When The Lights Go Down.

What is going on with blogging lately?

Every day it seems I see another beloved blog go dark, or yet another one go from three posts a week, to two, to one. Every day it seems that my Bloglovin feed is getting a bit thin. And still I’m raring to go here – and this still keeps me warm and safe in the cold and uncertainty of December. Still, I thrive on writing and connecting. Still I dream about growing brighter.


The thing is, I know I won’t be alone if blogging does go dark. I know there are many of us who still live and breathe this and we’ll always keep a light on for you. I will always keep my light on for you. It flickers every now and then, sure. It is December, which is filled with ridiculous expectations, travel, and in-person stuff that requires our full attention. I totally get that. And I hope it’s mostly the December things. I’ll surely go a little dark in January when I go to Florida for a week again.


Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your blogging light glow a little brighter.

And I plan to keep going as I’ve gone. Even better, I’d like to grow even more in the new year. I sort of got collectively tagged into a ten question prompt, just for reading Pic and Dac’s Q & A post, and I decided to answer the ten questions about blogging that Jessica gives to other bloggers. This is my Ask Away Friday, although I didn’t actually give ten questions to Jessica to swap with (sorry, dear!). Consider yourself tagged as well, especially if you’re thinking about your blogging career as this year winds down and a new one is coming. Now for those who want to know what Ask Away Friday is (usually):

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County as a place for us to connect with other bloggers by asking them ten questions to really get to know them. The sky is the limit with the questions you ask!

Meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!


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1. What do you love the most about blogging?

What I love MOST is that it gave me direction during a highly aimless time, after Scarlet was born and I had no career aspirations in sight. I was totally blissed out as a mother, because I felt I had new purpose, but I still couldn’t hold an office job for more than a month without figuratively or literally giving everyone there the finger. (slight exaggeration) I hadn’t written anything in years. I hadn’t learned my camera either. It was collecting dust. One day, I started a blog. It has held me accountable for years and I have managed to blog three or more times a week for nearly five years now. Along the way, I realized it was a great way to grow and practice photography too! I have connected with amazing people through blogging.

At the end of the day, these days, it’s mostly about the connections.

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2. How do you find the time to keep up with all the aspects related to blogging (posting, reading, commenting, responding, etc)?

Sheesh, I’ve had to answer this one a lot! I post three times a week and I generally plot it out a week or so before, although it’s highly subject to change, and then it sort of comes to me in those precious moments before a post is “due.” So I sketch it out in notes, and flesh it out in WordPress the day of posting. I respond to comments on my blog on the WordPress app on my phone. It’s so easy that way because if you’re getting comments from different posts on the same day, you can just respond to all in one place, rather than having to keep track of them and answering them on your desktop computer. As for commenting on other blogs, I do set aside that time because I truly enjoy the reading and the learning. I do that on mornings when both kids are in school, and then on weeknights and weekends on occasion. Then other times are family times.

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3. Does your family know about your blog and does this affect what you blog about?

Yes, they know. Well as much as they can know. Scarlet says: “You write smart things and smile at people in your computer.” Cassidy knows all about it. Des doesn’t know what a blog is yet. My kids are pretty young so I imagine things might change when they get older. I may need to ask permission to post photos. I may get denied by asking permission! I just don’t know.

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4. If you didn’t blog, what would you be doing with that time?

Well this is my way of writing, for fear of implosion otherwise, so I’d either be writing a strange novel or rocking in a corner. I honestly couldn’t even answer this! Blogging is both courageous and wimpy for me. It’s courageous because I spill most of my heart, but it’s wimpy because I do all of this on my own terms, playing my own game, and not answering to (much) criticism. To really go out on a limb? I’d have to submit my work elsewhere. That’s a story for another day, though. This is my peace.


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5. Have you been in a blogging rut and how did you pull yourself out of it?

There have been times in which I’ve felt stale or washed up or that I’m boring. Often, something just comes back around to shake it up. A big life event that I can write about. A tragedy or crisis that I need my blog to help me through. Being a host of Ask Away Friday. It’s mostly the stuff that happens in my life, honestly. The more full my life is, the more it spills out here.

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6. Have you ever considered leaving the blogging world and why? What stopped you?

