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Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies

Does anyone love Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies as much as this family? I think not.

These Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies are exactly what you need for May the Fourth, the premiere of Solo, and any Star Wars party EVER! Enjoy! #StarWars #Recipe

May the 4th. May the Fourth? Star Wars Day. Or any Star Wars party EVER!

No doubt, there’s no shortage of occasions to make these cookies. They are Cassidy-approved and since he used to work for ILM, that totally counts for something, I say. Did I ever tell you that I once saw a rainbow over the ILM parking lot?

I’m nothing without having visual proof of everything, ever.

Star Wars

How cool is that? It’s like that rainbow was saying, “Go forth. Go far and wide. You will marry the ILM Purchasing Agent and you will one day have a job that allows you to make Star Wars Cookies whenever you want. Please enjoy that.” And I do. I do! We had such a blast at the movies seeing Avengers: Infinity War last week, and Des sat through the whole two hour and forty minute movie! The villain was amazing, although Des says that I remind him of Thanos because I think there are too many people in this world. I do. I really do. Everywhere. Although I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but maybe a mosquito, wasp or tick.

There are way too many of them.

Also I’m not totally sure how I feel about being compared to a villain, but this is a really well-written villain so I’ll take it. We’ve had a spirited week. Cassidy has been away, but the kids have been celebrating many things, left and right.

star wars cookies

We had “Valley Gives Day”, a local fundraising day. There was the school read-a-thon in which the kids could dress up as their favorite book characters. Cedric Diggory and Tonks over here, thank you. On Saturday we have PRIDE and we have our rainbow clothes ready. And that’s just us. We celebrate things. We go to movies on the day they open, we dress up for Halloween as adults, and we make cookies for movie franchises. If we’re being honest, I could NEVER have been married to someone who doesn’t do those things, but man, I wasn’t expecting someone who goes bigger than I do. Solo is almost out!

So dress like a rainbow, see some movies, and put some sprinkles on cookies.

How to Make Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies:


For the cookies:
2 sticks butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour, extra for rolling
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt

For the decorating:
Black buttercream (we used ready-made)
Pearl sprinkles
Small pretzel sticks
½ cup green candy melts
½ cup blue candy melts
2 tsp coconut oil, separated
½ cup green sugar sprinkles
½ cup blue sugar sprinkles


To prepare the cookies:

1 – First in a stand mixer, combine butter, sugar, and egg until creamy. Add vanilla extract.

2 – Then, in a separate bowl, sift together your flour, baking powder, and salt. Add slowly to your wet ingredients.

3 – Once your cookie dough has formed, place it in plastic wrap and let set in the fridge for about one hour.

4 – Once set, preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

5 – On a floured surface, roll out cookie dough and cut out circular shapes (we used a cookie cutter about 2-3 inches in diameter). Place on lined baking sheet about 2 inches apart from each other. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes (edges should be a light golden brown) and let cool on a rack.

To decorate:

6 – Once your cookies are completely cool, spread black buttercream using an offset spatula. Carefully place the pearl sprinkles (they act as stars in the night sky).

7 – Then, melt each of your candy melts in the microwave (separately), with a teaspoon of coconut oil in each bowl.

8 – You’ll want both blue and green lightsabers on your cookie. Dip each pretzel stick in its respective candy melt color, and then dip cover with the sugar sprinkles of the same color. Lastly, place on cookie and enjoy! May the force be with you with Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies!

Star Wars

Star Wars cookies

Star Wars cookies

Star Wars

Here’s another fun cookies creation I made!

Think fast! What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

These Star Wars Lightsaber Cookies are exactly what you need for May the Fourth, the premiere of Solo, and any Star Wars party EVER! Enjoy! #StarWars #Recipe

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  1. OK seriously I am so excited for May the 4th with my Star Wars loving self at this point. So, think I may need to try these to celebrate some more now! 🙂

  2. Oh hello miss SUZY HOMEMAKER… Martha Stewart! hahahaha! Seriously, how friggin CREATIIVEEEE is this idea!!! And shoot, that Han Solo movie SHOULD HAVE COME OUT THIS FRIDAY. THAT would have been perfect!!!!!!!! ha!

  3. I showed Natalie and she was super excited. I need to make these. If anything, for the lightsabers.

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