My Writing Process – The Sequel!

I know you may be wondering after my last post – did I go see the new Avengers movie or not?

And I’m proud to say that I DID! It was touch and go for awhile, in that I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and the kids weren’t at their grandparent’s house yet during the time we meant to see the movie. And then we waffled a bit and got dinner around town and then got home and contemplated seeing the 8:20 movie with friends, but it was sold out. And then we decided to see the 9:40 movie. That’s right. PM, baby. When we got to the theater and saw the long line, Cassidy asked me if I felt angsty or not. First of all, I love that word. It’s so much better than anxious or nervous. So I admitted that I felt a bit angsty, and decided to walk it off a bit by checking out the arcade with its crane machines. I. Love. Crane. Machines.

So does she, even though she knows they’re “fixed” and rarely work.


Then the line got moving and we found our (great) seats. I decided to make a go of the crane machines, and decided if I won, it would mean good luck. First try. I won a Lalaloopsy doll. I screamed “YES!” aloud in the near-empty arcade, and startled the young man playing pinball next to me. In a suit. On a Friday night. I love people. And the movie was GOOD but.. spoilers.

In my last post, I also hinted at something I was doing over the weekend that I couldn’t talk about yet. Now I can. One of my mothers-in-law was one of FOUR finalists in the Miss Connecticut Senior Pageant. I took Scarlet on Saturday afternoon to watch her grandmother tap-dance, walk and speak so beautifully to a crowd. I also took photos.. I’ll share them soon.

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I got an incredible idea from my friend Kerstin a few weeks ago. We had worked together on the “My Writing Process” posts exactly a year ago, and she decided to do a sequel version of hers. I love this! We all grow and expand over long periods of time, and I thought it would be fascinating to see how much my writing process has changed within the last (interesting) year.

Here’s my original post, link HERE. And here are new answers:

1. What am I working on?

Last year was a whirlwind. This year is a whirlwind, but a whirlwind of another kind. Both kids are staying where they are in terms of daycare/school for September so there are no big transitions looming, and no paperwork to fill out right now, except for summer camp stuff, of course. As for work stuff, it’s big. With photography, I am continuing at the pace I usually go at – slowly and surely. I’ve gotten more into making my own Photoshop actions to save time with editing, and I’ve been clearing space on my computer for more room. It’s spring, and spring means beautiful blooming families, so the work will trickle or pour in. It’s already started. Help! As for writing, I’m in a new book or two this spring. Here’s the link for ONE! A big change you may have noticed around here is that I decided to pursue making money on my blog and social media – working with agencies and brands. That is something I never thought I’d do, until I did it, and LOVED it. I can still be myself, and not only that, I get good feedback about it! People like me being ME! A large part of this decision was made after my month long data entry project this winter. I realized that during winter’s slow photography seasons, I need something else to do. I really enjoy immersing myself in work all year long. Who knew? It will be a crunch this summer with kids at home, but I love my jobs.

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2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I remember that I loved this question last year because I was all, “I have a genre??” Said in the tone of voice in Robin Hood: Men in Tights: “I HAVE a mole??” I think I’m different the way we are all different – there is no other me. We are a sloppy but inspired family. I have happy kids, pets of various moods, and a geeky lifestyle. We have a life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite in our dining room, for goodness sake! I never tire of finding things to write about. My blog is a mix because I am a mix – so you will find very raw and honest posts, and you will find sponsored posts these days – but they are pretty raw and honest too. And I’m a writer and a photographer, and forever trying to marry or separate the two. People hire me for both. Scarlet actually asked me today what I went to school for and I was proud to tell her that I have my BA in Journalism. I was a writer first, but I will always be just as much a photographer too. I don’t know a lot of people who are 50/50 with these two jobs.

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3. Why do I write what I do?

There is no other way. There is heart and truth and money and happiness and therapy. Lots of therapy in writing. There are things I want to share – things I have to share. There is no other way. I doubt there ever will be with me.

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4. How does my writing process work?

Last year I was getting more into organization and I’m happy to say I’ve run with that even more. I am often set up with a loose schedule up to a month or two in advance. And I say loose, because I never know where the whim will take me and I enjoy that even with sponsored posts, you can choose from a variety of dates. My schedule also has a lot to do with my photography editing process, or how behind I am with that! (oops) I never suffer writer’s block but I thrive on deadlines – even the ones I set myself. I work harder and for a longer period of time when it’s an article for another site, but the thinking/note-taking/outlining/editing process is one and the same. I’m a perfectionist and proud. It works for me.