I honestly have never considered it!

7. Show some blog love: name another blog that you adore?

I couldn’t even begin to narrow it down to even 25, much less one. So I’m just going to go randomly down my list of blogs I follow on Bloglovin and go up and down.. up and down.. my eyes are closed.. and.. STOP!

It’s Dizmommy! Well. She’s a delight. Excellent writer. Super hottie. One of my west coast best friends I’ve never met. I will admit that she IS in my top ten list of bloggers I want to meet.

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8. What’s your favorite social media outlet for sharing your blog posts?

Good old Facebook! In fact, before I used Facebook, and I wasn’t community blogging AT ALL (wait, other bloggers existed?) I didn’t know how anyone would know to read my posts! So I probably had two readers before Facebook. My mom. And Cassidy.

9. What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since you started blogging?

I thrive on deadlines, connections, comments and love. I like to use song titles as blog post titles. I can stay ambitious. I feel like I was meant to do this. I change the rules a lot for myself. I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth.

10. Any new blogging plans or ideas for the new year?!

Nothing specific, but to keep the momentum strong, and to grow some more. I tend to grow slowly – I play the long game – so I would love to see that end up somewhere great. Maybe I’ll have the guts to submit my work elsewhere more. And of course, I want to have an interesting and fulfilling life because that will wind up as blog fodder. So here’s to things to write about!

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  1. Tamara, I know exactly what you mean. Hopefully we can chalk it up to the holidays and people just spending time with their families. My blog went dark for a bit back in the Fall, when I was inundated with design tasks, but recently I’ve been pretty motivated. I’m back to posting at least 3-4 times a week and I’m finally seeing results and feeling more balanced. I know the new year will bring a lot of people, including myself even more motivation, so hopefully everyone’s light will begin to shine a little brighter. 🙂

    1. That makes me happy to hear. Comebacks are powerful. And I’m glad you have been having a lot of design tasks. That’s incredible! It can be easy to walk away sometimes and hard to come back. I love a good second wind.

  2. First, when I first began reading this, I thought you tagged me because I’ve been so dark lately! I thought you were publically calling me out and I couldn’t believe it!!! HAHAHAHA so when I got to the love I was elated!!!! I looooove you Tamara and I can’t wait to meet! Lol at hottie…thank you. I made top 10? Swoon!!!!!! Oh and I took a screen shot because this is UNREAL!!!!


    Yours Truly,

    A Tamara Fangirl

  3. What a great post! I have been in a huge rut of late, with a large dose of depression as the biggest cause. I have to say that I am so happy to know that you will always be there! I promise to be back! You are so right about the community and how important those amazing friends are! I need to work on my organizational issues, too! Hope you have an amazing weekend, my friend!

    1. I am so sorry to hear! You’re still doing a great job with these Friday posts. Thanks for all your hard work, my friend. I hope better days are ahead.

  4. I have to tell you something funny. I’m reading this post at work and my Supervisor (and close friend) wants to come in to my work station. I give him access through two doors and he sits down. He keeps looking at the computer screen over my shoulder. It’s the monkey!!! We proceeded to make fun of another buddy saying the monkey was him lol. I’m always blown away by how much blogging you do both on the output and input ends not to mention commenting on everyone else’s post. So, back to my Sup/buddy being in here…we were both trying to figure out…what is the symbolism of the way you ladies are holding the flowers? 🙂 Ohhhhh!!! Namaste!! “And Johnny tell us what he’s won!!” Ok…I didn’t fall off of it…but I was hanging on the very rear of the turnip truck. Got it, Tamara lol 🙂

    1. What’s funny is that I was in those photos and I didn’t remember what those poses meant. Then my sister reminded me.
      I am laughing about the monkey. This was a very expressive monkey! He would watch us all and then follow us to wherever we want. Basically, he did not belong in a cage. I could see him walking around town better than some of the fools I know.

  5. I’m still dark, but “I’m thinking” (no pun intended – however relevant). Read this whole post with a big smile on my face and I cracked up at the Namaste photo. As always, I’m in awe of the honesty here; I’m not certain you understand nor I could explain what a crazy gift that is. And I bet you get a lot of people privately thinking, “is she talking about me?” Hope you have a great weekend! We need to chat about 2015 conferences btw…I talked to Michelle briefly and it would be great if we could work something out.

