The Most Memorable Photo Shoot I’ve Ever Had.

Sometimes Friday comes as an audible and visible relief.

You can hear yourself sigh, with all of your hope pinned onto a weekend taking away a bad week, and washing away the pains and frustrations. You can see the relief on your face, and on the faces of your loved ones, and even your five-year-old who wanted to stay home from kindergarten yesterday because, as she said, “I could really use a break.” Couldn’t we all, Scarlet?


This has been a week of bad medical news from loved ones, frustrations, a slight disconnect between what I want to say and what I say, as well as Des moving suddenly during a routine haircut and having his bangs cut a little too severely for my taste. I am officially the butt of my family’s jokes because they all know how NOT lightly I take any haircuts that the four of us must endure. I’ve let go of most of my control over the situation, but every time I look at him, well. Heck. He’s still the cutest boy I know. I promise I’ll get over it.. in 2-4 weeks. With the help of lovely friends who have assured me it’s still shagadelic.


Here’s a soundtrack for today’s post because this is the song I’ve been blasting in the car today. Despite being from NJ, I’m not crazy for Springsteen, or Bon Jovi for that matter, but Springsteen grabs my heart with One Step Up & Tunnel of Love.

The best lyrics in there?

“it ought to be easy ought to be simple enough
Man meets woman and they fall in love
But this house is haunted and the ride gets rough
You’ve got to learn to live with what you can’t rise above
If you want to ride on down, down in through this tunnel of love”

And with that, I have a brand new partner for Ask Away Friday this week and she asked me some really awesome questions. Please welcome Jill from The Singapore Writing Homemaker. She’s a new friend from the Ask Away Friday Facebook Group and she is just stunning, helpful and enthusiastic. I look forward to learning more through my questions for her.

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Now for those who want to know what Ask Away Friday is:

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County as a place for us to connect with other bloggers by asking them ten questions to really get to know them. The sky is the limit with the questions you ask!

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Make sure you check out Jill’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. Your pictures are beautiful. What are three things you enjoy shooting the most?

I actually feel a bit stumped right now, based on a good question and a bad week. Photography is such an intense process based on who I am, how I’m feeling and what I hope to achieve from the world. It’s also a balancing act between embracing fun and shielding myself from it with the camera. Weird, right? Also, it IS fun. So I guess that I’ll say I love shooting love – and that includes families, weddings, engagements, babies.. I love shooting joy and laughter because those are moments that leap off of photos and make you smile just by looking. It’s a contagion. I also love shooting powerful moments and events. I don’t think I have the guts for doing some of the harsher stuff, though. Crime, protests, animals killing animals, people hurting people. I’m no photojournalist in that way. I don’t have the stomach for it. Luckily there are many beautiful things to find.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

2. You are also a mother. Tell us 3 activities you enjoy doing with your children.

  1. Well this time of year we love to drive after dark and yell, “Lights!” every time we see Christmas lights. I like the rainbow ones best.
  2. I like taking them to my favorite cookie store. We don’t actually go very often, because I like to keep it special. The looks on their faces when I pull into that familiar parking lot are just wonderful. I want to bottle it up.
  3. I like doing New England road trips and BIG adventures too.

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3. When and where was your most memorable photo shoot?

They are all memorable in their own ways. All of them. One definitely pops up in my mind because it was one of the first ones I ever did professionally and on my own. It was for a family photo shoot and it was the weekend in which they adopted their son. What a happy and beautiful occasion, because it was a very long wait. I happened to be about eight weeks pregnant with Des at the time and it was frigid November and I had to tell them about my pregnancy in case I was exhausted and/or queasy.

It was a very special shoot.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And oh, hey! I just did another shoot for them last month – three years after the first.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

4. You co-authored a book named “The Mother of All Meltdowns”. Name 3 meltdowns which were most challenging to manage.

  1. Well there was one with Scarlet on the school playground in the beginning of the school year. And you know how it is when other kids and parents are around. The other kids will seem like angels in comparison when your kid is screaming. And the other parents will look sympathetic (to you) and pretty nonchalant about it because.. it happens. During this one on the playground at school, I just said the words, “Do you want to take the bus home?” and she quieted down pretty fast.

