My Pets are No Match For My Tornado Mop

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Ready to #EmbraceLifesMesses? My pets are no match for my Tornado Mop! Find out the best mop for having pets! #ad #TheLibmanCompany

Did you know that it’s National Pet Month? I remember that we celebrated last year too!

Quite honestly, one way I like to celebrate National Pet Month is by finding easier and more effective ways to clean up after them, because then I have more time for them. It’s really simple! When the kids are at school, I’d much rather throw a frisbee with Athena rather than mop the floor! That said, pet messes happen. And it’s really easy to clean with Libman Company products so I can have more special moments with my pets! Time with Juniper and Athena is much needed.

We have the Tornado Mop. Or as Scarlet calls it, the Libman Big Tornado Mop. It IS big, for her, and is also effective at mopping our recently refinished floors. The Libman Tornado Mop is America’s bestselling mop! The larger mop head covers 50% more surface areas, and the 3 green bands prevent tangling. And, the polyester yarn resists odor-causing bacteria. And the mop is ideal for any surface. No doubt, The Libman Company knows their way around cleaning products.

Life has a lot of important moments, and unfortunately, all of those moments require cleanup too. That’s why I try to make the clean-up process as easy as possible. I love using America’s bestselling mop! I think that means I chose wisely. Bonus points that my pets are NOT afraid of it, the way they’re afraid of the vacuum! Have you ever heard of National Pet Month? It was new to me last year but I can see why May is a perfect month for National Pet Month. There’s much to see and do.

Ready to #EmbraceLifesMesses? My pets are no match for my Tornado Mop! Find out the best mop for having pets! #ad #TheLibmanCompany

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Do you celebrate National Pet Month too?

Ready to #EmbraceLifesMesses? My pets are no match for my Tornado Mop! Find out the best mop for having pets! #ad #TheLibmanCompany

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