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Last Easter, I Gave You My Heart

And the very next day, you gave it away! I’m in a funny mood this week, quoting Christmas songs and all.

Here’s a non-Christmas song with a SPOILER:

It’s almost like the comedy of the situations. Like when Cassidy didn’t come home from work and I was hungry after feeding the kids, so I decided to try my hand at cooking! We had a Green Chef trial so I decided to make the one dish I knew he wouldn’t mind missing – because it has mushrooms. Not his favorite, or even close. So I cooked! It was almost delicious but I never used salt because our salt shaker was broken. I knew this because Cassidy wound up spilling salt three separate times from the salt shaker top falling off. It was everywhere. I was too afraid to use it! So we were cooking side by side, but he was making bone broth with chicken feet sticking up, and then some snack with canned sardines on top! Never did a mushroom and barley carbonara look as good as it did right then and there, because that’s what I was cooking that night.

In between chicken feet and sardines.

Basically, that was a metaphor for the entire week. The toaster was semi-broken, or at least I thought it was because the outlet needed to be reset. It rained and was unseasonably cold. I was trying to figure out my spring break plans when I found out that I was invited to attend BlogPaws as a sponsored blogger two weeks from now! Listen, I’ve been to maybe 37 out of 50 states, but Missouri is one of the 13. I’m so scared! A hotel by myself for three nights! A flight by myself for the first time in over a decade, and with layovers too. 5:00am flights and new faces and not having a car and being around not one person I know for 72 hours! Basically, it will be awesome. If I can just get over the nerves! A new city with a hotel room to myself.

This is probably the best time to mention the “emotional support animals”, as I’ve taken to calling them.

I was told to wear clothes I didn’t mind pet hair on. There will be barking and meowing during the class sessions. There will be entire rooms and arenas full of animals. And there will be adoptable animals that local shelters are lending out for those of us who don’t live locally and have dogs too big to fly with. And if I really want, I can bring one of those pets home. (Just imagine my family’s face after that! It will be better than chicken feet and sardines) Also, I feel like it’s Hogwarts. You can borrow magical pets to hold or cuddle or get emotional support from, and possibly sleep with. A conference, with pets.

It’s my Candyland. Rooms full of potential clients who will meet me face to face and shake my hand. Maybe they’ll hire me because I can be charming when I want to be, but once they read my blog and see my charming pets, well, that will take the cake. It’s potential work and more-than-potential animals. Everywhere. I. Look. Pinch me, Mommy. I’m coming home.

Now that I’ve gotten THAT out, Easter was awesome! Last Easter was weird. I woke up dizzy?! That only happens to me once a year, if even, and it’s always a combination of dehydration, exhaustion, allergies, and stress. I remember posting about it here and everyone had advice. Have no fear – it didn’t happen again. We had the kids’ Uncle Gabe staying with us for five nights and although he slept through the great Easter Basket unveiling, he was awake on Easter Eve when we filled the baskets. Custom candy, custom toys, happy kids – it was all good. Also, Scarlet finally lost her long-suffering top right front tooth, so the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy got to high-five that night. Passover and Easter were both smashes.

This will have to be for another day, but Cassidy hosted a rock n’ roll Passover Seder for the books!

I mean it. It was incredible. There were ten of us and he made it meaningful and with all sorts of music playlists and pop culture references. I just need to get some photos from the night because I was too captivated to take any myself!

And wouldn’t you know it? No sardines or chicken feet!

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “This April Fools and/or Easter…” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin: HERE. What’s your story?

What would you say?

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  1. Loved your Easter recap. Plus, I am so excited for Kansas City for you. You are seriously braver than me as I am not so sure I would venture out of my own comfort zone for a conference all by myself. But still you rock. Oh and by the way, I was giggling about the mushrooms as Kevin isn’t a fan either. I have gotten Blue Apron in the past. Well, I ordered a meal but didn’t see the fine print that mushrooms were a part of one of the meals. All through that meal, I heard, “But you know I don’t like mushrooms!” But he was a good sport mostly and picked the mushrooms out. Definitely try to read the fine print at the very least now. 😉

  2. I would love to go to that conference just to hang out with the animals! Probably time for a pet organizing post, now that I think about it. Funny that Cassidy doesn’t like mushrooms, my husband doesn’t either. Happy Easter week to you all!

  3. Your Easter sounds wonderful and yay for Scarlet losing her tooth! Extra excitement. Chicken feet broth? Gross. And sardines? Gross. Although I guess that’s what Cassidy thinks about mushrooms, which I love. Your photos are gorgeous as always and the pet conference sounds wonderful. I have faith that you’ll be fine on the flights and a hotel room by yourself for three nights sounds fantastic!

  4. Blogpaws sounds like such a fun conference. Also, want to hear more about the rock n’ roll Passover Seder! Loving all the photos Tamara!

  5. Oh I would have been too done having to cook or be anywhere near the chicken feet sticking out of the broth. I’ll take a bullion cube ANY day. I’m sure that soup was nice though with the weather you’re having. I’m glad you had an awesome Easter after the not so much one last year.

  6. I’m happy that Easter was awesome for everyone this year. I enjoyed the Beatles and Fats Domino versions of this classic oldie. The Beatles version is a cover of Little Richard who altered the lyrics to suit his unique style. Your family photos are always so enjoyable Tamara. The BlogPaws conference is such a wonderful idea! i hope you enjoy the whole BlogPaws experience with some private time to unwind as part of the deal. I’m anxious to hear all about it!

  7. Love the music selections! Fats ain’t as fat now a days, lol My puppy has a way to go to be emotionally supportive, but he’ll get there. You all look very happy!

  8. AHHHHH!! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU, Tamara!! That will be so much fun and scary and new and WONDERFUL. I just love your attitude when it comes to doing new things, big big new things too. You inspire me, because I’m SO anxiety ridden when it comes to doing new things, meeting new people, and well- any challenge that takes me to a new place all by myself used to be AWESOME when I was younger, but now? I’m a little baby. It’s amazing how you change as you grow older. I’ve become so fearful and yet, much smarter too. I think I like my comfort zone so much, I’d rather not risk leaving it at all. I’m sure I miss TONS of great stuff, but I don’t have the strength and stamina you have.

    YOU amaze me, friend.

    Keep being fierce and catching all the good stuff, fear and all.

  9. I enjoyed hearing Fats Domino again. I’ve never tired of hearing that song.
    You picked the perfect photo to sum up your impending fears of traveling to a new place. Oh those tearful little eyes.

    Now here is something so funny. So far there are only five of us who have posted to FTSF this time, and both you and I have references to chicken feet! This really isn’t a common subject matter, or maybe it is!?

    That is quite the picture you painted of the two of you cooking side by side.

    A blogpaws conference! How fun is that! You probably took some amazing photos!

  10. Wow that sounds like an exciting conference, plus support animals to cuddle?! That is total winning 🙂 Have a great time, and share it all ok?

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