  2. When I was pregnant with Des, Scarlet had a tantrum at the local park that was so bad that I threw her over my shoulder, pregnant and all, and stormed out of the park in the “Parental Walk of Shame, Anger & Other Tantrum Feelings.”

  3. Des was so restless and loud on our flight back from Florida that we gave him an entire bag of Lucky Charms and let him pick out the marshmallows. He didn’t eat them all, but he did spend time picking them out.

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5. Tell us the 2 most impressionable character traits about your other partners in writing the book which make this book possible.

Well, we have Crystal Ponti of Blue Lobster Book Co. to thank for everything. She has a lot of intelligence and tenacity and she inspires all of the co-authors very much. I will certainly work with her again, I hope!

6. Have you ever encountered any writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?

Yes and no. I never really have writer’s block because the mind never stops spinning. I don’t generally think before writing – it’s more like the writing overtakes me. The words just pop into my mind, and generally at inconvenient times – like when I’m in the shower or driving. So yes I do get scared that will stop happening and sometimes it does slow down, but that usually just means I need a break. When I lived in California for 1-2 years, I didn’t do writing or photography. I was not a writer or a photographer, even though somewhere inside it was brimming to the top. It was bad. I used to be afraid it could happen again, but this blog makes that impossible. I thrive on deadlines and connections and readers.. so.. I’m don’t see myself having writer’s block too often. Or rather, I have learned not to fear it as much. It just means I should go eat a cookie.

Or wait for Scarlet to say something sad or funny. That sparks entire posts!

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7. What’s your fondest dream which you have yet to accomplish?

I think I have a post brewing about this, and I’ve written them in the past but accomplishing dreams doesn’t feel the way I thought it would feel. It.. hurts more. It’s both better and worse. So I guess I’m always waiting to have this feeling, or this entire gallery of feelings, of accomplishment, joy, happiness, and very importantly – confidence! Now I just see that it wavers and flows. And I get these magical moments. And I build this life pretty slowly, and certainly with my share of anxiety, but I guess I always wait for that feeling. That I’ll do something that will have that feeling. I don’t know what that something is. I’d love to write a successful book about writing, parenting and photographing my way through anxiety. I’d love to achieve more photography dreams. I just really want to go to Alaska already. And I want to enjoy every second there too.

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8. Name us one travel destination which you would never forget.

It’s a bit strange because I will always say this even after having called it home. It’s San Francisco. It’s always been a place that has called to me. So I answered the call. It wasn’t the city itself so much as the surrounding areas – wine country north and the beach highways and beach towns south. And the whales and dolphins.. After we moved back east and Scarlet was about three-months-old, we went back to San Francisco for a wedding, and it was exactly a year to the day since we had last driven out of there to move east. To be back there, at our old favorite restaurants and cafes, and with a baby, was intense. It was like being at home and on the most exciting trip of your life at the same time. I’ll never forget that. There were people who hadn’t known we’d had a baby in the year since we had left, so walking into old workplaces holding Scarlet was quite the life experience. I always wanted to take both kids back to Inn 1890, where I worked as an Innkeeper, but it closed.

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After our snack we dropped in on Mandy and Steve, our old dry cleaners.  They were so happy to see us.   This was a very emotional reunion.

9. Who is your favourite author?

I don’t know that I have just one but I’ve read every Jodi Picoult book, except the new one. And I met her!

10. Your children are beautiful. Would you consider having more children? Why and why not?

Oh, sure. I think about it a lot. It’s so strange but if not for pregnancy, I’d be so much more into the idea. I don’t even mind labor and delivery, having done it twice. I’ve become somewhat pregnancy-phobic, which is sad. Also, we’re in such a great place right now with the kids. Scarlet’s in kindergarten. Des is two and in daycare. I have energy. I’m really into my business. I weigh 115 pounds. Maybe that last part is shallow, but I still don’t really want to rock that boat. These boats.

