Keeping My Home Network Safe With CUJO Smart Firewall

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Here's how we keep our home network safe with our CUJO Smart Firewall. It provides business level Internet security and guards all of your devices #ad #CUJO

Our family has a lot of devices these days, and I can imagine we will acquire even more!

The thing is, my kids are still young for devices, but we’re running out of time on that. Our days of 100% screen-free days are ending, and it’s not realistic to keep them away. Scarlet is in third grade and some of her friends can figure out apps on my smartphone in five minutes, when that same process took me over an hour! And I work in social media! Kids today are legit in-the-know techies, and it’s up to all of us to be ahead of the game and protect our home network in the best way.

Enter our CUJO Smart Firewall.

What IS it? It’s a smart firewall device that is designed to hook into your router and monitor any and all potential threats on your network. This is business-level internet security right at home! Our CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. It’s a SMART firewall for your connected home. It’s one-stop shopping – one device that will secure ALL devices connecting to your WiFi router. AND, importantly, CUJO Smart Firewall lets you control what your kids access online.

It helps keep them safe.

Here our are (favorite) main features:

Business-Level Internet Security

Guards All Devices

Parental Controls

Connects to Router – Controls With App

Blazing Fast (build with 1GB Ethernet)

Parental controls features:

              - parental controls for all devices

              - internet filter

              - time limits

              - social media monitoring

              - pause internet

              - alerts and reporting

              - remote administration

              - user profiles and settings

It was easy to set up. I plugged in my CUJO Smart Firewall and was good to go pretty fast. They have incredible tech support if it doesn’t work as easily for you. My favorite feature of the CUJO is the Internet filter. I also love that we have the ability to pause the internet altogether, should we need to do so.

What’s YOUR favorite feature of the CUJO Smart Firewall?

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