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Today, I’m leaving Florida on a jet plane, in theory. (weather and airline permitting)

And it’s hard to say yet how I feel about that. It’s hard to imagine what my mood will be like upon re-entering cold and snowy western Massachusetts. In some ways, I just love coming home. In some other ways, I really don’t. In yet other ways in favor of going home, I’m ready to ride out the rest of this winter. We can do it. It won’t be long now – what say you, Mr. Groundhog?

It’s totally fitting that I’m paired up for today’s Ask Away Friday with Alison of Writing, Wishing. She lives somewhere without four seasons, and year-round tropical temperatures are normal for her. Don’t forget to read her answers to my questions HERE.

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How did I “meet” Alison? Eh, who knows? Somewhere awesome, and probably through SITS Girls. She’s brilliant and witty and a wonderful writer. She’s also a blooming photographer. So definitely check her out – she also has gorgeous, gorgeous children.

To see who else is participating or to learn how to join the fun, head over to visit Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and/or Amber from The Bold Fab Mom. #AskAwayFriday is their beautiful and ever-growing creation!

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1. Do you see yourself in your children?

Unfortunately, too often it’s that I don’t see myself in them, especially Scarlet. It’s been so fascinating, not only watching her turn four with an alive father, but watching that relationship continue as she gets halfway to five. So I see what I didn’t/don’t have in her, but maybe it’s because I didn’t get a chance to see it. I was nervous, sad and anxious, because my father had a heart attack in front of me. So…it’s been a learning experience, for sure. Heartening and tragic, at the same time. She is strong and unflappable and sturdy. Physically, she looks a LOT like I looked at her age. Seriously, she makes that face I’m making..

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And Des seems more like me, personality wise, although people swear he looks like me. He is a bit more touchy and sensitive and a bit less adaptable. He’s totally mellow while also being a wild man. And he talked early and walked late, just like me.

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(And this is EXACTLY how he eats. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

2. I love that picture of you and Scarlet with your mom and grandmother. How have they influenced your mothering?

Thanks! I feel blessed that it was taken. Well, they’re both somewhat rebels in their own, surprising ways – and also, so differently! And I dig that. I get that spirit about wanting to go west, and maybe actually going west..for a time. And questioning things that aren’t making them happy. My grandmother is 100 and she still does this. She still fights for her party. I kid you not. Let me reference my mom’s Facebook status about it, after the nursing home told my grandmother that if she didn’t re-learn to walk, she couldn’t eat in the cafeteria she wanted to eat in:

“My mom rocks! I brought her the walker and she took it and walked all the way to lunch…that is like you or me walking five miles. Kudos for her determination and zest for life!”

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3. What do you love most about Cassidy?

Other than his cute butt and his tousled hair? And he’s strong, mellow and supportive. And he’ll do anything for me, even when I feel I don’t deserve it. And I love the way he loves the kids. And he cooks and cleans incredibly well. Ok, other than that. I love that he’s a passionate dreamer. That he wants things out of life that are BIG. Larger than life. That I’m not married to someone who is content with staying in the same place his whole life, in many ways. And he’s spiritual and inquisitive. And he’s a big kid in some ways. I don’t know if our kids know how lucky they are to have such playful parents, but maybe one day they will.

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(I mean..the man brought a whoopie cushion to Scarlet’s birth!)

4. What inspires your writing, your photography?

I surprised myself because I thought I’d write about my kids or something, and they are certainly the triggers to start blogs and write posts. They are part of the vehicle with which I get here. However, there’s that hidden part of me that I don’t necessarily want to stay hidden, and I guess that’s why I write. I’m an oversensitive, overemotional person, and the overflow? It must be contained somewhere. I have written, deeply from the heart, since I was very young. I imagine I will never stop. So I’d say it comes from such deep pain, and such deep joy, and such deep laughter, that sometimes I feel these things must have happened to someone else! Maybe I really do wear my heart outside of my body. I process the world through writing and photography..

(photography pun intended!)

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5. How would you describe your style of photography?

I had to walk away and come back to this. I’d say it’s a study of emotions. Quite simply. And I do like a slight bit of edge to it.

