Keeping Your Photography Fresh & Fun

This post will be exploring some of the best ways for keeping your photography fresh and fun when you’re still learning. It's a fun process to experience!

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Keeping Your Photography Fresh & Fun

Like any skill, getting investing in something like photography takes a lot of time. You will have to take thousands of snaps before you are reaching the point of greatness, and a lot of budding photographers never make it to this point, getting bored along the way. It’s easy to feel little passion when you’re not getting enough from this sort of hobby, but it’s equally as simple to get yourself on the right track again. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to keep your photography fresh when you’re still learning.

Looking For New Subjects

Most people spend a good portion of their lives surrounding by the same people, buildings, and scenery. This limits the amount of photo opportunities you’ll get, with day-to-day snaps becoming boring unless an event is going on. This leaves people wanting more, but you will only be able to get this if you work hard to find new things to capture. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is by simply taking your camera around with you. When you see something which you like the look of, you can take a snap, opening the doors to loads of new subjects.

Of course, though, some people don’t like to leave their picture taking up to chance, and will want to take a much more dedicated effort towards this. There are loads of sites out there which are designed to help people to find landmarks in their local area. By using a tool like this, you can plan for your photo opportunities, making it much easier to be sure that you’ll have the chance to take some. This is a popular approach amongst photography groups and clubs.

Join A Club

Speaking of clubs, these can also be a great tool when you’re looking to make your time spending photos more interesting. Adding a social aspect to something like photography not only gives you the chance to get something extra out of your time taking photos, but it will also push you to try new things. Clubs like this will go on outings together, with everyone having the chance to have their say about the locations being chosen. You can find clubs like this around the web, though you will have to hunt to find ones which are local to you.

Some clubs operate on different terms than others, with some being much more school-like than anything else. While being taught how to take photos may not be your ideal scenario, these sorts of classes often give students the opportunity to take photographs of things they’ve never been close to before. Some of these classes will involve taking snaps of birds of prey, while others will surround landscapes or portraits, giving you a vast array of different skills to try out when you’re going through this.

Start Posting Online

Social media is one of the fastest growing fields in the online world. As more and more people begin to use platforms like this, the range of options to have is also growing. Instagram is a great example of this, providing users with the chance to share photos with one another. Of course, though, this isn’t designed as something for enthusiasts, focusing on the social aspect rather than the quality of the images being displayed. This has left a gap in the market, with companies like Clickasnap quickly filling it up.

Rather than posting shares and likes, a website like this is all about views. The more views you get, the more money you’ll make out of it, with advertising revenue coming your way. Earning is just a side benefit, though, with people like Photographer Mike Browne teaching photography techniques using this platform. Seeing other people’s work will push you to try new things, and so will having the chance to make a little bit of money out of it, making this sort of platform excellent for those who are learning how to take great photos.

Giving Yourself Challenges

Sometimes, giving yourself a challenge can be the very best way to get the best photographs. There are loads of ways to approach something like this, but most people will choose goals which are in-line with the sort of photography they’d like to learn. For example, if you’d like to get better at taking portraits, you could challenge yourself to approach strangers to take their photo. Each time you achieve something you’ve struggled with in the past, you will get to enjoy a great sense of purpose and joy, with the time you spend on something like this being reflected by the results. You can find some more examples of the sorts of challenges people set for themselves below.

Colors: The main subject of a photo isn’t always the image which has been captured. Instead, in some cases, things like colour can be the main draw to a snap, and this is something which most people never experiment with. Giving yourself the challenge of including weird colours or lots of bright and vibrant ones will make it impossible to take boring photos.

Perspectives: If you’re a fan of cinema, you’ll know that the perfect angle can make a big difference difference when you’re trying to get a specific shot. Challenging yourself to create interesting images using different perspectives is a great way to push your boundaries, while also teaching you about the power of this tool.

Motion: Moving objects have long played an important role in stills photography. Taking a picture of something which is in motion isn’t easy, though, and a number of different approaches can be used to achieve different effects. Taking a picture of a car with a slow shutter speed, for example, will leave it blurry, capturing the speed of the object.

Photography is a passion which more and more people are having the chance to share. Whether you’ve spent your life taking snaps or are completely new to the game, it’s certainly worth playing; you just need to make sure that you have something to take pictures of.


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