Minimalist Packing is a Game Changer When Traveling Abroad

When you pack minimally, you’ll reap several benefits. In this article, let’s track the advantages of minimalist packing and offer a short description of how to achieve it. 

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Most people skew toward maximalism when they pack a travel bag. They throw in garments they would usually never wear, “just in case” these items come in handy. They include their entire toiletry cabinet, their whole electronics drawer and – for some inexplicable reason – about four different pairs of shoes. 

It’s understandable. When you travel, you leave your comfort zone; overpacking is a way to cope with the unknown by including as much of home as possible. We want to be prepared for any eventuality, however unlikely. 

But if you take a moment to systematize your wardrobe and trust your instincts, you can pack everything you need into a single carry-on. (Yes, the kids can, too!). And when you pack minimally, you’ll reap several benefits. In this article, let’s track the advantages of minimalist packing and offer a short description of how to achieve it. 

Packing Light Saves Money for the Important Stuff

Most airlines levy a sizeable fee for checked bags, second bags and oversized/overweight luggage. You can sometimes shell out an extra $150 just to cart your belongings to your destination. Why waste that money on luggage when you could spend it on something more meaningful – dinner with your partner, activities with the kids or souvenirs to bring back for family? 

And the cost savings don’t stop at the airport. When you overpack, you’re more likely to choose costly taxis over affordable public transport. And you wind up tipping porters more for carrying several luggage pieces. These expenses might seem inconsequential, but they add up!

Packing Minimally Saves Time

The luggage carousel at the airport can seem like an eternity after a long flight. And when you’re hauling three suitcases apiece over the cobblestones of Paris just to reach your hotel, you better budget some serious time. Likewise, consider whether you are moving around at your destination (let’s say you want to see three different cities in England). How long will it take each time to unpack and repack several heavy suitcases? 

It’s not worth the sunken time cost to overpack. But with a neat, svelte carry-on, you’ll be breezing through the airport, gliding over cobblestones and repacking your bags in a jiffy. 

A Safer Way to Travel 

Lastly, packing minimally is just safer. With fewer things to mind, you’re far less likely to lose your passport or Visitax Mexico documents. And you’re less likely to be a target for thieves and pickpockets too. Keep your precious belongings where they’re safe: at home. 

How to Pack a Minimalist Travel Bag

Packing minimally isn’t all that difficult, provided you follow these few simple maxims: 

  • Choose neutral colors: Just like you’re creating a capsule wardrobe, choose neutral-colored garments that all work well with one another. 
  • Mind your materials: Choose versatile travel clothing like a merino wool dress, which is sweat-wicking, breathable, insulating and antimicrobial. Choosing versatile clothing means you can pack less of it!
  • Use it or lose it: If you haven’t used something in the past two weeks, leave it out of your luggage. It’s tempting to bring that splashy green sun hat or that anti-puff eye roller, but do you really need it? Or can you live without it for a week? 
  • Wherever possible, consolidate: Instead of packing three heavy books, pack an e-reader. If you’re packing a second pair of shoes, stuff the shoes with socks and underwear. Do whatever you can to save space. 

Hopefully, this article inspires you to pack lightly for your next trip. When you pack minimally, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders – literally and figuratively!

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