    1. Haha! What’s really funny is that my friend who got the shout out here was at first reading this and thinking I was calling her out for going dark! Even though she really has not. And it’s really more of a general statement of just that things have slowed down. I definitely miss all your words. I would love to talk conferences because there are a few on my radar!

  6. I have seen a number of blogs that I absolutely love go dark, and I’ve seen many more just completely blow up! And both types keep me going! Like you, I will be very likely be blogging forever – I love it so much. And even during my ruts and writer’s blocks, all I can think about is getting my blog bigger and better. I plan to do bigger and better things in 2015 and I hope that the results are great. Thanks so much for sharing this great post!

      1. That’s probably what will keep me blogging forever – it is my therapy. When I’m having a good day, I write. When I’m having a bad day, I write. It’s the one thing that I can go to that keeps me mentally sound. Thanks!

  7. Always makes me sad to see blogging friends go to the wayside. I miss them when they do, but this last several months it has been hard for me to keep up with everything so I can definitely understand it. I love that wedding picture of all of the bridesmaids and the bride. The colors and the flowers are amazing!

    1. I can understand it too. And I think you do an absolutely swell job! I realize that what you know you’re capable of in your head is different, but you are so regular and you’re great at commenting.

  8. Well, the lights won’t be going down here, Tamara. Looks like they’ll only shine brighter in 2015 🙂 I’m so happy to have found you and your blog as your photos always brighten my day. It was through Mike and his blog that I met you. He’s good peeps and anyone who is a friend of his, is a friend of mine. Cheers to keeping the blogging light on!

    1. That makes me really happy. Also happy to have found you in 2014. Mike is awesome and I think very highly of him. I relate to him too. It’s so nice to know you all, and I agree that any friend of Mike’s is a friend of mine!

  9. I know Tamara and still can’t believe all the blogs that have ceased to exist this past year alone let alone since the time I began to blog. I will say this, I too love blogging too much to quite anyday soon and am in it for the long haul as well.

  10. There are so many blogs starting and ending each year. It amazes me when I see a blog that looks like ti’s doing so well, and they decide to go dark. I plan on doing this for a while and talk about it in this linkup as well. I love reading blogs like yours because it keeps me going and I’m so glad you’re still going to be here.

    1. I’m so glad you’ll still be here too. I really do get it that life just happens. Has happened to me too. Mostly though, blogging is a safe place to grow better and not another source of stress. When that happens, I just go lighter on my workload.

  11. I’m definitely thinking it’s the holidays and I’m kind of loving that my feed isn’t as crazy as it usually is!! All my favs are still on it (YOU especially!) and you had better never consider going dark!! 🙂 Love that first picture of you – just beautiful!

    1. You do have a good point that many of my favorites are still around. And of course it is nice that my bloglovin feed is lighter but I also find less commenting in general. It’s still pretty wonderful.

  12. This past year had forced me to go much darker than I would like. Never to go completely, but dim. But I miss it. I miss the writing. I miss the record keeping. I look at my December quote wall and there are far fewer quotes than years past, which makes me sad but is a reminder of how important blogging is to me and how I need it to be more of a priority in the new year! Thanks for still shining strong:)

    1. Aw! I have definitely missed you, but I know you have had so much living to do with your family. And I love that you do still pop in. So you haven’t gone dark, just maybe dimmer.

  13. I’ve been blogging for over six years, and there are several blogging friends that have “disappeared.” I always hope that this means real life has taken over and wonderful things are happening; kids are growing and jobs are booming and vacations are being enjoyed!

    It’s been a long time since I answered blogging questions; these are good!

  14. I read this last night on my phone, and wanted to immediately comment, but my phone is the worst device to leave comments with.
    Sometimes, my light flickers, but thankfully, I get some sort of jolt like someone breathing new life into my fire… inspiration strikes. I cannot say, I have NEVER thought what if I stopped, because in the early days I did A LOT, but early this week, I had a situation that made me rethink things. Now, my thoughts are more like, should I start over. HA!
    Now, that I’m homeschooling, I haven’t completely found a groove, thus, my blog has been a bit more sparse. However, I don’t see the lights going out anytime soon 🙂
    I’ll keep a light on, but I may go out of town for a bit and just leave them on, so everyone thinks I’m still home, but really I’m at home enjoying home baked holiday cookies.

