Lil’ Fishys are Big Summer Fun

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Lil' Fishys Motorized Water Pets are ready for adoption now! Enjoy endless hours of summer fun with new emoji jelly fish! #ad #summer #poolfun #lilfishys

Looking for a “pet” for your kids this summer? Try Lil’ Fishys Motorized Pets!

These are such fun! They are the epitome of summer fun for us. You see, our summer vacation started only two days ago! On Monday, Scarlet had her last day of school and Des only graduated preschool a week ago today! Last night we turned off all of the lights of the second level of our house and walked out to the deck to watch the fireflies and the stars come out, brighter by the second. We shivered in the most delicious breeze. We went inside and ate homemade strawberry shortcake.

With homemade whipped cream.

My parents may remember our summers as having set beginnings and set ends. Maybe summers seemed to last forever – trying to keep up with several kids and minimal day camp. And maybe they went by in a blink – and soon we were all back at our desks at school – and maybe my parents missed that, and missed us. I remember that weightless, limitless feeling of summer. I know I miss it when it ends, every time. This summer, Scarlet will have 5-6 weeks of camp, but so far Des only has two. It’s his last summer before kindergarten so I’m calling it “The Summer of Us.” This summer, without a whole lot of scheduled events, we will see where the adventure takes us. Or we will find/make it ourselves. I have dreams for this one.

It’s the sound of a swinging screen door and then little feet on wooden planks. Birds chirping. Hand in hand, we walk down our mile-long driveway (not really that long, but sorta really that long) and then we find Cassidy already thick in the cool dirt. Together they weed and hold worms and talk and make up bug names and get nice and dirty until the heat rises up.

I LOVE summer!

Lil' Fishys

It can also be challenging! We have alternating camp schedules, working late into the night, unexpected bad weather, and a desire to find the rhythms and routines of summer, before it’s too late. We’re always up for unplanned fun, though!

That’s where Lil’ Fishys come in!

You can choose from a variety of Fishys, Sharkys (great for Shark Week!), Habitats, and even Mermaids. We were lucky because Lil’ Fishys sent us over a variety of their wonderful toys. Both kids got pretty excited about all the new toys.

The emoji jellyfish are a HUGE favorite. How could you not love these?

You can play with your Lil’ Fishys in the pool or other water, but they are GREAT motivators for bath time too. All of the fishys and sharkys do something special. The fishys swim like real fish! Some spray water.

The emoji jellyfish light up and bob up and down. They can also change color and move their tentacles!

Tell me they’re not the cutest toys ever!

These motorized little water pets are perfect for all summer fun! I especially love how you can buy different habitats – for when your kids are not in water but still want to play with their Lil’ Fishys. You can customize the habitats.

My kids are five and seven (almost eight) and were super into the toys. That said, I’m an adult and I loved them too. Oh, how I would have loved these as a kid – following them around and around our giant pool. It’s such fun to watch them go.

And since I adore you so much. I made you some videos! Please enjoy our cat walking by like, “Huh??”

Check out the Lil’ Fishys website for more info where to buy. You can find them at several places, including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Kohl’s, Shopko, Meijer, Walgreens, AND Toys R Us Canada.

Where would you get your Lil’ Fishys? And which product is your favorite?

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  1. OK seriously we need these as we have no luck with real fish in our home and have had more die for no reason apparently. So, I am going to have to see if I can find these locally for my kids now. Thanks for sharing and excited to have a fish that I don’t have to worry about dying on my watch again!! 🙂

  2. These are adorable! I seriously feel like I should be buying these things and putting them away for future grandchildren!

  3. OMG, these are amazing! I have to say, the big kid in me loves these… the little kid in me would have freaked out with these 🙂 These are adorable… and it’s fun to watch them swim around (LOL your kitty is so adorable, like “WTF?!”). Thanks for featuring these… may have to pick these up for Bryan’s nieces to play with this summer… they are almost the same age as your kiddos 🙂

  4. These are so cute!!! I would probably give get them from Walgreens or Wal-Mart since I shop at these two places most often. I think the jellyfish are my favorite.

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