Nursing Home Neglect Explained

Nursing home neglect happens when residents living in nursing care facilities become victims of improper care. Many times this type of care can cause illness, physical harm, and possible death

Nursing home neglect happens when residents living in nursing care facilities become victims of improper care. Many times this type of care can cause illness, physical harm, and possible death. Nursing home neglect is dangerous. The good news is that you can get help for your loved one by contacting a nursing home negligence lawyer. There are various legal options available to you that could help your family receive financial compensation to cover your medical expenses and other related expenses.

Is Nursing Home Neglect Common?

15.3% of elders that have been abused are also neglected. The majority of nursing home facilities do treat their residents with respect. However, many of these facilities do the total opposite. When facilities fail to meet the basic needs of any resident, it is considered neglect. This is never acceptable. If you have suspicions that your loved one may be suffering from neglect in a nursing facility, you must take action right away.

Reach out to a staff member at the nursing facility about the neglect. You can also report the neglect directly to your ombudsperson of the state for the facility.  Additionally, you may qualify to receive compensation by filing a lawsuit against the facility.

Difference Between Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home abuse doesn’t just consist of physical harm. Nursing home neglect is a type of abuse also. Neglect can be extremely dangerous to the health and well-being of a resident.

Staff who purposely fail to deliver adequate care to a resident should be held liable for their actions. This is especially true if their actions resulted in significant injury or death.  Furthermore, neglect of a resident that is accidental can also result in a situation that can become life-threatening.  

Causes of Nursing Home Neglect

One of the most common causes of nursing home neglect is facilities being understaffed and overworked. Staff members who are overworked may be unable to provide residents with adequate care to keep them healthy.

Understaffed nursing facilities means that there just isn’t enough staff to properly care for all residents. This results in a huge reduction in the quality of work given. Staff members who are overworked are unable to properly fulfill their responsibilities thus making it more likely for accidents to occur.

This is a problem that has been around for a long time, with even more issues like these following the pandemic. It’s also known that many nursing facilities are having a hard time keeping employees around because of the low pay and daily stresses they deal with.  

Poor training is another common cause of nursing home neglect. New employees must undergo a background check. But even if they pass the background, they may still be unable to properly fulfill their duties if they do not receive proper training.  

Different Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is seen in various forms.

Medical Neglect

This often occurs when a staff member working in the nursing facility doesn’t meet the needs of a resident. This may include failing to give a resident their medications, or failing to report signs of illness or infection.

Personal Hygiene Neglect

When a staff member fails to keep up with a residents’ personal hygiene, it is considered neglect. It can have an impact on their health and appearance. Examples may include failing to change the resident’s bedding or clothing. It can also include not checking in on their residents frequently.

Basic Living Needs Neglect

Nursing home staff members may fail to give their residents basic levels of care such as failing to keep common areas of their rooms cleaned or not providing food or water to residents.

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