    1. That sounds wonderful. Baking cookies with your light still on.
      I certainly have flickers and power outages, but I think a lot of them are in my own head and it doesn’t always translate into the blog. I can tell the difference but people are still seing three posts a week.

  15. My blog has been in the dark for over a month. After the tragedy and as things are picking up, I am finding it hard to blog. I free like everyone wants to listen to my sad stories because that’s what they have gotten used to.

  16. I love this. I remember when I first started blogging a few years ago and the disappoint and loss I would feel when one of my favorites would go dark. I simply could not understand it. How could someone just STOP? How do people NOT write? But I was new and in love and and I had no idea. I’ve gone dark a few times and have thought about bailing completely but i JUST CAN’T. These are excellent questions and really got me thinking.

    1. I remember the first blogger I considered a friend who went dark.
      She was getting stalked by a reader. I remember thinking that she was letting the reader win, but in all honesty, she had such a scathing last message to that reader about how she will still be living a very happy life while this reader lives in misery. It was very fascinating.

  17. My seven year blogging anniversary is coming up, although I’m not sure the first few years counted for much. 9 more posts until my 1000th! It’s been fun and while there are times I’ve felt all typed out, I’ve never really thought about giving it all up. I’d miss the interaction and hearing from the friends I’ve made.

  18. lately I have been in a rut – hoping that changes soon – sometimes I just get bored with it all – lol

    I love that “Bridesmaids” photo 🙂

  19. I am amazed at how you are able to keep writing consistently. Seriously. It’s inspiring that you give that gift to yourself even when things get busy and hectic.

    For me, life changed a bit (a lot) when I started school in the Fall, and didn’t do a great job of keeping up with the things that keep me personally grounded–like playing the piano and writing. I’m hoping to do a better job moving forward. Always a struggle, this life! 🙂

    PS Your. hair. is. gorgeous. (Jealous!)

    1. I think school would be a big one!
      Thank you about the hair! Although in at least two of those photos, it was professionally styled. It doesn’t look like that when I wake up in the morning! it looks more like the one by the tree.

  20. I’ve been bummed to see some blogs I used to read just stop suddenly, some with warning and some without anything. Sometimes I’m tempted to stop, but I would feel like a piece of me is missing. And I wouldn’t know what to do with all that time! I may use this for a post next week, as we near the end of the year I’m finding it’s harder and harder to motivate myself and I’m itching for a (short) break!

  21. Wow, 5 years, thats a long time of blogging! I wish I could post 3 times a week too, that was the plan but I always succeed at failing that goal! I hope 2015 is better.

  22. I love how you manage blogging, commenting, photographing and parenting! I am also glad you are not planning to stop blogging. I love the connections the most, even more than the writing. The nice part about blogging is that you can take a break now and then too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tamara!

    1. You are so right. We can take breaks! I know I will need one in January when I go away.
      Managing it all can be pretty hard, but if I stopped even one of those things, I would feel like I was missing something.

  23. Blogging is all about creating relationships. I’ve been blogging for over seven years now and I have seen many blogs “go dark,” as you put it. I used to have a huge community of bloggers that regularly visited my blog and left me comments, then I would visit them in return. But that was when my blog was still pretty young and I’d say about half of those bloggers I used to consider my “blogging buds,” are no longer blogging.

    Today I have two blogs and am having a hard time posting to both of them regularly and commenting regularly. But I am working harder at both! I used to update the Talbert Zoo five times a week, but now I can barely update it twice. Visiting your blog always inspires me to keep blogging. I don’t know what my life would be like without my blogs. Have a terrific weekend, Tamara!

    1. Wow, seven years is a long time! I can see how it gets overwhelming to run two blogs and to have five kids! Still, you prioritize it because it means a lot.

    1. My dog does look like a baby deer! And I do get scared that hunters will think she’s a deer.
      I’m glad you said my hair looks good in that photo by the tree, because in at least two of these photos, my hair is professionally styled. And not that one!

