Must Try Props For Your Newborn’s Photo Shoot

Here are some of the most creative ways in which you can use newborn props to pull a newborn photo shoot on your own. 

Must Try Props For Your Newborn’s Photo Shoot

It’s a great idea to include props for baby photography shoots to make sure your pictures turn out to be even cuter! 

Photography props can also be used to highlight the baby (duh!) and the family’s emotions, in addition to showing sleepy expressions and tiny noses.  

Many of the best newborn photographs you see online are edited, so if you want to do a  newborn photoshoot responsibly, we suggest investing in the appropriate props for photography, along with a professional photographer. 

After all, even if you have the best camera gear available, without a few extra accessories, your photos may come out looking dull and repetitive, especially when capturing newborns. 

A picture accessory can greatly impact your newborn photos, allowing the photos to tell a story rather than simply commemorate the time they were young! Working with a professional photography company, such as Rebecca Kayne Photography, will be the best way to work out which props will add to the photo, letting you rest assured that the photos are going to turn out perfect. Here are some of the most creative ways in which you can use newborn props to pull a newborn photo shoot on your own.

Soft Fabric Wraps:

Soft fabric wraps are one of the most essential must-haves when it comes to using a prop for photography while shooting a newborn. A fabric wrap can influence your photoshoot with color schemes, moody tones, as well as add a nice pop of color to your background and set theme. 

They are super flexible and easy to style, and they also keep the baby comfortable, which means the chances of chaos and trouble occurring during a photoshoot are reduced. It is also a prop that never goes out of style. 

Every newborn photo shoot has at least one picture of the baby wrapped in a beautiful wrap and that definitely enhances the looks of the shoot. And that’s why using a wrap for a newborn photo shoot is a must.

Tiny Wooden Props:

Small and tiny wooden props, a tiny wooden tub, or a tiny wooden crib are some of the many creative ways of adding a little extra effect to the photoshoot. Using a tiny piece of wooden furniture as a prop for photography while capturing the newborn can give you many opportunities to create many different themes and moods for you to shoot. 

You can also conduct the shoot in different themes. Using a miniature suitcase can also add a lot of effects and dramatic touches to your shoot. In the end, it also depends on how you plan your color theme and the aesthetic of your shoot mood. 

Blankets and Layers:

Blankets and layers are, once again, a great way to style the baby for a photo shoot. The same benefit of a wrap applies to the props of blankets and layers as well, the baby is comfortable and is used to the touch of fabric and hence won’t be uncomfortable at all. 

Color themes can be coordinated or be used as a contrast with blankets and layering effects. The best part of using blankets as props for photography is that they automatically add a warm feeling to the pictures and nothing can look more tender than that. This is a great way to utilize a prop to its maximum potential. 


Here, we come to the conclusion that there are some really adorable and easy-to-use props for photography available, that you can use to take your photo shoot to another level and add some really dramatic effects as well as explore different aesthetics when you use these props. 

You can also experiment with different themes depending on your props and some of the most commonly used props that you might already have at home, or can be easily available in the market. Animal-themed outfits and relevant accessories, or headbands and baby hats in different textures that can help you design your background and mood for the shoot are some examples of the commonly known and found props for photography of the infants.

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