Maybe in another lifetime. Or something.

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Thanks, Jill! This was awesome.

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  1. Aww, I totally just wanted to reach through the phone and hug you as I was reading about Des’ haircut. If you remember, I had a bit of my own last year when Emma cut her own hair (a piece off the side). So once I again bit of twin action here at play, because I totally overreacted back then myself.

    1. I do remember with Emma! My good friend’s daughter had this beautiful blonde hair and cut it so short, it was a pixie cut. Of course she was still gorgeous but it took a long time to grow and my friend was very shaken by it. I would have been too! Des looks like a nerd (sorry but it’s true) but at least it wasn’t Scarlet’s long hair!

  2. I listened to Tunnel of Love over and over and over again. And I went to his concert on that tour. Amazing. Those lyrics.

    Great to get to know even more about you and I agree on the writer’s block thing. Has yet to happen to me. πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s like.. really deep, isn’t it? I feel like he describe love so perfectly.
      Happy to know you’re good with no writer’s block too! There are just too many things. Maybe if I blogged more than three times a week, but the thought scares me.

  3. Not into Springstreen or Bon Jovi, huh?! Well, Springstreen, except for a couple of songs – right, but BonJovi? Him / them, I pretty much dig πŸ˜‰ So much energy in their concerts – fun fun fun.

    1. I might like one of his songs.. maybe. He’s just not my thing! Springsteen has quite a few songs I love, actually, but they’re always the more broody ones and not the rock ones.
      I’m the worst New Jerseyean ever!

  4. When I read the title of this post, I totally expected to see my photos. I guess I’m second most memorable? πŸ˜‰ I also have words popping into my head at inconvenient times. I find myself repeating them over and over again until I’m able to write them down. Sometimes I lose them, and that’s sad. But then they just come back in a different form.

    1. Oh you see that was VERY memorable! I totally wanted to just say, “All of them!” which is the truth. However I had to pick so I picked that adoption ceremony one.
      And really, granola and good conversation in the woods is pretty darn good. I miss it!

  5. Interesting on the writer’s block question as I enjoyed your answer there. I never get writer’s block but I do get some sort of A.D.D. where I can’t slow the mind down enough and I get distracted constantly. Like TONIGHT!!! Writing, writing…oooOOO new post from Tamara…must go check out now! LOL. It was in a post just recently of your’s that I first heard you mention S.F. and now here again. That is so cool that we were nearby “neighbors” so to speak once upon a time without ever having known each other. Happy Friday to you, Tamara πŸ™‚

    1. And I did go to Lake Tahoe in October 2007, I believe. Maybe it was 2008. We could’ve been there at the same time!
      I totally get the same thing with ADD. I used to be able to do a long series of photos, but now I need to take a lot of breaks to check email. Pathetic.

  6. It’s so hard to pick the most or the best of anything, isn’t it? There are. So many mosts and bests.

    I don’t really get writer’s block, unless I force myself to write when I’m not feeling it. Hmm -I’m getting an idea for a post right now. That happens often when I’m leaving a comment for you!

    1. It’s true. I don’t really have favorites. If someone asked me my favorite blogger, I would never have an answer!

      I get inspiration from leaving comments too. I can’t wait to see what you write!

  7. I want an outfit like those children are wearing that are red with gold trim!!!!! Ok, that’s shallow! But….your photos are so clear and crisp that I can even go “Shopping” while I gaze at them! Kudos!

    1. Hi Mom! For some reason you are logged into your computer as me, from maybe when I was in New Jersey.
      The outfits are beautiful and the photos were taken on a really rainy day, and the boys just sparkled with their smiles and their clothes.