  24. Ha — that monkey at the end of the post made me laugh out loud! The lights have definitely been “dim” around my blog lately…I’m just not feel as inspired to write publicly as I am sometimes. It would take something pretty extreme to make me completely shut down my blog though. (Like a stalker — yeah. That would be awful.)

  25. 1. Just wait until your kids read you. Or your kid’s best friend subscribes, then quotes your blog back to your kid. It happens sometimes.

    2. If this blog went dark, it would be like the constellation Orion disappearing. Sure, there are other stars in the sky, but there’s one Orion. Only one.

    3. I think your comments often feel like a blog vignette. It’s like, a mobile-friendly or bite-sized bit of TamTam on your very own page. Kinda cool. Like a sticker you get at the dentist, only way cooler.

    1. At our dentist, we get fake rings.
      I have definitely had people comment on my blog and then think that they used up some good material. I often tell people that their comments are sometimes posts themselves!

  26. even though I’ve had blogger’s block this week I still kept at it! I have considered dropping the amount of times I blog per week, but the truth is, I just enjoy it!

    1. You’re not delinquent! This post is definitely not thinking of anyone specifically. Just as a general curiosity about why I’m reading less blogs lately.

  27. Blogging has changed so much in the last year since I started…it’s crazy. I know I don’t blog as much bc of KMB but I still love keeping up with my faves!

  28. Yes, I’ve noticed a decline as well. I think its natural though, blogging is hard work and sometimes all the other stuff gets in the way. I am also sitting here raring to go. I often wonder if there is something *wrong* with me because I post 5 days and love it, never get tired of it, have drafts upon drafts of stuff–then I remember. I own the space. I can do what I want!

  29. Yes, I see so many of my blogging friends disappearing and it breaks my heart. I hope for some it’s just the busyness of the season. I’ve had moments where I considered pulling the plug. I am a 200% person… sometimes I feel I’ve given so much I don’t have enough to give, to write, to share. Then there’s a glimmer… whether it’s a comment or an e-mail and it immediately pulls me out of the deep darks into the heavenly brights. I know even if I were to walk away from my blog it would probably be short-lived. I love the people and the connections too much to leave.

    I loved hearing your blogging perspectives here Tamara,,, and yes, I have to agree, that DIzMommy is one amazing lady.

    Wishing you an amazing weekend.

    1. That happens to me too. I get pulled out of the deep dark and into the glittering lights. The truth is, there are just many talented and wonderful people doing this. And there always will be.

  30. I am still here and raring to go! I have no plans to let my blog go dark! I adore you! You always make my blog and my day brighter when you stop by my blog or my facebook! Oh and good choice with DizMommy! Rebecca is one of the best, most honest and hilarious bloggers out there and you know I adore her too!

  31. Yikes, I’m guilty of going dark! My excuse was that I was growing a baby in my tummy. 🙂 Now she’s here and I did 2 posts this week, but my bloglovin feed is broken (womp, womp). It is lots of work, but every day that I didn’t blog, I thought about it and how much I love writing and missed the amazing sense of community and support from my bloggy friends. I’d be pretty bummed if you went dark so I was glad to see that you never thought of stopping!

  32. My blog is a little dim this month, and on purpose. Only posting once a week for Through The Lens Thursday. I’m just all worded and blogged out after NaBloPoMo. The twins are older and more demanding if that’s possible. My boys will be on a 2-week break from school, and my oldest turns 5 on December 29. So it’s just life over blog (though it always is, just more so).

    I hope to get back to actual writing in January!

  33. I was reading this last night, and then our power went out during the big windstorm, and now here I am, finally back! I hope you never quit blogging – I’d miss you! I’m such a new blogger, and I can’t imagine ever stopping – but I do need to figure out my way a bit more since I’m sort of all over the place. Have a great weekend!

