Liven Up Your Home By Redecorating

Liven Up Your Home By Redecorating. We all get to that point when we become dissatisfied with the way our home looks and feels. 

Liven Up Your Home By Redecorating:

Liven Up Your Home By Redecorating

We all get to that point when we become dissatisfied with the way our home looks and feels.  When it gets to this point, it’s probably time to start some serious redecorating.  But where do you start when it feels like such a huge task?

Remodel the kitchen

Often quoted as being the heart of the home, the kitchen is a prime place to begin redecorating. When remodelling your kitchen there are a few things to consider.  Where are the best locations for your appliances?  Do you want to fit in an island?  Are you planning to incorporate a breakfast bar or a dining table?  Once you know where to place the important items, you can plan the cupboard space.

Redesign the bathroom

So, it may not be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is definitely an important place.  If you’re designing it with busy family life in mind, then a bath is going to be as important as a shower.  And the flooring will need to be robust and easy to clean.

If you’re finding that the family bathroom is always busy in the mornings, it may be worth squeezing an extra shower room into the home.

Install new flooring

Tired and impractical flooring is another big problem around the home.  But with so many options available it can be hard to choose the right flooring for you.

If you have the budget for professional tradesmen, then solid wood flooring or engineered flooring Toronto by Capital Hardwood Flooring, under floor heating and luxurious carpets are all great options for comfortable family living.

Prices for prices for fitting carpet or solid wood flooring may be out of your budget, so what other options are there?  A good quality laminate or vinyl floor can work just as well, and many of these are simple to install yourself.

Refresh the walls

Tired walls can be just as problematic as the floors, especially if your current décor is dated or dark.  It can make a home feel small and slightly oppressive.

Painting the walls is probably the easiest option to brighten up your home, but what type of paint do you choose?  Going for the same color, or a cohesive color scheme, can really bring your home together.  Try to create a natural flow between rooms or areas of your house.  Where the light isn’t as good as you’d like, try a slightly reflective paint finish, such as satin or eggshell, to help bounce light off the walls.

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