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Looking for a perfect gift for ANY occasion? #Shutterfly has the Make My Book Service and it is easy, time-effective, and gorgeous for your #photography. #ad

I confess that gift giving is hard for me.

It’s not that I don’t have the spirit, and it’s not that I don’t have the heart in it, but the problem is I need gifts to be too perfect. And since I’m more of a big picture girl, instead of being able to see and and carry out tasks in small, manageable chunks, I tend to get overwhelmed and paralyzed by Gift Giving Fear. Sometimes? I give something that doesn’t match my heart and thoughts. Sometimes? I give up completely. NOT good! I want to be someone who wears her heart on her sleeve.

And I want my gifts to reflect that.

Looking for a perfect gift for ANY occasion? #Shutterfly has the Make My Book Service and it's easy, time-effective, and gorgeous for your #photography. #ad

As many of you know, my life travel dream was to go to Alaska. Cassidy and I went there on a belated honeymoon in August. We had never had a honeymoon because of money and timing and having Scarlet fairly soon after we were married. This was my ultimate travel dream – my ultimate adventure. Although there were rocky times and overcast weather, the memories are still so strong. I hope they always remain that way. And if they don’t, we have the option to make beautiful photo books.

Looking for a perfect gift for ANY occasion? #Shutterfly has the Make My Book Service and it's easy, time-effective, and gorgeous for your #photography. #ad

The Make My Book Service (for $9.99) at Shutterfly is affordable and so easy to use!

Looking for a perfect gift for ANY occasion? #Shutterfly has the Make My Book Service and it's easy, time-effective, and gorgeous for your #photography. #ad

This is THE solution you’re looking for – to think of the perfect gift for loved ones, and to get gorgeous photo books designed and created with ease at your own computer. When I used to shoot film, I’d keep my photos in boxes and albums.

These days, custom photo books are the perfect gift.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I made Cassidy a custom photo book of highlights from our trip to Alaska. I want our kids to see what we did and to dream about their own adventures – perhaps even taking such dreamy adventures WITH us someday.

The book arrived – so beautiful and well-printed. You KNOW I notice this stuff after 15 years as a photographer.

What do you think he thinks as he looks at this book?

I think he sees adventure and love. And a whole lot of living.

I feel so lucky to have this book, but also to have found the perfect gift for loved ones! It’s easy, customizable, meaningful, and a good gift for ANYONE, including yourself. That’s right – you can make yourself a photo book easily! This is big. This is the best way to capture memories, and I know not everyone chose photography as a career like I have, but everyone has photos they love. Everyone has occasions to celebrate and remember. What photos will you choose? What will your story say?

The Make My Book service is so important to me because it saves a ton of time. I am not as tech-savvy as you might believe, and the designer service is easy and rewarding. The service is $9.99 and it’s worth every penny. That price is not the price for the book itself. I can’t say enough how much this has enriched my life, and the lives of my photography clients.

Have you been thinking of getting photo books beautifully designed just for you? Let Shutterfly help you choose your photos and help you design your book. Check out the Make My Book Service and see what it can do for you!

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  1. This is amazing, Tamara! How beautiful is your book…wow. I have thought of doing this. I was going to make a recipe book for my kids and add photos of when they were small. I got so far as typing up many recipes with my own directions on word doc but it was an overwhelming task. I must get back to it and perhaps submit to Shutterfly. Thanks for sharing this and the suggestion!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I agree that this can be one of the best gifts ever. I’d be delighted to receive and give one for sure. This also reminds me to print more photographs.

  3. You created such a beautiful memory book of your incredible adventure, Tamara <3 LOVE this! In a world where most of our photos sadly live only online, it's so incredibly wonderful to have a physical copy, isn't it? And I totally have that gift giving fear, myself!!

    1. Gift Giving Paralysis is what I call it. Awful. It generally means the opposite of me not thinking about someone. I’m thinking too hard!

  4. I love the book option on Shutterfly! I have made it as a gift as well. I love that now your kids can be a part of your trip by checking out all of the pictures in your book. Too cute 🙂

  5. I have used Shutterfly before and used them when we went on our first Disney World vacation. I sent it to my mother. I haven’t made a photo book in years but I agree, they do make really great gifts.

  6. I used to make one to these photo books for my ex-boyfriend for each year we were together. He has six books now, and even though we are no longer together, he still cherishes them. What a great Valentine’s Day present Tamara I bet Cassidy loved it.

  7. These books are the best! I did one, and a calendar, for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and gave them to several family members. I’m so glad I did! With my parents both gone now, they are fitting reminders of the good times.

  8. gift giving is literally one of the hardest things for me to do! I get all kinds of discombobulated but I must admit, this is a GREAT gift. I loved watching Des flip though the pages of those incredible photos!!

    1. There’s nothing not to love about this! I really think Des loved it, but was slightly miffed we went on our honeymoon without him!

  9. I think Des is thinking “hey, when are you taking ME to Alaska”?! So funny, I was just talking to my husband today about wanting to make one of these of our trip to Paris!

  10. That’s so lovely. And I hear they’ve got one now where you subscribe and they’ll send you a book a month. Which is so much easier than having to go back through a few years and print them (because who prints photos any more?)

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