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Scarlet was an easy baby, to put it mildly. Even from the start, I didn’t have any morning sickness or complications with her pregnancy. She was born on her due date, serene and weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and she could be held by anyone. When the pediatrician told us to call if baby Scarlet ever cried for more than an hour, we laughed because we had never heard her cry for more than five minutes. She could sleep anywhere, eat anything, and she completed her milestones on the early side of normal. I believe she is the reason parents decide to have a second child, because we originally wanted one!

(Easy babies sometimes grow up to be kids with sassy haircuts and a willingness to pose with product samples.)

Little Remedies

Now Des was a different story. Of course most of you know the mellow and completely happy three-year-old he came to be. It wasn’t the same smooth road, though. I swear I could feel his pregnancy start a week before I was “due”, which is insane because I didn’t even know I was pregnant with Scarlet until I was already six weeks along. Sure enough, though, I had a positive pregnancy test only days in. I felt seasick and more achy and even had a few days of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. He was stretchy and restless and messed with my pancreas just enough to mess up a few glucose tests, before deciding I wasn’t to have gestational diabetes. Thanks, Des. My water broke without my knowledge and this, coupled with having a cautious doctor, landed him in the NICU for six days on antibiotics. And that gave him a sensitive stomach for the first six months of his life. He cried a lot for the first four. What a different baby he was. And what a different kid he is.

Little Remedies

He was born in June, and we spent the summer traveling to Cape Cod or on mini road trips. Des even made his tiny debut at Tanglewood – where he slept through two hours of orchestra music! As a new mom of two kids, I spent my fair share of those early days taking care of the kids not feeling well. Scarlet had a bad cough for much of that first month, and Des had a sensitive stomach. I don’t know where I would have been without my #LittleRemedies Gripe Water & Gas Relief Drops. With many summer plans on our horizon, I made sure to include #LittleRemedies safe and gentle formulas in my diaper bag.

I still do, actually.

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Registered dietician, Bridget Swinney (@eatrightmama), made a great infographic with gassy baby tips:

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Little Remedies® products are made to support the health and well-being of infants and children of all ages. The company believes that “less is more” so they make each of their products with the fewest and most natural ingredients, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the products. They do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or alcohols, and are created with the very specific needs of children in mind. (even my picky medicine takers will take the drops) The Gas Drops relieve tummy pain from excess gas quickly. The Gripe Water eases tummy pain for infants, and helps with upset stomachs.

For more info: Little Remedies Site:
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Do you have a baby with a lot of gas, hiccups or stomach pain? What do you do to ease it?

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  1. My girls were totally the opposite, too. Emma had colic and cried literally for the first year of her life, while Lily barely made a peep for the first year of her life. I swear Kevin and I were truly not used to having such a quiet baby. But like you I have used Little Remedy products with the gas drops and gripe water for Emma totally. And just just completely brought me back. Honestly so glad we are over that year as much as I do love her, I don’t miss colic one bit!

    1. Time for a third baby! Sort of kidding but as a mom of two who’s pretty sure to be done, I am surprised at how many people tell me I need a third because the first two were mellow(ish). Trust me – they’ve had their years. Scarlet had the Terrible Threes!

  2. My first baby was terrible. She was a preemie, but we did not think we were going to survive her infancy sometimes! She grew up to be a great kid. I love Little Remedies! We use it all of the time!

    1. Aw! She grew up to be a princess, in fact! Right? Or is that your second?
      I remember when Cassidy first discovered Little Remedies. It was a happy day in our lives.

  3. I will definitely pass this along to my mommy friends with babies who are struggling through tummy troubles.Thanks for the information.

    1. Thanks for spreading the info! I was bewildered by it with Des, because Scarlet never had so much as a stomachache until she was at least two!

  4. I guess I was lucky and had all great babies. It’s now that they’re older they’ve turned into little monsters. 🙂 I used Little Remedies with Madison when she got a cold for the first time because I was looking for something that was easy on her and it worked. I usually recommend it to anyone who has a baby and are looking for something mild.

  5. It’s funny, Roman was an easy pregnancy, pretty easy baby and a terrible three year old. Tanner was an awful pregnancy and has been the easiest baby I could ever have imagined! I’ve never tried the gripe water, but I swear by the Little Remedies saline drops for Baby T’s often stuffy nose.

