The ground is really bad though so people really work on that before adding the good soil, or they create box and barrel situations where they don’t need to be bothered with doing that preliminary stuff to get the AZ dirt ready. If I did start one here I’d most likely do that. We are in limbo though. Hubby is brainstorming and we may be moving back east. I really want to start one when we get more settled πŸ™‚

  51. I most love #10. I don’t know why your writing always makes me teary eyed, even when it’s something so happy! I just get so happy! All of those things in #10 are truly the essence of summer time. Also, I didn’t know you guys had a garden (that’s so awesome!) and you and my brother share a birthday!

    1. I love that it makes you teary-eyed. Oh wait, is that wrong? I don’t think so! I just think you get it.
      Our garden is insane! I don’t show photos of it mostly because I don’t really have a lens wide enough to capture it all!

  52. Tamara…I LOVE…LOVE your list and it seems like y’all have some FUN things lined up! First off, you can TOTALLY rock a two piece girl! I also love your road trip idea! I am big fan of planning parties and if I was there I would soooo help you with planning the bday parties…I LIVE for that stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and blog posts on all these things on your summer bucket list! Life has gotten so much in the way of catching up on all my favorite bloggers (like you), but I hope to be stopping by often again! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your confidence!
      I would love for you to help me plan a party, just like I would love to take pro photos of your family. Ah, distance. So unfair.
      I’m glad you stopped in – I know life can be crazy with blogging on top of working/parenting.

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