Making Vitamins a Daily Habit.

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I’ve been in a strange sort of physical rut lately.

Life has been really exciting in ways I never quite imagined. During the last several months, I was accepted into a book that means a lot to me, I photographed two weddings, I became a regular writer for a website I have always admired, I got a dream kitten (who is currently messing around with my wires), I found out both of my sisters are pregnant, first grade started, and I managed anxious feelings about school as well as I could, and a zillion other things. I’ve felt finally, like I’m in motion.

In other ways, though, it can be very challenging to me in January. I’m a sun and light person, and to have the cold and the darkness is harder for me as an adult. I miss ample light opportunities for photography. I miss running around the yard with my kids. I miss easy fresh produce from the CSA. I miss seven months without colds, stomachaches, or fevers. No runny noses or late night coughing. I miss feeling my best every day, and I also miss feeling inspired and energetic most of the day.

Luckily, there are vitamins and supplements out there that can be added to our daily routines to help with better days.

With the new year just begun, I’m more focused than ever on starting 2016 off on a healthy note. As per usual, my goals are on bettering myself physically, mentally and emotionally, and on staying healthy with the help of Nature’s Truth products.

I get my Nature’s Truth products at Rite Aid, but they’re also available at Walgreens, Amazon and

Two of my favorite products are Melatonin and Turmeric. Melatonin is a hormone in our body that helps to regulate sleep cycles. Nature’s Truth’s Melatonin helps maintain a regular sleep cycle and it comes in a tasty berry flavor and a quick dissolve capsule if you have difficulty swallowing pills. Melatonin promotes optimal rest and relaxation.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Turmeric is another favorite. It’s a spice commonly used in curries, and it’s also a natural tonic that can be used to support the immune system.* Turmeric contains natural compounds known as curcuminoids, which have strong antioxidant properties. **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Overall, my Nature’s Truth products make me feel better to live a healthier lifestyle. Have you ever heard of the Honestly Good Challenge? Nature’s Truth challenges you to try their products for 30 days. If you don’t feel the difference that these premium vitamins makes, you get your money back. It’s the perfect jumpstart to your new year! Visit the Honestly Good Challenge HERE, and sign up for discounts, prizes and more. I am doing the challenge too!

I need to keep up with these two:

It’s actually not very easy for me to remember to take vitamins or medications. Since I think it’s such an important part of life, I created a life of my top ten ways to remember to take my vitamins daily. I think it pays off!

Making Vitamins a Daily Habit:

1. Combine taking vitamins with a daily task. A common reason that people don’t take their vitamins is that they simply forget. It helps me to take my vitamins at the same time every morning while I make my kids’ breakfast. I may skip breakfast, but I will NEVER forget to make my kids’ breakfast. Ok, they will never let me forget. This works much better for me than taking my vitamins at a free-floating time of the day.

2. Create a self-care ritual every day. Everyone has their rituals and ways of feeling good. You can take your vitamins the same time each day that you are carving time out for yourself. This could be time to drink coffee or tea, read a magazine, take a long walk, meditate, stretch, or write. It can just be 10-15 minutes, but make it enough time to add your vitamins routine in.

3. Set an alarm! I don’t even set an alarm to wake up in the morning, but I can set one for the time of day in which I’m making my kids’ breakfast, which doesn’t vary much from day to day, especially during school days.

4. Enlist the help of a loved one. Do you have a loved one also ready to sign up for the Honestly Good Challenge? Or have a loved one remind you each day to take your vitamins. Find someone who is positive and always there for you.

5. Keep it visible. Out of sight, out of mind. Leave your vitamins in a visible place. I’ll go into more detail below.

6. Get a large calendar. You can get large calendars at most stores this time of year. You can use them to write down when you take your vitamins every day. Leave the calendar in a visible place too!

7. Are you at your computer a lot? Set up electronic reminders, email, or text alerts. OR, why not have your screensaver be a message to remind you to take your vitamins?

8. Sticky notes, of course. Personally, I’m impressed with the wonder of sticky notes. You can buy them nearly everywhere and write down what you need to do each day, then leave them where you’ll notice them.

9. Do you also take medications? There are companies that offer a variety of pill devices, medication computers, vibrating watches, automatic dispensers, beepers, and other alarms to keep you on schedule.

10. A pillbox might be your best bet yet. I thought about sticking mine on the wall next to my computer but had more luck with the fridge. All you need to do is buy some magnetic sheets from the office supply or dollar store. One side of each sheet has adhesive, so you can cut it to size, peel off the backing and make a magnetic pillbox! Like magic!

Do you have any other tips? Also, are you ready to take the Honestly Good Challenge?

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    1. Those are so good! I am amazed at how vitamins-obsessed I am, but I still used to forget before using all these ideas. In fact, I just took my vitamins five minutes ago!

  1. I’m so not good at remembering to take my vitamins no matter how much I try. I even have a daily pill box and yet I still forget. Melatonin was one that was recommended by my doc when I wanted to transition from my sleeping pills. I will have to check out this brand and I’m loving the buy one get one free label.

    1. I really love Melatonin. It’s gentle and authentic. When I was pregnant and nursing, I missed it a lot but now I can take it again. It would be great for your international travels! Jet lag is so real.

  2. I take my vitamins every day! Especially Vitamin D this time of year. I use the good old pillbox – I like the idea of sticking it on the fridge!

    1. We’ve had such a mild winter and I get out more this year, so I haven’t done Vitamin D, but I think I should. It’s wonderful and much needed out here too.

