Living and Laughing Out Loud.

I’ve actually never experienced light (or heavy) bladder leakage, but I know I’m one of the few lucky ones.

Having children and getting older can do both strange and wonderful things to our bodies, and some really annoying things too. I believe that nothing should stop your quality of life – especially if there’s something you can do about. I’ve been very outspoken about Poise products for awhile now, because I had an older relative who needed them, and they gave her a lot of dignity and relief at the end of her life. I will never forget. I also have two pregnant sisters, and know they’re not exempt!

Sam's Club

We actually don’t live very close to a Sam’s Club, but my in-laws do, and it’s become a bit of a ritual to go with Des about once every two weeks since we became members. We have fun every time. Last time, we found this club pack of Poise liners.

bladder leakage

Then Des helped me stock up on a bunch of necessities.

light bladder leakage

I picked up a club pack of Poise for my community – since I like to think of items that shelters and survival centers don’t receive a lot, and donate them. I guess that is my Poise story – staying connected. Poise liners are all about taking on life’s changes and challenges. They let women participate in activities without worrying about light bladder leakage (or LBL). And that may include jumping on trampolines or laughing hysterically with friends. My laughter nights include playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of my friends, and I know that being worried about laughing would be terrible for this favorite.

Poise gives some women the freedom to laugh.


Also, members saved $4.00 at Sam’s Club. Membership info HERE. Sam’s Club membership benefits include Subscription Serve with discreet shipping, and Club Pickup. Poise liners stay three times drier than leading regular sized feminine care liners where needed most because they are specifically designed for light bladder leakage.


The Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away wetness and protects against incontinence odor to help keep you fresh and dry. They are now thinner, with the same protection.

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