  34. Your enthusiasm for blogging is so inspiring! It makes me sad when I see a log go dark, but I, also, understand how life can get in the way of blogging. This year I’ve had difficulty keeping up with blogging as my life offline consumes more of my time, but blogging is my happy place, and I can’t imagine life without it 🙂

  35. I’m all about reciprocation so I don’t have too many bloggers who reciprocate and visit me always like you do. For the ones I do, I post enough to where I can make time to visit them back. I really try to stay faithful to my regulars. So some weeks I sacrifice and post 1-2 posts to make sure I can visit people regularly. This has been working great..2 posts a week. I know for me it will get more challenging because I’m with JR 24/7 and will be with all my kids this way except random mommy days to the spa or nail salon or something when we can afford that. It’s definitely a sacrifice to parent this way and with more structured home schooling involved later that will have me making due on my scheduled blogging time again so we shall see. 🙂

  36. Glad you haven’t stopped blogging, Tamara! Like you, I can’t imagine stopping either. I’ve thought about it though, mostly when I have technically glitches and just want to throw my hands in the air in exasperation! Thankfully I didn’t and I love all aspects of blogging (just recently I was asked what is a drag about blogging and I couldn’t think of anything!).

  37. I’m curious to know whether you consider me as one of the ones as going dark. I used to post 3-5 times per week and am now at around 1-2 for now…. anyway, I can’t imagine going totally dark but also know some bloggers that have shut down completely… and well I think you’re courageous. And when we’re wimpy, it almost doesn’t matter because we get over it and through it and move on and on.. and I’m so glad that you once dusted off your camera!!!

  38. First of all, you are such a sweetie – very generous and giving in the blogging world. I have not been “dark” but I’ve only had enough time to sit down at the computer and whip up a few posts to keep my poor blog chugging along. I’ve not had time to be on FB or reading blogs. This week should slow down for me though.

    My husband notices me smiling at the computer a lot too. Big hugs, dear Tamara, and happy holidays!

    1. Yes, you’re not dark! I haven’t ever thought so, but I’m a new(ish) reader so for all I know, you used to post 14 times a week! Oh wow. Can you imagine? Three is a stretch some weeks.

      I’m smiling at my computer right now!

  39. Thank you for writing this. You give me hope! Well, I haven’t considered quitting blogging either. I may be out for a while but blogging/writing is my number one love after my family & friends. I even love it more than my job I guess. LOL. 🙂

  40. I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like lately. I haven’t posted very many non-sales posts lately. I’ve been trying to exercise more, night wean my daughter, developing my homeschool lessons for daughter too so she doesn’t feel left out during our learning time, and just living in general. I’ve been thinking about changing things up next year on the blog, but I’m not sure at this point.I guess I have a few more weeks to try to figure it out.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot! It’s hard to exercise more in the winter, but I’m trying too.
      You certainly have time to figure it out! And it all takes tweaking.

  41. I’m one of those bloggers who has been tapering off more and more lately. I don’t want to and find myself reading blogs even when I’m neglecting my own blog because I love the connections.
    But, I’m not planning to stop – just refocus!!!

  42. typically this time of year, and then a block of time in the summer, blogs go quiet. for a spell. then the new year sees my inbox fill up with so many blog posts, I don’t have a prayer of getting to them all.
    After blogging so many years myself, I can tell the ones that will go dark: and stay dark. They start posting less on their blog, and are even less around other social media – whereas they used to post everyday and be all over social media. Those are the ones that usually burn out. Those are the ones I feel didn’t have this all consuming need to release their words into winds. They were here for something else perhaps. Neither is right or wrong, but only one is a Writer.

    1. See I always remember that, but I feel like it’s worse this year. And I felt like this past summer was worse than usual. Although my bloglovin feed is up to 72 this morning! I won’t comment on all 72, because I really only like the mutual thing, but it’s a lot of reading!

      1. I really think many burn themselves out from trying to be in All The Places. I deleted my Pinterest – it was the biggest time suck. I abandoned Twitter pretty much because as your following number climbs into the thousands: who can keep up with that feed? I just use it to promote stuff I like. I mean you cannot possible have to both Create your own content AND read all that other stuff. I’d rather create. I’d rather take a picture and have something for my own blog.

  43. It makes me sad when a blogger I like stops blogging, but I always hope it is because she had exciting things going on in her life and just doesn’t have time. I don’t want to stop, although I don’t like feeling like I HAVE to post or read. But I’ll just take a break if I need to – I care too much about the people I’ve met to just go away.