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6. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I think I’m already here today – somewhere warm and sunny (I hope) and the place of my daughter’s dreams. Of course I’m going back to frigid MA in a few hours. If it’s winter, I generally want to be somewhere warm and sunny. If it’s summer, I always want to be in Alaska or Maine. That’s the stuff of MY dreams.

7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Oh! hm…Well once it was January and there was an ice storm, and I got annoyed, and my boyfriend and I drove from New Jersey…to Key West. We just didn’t stop until land stopped. However, not sure that was so much crazy as fun. I think the crazier stuff happened later in adulthood. Like falling in love and having kids – oh boy. The heart stuff. So. Tender. And maybe it was doing things without proper planning. I’m guilty of that. TWICE, I moved cross country without a great inner strength/support on how to handle all of that. I think that was crazy. Who does that? And then having children without a proper plan in place?

Well, I will always think we’re doing all right. And we’ll be all right.

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8. Three things you couldn’t possibly live without.

Well, if we’re talking things and not people, I’d say: my camera (or a camera), my computer (or a computer, but preferably mine), and chocolate. I can’t live without it, and why would I want to anyway?

9. What’s your favorite time of the year?

I mean..really, any time that isn’t winter. I have this really ambitious mentality and I like to just be on the go, all of the time. I like for things to be possible. I like to be outside a lot. In four degree weather, things are less possible. The discomfort is too much for me. That said, my favorite time of the year is late spring and into early summer. Oh, happy day! Three of our birthdays, gorgeous sunshine, possibility. Just so much possibility. And New England has killer springs and falls. Come visit!

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10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years – physically, emotionally, mentally?

Of course I have this ridiculous tendency to always think of that phantom future in which everything has worked itself out. So of course I see myself more financially secure and a lot less anxious. Physically? Probably still thin but maybe fighting early gray hairs? We all know that dark-haired girls get it first. And I’d like to believe I’m still as limber and pain-free as I’ve been for all of my life. Emotionally, probably a bit messed up that Des is in kindergarten or first grade, and that Scarlet is nearly a..what do they call it now…a tween? Mentally, battling my demons and being brave more often. A fighter. I hope.


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  1. I love all your answers. Particularly what inspires you, and where you see yourself. It’s so… YOU. And I hope you will be where you want and need to be.

    And? A study of emotions is exactly what you do with your photography. Love it.

    Thank you for playing along with me this week!

    1. Thank you for being my partner and for having incredible questions that made me dig deep. And thank you for having fantastic answers on your blog!

  2. You surprised me with the last one. I see you on amazon, with a title and a bio all to yourself.

    I can’t believe that Malone and Scarlet will be tweens! Que the midlife crisis. It seems like just yesterday we were at our giant first birthday party for the group, and this is going to be the summer of FIVE!! How can that be?

    And Lola and Des will be in school too. What will we do with ourselves all day?

    1. Oh, that’s definitely a goal of mine! I just couldn’t even fathom all of the things I want in five years. And all of the things I got in the last five. Soul stuff.
      Lola and Des in school! Yikes! I hope by then it will be easier for me to work all day like I do when he’s napping or in bed. It will just be at better hours.

  3. Sweet T!,Happy #LOBS! You always tell me something outta the blue, just when I’m comfty and content, & the I know it all about ya- BAM!

    I owe you another email, be on the lookout, XO. ~A~

        1. Oh, remind me to either tell you about it or write about it! We ordered first class hotel suites and lay on the beach while people served us free drinks. And we paid for the deluxe brunch. All of the other people were either wealthy or on business, and there we were – two cocky kids using their graduation money.
          You gotta love youth.

  4. Two lovely bloggers and photographers in one space!

    I like the 5 year question…I’m kind of where you will be in terms of our children. Emmy is in 1st grade and Lily is 9, almost a tween? I was wanting my children to stay small, but they are growing up beautifully and I still get plenty of snuggles, even from the 9 year old. Oh, and I have a few “early” grays!

    1. Why, thank you! It was a nice match, I do say. I really loved Alison’s questions. Deep thinkers!
      Well if in five years from now, my life looks like yours? I’d be VERY happy.

