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Maintaining a Clean, Kid-friendly Home

Spending time with children is a parent's greatest joy. Here are our tips for maintaining a clean home that is also a kid-friendly home too.

Maintaining a Clean, Kid-friendly Home:

Spending time with children is a parent’s greatest joy. However, many parents struggle to balance the demands of kids and a clean house. Plans for quality time together may be pushed aside to make room for housekeeping tasks. There is no denying that kids can be messy. However, there are solutions to allow you to spend more time enjoying your children and less time cleaning up after them. Galaxy Maids is the NYC cleaning service you can count on. The convenient scheduling and professional quality makes keeping tidy a breeze. Looking for some solutions in between professional cleanings, or not yet ready to book a maid service? Here are our tips for maintaining a clean home that is also kid-friendly. You can view website to find out more!

Declutter for Sanity’s Sake

Clutter breeds chaos. A cluttered, disarranged home is difficult to maintain, no matter how much time or energy you dedicate to it. Piles of stuff on the furniture, overflowing drawers, and super-stuffed closets make housecleaning a nightmare. You’ll quickly become discouraged and feel overwhelmed in a badly cluttered home. Therefore, your first step is to pare down.

Begin by preparing three boxes: one for trash, one for donations, and one for long-term storage. Go through each item you have and decide whether you truly need it and benefit from it. Work carefully through one room at a time, disposing of the items you no longer use or value. Avoid holding onto outdated or unusable items purely for sentimental reasons. Limit yourself to a few memorable treasures and say goodbye to the rest. In homes with small children, pay special attention to removing items which could be dangerous, such as broken toys or toys with small parts. Once you’ve gone through the whole house, make a plan for a seasonal or semi-annual decluttering. This will help prevent unwanted stuff from piling up and creating a big mess. Need a helping hand working through your cluttered home? Galaxy Maids offers deep-cleaning services to take the heavy workload off your hands.

Teach Children Where Things Go

Even very young children can be taught to put away their toys and clothes if they know where things belong. Find a spot where each item can be stored and teach your kids to put things back where they found them. For small children, brightly colored bins and shelving will help them keep track of their belongings. You can use colors to define who owns the item or what kind of toy it is (cars in blue boxes, puzzles in yellow, etc). Older children will love personalized labels for their stuff. Once everyone in the house knows where all items belong, they will find it easier to put things away. Remain patient, as some members of the family may need extra reminders. Before too long everyone will get with the routine.

Limit Small Children’s Access to Stuff

Toddlers and young children take great pleasure from making messes. Throwing the whole set of Legos all over the floor will make them giggle. You may have seen your child delighted by spilled juice or a messy pile of leaves. It is part of a child’s nature to explore the world through interacting, playing, and creating some small – or not so small – messes along the way.

To prevent your child from turning their bedroom or playroom into a disaster area, limit how many items they can play with at a time. Store large playsets with many components in spill-proof boxes with lids or on high shelves out of reach. Teach children they can only get more toys down if they return the ones they’ve finished playing with. As children grow older and show more responsibility, they can have more freedom to take down larger amounts of toys or books.

Schedule Your Cleaning Time

Does it feel like you’re always cleaning the house? Does keeping the house clean seem to cut into family time? Sometimes keeping a constant vigil prevents us from focusing on the more important issues. Other times, it can seem like we have worked all day yet not achieved anything. Having a scheduled time to clean prevents these problems from developing.

As you tackle routine chores like cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, or mopping floors, set a stopwatch. Once you know how long each responsibility takes, you can determine how much time to allot to cleaning daily. Pencil housekeeping into your calendar or appointment book and try to address it at the same time each day. Make sure you set a timer, and when that timer goes off, you’re free to play with the kids, tackle other work, or spend time with your significant other. Scheduling your cleaning helps you stop putting off chores until they become too difficult. It also prevents you from dedicating too much time to cleaning and not enough to family or other responsibilities.

Spending time with children is a parent's greatest joy. Here are our tips for maintaining a clean home that is also a kid-friendly home too.

Get Kids On Board

More hands make for lighter work. However, kids aren’t always eager to clean. Encourage them to do their part by turning cleaning into a game.

  • Set a timer for 1-5 minutes. Have everyone scramble to fold as much laundry or put away as many things as they can. The winner receives a small prize, like a sticker or small toy. 
  • Allow cleaning to be fun. Wiping down the kitchen can end up a soap suds battle. Cleaning the floor can mean sliding around on towels. Incorporate cleaning into the play. 
  • When playing competitive games, make tidying up part of the fun. The winners and losers divy up the chores for the next day, with the winner choosing their favorite.
  • Assign a point value to certain chores. Once a child has reached a certain number of points, they can redeem them for an outing, toy, or special privilege.

Take The Easy Solution

Galaxy Maids is the perfect solution to keep your kid-friendly home welcoming and clean. The excellent service and dedication to quality ensure your residence always looks its best while leaving you free to focus on better things. Ready to get housework off your plate? Schedule now!

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