    1. Yeah we all have a good thing going!
      I think sometimes it really is just that great things are happening. If it were me, though, great things would need to be written about. That’s totally just me.

  44. Oh my gosh, yayyy!!! I was SO hoping you’d answer these questions because you’re a blogging pro! I consider myself tagged back and will answer these questions too. I loved your analogy “we’ll always keep a light on for you”. One thing I’ve loved so much about blogging is the community I’ve found and it really IS sad and crazy when a blog goes dark. Recently, one of my favorite bloggers turned her light back on after a year or so of being away. I did a major mental happy dance when she commented on my blog. I’m still living and breathing this too and don’t see a foreseeable reason to go dark. If anything I’m more pumped to keep going. Glad to know you are too.

  45. I know I’ve gone dark, but man, I have been busy. Going to try and post a little this week). But back full force in January!

  46. I was thinking the same thing recently about blogs going dark and then I realized i only posted once last week :(. December really is a crazy month but I’m hoping to really grow my blog next year. These questions were great. I love Jessica, she is so authentic and real!

  47. I loved, loved, loved reading this post, Tamara! I am always fascinated to hear what other bloggers think of blogging, where they draw inspiration from, how they stay encouraged, etc. I get joy from writing my blog, but also from reading others that I find entertaining and inspirational…yours is totally on that list!:-)

  48. I agree that it’s so sad to see a favorite blog go dark. Thankfully, there are others out there who are willing (and wanting) to connect as well. I’ve loved the way you bring together the stories of your life with your photography, and hope that you won’t stop! Heading over to check out Dizmommy’s site now!

  49. I feel the same way about missing SO many dear friends who have shut down or simply stopped blogging on their blog. I MISS THEM!!! I am wavering in and out just due to crises and this crazy season of just TOO MUCH crap going on… so I am trying to let go – but it’s SO hard!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blog and the connections and reach and friends that have transpired because of it. And I don’t think I could live without writing…

    So there’s that.

    Holding on… but letting go just a bit so I can hold on. Make sense?

    LOVE you. And can’t wait to get 100% back into it so I never ever ever miss one of your posts!!


  50. I feel like this myself… and as though I’ve been the one who has let my light fade a bit. I love you so much for your sincerity and for your wish to shed some light on your blog friends. You are such an incredibly thoughtful/sweet person, Tamara 🙂

    I guess a lot of it has to do with the holidays… but I’m also going to allow myself this time to regroup. I hope to start off the new year inspired in so many new ways, too.

    And I thank you so much for staying with me and am so glad to have met you this year, Tamara. Also that Namaste pose with the bridesmaids–LOVE!!!

    1. As are you, Charlotte! Are we Facebook friends? I am Tamara Klein Bowman there. no worries if you don’t necessarily want to connect with other bloggers on your personal profile!
      I think the light fading thing has been pretty universal. And it doesn’t mean that when you all do post, that it’s not completely luminescent. Because it is.

  51. I needed this. I’ve been off and on since starting my new blog, even though I had content ideas for days and so much motivation to make it all happen. I don’t know what it is… or I do, but I didn’t think I would allow it to distract me from the one outlet I have complete control over. Even though I’ve struggled with depression for almost three years now, it still amazes me that it can take away from the things you love most. I need to find a way to keep my light bright all year round, no matter what I’m feeling.

    1. I’m so sorry about the depression. I’ve never had it, but there are years in which my anxiety gets the best of me. And it does make me feel hollow. Sometimes I just write about feeling empty, rather than letting it stop me from doing what I love.

  52. Great answers to some nice questions, Tamara. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my blog lately. I know I have to make some changes in order for me to ‘feel’ it more. I’m glad for boa Luke yours that stick around and also provide some inspiration too. 🙂

  53. It’s the season / I know I said that to you last year. But I have also learned since then that it hard to come back from breaks. So I just don’t announce a break. Hopefully a story will be there when I’m ready. We are on the road as I write this. You are my very first comment (I’m in the iPhone 6 club now). I’d love to post again before the end of the year. If I do it will be mobile. So as for today’s post title, is it a song title?

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