  5. I don’t know about Western Mass, but it’s going to be a whopping 40 degrees here in the Boston area! Now, I realize coming from Florida that it still cold, but at least you’re not coming back to below-freezing temps 😀 But I hear ya with enjoying any time of the year besides winter. The reduced daylight hours make it rough (and it seemed even worse this past December with a newborn). And yes, we do have killer spring & fall in New England! My favorite time/place is walking along the Charles River in October when the leaves are at their peak of vibrancy. I really look forward to talking Eve for walks in the fall.

    And I have to say, I LOVE what you said about your photography being a study of emotion. I think it describes it perfectly.

    1. What’s funny is that it was 48 in Orlando yesterday, but rainy and windy. It was 43 in Hartford when we landed, but sunny and not windy. So it felt better here! Only today, though. It was 79 and sunny with a cool breeze at the Magic Kingdom. Sigh.
      Charles River in October sounds divine!!

  6. I honestly don’t care why you did start blogging, but just the fact that you do blog and we became good friend from it. I seriously couldn’t imagine a day not talking to you or knowing you. so, thanks for being such a wonderful friend and as for coming to visit, you know I would love to. Definitely hoping someday I can and we can actually finally met up in person 🙂

    1. I feel the same way! And today when we were flying over Long Island Sound, I waved at the window. Scarlet said, “Who are you waving at?” I said, “One of my good friends lives somewhere down there.” And even though we haven’t met, I know it will be great when we do!

  7. Scarlet is a mini you!! Wow – the resemblance is amazing in that picture! I love that she makes the same faces. That is so awesome! My daughter looks like me…but personality wise, not at all. She’s had a very strong, outgoing and confident personality since the very beginning, and I was very insecure as a kid and much more of an introvert. The boys are more like I was. Of course the oldest looks like my husband. And the three things you can’t live without…swap chocolate for pickles and that’s me too. 🙂 Love that you partnered with Alison!

    1. Scarlet really seems to take after Cassidy with personality! Oh, how I envy them. I guess it’s too early to tell but she never seems anxious. And Cassidy really never does either. I guess I’m happy about that, actually!

  8. I LOVE that your grandmother is still a fighter and a dreamer and questions things. I am not surprised to hear this, knowing your mom and knowing you and knowing Scarlet and feeling like I know Lindsay IRL and hopefully will one day soon. And I love how you describe your photography. That’s EXACTLY what it feels like to me. A study of emotions with a little bit of edge. Awesome questions, Alison. Alison, you are just awesome. Period.

  9. What a great edition of Ask Away Friday. So many awesome things. My favorite: that picture of Scarlet curled up on your chest, both asleep. LOVE! Perfection!

    When we finally get together, we’re going to figure out a strategy for those early grays. My hair isn’t as dark as yours, but I’m already seeing way too much sparkle in my ponytail. Yikes!

    Safe travels home, Tamara!

    1. Sparkle! I bet it looks very pretty, though. It’s the dark-haired girls – we need to dye our hair. I think my sisters and my sister-in-law are already there. I’m not there yet. I’m only 33! However, I fear my time will come because their time has come.

  10. That last question is a hard one!! You won’t have to battle the grays…they can be taken care of every 6-8 weeks! Easy Peasy! You’re so right, we brunettes get the short end of the stick on that one for sure! In 5 years Lucy will be in high school and Bobby will be in college. And now I feel a panic attack coming on. GAH!
    LOVE that picture of you right before Scarlet was born! Aw!! –Lisa

    1. Swallow the panic attack! It’s still five years away. But GAH is right!
      And thanks about the photo! I’m actually in a lot of pain in that photo but I still wanted to smile nicely. No one knew I was in pain. They checked me soon after and I was an EIGHT! Holy Lord – how did I get to an eight while still smiling for the camera. drugs. No epidural. Not there.

  11. Great answers to some great questions – I love that photo of you with the camera! That photo with your mother and g-mom is awesome, its so lovely to see so many generations in one photo. My grandmother died before I could even remember her but I do recall she was tall and had a presence, she was the most beautiful girl in her small town in Dominican Republic, same goes for my mom! It’s nice to see how we can still connect with the older generations. 🙂 Happy Friday ladies! -Iva

    1. And no doubt now you’re the most beautiful girl in your town!
      There is something so magnificent about having four living generations in one room. It’s just..mind-boggling.

