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Nothing Says Good Morning Like…

Yesterday I woke up to the sweetest little boy: (needs sound for full effect)

And I savored every second of it. It used to happen once a day, but now as eight-weeks-old is upon us, I’m sometimes lucky enough to see it several times a day. Desmond..he’s a funny dude. Cassidy calls him an enigma sometimes. Cassidy has called me an enigma before too, so I suppose, it’s like mother/like son. Whereas Scarlet is mellow and spirited like Cassidy, Des is more sensitive and introspective. And whiny. Totally whiny. He’s still an easy baby, don’t get me wrong. However Scarlet was a 1 on a scale of 1 – 10. Des is maybe a 3. He has 4 moments, but they’re just that. Moments. Fleeting moments. He screams sometimes. He screams when he’s tired or cold. I can fix cold very fast. I sometimes can’t fix tired fast enough because I assume he’s hungry and I waste a lot of time trying to feed him in vain, when just a tight swaddle works wonders.

He’s my weird little dude.

Like twice now I’ve gone back to the hospital he was born at for the Beyond Birth group. Each time upon entering the hospital doors, he has had terrible, explosive poop. I said “poop” because this is a family blog. No need for sh*t. Unless I’m angry. So anyway, both times now. And like, he might have gone all day without a dirty diaper and then we enter the hospital in which he was born and BOOM. Now some might say it’s a coincidence. Others might say that he’s a wise, sensitive old soul who remembers that the last time he was at the hospital, he was taken out in an ambulance to another hospital. Completely asleep and off any kinds of medical support, of course. It was still an ambulance away from his parents.

Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I think he knows things.

Mostly, though, he’s just a normal, semi-chunky, goofball baby. I usually don’t post iPhone pictures because I obviously favor the look of my good camera, but heck, my iPhone captures some great moments too. I always have it on hand for a reason.

He’s intense too. All babies are, though. Big-eyed and curious.

A very sleepy baby. Like his sister.

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He just really makes sense for our family. Not necessarily to us. But for us.

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