Life, Reimagined.

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What if you could reimagine your whole life? What if you could make dreams and action plans, and find out what you’re most living for? What if you could watch it all unfold? It’s not always easy. What if you had someone to help you do just that? What if you could talk and dream with someone who could give you practical and heartfelt advice for reimagining your life?

What does it look like to you.. ?

Not everyone knows this about me, but I used to work in an institute that trains Life Coaches. Just let your mind sink into that one. I was involved in the admissions and operations process, so I was very familiar with the coursework. Every day, I would drive from my apartment near Golden Gate Park, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and into Marin County, CA. I would experience a 40 degree increase in temperature during the hottest summer days. I would work all day in the office, where you could bring dogs to work, and I would meet burgeoning life coaches. It was fascinating. It’s also a very serious career path.

Can you imagine the chance to speak with a life coaching service and help facilitate positive life changes through small and simple steps? I was nervous, but mostly excited for my Life Reimagined® session with the Life Coach I chose – Margo.

Navigating life’s ups and downs can be difficult. We all go through so many life changes. Geographic moves. New jobs. Old jobs. Health issues. Family health issues. Marriage, children, divorce and other transitions. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to move forward, or to know how to do so. Where am I now? I’m in an interesting place. I have two kids and two career paths. I’m married. I want to be a better wife, better mother, better writer and better photographer. I am fearful and anxious at times, and brave during other times. I don’t have that many years to decide if we want a third child. We may want a bigger house. It’s tough to juggle regular bills, much less the unforseen ones – like home and vehicle repairs.

I am most afraid of my health. It seems fine but I haven’t been doing the best I could be doing. Not only that, I’m approaching the age my father was when he passed away suddenly, leaving two kids behind. I confided this to my life coach, Margo.

What I didn’t expect was how open, warm and practical she was about my fears and hopes and dreams. She could see through the muddle of my mind, into creating an action plan with small steps. When we talked out my health and confidence goals in terms of actionable steps, my dreams became more possible to me. Not only that, I became more possible to me. Powerful.

My number one goal is to feel healthy, and I know many wonderful things will follow that. My number one goal, also related, is to find stress relief. Margo and I talked about Yoga, meditation and regular exercise. We talked about finding time during the day for me to eat lunch, because I often skip lunch and then feel terrible after. I wrote these goals on my Life Reimagined® LifeMap and it became real to me. I also loved having access to Life Reimagined’s online tools and resources to help me define my personal mission statement and create a personalized action plan. That was an important tool for me before my first session with Margo, and will be after. I loved how she helped me gain the clarity to take the next steps in life.

The biggest feeling I felt after my session was relief. I think my life goals look more possible after confiding my fears to my coach, and having her react warmly and with a plan. What is a Life Coach and why should you use one? Life Reimagined LifeMap Coaches provide you with one-to-one sessions that deliver you an array of exercises designed to help you set powerful goals. This is an exciting next step. The Coaches have extensive experience in coaching people in work, relationship and life matters – all the important stuff. All are certified from the International Coaching Federation or equivalent, and have a Bachelor’s degree. All have passed comprehensive Life Reimagined methodology training. I keep thinking about my session..

..And not only dreaming about, but planning the next steps.

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