  12. I *love* that Cassidy brought a Whoopie Cushion to the delivery room. It sounds like you two are a great pair! Happy Friday. I hope the “jet lag” after coming back from vacation isn’t too bad for you guys!

    1. Let’s count on it! No joke. And any chance you’ll be going back to Six Flags? We flew over it today and since Scarlet has become such an avid ride-fan, we’re going this summer.

        1. Yes, because this is our year! It’s funny because I didn’t know you as well last year but I remember you being here. I felt too awkward to be like, “Hey, we’ll come crash your fun family day!” This year I will have no problem asking if you want to meet! (if you come) Otherwise, Maine is where it will happen. Cassidy and I have our ten year anniversary of first meeting coming up in July. We’ll be going to Bethel, Maine.

            1. I went on that twice! I still have the printout. I only saw one moose, but we didn’t do it the right time of day. Next time we’ll do it at dawn!!

  13. Your blog inspires we of only words to maybe snap a few photos. Well, those of us who have cameras or phones, even, that can take pictures. The images and words just meld together and give us such a great feel for you.

    1. I don’t know any of you who are only words. Words and humor. Words and metaphors. Words and photography. Words and fitness. It goes on! You’re all amazing!
      I cherish this comment very much.

  14. Late spring/early summer – yes! So much freedom ahead of us, and sunny and warm but not too warm. Like you, I dream of warmth in the cold and cold in the warmth. Safe travels home!

    1. Safely home, thanks! And talking to you on twitter too. I’m such a multi-tasker.
      All of this makes me more determined to go to BlogU alone. Would that disappoint you not to meet the kids? Ilene can vouch that they’re real. And they’re fantastic. (I think that’s based on a Seinfeld quote but I’m not sure?)

  15. Hmmmmm, was thinking about how all three generations wanted to move to California. I gave up after your father refused, 7,000 times but you and Nana lived the dream. Great post!

  16. I already knew the story but I absolutely love that you just drove to Key West one day. So very cool.
    I cannot believe how much Scarlett looks like you!! I’ve said it before but every time I see a picture from your childhood it’s just stunning.
    Happy travels home. If it makes you feel any better it will be a balmy 40 degrees on Sunday!

    1. I kinda love today’s balmy weather! Looks like we missed the worst of it? Got back to the house and the pipes didn’t freeze! Whew!
      On our last day or so in Florida, it was 48 degrees, but rainy and windy. It was 43 here today but sunny and not windy. Guess which felt better? Here!
      However, Disney World was 79 and sunny so..I kinda, really miss that.

  17. I love how you describe your writing as an overflow of the strong feelings and emotions you experience. It’s just perfect. And what a great story about your grandma being determined to get to that cafeteria. I take my food and my dining experiences very seriously, so I can just imagine how she must have felt. As I sit here working, big flakes of snow are swirling outside my window … and I hope that this very minute you’re enjoying that Florida sunshine and warmth!

    1. My grandmother’s story had me in tears. That rebellious and ambitious at 100-years-old! Oh, we should all be so lucky. Seriously.
      Back now and ready for another two months of big, fat flakes. I like dreaming about what I just had. What I just snuck. In the middle of winter! Delightful warmth.

  18. You are the sweetest!!! I just fell in love with you! I loved your response to “What inspires your writing…” I do agree that you write from a deep place. That is why I adore you so much.

  19. Interesting questions and answers! I’m sorry you have to leave the warmth. I almost cried when we left Disney the last time, which was several years ago now.

    1. I can see why! When you leave that world of wonder, the real world can seem a bit jarring. No one wished me a magical day up here! And no one is dressed up like a giant animal. Totally uncool!

  20. Have a safe trip home. I cannot wait to see your Disney pictures. I’ve seen some on Instagram but I know you’ll have some other amazing ones.

    Your husband sounds like a fun guy. My husband is fun too–but I wish he’d let me take photos of him and not look so pissed all the time. I think it’s the soldier in him?

    I would LOVE to be in New England for the Fall. Such pretty, pretty leaves. We were actually stationed in MA for like 2 years and I loved the scenery. And going to Boston.