  3. I love Melatonin, but I had never thought about Tumeric. I do need more antioxidants! Especially now, because did you see on the news that Arizona is like the most flu riddled state right now in the nation?? Eeek! I think vitamins are a grand idea 🙂

    1. You’re awesome. Well I wrote this several weeks ago – probably when I found out I was doing some regular Craftsy gigs. I also write a lot for SITS Girls!

  4. These are all wonderful tips for forgetful me! I honestly need to get better at remembering to take my vitamins. I could surely use some vitamin D, because PNW.

    1. Usually that’s the case in New England too! I’ve been getting out more and it hasn’t been as cold as previous winters, but generally I take vitamin D supplements.

  5. I take vit C (1000 mg), occasional E (1000 mg), chromium picolinate (200 mcg), and Melatonin (1 mg) every day and use Tumeric in food.

    Just as information. The AHA recommends no more that 12 grams of sugar per day for children under 8.

    1. haha – is that information in reference to the frosting on their faces??? Just kidding. I like that recommendation. Kids today eat about 17,000 grams more sugar than years ago. (slight exaggeration)

      I like hearing what you take! Cassidy is all about Turmeric in food – and he reads about how to prepare it and with what, to get the best boost.

      1. No 🙂 I was referring to the 9 grams of sugar per serving in your prior cereal post. Okay, I loved Frosted Flakes as a kid, but we know better now.

        1. Frosted Flakes are my mom’s favorite!
          When I was a child, we could only have junk cereal on our birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Worry not, my kids have the same rules!

  6. I keep my bottle of vitamins right beside my coffee cup. Because you know I am NOT forgetting my morning java. Then when I wash it at the end of the day – right back beside the vitamins. I don’t have any other medications thankfully. Everything else stays high in the medicine cabinet.

    1. Same here, other than vitamins. I take probiotics, multis, Turmeric, Melatonin on occasion… essential oils for a headache.. CHILDREN’S Motrin for a bad headache.. no lie..
      I dread the day I actually have to take something.

  7. Sticky notes are the best! I used them a lot and even told my sister to stick one on the microwave to remind her there’s food in there, she just stared at me like crazy! HAHA. I’m so bad at remembering vitamins – for me and Reiko but now I’m here in my hometown, my mother has been my constant reminder to take my vitamins and to leave it somewhere visible. I usually mix the capsule powder with my drinks at night. I’ve read a lot about melatonin since the website I’m working for is about sleep. Pretty interesting!

    1. Our microwave has this annoying habit of beeping incessantly until you take the food out or press “cancel.” So that’s my sticky note there!
      Melatonin is pretty cool. Gentle!

  8. I used to be really good about remembering to take my vitamins, though in the last couple years I’ve slacked off. I find I do best when I take them at breakfast since I almost always eat breakfast at home. I used to do an alarm to remind me to take a certain medication years ago, and it really helped!

  9. Thanks for the reminder, Tamara. I hear you about being in a rut. I am determined to make March a more healthier and focused month. Wishing you the same.

    1. March is a nice long month with weather and light changes – perfect month to make those goals! And here it’s mud season so I have to do all that with boots on.

    1. I used to always forget! There’s definitely more emphasis for the winter, because in the summer, we get our vitamins from local vegetables and we also get sunshine.

    1. Nice!
      And thanks about the cat! I find her to be stunning. She’s really friendly too. Like.. really friendly. Like, I usually can’t get anything done when she wants to snuggle.

  10. I totally agree…we take vitamins on a daily basis. Although we eat as healthy as possible, it is difficult to get everything you need…and with all the sickness going around this winter you need all the protection you can find.

    1. It’s so true. I love to eat well, but it’s more challenging in the colder months. We thought we had frozen a lot more fruits and vegetables from summer, but we ran out!

  11. We have been so sick lately we have been going a little over board on the vitamins.
    In the past few days the temperature has fluctuated by 30 degrees! Friday it was +15 and sunny, the windows were open and people were wearing shorts. Today it’s snowy and -15 and everyone has the sniffles. 🙁

    1. I just sneezed three times before I read this! The fluctuations are tough. We have been hit hard by respiratory things this fall and winter. Much worse than usual.

  12. These are good tips. I should really start taking vitamins again. I know there are so many benefits to them.

  13. I take dietary supplements on a daily basis and I have really seen an overall improvement on how my body functions and feel. I have to check this sale out.

  14. I really do need to get my act together in regard to sticking with a vitamin regiment – I tend to go off and on when it comes to that. I especially need to work on making sure I’m getting Omega 3s. Appreciate the nice suggestion you made in your post.

  15. I go through spurts where I’m so good about taking it. And then for some reason I forget for long stretches of time. I like the idea of keeping it on the counter like someone said in the comments.

  16. Supplements really have helped with my son’s anxiety. I’m a believer! We all take something in my family.

  17. I always tell myself this is an important thing to do, but I never remember to take them faithfully. I probably should get one of those handy pill boxes and work at getting in the habit. – Katy

  18. I’m the WORST at remembering to take vitamins. Definitely like the idea of setting an alarm or electronic reminder. As much as I love post-its, the paper clutter in this house drives me insane!

  19. I keep my vitamins & minerals in my nightstand. If I see them before bed, I remember to take them. Vitamin D and C are the two that keep me going through the winter.

    1. We’ve had such a mild winter that I haven’t need C and D as much as usual, but I agree about those two. Can’t do winter without them.

    1. I’m obsessed with the pill case! I took it to Florida so I remembered to take my vitamins during those long theme park days. Love it.

  20. While it is important to eat as healthily as possible, it is good to know that there are supplements available that enable us to get the nutrition we need and extra benefits that supplements provide.

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