Luxury Glamping: Why It’s Gaining So Much Popularity

With something for everyone, it's not surprising that luxury glamping has gotten so popular. For more on why luxury glamping is becoming so popular, continue reading below.

Camping is usually an activity for outdoorsy types who are okay with mud and sleeping on solid ground. For these types, the reward is the starry night sky. That’s great for them, but what about those who prefer the comfort of luxury amenities and the great indoors?

You can have the best of both worlds by going glamping. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “glamping” is a glamorous camping trip chock full of outdoor essentials paired with the comforts and luxury of a five-star resort. With glamping, high and low-maintenance individuals can enjoy their stay in harmony while experiencing the very best of modern and traditional camping.

With something for everyone, it’s not surprising that luxury glamping has gotten so popular. Plus, with so many opportunities for Insta-worthy pics, you might book your stay just for the “likes.” For more on why glamping is becoming so popular, continue reading below.

Five-star amenities are included in your luxury glamping package.

For those who’d rather stay at home than disrupt bear country, the five-star resort-style amenities included in luxury glamping might change your mind. While the rest of your crew is hiking, fishing, and doing whatever regular campers do, you can relax in a hammock, grill up some good eats, or nap in luxury bedding in a very safe and secure camping pod. Make the most of the wifi and television and camp your way.

Romantic add-ons will make your trip extra special.

If you’re going luxury glamping to celebrate something special, add a romantic charcuterie board with wine to your package. Enjoy your treats in one of the private hot tubs, cool off in the pool, and then enjoy a massage.

It’s cheaper than hotels without missing a beat.

Another reason luxury glamping is getting so popular is because it’s cheaper than staying at a luxury hotel, and you get the bonuses of more privacy and nature all around you. Your stay will be full of comfort and convenience and will consist of hotel amenities like pools, hot tubs, massages, and food pairings, as well as:

  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Plush bedding
  • Coffee makers
  • Lounge areas
  • Dining areas
  • A/C and heat

You still get the traditional camping experience.

For those who want to enjoy the traditional camping experience, you still can. Surrounded by nature and hill country settings, you can enjoy the beauty of nature without eliminating comfort. Your pod suite will have a fire pit, lounge chairs, and essentials to cook your favorite campfire meals. Just remember to bring your cast iron pots and pans!

Pets are welcome.

Your furry friends are also welcome at the campsite, giving you more reasons to love luxury glamping. Bring your whole family, bring along your beloved pets, and make memories you’ll cherish forever.

Uplevel your camping experience.

Uplevel your camping experience and try luxury glamping. With something for everyone, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself, whether telling stories around the campfire or enjoying a massage overlooking scenic views. Book your glamping vacay while availability lasts.

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