    1. Ah, then you know all about our Octobers. They’re so magical. I never really noticed them at all until I lived in New England.
      And I am certain your husband is fun. I can tell by your stories and for him to be married to you and to have such funny children. Well I can just tell!

  21. I love that you paired up with my girl Alison! 🙂 These are wonderful questions and answers of course too. I am excited to do this at some point too…

    You are so blessed! I love getting to know people better through things like this but then you probably already knew that (you know, OSB and all… 😉 )

    1. Thank you so much! I just feel like that’s what I’m going for there, and maybe I’m successful sometimes. And other times, maybe not?
      Thanks for visiting me!

  22. I love the story about your grandmother walking to the cafeteria because that is the one she wants to eat in – so awesome that she still has that kind of determination!!
    Fun that Cassidy is such a fun loving guy!
    I hope that the trip was everything you wanted – I can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories next week!!!

    1. Yes, Kim! That story. I can see you being that athletic and spirited, though. My Nana was very athletic in her day and apparently it pays off!
      Or good genes, because she ate fast food and ice cream daily! Seriously.

  23. you drove all the way to Key West?! I drove from ny to orlando back and forth and it was the most awful thing I have ever done. It was torture. I am clearly not built for road trips. I don’t think I could live without my technology either!

    1. Nellie, it was nuts. We were thinking New Mexico but then we read on Google that the deserts are cold in January. So we unpacked our suitcases and repacked them for warmer weather. Then we took off DURING an ice storm. We wound up in Jacksonville eventually. Surprised my aunt and cousins in Orlando. Then spent a night there. Wandered into Sea World (you can’t make this stuff up) and then drove through Miami, spent a nice in Islamorada, and then didn’t stop again until Key West.
      I’m nuts.

  24. So great to see the two of you together here!
    I love that Cassidy brought a whoopie cushion to Scarlet’s birth. He sounds like a fun guy.
    Hope you had a wonderful time in Florida – I enjoyed seeing your photos!

    1. The best is that I was letting it go off and then we’d look at the doctor and giggle. He didn’t even notice! And that thing is loud. So I’m assuming he’s used to real farting.

    1. And what’s funny is that we were giggling and setting it off like crazy and no one really noticed. And it wasn’t quiet. So my theory is that women in labor must fart a lot! Makes sense.

  25. Welcome back! I know it is bittersweet.
    Ok compliment for Cassidy, he does seem to have great hair! I always think Scarlet looks like her dad and Des more of you- but I CAN see it in the picture of you as a little one!

    I am sorry, I did not know that about your dad 🙁 HOWEVER I have to say…Awesome move on your mom’s facebook status! AND Grandma you- go- girl!

    Glad you are back! I will visit again soon…I am trying to catch up on #AAF posts, but i’ll be back to read more of your posts tomorrow or sunday!

    1. A lot of people say that she looks like him, and Des like me. And then my childhood photos can match her a bit more. It’s unique! And it’s hard for me to see at all.
      No hurry on visiting, my friend! I always understand. Life happens. I love when you do visit.

  26. So many good answers I don’t know where to begin. I love your response about your hubby. Love the newborn photo. And yes, so glad that you’ve been blogging and taking photos 🙂

  27. I absolutely loved Allison’s questions and of course- I always take in every word of your answers… I think I have fallen a bit in love with your hubs- seriously!! Whoopie cushion? OH what FUN that kid is!!! I can see it in the photos too… you capture him beautifully. I love how you two balance out so perfectly too.

    And gosh- I could write and write and write about each response…. but it’s late and I have to get up SO early for a swim meet.

    I guess the most important things I have on my heart are:

    My heart breaks over and over again for the loss of your daddy.
    You have the most gorgeous ways about you- everything that comes from you is a gift.
    I mean that. Not being all fake and fluffy or ‘saucy’- HA!

    1. Good luck with the swim meet today, Cassidy!
      And my Cassidy would probably fall a bit in love with you too. Who wouldn’t?
      Thank you for your words about my father. And me. I pretty much keep all of your comment emails because I love ’em!