  8. Oh Tunnel of Love. That’s such a good song and I haven’t really paid attention to the lyrics even though I know them by heart. Isn’t it funny how that happens? I’ve been struggling with writers block lately or more like just a lack of inspiration. But then every once in a while, a random string of words will hit me out of the blue like a gift.

    1. That is a nice gift. I think writers get those gifts throughout life. It is our fate. It will always come back.

      I always enjoyed the song, but I didn’t fall in love with it until in the last year or so. It’s something special.

  9. Oh, yes, I’m so glad it’s Friday! I have had a similar week…some things I can’t write about, and also a hair issue. Once you read my post, you’ll feel much better about Des’ haircut. I promise!

  10. I love how you introduce me to old songs, but they seem brand new to me – love those lyrics. You already know about our mutual SF love. That family you photographed – they look eerily familiar? Is that weird. Maybe you’ve share their pictures before?

    1. I may have shared bits and pieces from their shoot before.
      And that’s the thing. I’ve always known this song, but in the last year or so, I really listened to it. I think it’s fantastic.

  11. That “great place” is usually woman get pregnant again πŸ˜‰ I saw Des’ hair on FB and it is cute. Love that you had the follow up shoot with the family! I like finding those online where the family took the same picture every year for so many years or just recreated the same picture now from then.

    1. I really love those articles in which the kids are now adults and they re-create old photos. It’s hilarious!
      I hear you about the pregnancy thing. Sometimes I wonder if people are somewhat doing it on purpose, even if they seem surprised or upset about it. We all know how babies are made, right??

  12. Sorry you had a rough week. I’m glad it’s Friday! Perhaps, you can treat yourself to a cookie and I’ll treat myself to a coffee and we can pretend we had them together! I love all of your photographs but, I love when you shoot people the most. You are able to catch moments and feelings that I haven’t experienced in many photographs before. You make me feel like I am right there. We are done with 2 kids but, we always said that if we had unlimited money, nannies and I didn’t have to be pregnant, that we would have a gaggle of kids!

    1. That is so funny because when I got your comment, I was totally eating a cookie from my favorite cookie store stash.
      So cheers to you!
      I love photographing people the most. Houses are fun but I don’t usually share those photos. Maybe one day I’ll do a real estate post.

  13. you pictures are the best. I can look at them for days. Man, the bad kid haircuts are rough on the heart. Been there but like you said…2-4 weeks. TGIF! I needed this Friday too.

    1. I think it’s really hard for me especially because every day to me is a photography day. So of course I look at photos from last week and he had gorgeous hair. And he really still does but I haven’t gotten used to this. And it will grow back.
      I am glad you can look at my photos for days because I have a feeling one day I will take photos of your family!

  14. Good thing it is Friday, as you said! I’m sorry to hear of difficult medical news in the family. I had a bit of a medical scare in the family this week too. My dad went back into the hospital (again) and had a (thankfully) short stay in the ICU. It’s interesting they’re not sure why his body does what it does. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to experience each time it happens and I always worry until he’s very stable and/or talking on his own.

    I hope the medical stuff in your family becomes at least manageable, I know it won’t be easy or feel better, so I’ll just say manageable.

    I used to have a draw to California, but not so much anymore. I think I just want wide open space with trees and beautiful earth wonderfulness. I hear it’s incredible, California that is though. Maybe one day I’ll visit some place out there.

    And the words. I get that. Sometimes it’s really difficult. Sometimes I fill my head and mind with things not having to do with the words, so the words get blocked out, but they’re always there – lurking. I do hope to be a better and better writer of my own words one day πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so sorry about your dad and I’m glad it was a short stay.
      In my case, it was cancer returning to someone who had it three years ago. The prognosis is good, but we were supposed to see this family member during the holidays. So I am sad.
      California really is incredible, in many ways, but Massachusetts is home!

      1. I feared it was the dreaded cancer. I’m sorry to hear that. Good prognosis is nice to have, says a friend of mine who’s battled cancer.