What’s your writing process like?

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  1. Frist? (Although someone will beat me before I hit “enter.”)

    My writing process is so controlled and segmented in direct contrast to the rest of life for a guy who doesn’t even fix his hair every day. I should write about it someday.

    1. Frist! You’re frist!!

      I think I tag you to write about your writing process. Bonus points if it involves cheeseburgers.

    1. I don’t think it’s sad necessarily! Clearly you’re doing something right because you publish on your blog, you are published elsewhere, and you comment on other blogs.

  2. I love that you did a sequel as well! And thank you for the shout-out (and for linking to my HuffPost profile 🙂 )!
    “There is no other way”, that’s exactly it. And 9:40 pm? I’m seriously impressed 😀

    1. Of course! I was looking for your blog first, but couldn’t find it. It could be user error, but HuffPo is so cool so I linked that!
      Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My writing process is complete and utter chaos, but that is what inspires me! I haven’t seen the Avengers yet because Adam and I attended a live Q and A with Kevin Smith on Friday night!

  4. I love the difference… I see the growth, the focus and the broader picture transpire in your work, your writing, and your mission/goals/dreams/career!!!

    You are truly your own entrepreneur and I absolutely LOVE that you are creating your own purpose and business with your deepest parts of who you are. How cool is that??? #Dreamsreallydocometrue

    1. It sort of seems like it’s coming together – like I finally get what I can do in this world. It seems more reachable. I have a lot of work to do – to have better self-worth and to be less afraid – but… for the first time, it seems tangible. I love that!!!
      Your hashtag is so true!

  5. I loved this meme. I earned so much about individual writers and their process by reading their answers. I admire your ability to plan a loose vision of your blog a few months ahead. Such discipline!

    1. Thanks! It used to be spur of the moment, last minute. Things are changing ever so slowly and it’s a bit fun and surprising to watch.

  6. I love this! Both the original and follow-up. I don’t know that I have a process. It’s been so very long since I have written and I never really thought about it before.

    1. It has been awhile! I hope to see you back.
      I never really thought about it until I thought about it, (for these posts) if that makes sense.

  7. I checked out last week for no reason at all other than I was on call duty plus in study mode and once I was off call my mind literally went into party mode and slept and got a pedicure and my hair did.. it was fun and I slept any other moments of alertness. Oh and I too saw Avengers – in reclining lazyboy seats and a hand cold with a cup of whiskey. It was fantastic~ Perfect weekend to decompress for all the stress that comes wtih on call which is really more the fear of anticipation that my phone could go off at any given moment. O_o What did you think of the movie? I just LOVE it!! I LOVE the Marvel movies . Oh Oh OH did you see the same previews we did, here are the 3 most stupid movies coming in 2015: 1) Ant-Man, 2) Pixel, and 3) Batman vs Superman – Now to explain 1 – seriously? Antman? wtf?! Then again look at the main character. 2- I’m going to see it because I love me PacMan but c’mon.. Your leading man is Adam Sandler, already right there you tell me that you’re not taking this seriously (as you shouldn’t considering the premise); 3 – smh, smh, smh – where the F did they get this sorry ass story line?? THAT’S NOT HOW IT GOES, THAT’S NOT HOW IT HAPPENS!! Either way, your thoughts? I love seeing Thor, he’s such a foine ass tall glass of water. If I ever meet him in person, all social and moral norms are out the window. 🙂 Happy Monday gorgeous! -Iva

    1. Well.. Iva. Another comment from you that’s a work of art.
      Should I be printing these and putting them on my fridge yet?
      Thor is kinda amazing. I don’t feel attracted to him (oddly) but when he talks, you just want to scream or something. He has a great sense of humor, though. I like that. Umm.. we’re not talking about a real man – just a demi-god. That’s ok. I wasn’t very attracted to any of them, but I could recognize that ALL of them are sexy beasts, including the Hulk.
      Where am I going with this?
      Sadly, we didn’t see the Pixel trailer! We saw a zillion others, including Ant-Man, Tomorrowland, Batman Vs. Superman, new Star Wars.. and one more that I can’t remember.

