National CARES Mentoring Movement: #LoveOurChildren

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#ad National CARES Mentoring Movement is dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty among African Americans. #LoveOurChildren #LoveCARES

Hey, all! I’m excited to introduce you to National CARES and to win a t-shirt on Instagram!

First, it’s definitely about National CARES. If you haven’t heard of them, National CARES believes that transformation does not begin in the statehouses, but in our hearts and homes. Their mentoring movement is a pioneering community-galvanizing movement that is dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty among African Americans. National CARES Mentoring Movement offers Black children in under-resourced families, and unstable communities, the social, emotional, and academic supports they need to unleash their potential. As well as graduate from high school, and prepare to succeed in college or vocational-training programs, and 21st century careers. These are proven-effective, consciousness-shifting program models.

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National CARES Mentoring Movement: #LoveOurChildren:

National CARES: Did You Know?:

  • That National CARES has unique, 36-week-long curricula that are built to help children heal from the multiple traumas of impoverishment. And to also override their debilitating effect, which can be lifelong if not addressed?

  • And that these evidence-based healing initiatives unearth understanding, resilience, and faith?

  • That their students and children learn to transform their thinking and behaviors, learn how to love themselves, and one another, and learn how to prepare for success in school, careers, and life?

  • That National CARES Mentoring Movement was founded in 2006, after Hurricane Katrina? They found that Black children needed love, guidance, and support from able and caring adults. And yet, when the call went out for mentors, white men and women responded first.

  • So National CARES discovered this was not from a lack of caring, but because there were not existing structures to bring African Americans squarely into work.

  • Did you know that founder and CEO, Susan L. Taylor, is a recognized media icon as editor-in-chief emeritus of Essence magazine? And that it became her passion to raise awareness among African Americans of the critical need for massive numbers of able Black men and women to mentor and advance our impoverished children?

#ad National CARES Mentoring Movement is dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty among African Americans. #LoveOurChildren #LoveCARES

What else?

  • Group mentoring is a low-cost way to change the predictable futures of many Black children.

  • Today, National CARES is building transformational group-mentoring programs in several of the most under-resourced schools in high-need communities.

  • They have trained facilitators and mentors to provide needed affirmation, guidance, and even love.

  • National CARES is the recognized leader in the recruitment, training, and engagement of Black mentors, and their programs address the severe shortfall of Black mentors nationally.

  • And lastly, CARES proves that all children, given love and adequate support, can thrive and become caring contributors to their families and communities.

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I’m excited to support the work of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, and would love you to help me imagine a world that celebrates the genius of Black children. I’ll be giving away TWO (2) t-shirts on Instagram, so hop over there and find my post! Please tag someone who CARES, and follow @cares_mentoring.

#ad National CARES Mentoring Movement is dedicated to reducing intergenerational poverty among African Americans. #LoveOurChildren #LoveCARES

So, are you committed to finding out more about National CARES?

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this organization, but it sounds like they are doing important work. So many children are being disenfranchised by racial and financial discrepancies, and I fear COVID is making this worse.

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