How to Embrace Your Support System When Navigating the Challenges of Moving

Moving is one of the most draining and overwhelming times in a person’s life. Here are tips for navigating the challenges of moving.

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Moving is one of the most draining and overwhelming times in a person’s life. It’s exciting because you’ll be in a new environment with new opportunities, but before you get to that point where you feel settled in, you have to get through the tough part, and that’s the actual moving process itself. Needless to say, you’re having to juggle a whole bunch by yourself, such as finding a new living arraignment, a new job, finding the best movers to hire, saying goodbye, searching for the best utility companies, and really, the list could just go on and on forever. 

Packing up items and moving them to a new location is probably the easiest part of moving; it’s having to do everything else at the same time and ensuring that everything is done in a timely manner, and going according to plan is probably the most challenging aspect of it all. 

So, you need to keep in mind when it comes to all of the things you need to do before moving; it’s best to tap into your support system. While yes, a lot of things you’ll have to do by yourself, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to go about it alone. So, here’s how you can embrace your support system when you’re having to deal with all of these struggles that moving has! 

It’s Okay to Communicate Your Needs

If you want to embrace the support system you have, then you need to communicate with them; how else will they know they’re needed and show their support? So, why not go ahead and let your friends and family know how they can best support you during the move? Whether it’s physical help with packing, emotional support, or simply being a listening ear, expressing your needs can make it easier for them to assist you. Seriously, even just having someone listen to you and allow you to vent is going to do loads to your mental health during this stressful time. 

Just Lean On Them For Help

Really, it’s totally okay to just reach out and ask your friends and family for help. If they live far away, then of course, they might not be able to help, but if they live close by and if you’re not asking last minute, then chances are they’ll try to squeeze some room for you in their schedule. Generally speaking, moving often involves heavy lifting, packing, and organizing. 

It’s seriously a lot of work for one person. Really, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for physical assistance. Many hands make light work, and your support network is there to help you with these practical aspects of your move. Honestly, the worst thing they can say is no. 

Have Kids? Include Them in the Process!

Can your own kids be a part of your support system? To a degree, of course, and depending on their age, they can (and probably should) help out in the moving process, such as packing. Eventually, your kid is going to move at a point in their life, so it can give them a headstart on learning and understanding the important components of moving, such as how to properly pack up their belongings. While this isn’t really embracing your support system, you’re giving your kid a learning experience and doing a bit less work for yourself, too. 

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