  28. I just love reading your answers to any question posed your way. I know what it’s like leaving the warmth and going back to the cold. I won’t like it either. I can only imagine what you were going through at such a young age losing your dad. I lost mine only a year ago and it felt like my whole world was turned upside down. I’m happy that you and Cassidy are there for Des and Scarlet and you are both amazing parents. Fun parents are always the best. I can’t wait to see photos of your trips, I know they will be beautiful!

    1. I am so sorry about your father! I didn’t “know” you then. Which seems weird. It’s been a good several months! Today I’ll probably upload the photos. I can’t believe that wasn’t the first thing I did upon coming home. I’m usually so neurotic about it and getting them safely off the camera! In fact, I’ll do it right now..

  29. I love doing crazy things! Although I’m OC and a planner, I do get to be spontaneous and do things without planning from time to time. I think that your “crazy things” are wonderfully crazy. These things can spice up our lives too! You have wonderful girls in your life, your daughter, mom, and grandmom and they all rock. I love that you have very deep inspirations in writing and photography. I think they make the outcome of your work really great. 🙂

    1. Thank you! This was such a great comment.
      And I love to do crazy, spontaneous things..well..crazy within reason with kids. However, it’s not like I always do them! I just like knowing I can, ya know? And winter..well…winter is tough. Places are closed. The world is too cold. I’m sure we can find adventure. Maybe I’ll work on that.

  30. All three of my kids were with no plan in place… none what-so-ever, 2 out of 3…SURPRISE! It may just be a little crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! And I’m with you on the 4 degree weather, humans should hibernate so we can wake up to a spring full of possibility!

    1. Krista! So glad to see you here again! I made sure you’re in my Bloglovin to not miss your posts.
      I kinda love those surprises. I have one of each – one happy surprise and one planned baby. And in both cases, you do get those nine months to at least think you’re ready.
      I heard there are many bears in Florida. So does that mean they don’t hibernate? Are they extra cranky, I wonder?

  31. I don’t know if the things I do are crazy as much as impulsive. Like you driving to the coast in the winter. I used to do that all the time. Even with the kids. When Jason and I married, he said that I couldn’t just up and leave any more. It’s weird, he said. He put up with it while we were dating but once we were married that was it. Although I don’t always see my kids in myself, people see the physical resemblance, especially with Colton. At least we have that they look like us even if they don’t act like us.

    1. Ah, I don’t think it’s weird! I can understand compromising while married, though.
      My husband does crazy, spontaneous things by himself a lot! I don’t mind it because he deserves those bits of happiness. And this year will be the year I start doing more of those things for myself. That’s what six grandparents help with! And they have offered. Although bringing the kids along is pretty great too.

  32. Two of my favorites paired up! Love your answers. Your answer to the question about Cassidy was so sweet and I’m kinda jealous of that spontaneous drive to Key West – I have never down anything spontaneous like that!

    1. I haven’t done anything like that recently..
      ..but when I was dating Cassidy, I booked a plane trip to California five days in advance. I felt totally cool! These days, that wouldn’t fly so easily…literally.

  33. These posts are great on so many levels… getting to know two people a little better! Spontaneous trip to Key West?? You are my kinda gal. THe generations picture is amazing… well all of your photos are. xoxo

  34. I love ALL of your answers. You and I HAVE to be kindred spirits. I haven’t jumped in a car and driven to Key West, but i totally WOULD. I just need someone to go with me..I am a bit co-dependant like that! LOL. I can’t wait to see all of your Disney pics, I know all of you had a blast. It’s always fun there. Did you take the kids to the Haunted Mansion? Just wondering. We took Addy and she fell asleep on the ride…but when we took Avery years ago when she was 6…she was sort of terrified. Oh yea, and you are quite possibly the cutes pregnant-about-to-give-birth-person I have ever seen!

    1. Another reason we’re friends! And I wish we lived next door to each other. Seriously.
      Ok, about the Haunted Mansion. I went on it when I was four and I remembered it clearly! I went again at 11 and 19 and it was what I remembered – the hologram ghost riding with you, etc.
      I suggested Scarlet go on with me and my aunt and husband looked at me like I was insane. Sure, she can go on adult roller coasters but dare I suggest the haunted house, right?
      Well to be fair, she did scream and cry on the E.T. ride at Universal Studios.

