Oh, to Live on Sugar Mountain.

Well, hey hey..

A guy once said that to me and it made me positively swoony. I also like, “Hey you..” “Hey Hey Hey” And my name – pronounced correctly. Tamara.. like.. camera. Tam is cool. Tammy and Tam Tam are on a very limited, case-by-case basis.

Why, oh why, am I rambling?? I think I’m stalling to tell you that I’m going on a glacier walk today. A glacier! What in the ever lasting ****?! That’s heck, if you’re monitoring closely. Or not, if you’re not. I’m all a-flutter, and maybe even more than when that cute guy Instant-Messaged me (yes, I’m old) with, “Well, hey hey.” Glacier walks! Me! Pointy shoes on my feet. Feet on the ground, head in the sky, It’s okay, I know nothing’s wrong, nothing. Name that reference and you’ll make me swoon even more than “Well, hey hey” but possibly not as much as glacier walks. Mountains, glaciers, seas! Whales, otters, ice. Stuff!

Maybe you’re all hot and bothered at home, and I’m all walking across glaciers and wondering about the state of humanity. Are there bears out here? I don’t know. What is out here? I don’t know? Is it happy? Sad? Cold? Alone? Captivating? All?

So for our next photo story: Last year after kindergarten ended for Scarlet, and the first year of daycare ended for Des, I wanted to have an amazing first week of summer vacation. We did big and small adventures every day, and what we thought would be a small adventure, wound up being a big adventure. We decided we wanted to climb Sugarloaf Mountain. By car, of course! I wasn’t about to lug my toddler up a mountain in the heat. It was still pretty exciting. We did walk up part of it.

And Well hey hey, what a view.

There were puppies up there! And drinking fountains, bathrooms, and 360 views. Maybe less than 360, but who’s counting? It was nothing like where I am right now, in fact. Unless there are bathrooms on the glacier? Hold on.. let me ask Cassidy..

It’s quite possible that I’m peeing on a glacier right now? Ok then. Well, hey hey in a bad way.

That said. Sugarloaf Mountain! It gets “Sugar Mountain” by Neil Young in my head. We met a man up there who then directed us to a conservation/learning center on the river, that was filled with those awesome taxidermy, once-were-alive, life-sized (obviously) animals, and there was a bull moose! Either before or after that, which I’d remember if I actually updated my life in a timely fashion, we ate lunch at Wagon Wheel Restaurant, and then crossed a footbridge over the rushing, roaring river.

If you think that’s exciting, we also stopped at a chocolate store on the way home. I don’t know about you, but if you have ice cream and grilled cheese for lunch, I think fancy chocolates need to follow for lunch dessert. Leading theory, anyway.

Especially after puppies! On a mountain!

Sugar..I mean Sugarloaf Mountain (like people calling me Tammy instead of Tamara), I expect no less from you.

Well, hey hey, indeed.

This is Scarlet’s way of saying, “Well hey hey!”

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