My Awkward Family Moment with Nutrish!

Athena and I have had some good bonding time lately.

Which is funny because usually when the weather is hot and the kids are running amok, our poor puppy doesn’t get as much attention and exercise as she desperately needs. I guess we’re getting ready for cooler weather and long days alone together.

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She’s our family member. When Cassidy surprised us with her last March, he had already known what I knew instantly – she’s a real family dog. We didn’t want a dog for someone else to watch or walk, or one who isn’t good around children. Athena’s foster family had kids and they told Cassidy what he needed to hear – that she was a gentle puppy and not mouthy with us.

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She’s good with the cat, good with the kids, and a complete companion for Cassidy and me. She is protective and loyal, and completely fun-loving. It’s been hard this summer to take her everywhere we want to take her, because she can’t stay in the hot car at all, but we have our favorite places to go together as a family. The dog park, as pictured above, is full of trails and meadows and wildflowers galore. I like to take her out there with an iPod and go power walking. Every few minutes or so, she’ll come weaving in front of me to let me know she’s always still there and always protecting me. That’s my favorite.

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My second favorite is to take Athena to the beach whenever we go to Cape Cod in the summer. She’s an excellent beach dog and when I saw that she had photobombed this photo of Scarlet and Cassidy in a spectacular fashion, I made a meme of it.


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As I have talked about Rachael Ray Nutrish pet foods and treats in the past, right now they are celebrating those moments in which you just KNOW you’re a pet parent – with the “Fur Real Pet Moments” meme contest. Maybe you bought your dog or cat (or kid, actually) a toy, and all they cared about was the box. (I’m looking at YOU, Dinah and Des) Or maybe your pet’s favorite chew toy is.. YOU. While you’re sleeping. On a Sunday morning. Sound familiar? Now you can create your own meme using the generator provided on the Rachael Ray Nutrish “Fur Real Pet Moments” contest page, link HERE.

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Since Rachael Ray Nutrish knows pet parents well, they created this meme generator to celebrate how being a pet parent isn’t always easy – but we love our pets anyway. If you share your “Fur Real Pet Moment” you have a chance to win a GREAT prize – a year’s supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish AND $1,500. Just upload a photo of your furry friend, choose a category that fits it, and then you have a chance to win. For Rachael Ray, food equals love – whether she’s cooking a meal for friends or working with pet nutrition experts to create delicious recipes for your family’s pets. Every recipe – food and treats – are made with simple ingredients like real meat and wholesome vegetables, so they’re naturally delicious. What have you got to lose?

What photo will you use to enter to win a year’s worth of Rachael Ray Nutrish AND $1,500?

For more info about #NutrishPetMoments, go HERE.

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