3 Tips for Really Throwing Yourself into a New Hobby

There are plenty of hobbies out there that you might want to get involved in, ranging from photography, to painting. Begin a new hobby or maintain momentum

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3 Tips for Really Throwing Yourself into a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great way of spending some of your time. They allow you to explore your own creativity, delve deeply into a particular subject, satiate your curiosity, and fulfil the need we all feel to make progress towards valued outcomes.

There are plenty of different hobbies out there that you might want to get involved in, ranging from photography, to painting, or to model building. If you’re interested in an online hobby store, and its options, check out different models from Tamiya. There are so many hobby options in general. But, when all is said and done, it’s not always that easy to actually properly begin a new hobby or to maintain momentum with one.

Here are a few tips for really throwing yourself into a new hobby.

Clear out and define a particular space in the house for your hobby

The layout of your home has a lot to do with how motivated you feel to do various different things, and also influences your mindset in ways both obvious and subtle.

If you don’t really have a defined space in your home where you can comfortably engage in your hobby, then it stands to reason that you are significantly less likely to actually make headway on that hobby, or to even want to spend time on it.

Consider clearing out and defining a particular space in your home which will be used more or less exclusively for your hobby. That might mean looking into having a basement conversion done, or it could just mean clearing a corner of the living room and setting up an artist’s easel.

Find the time somewhere – take steps to reduce or remove time-wasting distractions

One reason why people often don’t actually get properly involved in their hobbies, to the extent they would like to, is because of simple time management issues.

We all tend to be pretty short on free time, and if you try to fit in a time-consuming hobby on top of an already packed schedule without first freeing up a bit of room, then it’s just not going to work out.

Fortunately, most of us have at least a few spare hours available each day that we typically spend on idle time-wasting pursuits like watching TV.

If you want to really make headway on your hobby, you’ve got to find the time. Often, that will mean taking steps to reduce or remove time-wasting distractions.

Consider accountability systems and groups to keep you motivated

Everyone loses motivation from time to time, or wakes up on the wrong side of the bed on certain days, and that’s even true for people who are engaged in pastimes that they genuinely enjoy and value.

In order to keep yourself motivated and accountable when it comes to sticking with your hobby, consider participating in groups where your absence will be noted, and where people ask questions about how you’re getting on.

At the same time, you could even just have an arrangement with your partner, or members of your family, where they will check up on you and hold you accountable.

Most hobbies will involve some degree of work. If you allow yourself to be daunted by the effort, though, you won’t get to enjoy the benefits.

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  1. Hobbies… I have to think on that.

    Does trying to go to the bathroom alone for the past 18 years count as a hobbie?? I have tried everything, from sneaking to screaming. They don’t care!

    On a more serous note, these are all very good suggestions. You need to focus on it, and then make time and space for it. Hobbies are healthy!

    so is going to the bathroom alone….

    1. haha, maybe it is a hobby if you really devote time and passion to it! My kids have never been the problem but the pets are! And it got bad since I went away for a week. Yesterday, one dog and one cat followed me everywhere – and yes, to the bathroom!

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