      1. I try to ensure my comments are both entertaining and amusement. I envision laughter and giggles on the other end of the recipient. I hope I’m successful. Seriously though, that Batman Vs Superman is going to cause a barrage of nerds to rise and protest and complain on Reddit – I don’t think Amazon Web Services (who hosts their servers) is ready for that explosion. Oh yes I recall that new Star Wars – with one black person in it. Gotta love the EEOC act – LoL!.

  8. My writing process is all over. I mainly write when the kids are in school, so I’m not distracted. Otherwise I’ll be in the middle of writing and they’ll need something, and I totally lose my focus.

  9. My husband really wants to go see the new Avengers movie. I encouraged him to go with a friend, but I feel like I will likely be that friend, lol! The guy that was dressed in a suit at the arcade machine…wow! I love what you’re doing, and commend you for your ability to balance it all! Teach me please, lol!

    1. ha! Well I hope you like the movie.
      I would love to share my wisdom about blog discipline! So many of you don’t need it, though! We all find our grooves in different ways.

  10. I don’t have a writing process or even an editorial calendar. I write what feels right, Hopefully that works for my readers. I am happy to hear that all kinds of good work opportunities are coming your way!

    I sent the older kids and the husband to see Avengers, they loved it!! Someday soon I will get caught up on all of the movies I am woefully behind on…

    1. That definitely works for your readers, I say!
      Ok, my “editorial calendar” is actually just a note in my iPhone. Not so impressive, eh?

  11. Very interesting, Tamara! I always love to hear about other writer’s and their process. You are so very unique. I love how you intertwine your writing with your photography. It makes your blog very special. I also love when you write from the heart! I’m not surprised to hear your blog schedule is loose. Mine is as well as far as topics go. I always publish on the same day but no more than once/week. Isn’t it funny that some posts take forever to edit and others are a cinch and you could never tell by reading (looking) at them. Nice share today!

    1. Isn’t it interesting that some posts take ages and some don’t? I can never tell with the blogs I read. Mine vary a lot.
      I appreciate that you notice my writing/photography and how they intertwine. It can be a strange thing to love both. I always worry one is being left out, as if they’re alive or something.

  12. So interesting to hear about how the writing process works for other people – though I am very jealous to hear that you never have writer’s block! Well done for winning on the crane machine, and I’m very excited to see the photos from your mother-in-law’s senior pageant – I never even knew they existed!

    1. I don’t get writer’s block but I get very uninspired, so maybe it’s the same thing! I need to be in a certain groove to write, for sure. And it always happens in the nick of time, but it was touch and go in college.
      I never knew about senior pageants either!

  13. What a great idea! I think my writing process is similar to what I said last year – except I’ve been focusing more on submitting to larger sites. I admit that, right now, I am struggling with the time it takes to write well because, lately, it’s time I just don’t have. I would love to get paid for writing and have subscribed to a couple services that send regular emails about opportunities to write for pay (not sponsored), but I just can’t commit because I don’t have time in my schedule right now. My part time job at my church may or may not be ending this summer and everything kind of hinges on that.

    1. That’s a lot to hinge on, for sure.
      It’s so nice to check in once a year or more and see how things change.
      I don’t submit anything to other sites, but I LOVE to see the rest of you do it. Then I can read them and say, “Yeah, I know her!”

  14. Go Peggy!!!! I can’t wait to see those photo….and back to the movie part of the blog…I get anxiety a little going to the movies. I think I get a little anxiety anywhere I’m going that’s so time “exact”….that’s my secret shhhh don’t tell the world wide web that I do have a little anxiety!

    1. haha! I won’t tell anyone.. except the world wide web! I get it about time specific stuff. And flights. I can’t handle flights! It’s so annoying!! Well all of that crap before the flight itself.

  15. I’m the SAME WAY! If it’s sponsored I agonize and have angst and I just can’t write. I procrastinate like crazy….but if it’s for me it just rolls off my fingers. Weird huh?! I can’t wait to see the pics of the Senior Beauty Pageant…sounds lovely!

    1. I hear you so much. I’m doing a sponsored post for tomorrow and I was totally stressing today. Luckily it’s flowing right now but I’m taking a much-needed break.

  16. That senior pageant is the coolest NEWS ever! Good luck to her! I hope you photograph for us all to see! I want to see the Avengers, and Chuck offered to give me $ and a full day sans kids (for mothers day) and I don’t think he would like if I went with out him! LOL! A date night after a full day away, might be pushing the budget this month! So I will just have to wait for the DVD! But I do love me some Thor and Captain America!