        Hopefully you’ll be able to see them soon, though it’s a bummer not at planned πŸ™

        1. Thank you so much! That really is the worst one. He had it three years ago and beat it pretty fast. They are hopeful again.
          There was also a bad stroke for my brother-in-law’s uncle. Just a bad week! I hope it leads to good health for all.

    1. I love his hair. You can’t tell from photos that it is fine hair.
      Des has pretty thick hair and it’s got this slight wave but is mostly straight. If I cut all of that off, it would be a disgrace! I guess I’m a little upset.

  15. I am so sorry the week brought difficult news. It is always hard to reconcile joy and sadness.
    San Francisco glimmers with a particular appeal. I love the GG bridge, the diversity and the hustle and bustle of city that glows no matter what time of the day.
    I envy your lack of writer’s block. The words spin in my head too, but not well enough to pen them on paper…

    As always, beautiful shots, Tamara.

    1. You certainly don’t have writer’s block in this comment! It brings San Francisco so alive to me that I can feel it.
      There have been some tough medical things this week. No one in my immediate family was affected but it is a very loved family member we were going to see you Christmas. So far prognosis is good.

  16. Bruce is the best isn’t he – amazing lyrics and always amazing performances! Sorry to hear of the bad medical news in the family and hope things become better quickly. I love that the words just come to you…they don’t quite come that easily for me. Happy Friday!

    1. I appreciate that. it was just that the heads kept on coming. Cancer coming back for an extended family member. A stroke for someone in my sister’s new family. And a death too. I am so ready for this weekend. And it is bitter cold!
      Bruce really has the answers.

    1. I feel like I’m not at the point yet where I know for sure either way, but it’s hard not to think about it.
      We stayed at the playground so long tonight that by the time we drove home it was already dark enough to see some lights!

  17. I’m with Scarlet – I could really use a break!! I am already planning to declare aMonday a mental health day, but I have to get through the weekend first which includes getting & decorating a Christmas tree, helping my daughter finish a science project that is less than half done and due on Monday, hosting my husband’s family for a birthday party on Sunday evening AFTER I have to “work” at church all morning on Sunday. Not to mention that my house is a mess and I still have much Christmas shopping left to do. Yeah, I’m a little stressed a the moment. Sorry you had a tough week, too – especially the bad medical news. That is always hard. Hugs to you and here’s to hoping next week is better for everyone!!!

    1. We were thinking the same thing! Actually I told Cassidy that I was taking a mental health day today and that I would be sleeping in, and expecting breakfast in bed, and that he’d have to take Scarlet to school and watch Des all day.
      He nearly laughed in my face.
      It was just a fantasy!

  18. I had SO many thoughts to share and then I saw 115… boy do I wish I was there. I’m trying to get back there again πŸ™‚
    My first tape was a Bruce Springsteen tape πŸ™‚ My parents put it in my Walkman for Christmas of my birthday, I don’t remember I was about 4 or 5.
    I hope all is well, I’m sorry you’ve had bad news lately. I’m wishing you and your family all the best.

    1. In high school, I wasn’t even 100 pounds so 115 is positively luscious in my world. Too funny! I’m skinny but I do have curves.
      Thank you so much for your good wishes. It was a CRAP week all over the world, it seems. Onward and upward, I hope.

  19. Love it! I hate that poor Des had a bang malfunction for his haircut, but I am sure it’s just fine. Besides, who sees the bangs when they are staring into those big brown eyes? You know he could melt the world with those. I was in San Francisco when I was little and have never been back. I have always wanted to go and stay, travel, see wine country, and just relax. It’s hard when you have kids, but it needs to be on my list soon. When I go, I will have to get all of the “to-do’s” from you.

    1. Aww.. thank you. I think he actually looks better to everyone else than me. I’m so sensitive to it. Why do haircuts get worse before better? It’s like they need to settle in or something.
      San Francisco is really something else. I can’t wait until you go! I’ll write you a whole book of places to go!

    1. haha.. thank you! I’ll just keep massaging his scalp during baths. It’s supposed to promote hair growth!

