Nourishing What Matters With Lean Cuisine.

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I was looking at Pinterest recipes today, to see if I could find what to make for New Year’s Eve. The truth is, I’m not a foodie. I’m no chef. I’ve been learning as I go, and it’s wicked fun to do for kids and for blog posts and to surprise my husband. That said, I have to find other ways to incorporate healthy living choices into my life all the time. Luckily for me, Lean Cuisine fits into my lifestyle, whether it’s easy-to-eat meals on the go, or for meals I can leisurely eat at home, but without too much fuss. With the new innovations the brand is providing – higher protein, gluten-free and being organic – it’s better than ever.

My uncle once said to me, as I pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the microwave, “That’s just so you. You like things tasty and packaged. Cooked for you.” This was no metaphor for life, but he just meant it food-wise. And it’s true. I like life from scratch. I like pulling from deep roots and composing stories and photos. I like creating a marriage and a family and an adulthood filled with whims and pleasures, the pets of my dreams, and being able to eat what I love to eat.

I don’t cook from scratch, though. And I still have to find ways to nourish what matters.

Balance is key, though. Lean Cuisine has good for you options. I love the organic ingredient options, the gluten-free options and the protein packed options. I love the non-GMO options, and the flavors of everything they make. My new love for my weekday lunches is LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, made with organic pasta:

As you all probably know, Target is one of my favorite places EVER. I love that they have a focus on health and wellness, the way that Lean Cuisine does. I love Well Being, which is a community and reward site, link HERE.

I like to walk into a food store and find something nourishing, that’s already been prepared for me! It’s just who I am. I am no chef, up to my eyeballs in flour or raw chicken. I am a lot of things, but a chef from scratch is not one of them. And maybe it can still happen, and maybe it never will, but I love that I can still find pleasure in one of my oldest favorites – Lean Cuisine.

I discovered these gems after college, when I started to care about what I ate for lunch, because I still had to work for about eight hours after lunch, on my 11-8 shift. And I got hungry. Way hungry. I needed to eat something that would feel good.

The LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Ravioli is a favorite!

The LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Chicken with Almonds makes me really happy! I love the sauce flavor.

You can just stand there in the frozen aisle of Target taking in all of the Lean Cuisine choices, and you can’t walk away from the store with less than five varieties! That’s how it is for me. I work two jobs. I have two kids. I have two pets. My days are crazy, to put it mildly, and lunch falls by the wayside 75% of the time. This is not good because I have a super fast metabolism. A balanced lunch is incredibly important for me to be able to perform a wide variety of tasks. I do photo shoots with clients, come home and edit OTHER shoots, shop for blog posts, write blog posts, and contribute to online websites. Then I have to pick up both kids! Not to mention, pet care. I like a lunch meal with an apple and maybe a nice salad too.

There’s a $2 each deal at Target, and starting on 1/3, there will be a $1 off 5 coupon, link HERE.

I tend to buy about five at once anyway, or sometimes ten. Then I am so set for one to two weeks of great lunches!

Not tell me, which Marketplace flavor looks best to you?

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  1. I haven’t had Lean Cuisine in many years (mainly because the vegetarian options were limited), but I am glad to see they have expanded their options.

  2. Yup, love Lean Cuisine here, too and got to tell you all of the above was making my stomach growl and may just have to take a trip to Target now, as I never need much of an excuse to go there still, because like you one of my favorite stores, too 😉

    1. Seriously! It takes very little to inspire me to go to Target. Like.. even vitamins.
      And Target is not even that close to here! It’s a nice drive, though.

  3. Yumm these all look so yummy, I will definitely be picking some up the next time I visit Target! I love being able to have great meals on those busy-crazy days! ~ client

    1. Now that I’ve gone through last week’s batch, I’m really antsy to get back to Target for more. Next time I’m buying a lot more! They’re so awesome.

        1. I’m going back to stock up later today! I need them for my week. My husband had the mac and cheese one and he was really impressed and he’s a food snob!

    1. I made the mistake of only buying one, and guess who ate most of it and asked for more? Both kids and Cassidy!
      Pick up more than one! Don’t be like me.

    1. Me too. About Target!
      The ravioli was great! I even ate it on New Year’s Eve because I couldn’t wait for all our foodie friends to finish cooking.

  4. I love the chicken with almonds – I buy it often. I try to at least pick the frozen meals with veggies so I feel a bit better about what I’m eating 🙂

  5. I’ve had some Lean Cuisine, but it’s been a few years. An off topic quote. “Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is forgetting (letting go of) something every day.”

    1. Not really off-topic at all! I love it. I quoted you on my Facebook the other day – with credit. It was about directions, rather than resolutions.

    1. I’m in full agreement! Now I love them for lunch, and then a home-cooked dinner.
      If I didn’t have kids, though, I wonder if I’d eat them for lunch AND dinner.

  6. I remember starting out on my own during college, in my own apartment. I definitely relied on these kinds of meals for my food! Ravioli is one of my favorites!

  7. I don’t think I can ever make something edible from scratch which is why I like packaged food too. Mac and cheese is a favorite!

  8. Both the mac and cheese and ravioli look good! I used to love cooking everything from scratch and then the kids came along. I’m starting to get back to it and it’s been fun but man, sometimes you do just need some good nourishing food already prepared for you!

    1. Yup, it’s all about balance! Lunches are hard for me with time, but I love to pair one of these with something homemade like a soup or salad. YUM.

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Lean Cuisine, but considering sometimes I don’t make time for myself to eat, I should maybe introduce LC back in my life. I really need to eat more, especially on lifting days. :-/
    I know it doesn’t look like I skip meals, but I do.

    1. I do too! I skip meals more than I care to admit. I hate that. I’m such a workaholic and I get nervous so if I have work and say, a doctor appointment, I won’t eat until 2:00pm. Cassidy hates that about me.
      Generally I do ok, though.
      I need to get some LC tonight!

  10. I used to buy so many Lean Cuisine dinners when I worked full time. Unfortunately we don’t have enough freezer space to keep up the habit, but I do enjoy a frozen dinner every now and then. Thanks for the heads up on the deal!

  11. I’m not a HUGE fan of frozen meals– I do like to cook but I’m no Rachael Ray….and there are plenty of times when I just want something GOOD FAST–That why I love Lean Cuisine!

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