      1. OH NO, poor Scarlet. yea, maybe she needs to be a little older…and YES…the ride is exactly the same as it has always been. LOL. I forgot you went to Universal…I am such a nerd I would have been hanging out in Diagon Alley with all of the other Hogwarts fans trying to find butter beer. LOL. Seriously, I went to that park once, a long time ago, and I think my favorite ride was the Jurassic Park water ride…lol. We should be neighbors!! I would bake cookies every day and you could bring the wine!

        1. Cookies and wine, yes. And just the fun we’d have with crockpot meals and scarves! Yes, fun with crockpots and scarves.
          I totally dorked out in Harry Potter. And I had two Butterbeers!!

  35. As always loved reading your answers. You are always so sincere and thepictures are simply an added bonus 🙂

    My Hubby can be a big kid and it is wonderful because he can always snatch me outta my frantic moments with some silly thing he comes up with. I love that Cassidy brought a woopie cushion…Too Funny!

  36. I don’t know what to say, you just answer those questions so amazingly (is that a word) you seem so sincere and so sweet. Your photography is amazing too. Have we swapped? Totally email me or tweet me. 🙂

    1. We haven’t! And I’d love to! I have the second half of February open, as well as March. I’ll email or tweet! And thank you so much. I loved your answers too. I think we’d make a great Friday!

  37. Oh my goodness, I I just love seeing all these photos from your past! Makes me want to dig out some of my childhood pics and scan them. Those three Cs are the same things I couldn’t live without- I might have to add in cuddles, too 🙂
    This was so much fun to read, as always. I think I’m going to have to participate in an Ask Away Friday soon!

  38. I totally love your photography and how you are OK with emotions and vulnerability. I just stumbled upon Alison’s blog this week so it was good timing. I can’t believe you are back already. That seemed quick. Hope you guys had a great time making memories. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    1. Wow, that is great timing! Alison was one of the first bloggers I ever “met.” And you’re recent. It’s amazing how the great connections keep coming in time. I love it.

  39. Your answers rock. And Cassidy bring a whoopie cushion to Starlets’ birth? Awesome (Tucker had that same whoopie cushion until he took it apart). Sorry you are leaving Florida – hard. Leaving vacation is HARD.

  40. I love the picture of you holding Scarlet as the two of you sleep. I always loved napping with my babies. I scared to think of how much gray hair I will have in 5 years. I started seeing gray hairs at 25. I don’t dye my hair now, but I may in 5 years 🙂

    1. I think I was 25 too. I’ve always had a few. They’re old faithfuls. It’s the rest that scare me. I don’t want to be at the mercy of hair dye, but I suppose that’s the way for very many people!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s what I always thought of my photography, but a study of emotions of others. My writing to me is more the study of my own emotions!

  41. OK. I don’t think I knew that you watched your dad have the heart attack. Losing your dad early is hard, but watching it happen before your very eyes? You are so strong, Tamara. I can imagine how tough it must have been as you got older and understood the significance of it all. I didn’t realize we shared the same experience with jumping up and moving across country or that we both tend to have many unplanned large life events. Planning for the kids and the big move to Arizona was just not in the cards haha. I think I’ve enjoyed those things the most though. I realize I may have to plan somethings though especially large family vacations as my kids get older. I forgot you hated winter as much as I do! I’ve been watching some of these Alaskan shows like Alaska the last frontier and I have to admit, watching their short summer/spring time makes me want to be there just during that time to visit or something as well 🙂

    1. Yes, Alaska in the fall/winter seems like it might be too brutal for me! Then again, in the height of summer, some places have 24/7 daylight! Eeek! That’s nutty. I’d prefer that, but I just love the way it works where we live – definitive day and night!
      And thank you for your kind words. It was very hard that it happened in front of me. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse than not having been able to see him one last time, looking at me.

  42. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your writing/answers. You have a way with words (runs in your family), as in your photography. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    Hope you are having a great weekend. xo

  43. I hope your body doesn’t go into shock from the Floridian weather to the cold, New England weather! I would describe my husband as mellow and supportive, too! I think it balances nicely because sometimes I’m, well, no-so-mellow. He’s supportive of everything I do – no matter how many times I take on a new role at work, or take an afternoon off to hang out with my friends – he’s supportive!

