Creative and Practical Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Once you've cleared off countertops, focus on kitchen storage ideas that keep items off the surfaces and within easy reach. Read this and more kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

Once you’ve cleared off countertops, focus on kitchen storage ideas that keep items off the surfaces and within easy reach. Add hooks to cabinets for aprons and mugs or a basket that stores your most-used paper towels. Use a low-cost wall file to organize food storage containers—stack lids from largest to smallest to find what you need quickly.

Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves have emerged as game-changers in kitchen cabinet storage ideas. They make it easy to access everything you need and are designed to slide smoothly on sturdy tracks. You no longer have to deal with messy stacks or search for hidden items. Narrow pullouts can be placed beside the oven to hold spices and oils, while deep cabinets can be transformed into organized spaces for pots, pans, and baking sheets. Pullout shelves maximize space and add convenience and accessibility to your kitchen. This makes cooking more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Glass Doors

Use glass doors to display your favorite mugs or wine glasses without wasting valuable space on cabinet shelves. This is also an easy way to hide items you don’t want on display, like cleaning products or a large stash of plastic bags. Store everyday dishes in upper cabinets at eye level and ancillary items (like serving platters or oversized cookie jars) lower down for easier access. This makes it more efficient to work in your kitchen. Are you tired of crawling on your hands and knees to find your favorite cooking ingredients? Make that sliver of space more functional with a pullout spice rack to keep your most-used spices in sight.

Matching Storage Containers

Store items you use often but cannot need help to fit in your cabinets with a set of clear storage bins. They’re easy to see and help you quickly find what you want. Prevent an avalanche of cutting boards when you open your drawer with a thin board organizer that allows them to stand upright. These kitchen cabinet inserts also store baking sheets, muffin pans, and other flatware. Add a toe-kick drawer to an existing straight cabinet for extra storage that’s out of sight and mind. It’s perfect for storing bulk items, like dry goods, according to home organizer Rebecca Firkser.


Whether dealing with a chaotic plasticware cabinet or a messy snack cabinet, dividers are a kitchen design hack that helps calm the clutter and keep items organized. Organizing like with like, such as stacks of bowls and plates or separating baking supplies from everyday meal essentials, ensures you can find what you need quickly. Keep lids from getting lost with a vertical divider that props them up, freeing up space in cabinets and making it easier to locate the right one. This handy kitchen storage solution also helps prevent stacked dishes from becoming damaged.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer a sleek look that’s ideal for kitchens. They’re a happy medium between traditional cabinets, which use hinged doors to protect and hide their contents, and open shelves, which require full support. Kitchen tools and gadgets accumulate quickly, leading to a disorganized workspace and an endless search for a particular item. Organize drawers and cabinets by grouping like items together to make it easier to locate them. For example, tuck sponges and kitchen towels in one container, organize lids in another, and store flatware in shallow drawers with dividers.

Wire Racks

Many nifty gadgets exist to make kitchen cabinet organization easier. These include stylish cutting board organizers that double as a handy surface for chopping and serving food, plastic lazy Susans for condiment bottles (never staining your cabinets again after an accidental olive oil or soy sauce spill), and drawer dividers to keep pans from rolling around. Drawer dividers can make a big difference in deep drawers where it’s hard to see and access cookware like frying pans and mixing bowls. These dividers also help organize flatware and are adjustable to accommodate various sizes of containers.


The tops of kitchen cabinets offer prime real estate for stashing special-occasion serving platters, cookware that doesn’t get daily use, or pantry items like granola bars and chips. Stackable baskets are a stylish, budget-friendly way to store all these supplies. Drawer dividers are another cabinet storage essential that helps you keep everything in order. Divide dinner plates into sections to prevent them from rattling around in deep drawers, and add dividers for flatware to make it easier to spot what you need. If your kitchen cabinets have a blank side, hang a peg rail or shelf to hold mugs. You can even use hooks on the back of a door to hold your favorite apron or dish rag.

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