Making Your New Puppy Happy at Home

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#ad We use Nature's Recipe pet food for our dog and for our puppy. We love that they're made with amazing ingredients and they they help to #Fuelthewag!

As you know from previous posts, our dog Athena loves her Nature’s Recipe® food.

What you may not know until now, is that Astro does too! We had long thought about getting another puppy. Another cat is non-negotiable because I firmly believe that when you have two, it can backfire on you. They might team up to torment you, or they’ll curl up in each other’s paws, rather than in the nook of your arm. I realize there are exceptions, but we’re a one-cat family. Getting another puppy wasn’t long planned and I barely kept the secret. I didn’t want my kids to know, though.

They didn’t, until they did.

The short story is that my “puppy-pusher” friend, Sarah, tags me in occasional puppy rescue updates on Facebook because she knows our type. Husky-ish. Quirky-ish. Yoda ears. That something something element. The status update had photos of a litter of five and they called them, “Mini Huskies.” Astro is estimated to be a Husky-Pomeranian (Pomsky) mix, but I have my own theory. I think he’s totally a Corsky (Husky-Corgi). All the siblings have long and squat bodies. We’ll find out tomorrow what the vet says. We first applied for Astro’s sister, Angel, but she had a wait list. We hemmed and hawed over the 5 puppies or so, and then I told Cassidy to choose. Of course we got off the phone and I texted him simply one word. Astro.

He’s such a happy guy that of course we wanted to continue to “fuel the wag” by getting him the same food his big sister eats. And to be honest, that makes it easier for us as well! Our local Walmart carries both dog and puppy varieties of Nature’s Recipe dog food. And you’ve heard me write about them before! They’ve been crafting tasty, natural pet food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients for over 35 years. And you can see it in the wag of his tail and on his face.

#ad We use Nature's Recipe pet food for our dog and for our puppy. We love that they're made with amazing ingredients and they they help to #Fuelthewag!

Nature’s Recipe is premium dog food made with real lamb/chicken/salmon as the #1 ingredient. It’s a grain free and easy-to-digest dog food that provides the nutrition needed to fuel your dog’s big life. And Astro has such a wonderful life.

The recipe is carefully crafted with nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources, such as sweet potato and pumpkin, and there’s no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal or artificial flavors and preservatives. What you get is a natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Like I said, it’s so wonderful to have both dogs on the same brand of food.

They both have such big, beautiful lives. I like nothing more than to see their wagging tails every day – to greet me, when we’re playing together, and of course – when I’m feeding them. That’s perhaps when I get the most tail wagging!

As you know, Athena is my right hand man, and all around GREAT dog. I love that she now has a little brother to show the ropes. She’s four now and we know she loves her exciting New England life in the woods! In fact, sometimes it’s a little TOO exciting. Snakes and snails, and skunks and fisher cats. Baby deer and mother bears. Altogether, I can’t imagine a better life for our dogs. They get plenty of outdoor play, sunshine, fresh air, and treats! And pets and scratches galore. Once the weather cools down, these two will be hiking with me daily. I just know it!

Make sure you click here to check out Nature’s Recipe’s Grain Free Portfolio at Walmart.

We use Nature's Recipe pet food for our dog and for our puppy. We love that they're made with amazing ingredients and they they help to #Fuelthewag! #ad

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog?

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  1. What a great puppy!! I use American Journey dog food that I order from Chewy’s. I like Salmon and sweet potato so my pup likes that one too 🙂 He’s in the rambunctious teenage years now (eight months and 43 pounds). My YouTube channel is Docinaplane and you can follow our walks there. It’s really nice that both of us live in places where we can take our dogs through beautiful nature. They don’t know how lucky they are, but we know how lucky we are 🙂

  2. That tail of Astro’s looks like it has a life of it’s own 🙂 Such a cute guy. Making sure they eat well is pretty important! I think he agrees with your choice.

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