    1. I’ll share the photos soon! I actually have a deadline with them which is good because I need one!
      Oh how I love me some Thor and Captain America too. And the Hulk. And Iron Man. I don’t discriminate.

      1. I agree! They are ALL easy on the eyes! Heck, I love looking a ScarJo. Too much sexy in that movie.

          1. Bahaha I was actually up WAY too late the other night reading her character origin and comic book story lines. She is a VERY interesting and powerful character.

  17. Sadly, we wait for when movies come to dvd. Lol I’m glad this one was a good one. I have to be inspired to write and sponsored posts do not always bring out that. I think the pressure is on when the big money is on the line. lol

    1. I usually wait for the DVDs too! This was a special occasion, surely.
      Sponsored posts can be tough. I usually seek out once I know I can be passionate about!

  18. I wish I had a process for writing, but I don’t. I think it’s great that you are adding sponsored posts to your blog. I like learning about new products and reading what other people think about them.

    1. I think you might have a process and not even know it! I mean, you certainly get things done and you meet your goals.
      I like reading about products too.

  19. I can’t believe you won at “the claw!” Spygirl loves them too. We were in a restaurant once when the claw machine guy was there for maintenance. He gave her a stuffed turtle! Now she always thinks she’ll get something! It’s impressive that self imposed deadlines motivate you. I have a hard time sticking to those. Btw, Happy Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you!

    1. I used to always win at “the claw.” Then I found out that they’re fixed to only tighten every so often, and otherwise drop stuffed animals. I swear that ruined my mojo for years.
      That’s sweet about the stuffed turtle!

  20. I love hearing about how others go about their writing and all the things that blogging entails, I have learned so much, especially in the last two months, I am surprised that the knowledge doesn’t start falling out of my head. I have learned more than you know from you, and I am still learning!

    Your photos in this post kill me, just kill me!! They are so incredible. Des’s eyes!!! And Scarlet’s smile! LOVE IT! Congrats on your MIL’s pagent, that is really cool.

    And I am glad that you and Cassidy got time together, nice. Alone. Good really good.

    And yes, I want to see Cassidy’s photos, have him do a guest post, I am sure everyone would love to see it!

    BTW, have a great evening, talk to you soon!

    1. Thank you for telling me that. I’ve been doing this for five years and I still feel like a novice a lot. I’m not tech-savvy, or business-savvy. I just write what I know and Google how to add photos, and that’s.. kinda it.
      I love these photos! Their eyes really shine.
      They’re like that in real life so much.

  21. I am a TOTAL sucker for reading about other people’s writing processes, so thank you for this post! I think it’s pretty cool that you were actually a writer first and photographer second (hmm, need to know more about how that happened! was it always one of your interests or did it spring up on you?) and that you really do balance those passions and talents so equally.

    And ok, can you please post a picture of that Harrison Ford carbonite statue in your home? Because. WOW. LOVE.

    1. Good questions! I was a writer forever.. since I was born really! Ok, maybe just when I realized you could express yourself that way. The photography thing was ALWAYS a love. I was obsessed with cameras when I was about seven. I remember being on the school bus once and seeing how the sun lit up a classmate’s eyelashes so beautifully. I thought, “See? These are the moments cameras are meant to catch.” I didn’t have a camera with me and didn’t want to creep him out, but it’s still alive in my head and heart.
      I think I have tons of photos of Harrison Ford! Must dig one up.

  22. I really enjoyed this blog, Tamara. I’ve been doing a little writing on the Real Piano Music website. I’ve written brief commentaries on four of the piano playing composers that are featured in the Artists Gallery.

    1. I don’t think I knew that about you! I dated a man in Hillsborough who was an incredible pianist/French horn player. Actually I shouldn’t use past tense. He still is!
      Watching him play piano was a great joy.

  23. I loved reading this, Tamara! I think it’s so cool to see the difference between your original post and this one (which I still remember reading the first time!). So great you’re able to write authentically even with the sponsored posts, and it’s great you’re doing those for the extra bucks!

    1. Wow! We’ve been blogging friends for longer than a year! So cool.
      I love the way brands do sponsored posts these days – they want us to be ourselves!

  24. I think I’ve gotten better organized and more confident in myself with my writing lately. I got offered a review post and upsold it into a review/giveaway too! I never would have known you could do that last year, or if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have tried!

    1. haha, right?? Good for you! I know much smaller bloggers who are able to get press passes to events and things because they mention they’re a blogger. It makes me wonder how much I’ve missed out on over the years.

