Three Simple and Easy Changes to Make to Have a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Three Simple and Easy Changes to Make to Have a More Sustainable Lifestyle. What exactly is sustainable living, and why is there a need more?

Three Simple and Easy Changes to Make to Have a More Sustainable Lifestyle:

Over the past years, more and more people have shifted to a lifestyle that promotes sustainable living. What exactly is sustainable living, and why is there a need for a more sustainable lifestyle these days?

Sustainable living, as defined on Wikipedia, is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources. The goal of shifting to this lifestyle is to reduce the wastage of natural resources so that future generations may still enjoy it.

 Is it really essential to shift to this kind of lifestyle? Absolutely? For one, our resources are not infinite. We are talking about water, fossil fuels, and the like. If we want our future children and their future children to live in a world they would enjoy, we need to take action now.

A sustainable lifestyle does not have to be a complete overhaul. You just need to make simple changes in your daily habits and you will already be making a difference. Here are three things you can to get your journey started.

Be a Minimalist

The idea of minimalist living has been gaining traction in the past years, but there are also still many people who have misconceptions about it. Many people seem to think that a minimalist lifestyle would mean that you have to let go of all your material things and live a stark and barren life.

But minimalist is more than that. While it is true that you will eventually have fewer possessions, this is because you have already set priorities and you know what is important in life. Whatever you will buy will be done intentionally because you know that it serves a purpose in your life.

This means having smarter shopping habits, thinking twice or thrice about whether something is worth buying and removing single-use items in your home. Good thing that there are already many business owners who recognize the need for sustainable products. If you are looking for what you can use at home, you can shop zero waste products here.

 Go Meatless One Day per Week

If you are a big meat eater, one of the best ways you can go for a sustainable lifestyle is to eat less meat. This is because the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution and climate change. Many of our natural resources have gone to waste just for raising livestock.

For example, Greenpeace says that industrial meat is what causes so much deforestation all over the world. May forests have been set on fire and destroyed just so there would be land space for farming and raising food for livestock.

These forest fires also emit carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, thereby contributing to global warming and climate change.

While you don’t have to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, maybe a day of eating no meat will be enough for now.

You might also want to patronize more local products and local farmers instead of big corporations that transport their produce from halfway around the world.

Follow the 3Rs of Sustainable Living

You have probably already heard of the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. After all, this phrase has existed since the 1970s. But never has it been more needed until the last few years. now that we can feel the effects of climate change and seeing just how our natural resources are getting depleted every day.

Practicing the 3Rs is not only good for the environment but you can also feel its effects personally. You will definitely be able to save money and nothing will be wasted. So what are the ways that you can practice the 3Rs?

We have already said how important it is to buy items that be used over and over again instead of disposable ones. If you like to eat out or take out your lunch and eat them at the office, why not buy your own utensils and water container instead of making use of disposable ones?

Instead of relying on single-use plastic for your grocery items, bring your own eco-bag and containers instead.

When shopping, look for items that use less packaging because it means less raw material has been used. Instead of buying things like clothes or shoes for special occasions, why not borrow instead, especially as it will only be used once or twice. This goes for other items like birthday decorations or tools. When shopping for cleaning products look for more sustainable options, like eco soap or laundry detergent. Find products that use less materials, and have less of an impact on the environment.

Other environment-friendly options are vegan leather-made products. More and more people are taking it one step further and looking at brands that are using natural leather alternatives. A lot of world-known biggest fashion brands are now incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable products into their manufacturing process and vegan leather is a popular material among them, you can find many interesting designs and affordable options. Vegan leather bags come in just as many different colors and styles as animal leather products do, not to mention they’re easier to take care of and can be just as durable.

Another simple thing. you can do is to go paperless. Make the most of your smartphone and have your bills received on your device instead of mail. Just imagine how much paper is being wasted in printing all your mail when you can now receive it digitally.


Once you get used to these simple changes, you can move forward in your journey toward a sustainable lifestyle, By adapting these changes, who knows you may also help to influence more people around you to change their ways

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