6 Essentials You Must Consider When Moving to a New Area

Packing up and moving to a new area can be a dream come true. If your family is ready for a new adventure, here are 6 things to consider.

6 Essentials You Must Consider When Moving to a New Area

Packing up your life and moving to a new city can be a dream come true.

However, it’s a big change, and not one that should be undertaken lightly! 

If you and your family are ready for a new adventure, here’s six things that you should consider. 

1 – Know Your Budget

Deciding on your budget and knowing how much you can afford to spend beforehand is a good way of deciding on where you should move to.

Have an idea of what mortgage you can afford, and how much your monthly repayments will be. Some areas are a lot cheaper to live in than others, so it’s important to factor your income against the cost of living.

2 – Good Schools

Ensuring that there are good schools in the new area you’ve set your sights on is a must for parents.

You want to make sure that you little ones are going to get the attention they deserve in a school with a good track record. 

Check the reports for all the schools around where you’re considering moving to, you don’t want to find out too late that they’ve scored low. 

3 – Reliable Dentists 

How are the dentists in the area? Pay them a visit and check out their reviews. Finding a good dentist can be a challenge, especially with waiting lists getting longer.

If you use a trusted chain like Portman Smile Clinic, you’ll be sure to receive the same excellent service at which ever practice you visit!

4 – Get a Feel for the Area

Before you commit to an area, try and spend a little time there by booking a hotel or Airbnb for a few days or search from any of the Airbnb software.

This gives you a fantastic opportunity to walk around and get a feel for the place. Talk to the locals and find out what they think of the area.

This is a great way for you to really be sure that this change of location is the right choice for you and your family. 

5 – Crime Rates

You don’t want to move somewhere that you aren’t going to feel safe, and unfortunately crime is more prevalent in some areas than others.

Check out national statistics on crime rates for any location on your shortlist.

6 – How’s the Transport?

Find out what the options are for public transport. Living in the countryside is going to offer you a lot less choice than living in a city, and if you don’t drive then this can be an important factor in not only how you get to and from work, but how you access basic necessities such as food and doctors.

And if you do drive, work out how long your commute will be, are you going to be stuck in traffic all the time? Are you close enough for it to be worth the journey?

Transport options should be an important factor in deciding where you’re going to live next.

Have you packed up and moved somewhere completely knew? Share your story in the comments below!

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