      The bad news keeps escalating. My poor brother-in-law. A stroke and a death in his family during the same week. A returning cancer diagnosis on my side of the family. Good grief.

  20. This is probably going to sound totally different than I want it too (I will blame my evening cocktail!!) – I would carry your baby!!! I LOVE being pregnant but never wanted more than 2 kids. I actually was going to be a surrogate for some good friends of ours if she didn’t get pregnant on her 3rd round of in vitro.
    Hope your weekend is better than the week.

  21. So, I can’t figure out which answer I like best…the photoshoot with the adoptive family (oh, my heart!) or the story about going back to San Francisco with Scarlet. Both are beautiful stories. I hope the weekend treats you well and that the bad news turns good (or at least doesn’t get any worse).

    1. Aww.. thank you! I felt like my answers were a bit dry, to such great questions, because I was so tapped out this week. So I’m glad you liked the stories!

  22. Thanks Tamara, I really liked this Ask Away. You had a good partner with good questions. Tonight I had 2 epic fails in parenting and am feeling kind of like the worst mother ever. One of the fails involved a lot of blood and an emergency call to the dentist for the toddler, but it’s Friday and I can sit here and read good posts like this and not have to worry about making lunches in the am. Something to be said about that.

    1. Oh thank you so much! And I really loved my partner this week. So sorry about the call to the dentist. I’ve seen around on Facebook that many people had a bad week. Globally, nationally, and certainly personally. Hoping for a good one for everyone. Next week.

  23. Wonderful and amazing as usual. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! Giving Des lucky charms to keep him occupied on a flight is pure genius. Wish I would have thought of that when my boys were small – or had some to give to the little guy behind us on our flight from Orlando to Seattle on Wednesday :).

    1. Thank you so much!
      And we are going to Orlando in a month so I’m keeping my own idea in mind. It’s a bit of a shorter flight than for you, but my kids will think it’s long!

  24. OH gosh how I just soak in every single word and picture and fact and feeling of your posts!! Gosh- there is always SO much to say about SO much you share T…

    What resonates so deeply with me right now was your initial words… because there is SO much that has been going on behind the ‘screen’ that I don’t feel right sharing. SO much devastation and loss and horrible things that just seem to keep getting more horrible. Sigh.

    “…a slight disconnect between what I want to say and what I say…” Yes. I know.

    1. We have a lot of that behind the screen to you. A death, and two horrible diagnoses within one week. And this cold and gray weather. And I’m just not feeling my best either.


  25. I’m sorry you have been having a rough week! Hope your loved ones are doing better, and thank goodness hair grows back! I so wish you could come do my family portraits! And I laughed out loud at the whole bag of lucky charms – I literally had to bribe my 7 year old with Lucky Charms yesterday. I guess they truly are magic! πŸ™‚

  26. I’m not a huge fan of Springsteen or Bon Jovi either. Sometimes I wonder how much Jersey is in me!
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the prospect of having more children. I can’t imagine being pregnant and delivering all over again; maybe it’s still too fresh in my mind. I’d like to have another child at some point, I’m just not sure when. And I actually like my post-pregnancy body (for the most part), and not that it’s a reason why I wouldn’t have another child, but I imagine it would change after another child. But who knows!

    1. I get that! Mine was different after Des and didn’t bounce back as fast but I suppose it varies. I was only 28 with Scarlet! A baby!

      I am losing my Jerseyness by the day.

  27. I love watching love too! I wish had a camera to take a picture of the beauty I see wherever I go. I can always tell when two people are in love, even if they aren’t touching or together. It’s really a wonderful thing.

  28. Beautiful questions and answers. I just can’t imagine you having writers block ever. You’re alway so full of energy and always such an inspiration. I loved that photoshoot. That must have been such a memorable day for that family and yourself as well. You did a splendid job being pregnant and all. Des’ hair will grow back and you’ll be smiling at his shagadelic hair once again. Now here’s to a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I just gave him his second bath since the haircut and I was lamenting over the lack of hair to shampoo! He still has crazy hair, though.
      I don’t really get writer’s block, so much as that I get fried!