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t mention above that Scarlet was.. a combative three-year-old! I suppose we’re all going to get it at some point – the non-mellow years! Sigh.
      Des is just entering his. Lucky me.
      The saline drops are great!

    1. Des definitely benefitted from the gripe water!
      Thanks for liking my stories! You know me – eager to share the connections. This product was a good fit.

  6. I used gripe water with my son for a while. Luckily, my second baby was my easy baby. So we didn’t need any for her.

  7. It was the opposite for us: our first was way more challenging, even more than having twins! Of course twins was more tiring but as far as sleep and fussiness, the first one was harder. Took me a long time to decide on having more kids lol! But yeah we used Little Remedies for their gas!

    1. Oh funny! You finally decided to have another kid.. and then got twins! I secretly hope that happens for me if we decide for a third. I know that sounds nuts but I’d rather have two or four kids than three. I like even numbers.

  8. We called Eve the decoy baby. She was such an easy-going infant that she made parenting seem really easy. We had Little Remedies products on hand but never had to use them with her! Whenever I have a second one I’m worried that baby will be a lot harder, especially in comparison. Granted, Eve is not exactly that easy-going as a toddler 😉

    1. Eve is like Scarlet! Decoys are great.
      Honestly, Des was harder than Scarlet in many ways, but not hard. If that makes sense. I still think I had it easier than many. And you know him now – fairly mellow. Unless hungry. And oh yeah – he screeches.

    1. I love all their remedies! The saline drops and gripe water and gas relief drops. Can I just say that.. I’ve totally used the medicines as an adult? I use kids medicines!

  9. It’s so funny, I just finished commenting on another blog about the struggle when you have a fussy baby. It makes you feel like a bad Mom and a bad wife.. but neither is the case. I would have tried anything with my first, including Little Remedies. It’s so hard because you don’t know what is causing them to be unhappy. My heart goes out to anyone in this stage right now!

    1. It’s definitely a struggle, and it tests patience and marriages and.. sanity!
      I really get it because Des had some really trying times and I would have done anything too.

    1. You know, I realized after my trip that I had disabled comments. It was pretty perfect actually, not to have to reply to them for a birthday weekend post! Thanks for trying, though! I re-enabled them.

  10. My kids were the opposite – I had the difficult one first. In fact, I’m amazed we had a second! Great product – thanks for sharing.

  11. My baby girl had gas issues when she was a baby. I used to hold her on her stomach for comfort. Good to know that these remedies are here, what a great help for moms!

  12. My son was pretty easy too although he wouldn’t nap in his crib for like a year. Gah YOUR PHOTOTS!!!

  13. My son was very sickly when he was younger, whatever is in season, he had them! Ugh. Totally appreciate products that makes the feel a little comfy!

  14. Elise was by far the fussiest, but I figured that’s how babies were. So why not have two more? I’ve loved seeing your kids grow up right here on this blog.

  15. I remember being so desperate to get L to stop crying. Gripe water was definitely tried, but didn’t really work for us. It seems like she just needed to go through her first year crying…a lot. I do love Little Remedies saline drops, though. Suppose it’s almost time to start stocking up on that stuff again, isn’t it?

  16. Even-though I do not have children yet, I like learning about the various products out on the market for children because I babysit my little cousins a lot. Little Remedies sounds like a quality brand.

  17. I haven’t heard of this brand before! But, I’ve always had gripe water on hand as a just in case! The others seem really interesting!

  18. This will definitely be handy for me in a couple months time. 🙂 My daughter had hectic cramps when she was a newborn, it was horrible to watch. 🙁

  19. These are great Products. If only they were around when I was younger or even my niece and nephews . I will definitely pass this on to my mommy friends

  20. I am due in October so I will have to get these to try out if our little guy seems to need them! Sounds like a great line, I have heard great things on Gripe Water!

  21. The gripe water saved my life during a very bad 2 week period where it seemed my firstborn cried daily from 5 pm to 5 am. I have no idea why.. it ended just as abruptly as it started. he even started sleeping through the night after, and he was only about 8 weeks. But their gripe water was a godsend because without I would have nursed 24/7 during that period thanks to his putting everything I gave him into reverse!!

  22. My son was an easy baby too. Now he has a more sensitive stomach which we recently found out was due to his body’s inability to break down vitamin a and gluten (no allergy). We sometimes use little remedies to ease gas.

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