    1. There was actually a transition period! Yes, it was 80 and sunny in Florida last Tuesday, but by the end of our trip, it was in the upper 40’s. That’s where it’s at here but with sun here! So it actually felt better here than our last day of the trip. I know it’s in the 80’s today. Sigh. We missed a lot of that.
      Six more weeks! We can all do this. (I hope?)

  44. LOVE Alison. And she asked some fantastic questions! Confession time…I snuck away from my family several times last weekend to read your “How I Met Your Father” series. It really put into perspective your response to question #3. Do you think we can all handle the rest of winter? Ugh, I hope so. After having snow on the ground for nearly two weeks here, I’m ready for it to be gone. Not really sure how you do it up there in Mass every winter!

    1. Holy cow, you made my day!! My story is totally appropriate for sneaking away from family.
      Do I think we can handle the rest of winter? I do! Solidarity! I think supporting each other really helps. It helped me through last winter. I discovered SITS last January and the rest, as they say, is history.

  45. Oh my goodness, that picture of little Scarlet clutching her baby doll… so sweet. And down (down, I say!) with this notion that dark-haired girls get gray hairs first. I’m in denial.

  46. I love that picture of you taking pictures that’s all black and white and artistic and edgy-so very cool. And as always, I love your honesty. It’s so beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful adventure in Florida!

    1. Thank you! That was taken in my childhood bedroom, I believe, not long before we moved and I never went back there. I was a grown-up there, but a very young one.
      It was quite the adventure! Being home is nice, but oh, this snow! Boo!

  47. Gorgeous Tamara, and now thanks to Alison, I know how to say your name.

    I’m sorry that you suffered such a thing as a child. That’s terrible. I think that emotional edge comes out in your photography and your writing (though) and makes it beautiful.

    1. Yay for that because my name is very commonly mispronounced!
      Thank you for your words. I’m glad that I can at least somewhat process the pain here. It takes the edge off, and oddly, adds a bit of “edge” to my writing/photography!

  48. Allison is very intelligent and she asked great questions. Your husband really does sound awesome. I’m glad he treats you so well. Lots of people are not blessed in their marriage with true happiness. I enjoyed the questions as usual. I keep learning so much about all of my faves!

  49. tamara, i love how you say that photography is a study of emotions. that is such an intuitive way to characterize it. i’ve also wondered why i’m not good with photography and i think it’s because i don’t have the patience to capture and be with those emotions. i’m always on the go…and that’s the worst kind of photographer!

    1. That’s funny because photography is a study in patience, that I seem to have, but I’m such an impatient person. I could NEVER be a teacher. I’d be constantly saying, “Wait, what? You still don’t get it!?”

  50. Such great questions and answers! I swear, I thought that I commented on this a week ago! LOL! Been one of those weeks. A whoopie cushion, that is fabulous! Your grandmother sounds feisty…I love that in a woman! I will probably be that crazy cat lady that keeps all of the kids in stitches when I get older! 🙂 And of course…why would one want to live without chocolate! LOL! Have a great rest of the week, Tamara!

    1. Weird! Maybe it was the WordPress gremlins that delete comments. That happens a lot to me.
      My grandmother is SO feisty. It’s crazy. She always has been, but it hasn’t waned at all in 100 years.
      Have a great week/weekend! See ya at Ask Away Friday tomorrow!

  51. I’ve made the most wonderful discovery with my new refrigerator. I am able to hide chocolate in the vegetable crisper and no one will ever know it’s there but me. Woooohoooo. Love all of your answers. But I wanna know more about the first photo with your and you siblings too cute. Your brother and sister on the end do they still get on each other’s nerves? LOL!!!

    1. Hey, that’s smart! Glad it worked out with the new fridge. The new bed is really amazing and I look forward to being in it! It’s so big and fluffy that it makes me want to fill out a room service card.
      And to answer your question – I think you’re talking about my brother and me, and it can be rocky. Mostly not like that, though!

        1. haha! I’m laughing too. It wasn’t really a good enough photo of Scarlet making the angry face I’m making above. I couldn’t find one, but she totally makes that face!

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