  29. I have had a rough week too. Tucker’s got strep and it’s been a nightmare trying to get him to take his medicine. Sorry about Des’ hair but it will grow out fast I promise!!! I love that the same family had you do another photo shoot with them – they’re awesome photos (and I’m JEALOUS). πŸ™‚

    1. Oh no! One thing we’re lucky about is that Scarlet loves that pink crap. But she takes other icky medicine with a “chaser.” I will feed it to her and I give her the total option of control to raise her hand if she needs me to stop with the dropper, and then she will take a chug of juice, which is not usually allowed. Just the option of control usually means she doesn’t even stop me!
      That only works for her, though. I wish I had done that as a kid.
      Feel better, Tucker!

    1. I actually get a little bored by the white lights. And not even the twinkling fairy lights because those are nice. I mean the ones that are off-white. Snore.
      Rainbows everywhere!
      I think I’m on hold at the library for Jodi!

  30. I love the picture of the kids in red. I love it when my kids are excited to go somewhere special too. They always get excited about Chuck E. Cheese.

    1. Thanks! I loved that shoot. It was dreary and rainy but their red outfits brightened it.
      Scarlet’s only been to Chuck E. Cheese once but she loved it.

  31. Sorry to hear it’s been such a rough week.

    I loved everything you shared here. I can see why that particular photo shoot was so precious to you… what a blessing to be able to take part in their joyous occasion.

    I loved your soundtrack to this post too… boy did it ever fit!

    Your 3 meltdown moments… YIKES! We all have them but when we’re in them, boy are they ever intense.

    I loved all your photos (as usual) but my favourite is the one of Cassidy and Scarlet – they look just awed!

    I also love how moose often make their way into your posts.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! That photo of Cassidy and Scarlet was taken at sea world in the shark tunnel.

      The weekend was refreshing for sure. It didn’t take away the rough parts but it muffled them a bit.


  32. I think I’m also pregnancy-phobic by the way. I hope it isn’t that bad. Geez.
    I love your memorable photo shoot. The happiness was really captured!
    I had a not-so good week too but it ended just the way I like it. πŸ™‚

    1. Pregnancy phobia is a real thing! I do get a pounding heart sometimes when other people talk about their pregnancies. Bizarre. I didn’t even really have bad ones!
      I just read your post so I’m all caught up on everything! I like the ending.

  33. Awww…I’m tearing up reading about your favorite photoshoot! I love hearing the stories behind the pictures, what a monumental occasion for them and you so early in your career. And I hear you about pregnancy, it was awful for me as well.

    1. Thank you! It was such a big one and I felt honored. I’ve seen a lot of delicate situation photo shoots, both happy and sad, and I always think what an honor it is to be the one to photograph it. Like weddings!

  34. The great thing about hair (especially KIDS hair) is that it grows back pretty fast. Those boys are very unpredictable when it comes to hair cuts! The story of your favorite photoshoot was extremely perfect. I got all the good vibes. All of them.

    1. So true! And he eats a lot of vegetables so I’m just telling myself his hair will grow back faster because of that.
      I get the good vibes too… just thinking about it.

  35. Jill is great! She had awesome questions. San Francisco always sounds so dreamy. πŸ™‚ 3 months is sort of a milestone for us with JR since that is when we moved from the east coast to NJ. I love how you did a photo shoot of that one family and did another one three years later with them by what looks like the same tree! I know what you mean about dreams. It’s why I try so hard to enjoy each moment and every day because I realized before I started a family how “unfulfilled” or disappointed I would feel when I would finally accomplish something and then “that feeling” wasn’t as I thought it would be. i hope I’m making sense!

    1. That is a big milestone! I can’t believe you moved with a three-month-old! You rock.
      And good eyes – that is absolutely the same tree, three years later, for that family photo shoot.