  25. You are a terrific writer – I always enjoy your style and openness. Adding structure/organization is always a good thing, right Tamara? I can’t wait to see the photos of the senior pageant – way to go!!

  26. Love this look at your writing process! My “process” is allover the place, but I’m starting to find a rhythm I like. Finally. Also, I can’t wait to see the pictures from the Miss Connecticut Senior Pageant. Competing in pageants is one of my guilty pleasures 🙂 Also, have you seen the documentary “Pretty Old”? It’s fascinating!

    1. What a cool guilty pleasure!! I haven’t seen “Pretty Old” but I’d love to check it out.
      I do have a time limit with these photos so hopefully that means you all will see them before several months pass! (like with my Florida photos..)

  27. I love reading about others’ writing processes!

    Good for you with the reviews and such. I enjoy doing reviews/sponsored posts too and I felt I enjoyed them more when I made them fit my life and my “story”. Something has got to pay the bills right?!

    I’m so glad you went to the movie! Yay!!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. I hear you about sponsored posts! And yes, about paying the bills. It’s not easy or cheap being a blogger. It’s completely rewarding in so many ways.
      Wishing you a lovely night!

  28. What an awesome writing process!! I’m not really sure how I would describe my writing process…I do know that I am getting much closer to figuring it out than ever before. I must have totally checked out because I had no clue there was an Avengers movie out until I was out running errands this past Saturday.

    1. I don’t know if I’d know about the Avengers movies if it weren’t for my husband. He’s obsessed!
      Awesome about getting closer to your process!

  29. My writing process is ummm… what’s that word… crazy! Sometimes I like to write with complete silence and sometimes I like music. Okay, there’s usually music, I love music.
    I am glad you went to see the movie! I met up with my husband and kiddos after the movie and they told me there was only like 7 other people in the theater!! That’s crazy!!
    P.S. I do enjoy your reviews and sponsored posts, because you’re still you!

    1. I think it’s crazy here too! Definitely music. Other times? Nope! Sometimes chocolate. Other times? None!
      That’s insane – only seven other people in the theater? All ours were sold out that whole weekend! So weird!

  30. Congrats to your mother-in-law! How awesome for Scarlet to see her grandmother performing.

    My writing process is a bit scattered and inconsistent, and I know I should fix that. But fixing it is a process too…

  31. Such a great idea to write a sequel of your writing process. I have to agree that this is how we can see what have changed. Congrats on the new book and new blog opportunities! True enough, there’s lots of therapy in writing. Just yesterday, I wanted to delete my blog and just forget I ever owned a blog, set my blog to private.. and slept through the night. I couldn’t stand the idea of deleting my blog though so I fixed it this morning. Let’s keep writing!

    1. I know, Rea! I couldn’t get to your blog yesterday and I was sad. I made it there today to read about the yumminess. I’m glad you changed your mind.

      1. Aww, thanks!! I’m glad I changed my mind too!! The idea of deleting my blog bothered me the entire day and I had a hard time sleeping just thinking about it. Sheesh

  32. I enjoy reading about your writing process because I aspire to be like you someday :)! Your mother in law in a senior pageant – that’s the most awesome thing I’ve heard in forever! I agree, writing is like therapy for me. Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Aw! Well I aspire to be like you!!
      The pageant was SO cool. I’ll definitely share photos soon. I have a deadline on them so I have to.
      This week is going well – hope yours is too!

  33. I like how Echo wrote her writing style is complete and utter chaos — that pretty much describes mine! I feel like I’m a little all over the place with my writing, and sometimes I sit down at my computer knowing exactly what I’m going to write and at other times I have not a clue. But that’s part of the fun I suppose!

    1. ha! I think mine is more chaotic than it seems. I often won’t read about tips for being organized, or taking photos, or writing, because I get all high and mighty like, “Well it’s worked for me so far, right??”
      It’s totally part of the fun.

  34. It’s so strange because I was thinking about my writing process last night as I was doing the dishes — random. It’s definitely not the same and I blame drugs. No seriously. Drugs of the prescription kind. So foggy and every thing is forced. When I read my blog, I don’t hear my voice. Makes me sad.
    PS. How awesome are her pants?!

    1. I have felt that way for years with my own writing – without drugs. I think it’s a writerly thing.
      I hope you find your voice again…yesterday.

