My Better Belly Routine with Boiron

This blog post is sponsored by Boiron on behalf of PTPA. The opinions I have expressed in this post about my better belly routine are proudly my own.

Have a better belly routine with Boiron products and easy lifestyle changes. At work or on the go, you need the best belly @BoironUSA #ad #BoironBetterBelly

Guys, can we have some real talk about a better belly routine?

Now I don’t have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, but I do have a super nervous stomach. I always have! Although I’ve been tested for intolerances and allergies and everything checks out fine, sometimes my stomach really bothers me. It only happens during times of stress, but that can be super erratic. Sometimes my stomach can be fine for months or even years at a time, and other times, I can experience discomfort. Since I’m not sure how my stomach will be, I’ve done my research on the products that are best suited to me. I love Boiron Acidil and Boiron Gasalia.

Ultimately it’s about being more present and feeling well when with my kids.

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Boiron was founded by pharmacists in 1932 and is the world leader in homeopathic medicines. They pride themselves on using earth-sourced active ingredients to restore balance in the body, and to relieve symptoms. And Boiron has the solution to many common ailments, all the while using pure, earth-sourced, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Boiron Acidil is for adults and children 12+ years, and Boiron Gasalia is for adults and children 6+ years. So rock and roll!

My Better Belly Routine:

1 – Wake up naturally.

Or as naturally as you can. Sometimes waking up too suddenly can give you a little bit of a stomachache, or maybe that’s just me? Also, if you know you’re going to have a rough wakeup, sometimes that impacts sleep the night before. Wake up naturally by going to bed at the same time every night, have a bedtime routine, and maybe use an app that wakes you up slowly.

2 – It starts with breakfast.

That’s right. Make sure you’re getting a belly-friendly breakfast in, complete with probiotics. I love plain yogurt with a little honey and I’ve found bananas and oats really help my stomach.

3 – Get that exercise in.

You can look up Yoga routines that help with digestion, and I know that walking or jogging daily, or even just three times a week, really help to get things moving!

4 – Drink a warm glass of water with lemon.

Do this when you wake up, and also throughout your day.

5 – Take time every day to avoid stress and screens.

This is your “me time.” Use it wisely. Maybe you love nature or books, or both at once. Maybe this is time for a brisk walk or exercise class. And maybe it’s meditation or journaling. You can find your mojo!

6 – Use Acidil® for indigestion and heartburn.

It’s the #1 selling homeopathic medicine for indigestion and heartburn in natural health food stores and is now available at Walmart. And it temporarily relieves occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, bloating, or upset stomach.* What does it do? It targets the three main components of acid indigestion: heartburn, stomach pain, and bloating.* We love the quick-dissolving, unflavored tablets (couldn’t be easier than that!) that you melt under your tongue for a convenient and discreet way to relieve indigestion – anywhere, anytime. And there are no restrictions on taking it!

Boiron Acidil

You can take it before or after a meal, and you can take it on a full or empty stomach. There are no known drug interactions with Acidil, and it will not slow down absorption of other medications or micronutrients. Lastly, it does not contain ingredients commonly found in antacids that can cause constipation and diarrhea, and has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Have a better belly routine with Boiron products and easy lifestyle changes. At work or on the go, you need the best belly @BoironUSA #ad #BoironBetterBelly

7 – Use Gasalia for gas.

Gasalia® temporarily relieves bloating, pressure, discomfort and pain associated with gas. Like Acidil, these are quick-dissolving, unflavored tablets that melt under the tongue so that you can relieve gas or bloating anywhere, anytime. Just like with Acidil, there are no restrictions on when you can take it. There are no known drug interactions, and it will not slow down the absorption of other medications or micronutrients. They also use no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Gasalia for gas

What else do you need to know?

Both Acidil and Gasalia are widely available in natural product chains, such as Sprouts Farmers Markets and Whole Foods Market, and are also available at Walmart. These and other Boiron medicines can be found at Vitamin Shoppe and local health food/natural product stores. Perhaps you’ve even seen them!

better belly routine Boiron

better belly routine Boiron

These homeopathic medicines are a better choice for digestive issues. And it’s great that we’re now talking about these issues and that they’re no longer considered embarrassing or a problem only for older people. That is definitely not the case with me! I love that these medicines have a “gentle action” on the body. And I love having a better belly routine!

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

better belly routine

So, do you have a better belly routine too?

Have a better belly routine with Boiron products and easy lifestyle changes. At work or on the go, you need the best belly @BoironUSA #ad #BoironBetterBelly

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