      You’re making total sense about “the feeling.”

  36. Yeah no more kids for me, one and done. Lol. He’s awesome and I’m at a point where I really need to be selfish and finish school. Haha Des still looks absolutely adorable – his hair will grow back. What’s up with your family members? Hope everyone is well.. I think Scarlett deserves a day off, every kid does πŸ˜‰ Love that photo of the siblings with the red desi clothing – so beautiful πŸ™‚ Happy Monday love – I’m spacing out, time to take a walk. Take Care -Iva

    1. I thought we might get a day off tomorrow, but the winter storm watch has been downgraded to an advisory, rather than upgraded to a warning.
      And whenthe house is quiet tomorrow morning, I might be happy about that!
      We had cancer come back for an extended family member. Another one had a stroke. Another one passed away. She was 93 and was hit by a truck. It’s insane.

      1. wtf!! Hit by a truck? omg so sorry to hear about all these family troubles Tamara.. I hope the other two recover well with time.. Yeah a stroke is in my future if i don’t calm down so working on that. My bp is high so that doesn’t help. I’m getting sick and sprained my neck so I’m not even here this week, just in sleep mode and baking mode. Cookies are therapy as you know. πŸ™‚ Thank God tomorrow is Friday because I’m ready for it! How are you holding up wtih all of this?

  37. 1. I have this idea that you pour yourself into each photo assignment, and it almost breaks you, but the energy you get from it all puts you back where you were before, plus some, and then it’s on to the next assignment.

    2. I’m a lot like you, in that my mind always churns, and the girls always ask, therefore how can I run out of things to write? It could happen. But I have 50 ideas right now. 50. And almost 300 questions.

    3. So cool that you met Jodi. My favorite author in college was Lee Smith, and she taught at N.C. State at the time. I always wanted to write to her back then, and I never did.

  38. Hey Tamara, sorry I was late on checking your answers! I saved the best for the last!.. πŸ˜‰ the picture of your family in San Francisco looked so beautiful and I love the one of the moose? to express your anxiety on your dreams. A picture speaks a thousand words.

    Thank you so much on the exchange! πŸ™‚

  39. No doubt, it is on my near-future bucket list. A must have photo shoot. Promise, when you are famous you will still consider us?
    Although I will warn you. Henry and me….not photogenic or comfortable on camera. AT ALL. Hayden and his dad…well they have some Zoolander thing the camera melts for.

  40. I always think of Springsteen as one of the greatest songwriters – lyric wise – that ever was. For me, it’s not necessarily his music, but the Stories he weaves. He is a great story teller.
    Staying with my own blog is my “cure before it becomes a sickness” for writer’s block too. I’m a bit afraid if I stop, I will get out of the habit, and then 10 years will go by again! And kids and husbands: so much blog fodder.

    1. I feel exactly the way you do. I am afraid if I stop, I will just get used to being stopped. Not that I necessarily work that way, but I’m so afraid of another five-year drought.
      In this life, with the kids and husband, it begs to be written about.

      1. I didn’t actually. He lives at McDonalds now.

        Just kidding. My daughter was an infant at the time otherwise I would have gone up after him. Eventually one of the other parents took pity on me and sent up her older kid to pull him down.

  41. Last summer my daughter has me cut her hair on a whim and I didn’t think it looked good at all. I was ready to take her to someone to have it fixed. However, she kept telling me that it was fine and that she liked it. She is a trooper and everyone loved her hair.

  42. An INN KEEPER?! I’m so sad it closed! I can definitely see you as a full time nor cal girl. You have that softness about you. I love the family who adopted photoshoot. They are beautiful! I’ve been sucked away for too long, I’m so sorry about the mixed feelings you were having around the time of this post and I missed you!

    PS. Is that picture of his new hair cut/bangs? Because it looks long and luscious to me!

    1. That was actually a picture of him after the last haircut he had in the summer. A much better one!
      It’s growing back, but too slow for my liking! I want Kurt Cobain back.

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