  35. I can’t wait to see the pageant pics, so cool! My writing process is scattered, sometimes I think I should be more organized, but it’s so not me. The one area I am getting organized now is in setting my goals for the week and for each day so I don’t feel so overwhelmed, I get really flustered if I start thinking of all the things I need do, but if I have a few goals written out so I can see them visually it helps me SO much. I’ve really found my purpose with blogging, I’m dedicated to being consistent with it and just going with my heart and I’m truly loving it again. I’m also starting to build an income with blogging so I’m passionate about continuing to do what I love which is stay home with my children but also have a career that I actually love! xoxox0

    1. I think I’ll start working on the pageant pics today – I can’t wait!
      I’m the same way. I get REALLY flustered and paralyzed when there’s too much to do. Even if it’s too many photos to edit. I have to do things bird by bird, and in smaller chunks.
      I’m so glad you found your purpose with blogging!

  36. I too have a loose schedule and I change it up often because of real-life events. But I like the flexibility and spponinaety of it all! I always enjoy your writing Tamara and feel like we are good friends:) congrats on the crane win! I never win those LOL

    1. I feel like we’re good friends too! Kindred spirits in so many ways. I’m glad we’re Facebook friends, since distance isn’t on our side.
      Loose schedules seem to be a great way! A little bit of structure and a lot of room for life.

  37. What a fun sequel! You’ve done a great job with integrating sponsorships, too. I see myself heading that direction (with the reduced income and all) and it’s scary. It’s so nice to know that you’ve found the transition so easy. Whatever your writing process is, it seems to be working for you!

    1. I probably have been heading that way for so long that to me it feels like it took forever (five years) but the transition has been fun. Probably because I like to have another source of income. Photography can be very challenging in the winter.
      I wish you a smooth transition too! I think you’ll be great at it.

  38. You truly are organized! I can never get to schedule any posts more than the same week, except for my WWs, but those are – obviously – easy. I love that you managed to change your blog to bring some income with sponsored posts. As long as you can stay true to yourself and choose the product you review, I’d be totally o.k. with that, too.
    I am happy to hear that both your writing and your photo business are thriving. You deserve it. You people photos are great!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it seems like an easy transition because I’m all about sharing photos and stories anyway – so why not use products I use anyway??
      Thanks about the photos! I’ll take some of you one day!

  39. I love that you did a follow-up post to share more about your writing process! I may have to do the same. It does change a lot, doesn’t it? Or how we feel in relation to our writing? Right now, I feel like I’m in the thick of trying to figure lots of things out about my writing and trying to focus more on it. Yet, ironically, I’m posting on my blog less. It’s an interesting dynamic for sure. I wish that I would be so organized! And yay! Can’t wait to see pictures of your mother-in-law!

    1. It does change! And if not, that’s probably fine. If so, it’s really fun to see how and why and to hope for positive changes.
      Interesting dynamic is right! Blogging is changing as a whole, I’ve noticed.

  40. Excuse me, please. You said in this post of yours: “And then we waffled a bit”. Yet I see no pictures of waffles. I see no batter. No syrups and no dirty breakfast dishes. You are full of sinister trickery.

  41. We’re going to go see the new Avengers movie tonight and I’m crazy excited! Not that I expect it to be fantastic, but I expect it to be fun. I need a little fun right now. I am not nearly as methodical with my writing as you are. I guess I’m not nearly as regular with my writing either.
    ♥ Jill

  42. That is amazing! So many talented people in your family. I love men in tights too. I remember laughing like a fool when it came out. I know what you mean that you can’t separate the parts of you or find a specific genre. And I’m good with that. You’re amazing just the way you are.

  43. I love your writing style, and don’t feel that you are in a “genre” either. You are a genre of your own, which is why your writing is so amazing, original, and compelling. I don’t know how you manage it all and your photography, but whatever your method is…it works and I’m so glad to be able to stop by and read your wonderful posts! 🙂

    1. I appreciate that! I certainly have created my own genre and I really enjoy picking and choosing ideas and posts from other ones too. It’s a mixed bag!
      Thank you!!

  44. OMG SO COOL THAT YOU WON THE DOLL ON THE FIRST SHOT! I would have squealed lol I love that you acknowledged the 9:40 PM movie time because yeah, that’s definitely a major OMG in the life of parenting/date night. I remember you mentioning you wrote on a timer and I think that was a great idea. You know what else was a great idea? Doing sponsored posts. You are so yourself throughout your sponsored posts and I appreciate you being you too!

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