Let’s Talk Food! Opportunity for Foodies

This is a #sponsored post. I’m proud to share that I’ve partnered with C Space with an exciting opportunity for foodies with a major American food producer’s research community. If you’re a foodie and love talking about food, this community is for you. See if you qualify today!

#sponsored Don’t miss this exciting chance to help determine what’s put on grocery store shelves! See if you quality today. #EatDrinkBeMerry

Don’t miss this awesome chance to #EatDrinkBeMerry! See if you quality today.

So, here’s the deal. A major American food producer has created a private community website for foodies like you, to give feedback, and to help influence what they’ll serve up in the future! If you quality for membership, which only takes minutes, you’ll be invited to join an exclusive virtual community as a Culinary Consultant. Have great taste? Help inspire an American Food Producer! Personally, I think this sounds like such fun. I love to give my opinion, and to have a voice. I do have a blog, after all. Plus, it’s nice to see changes being made that YOU inspired.

Let’s Talk Food! Opportunity for Foodies:

Membership Benefits:

  • It’s fast and easy – sharing your opinions just takes 5-10 minutes a week.

  • Your ideas may inspire fresh flavors and new food products, which is very cool.

  • You can learn new things in your community, by trading recipes, cooking methods, and shopping tips with other foodies.

  • You can earn monthly rewards from Amazon.com, so your opinions will be worth something. Think about it – monthly rewards! I’d look forward to that every month.

  • There are other perks as well, like receiving free samples in the mail and being eligible for other special opportunities.

  • You’ll receive a $5 Amazon gift code just for logging in and participating.

  • All of your feedback and opinions will be kept confidential.

  • This is an exclusive opportunity, and a unique one as well.

Click here on this quick survey to see if you qualify!

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