Keep Your Canine Companion From Overheating This Summer

The weather is starting to take a turn for the hotter and, already, some people are experiencing the kind of temperatures they would expect from the summer, instead of spring. Asides from keeping yourself cool and making sure your AC is working as it should, you should be taking a closer look at your canine’s comfort, as well. Overheating can be a risk to their health, so here are a few tips to ensure they’re taken care of.

The weather is starting to take a turn for the hotter, so here are tips for you to keep your canine companion from overheating this summer!Pic – Pixabay License

Keep Your Canine Companion From Overheating This Summer

Keep them hydrated

During the hotter months, make sure that your dog’s water bowl is always filled with fresh, cold water for them to lap up when they come indoors. It might be a good time to opt for foods that contain more water, as well, and to make sure that it’s well stored to keep it cooler and fresher for longer. If your dog starts to pant too much in the heat, make sure they’re brought to the shade and given water straight away.

Make sure they can get in and out as they please

Sometimes, the sun outside is just too hot to bear, and you should avoid walking or playing with your dog throughout the midday sun. However, early mornings and evenings can introduce a nice chill breeze and some good shade, while the house can retain a lot of the heat it absorbs throughout the day. For that reason, sliding glass pet door inserts from Pet Door Products can be the perfect thing to ensure your dog can get in and out when they please. When it’s too hot outside, they can quickly come in, and when it’s too hot inside, they can go back out again without you having to open the door for them.

Give them something to keep them cool

Some dogs will have trouble regulating their body heat when they’re out on walks, even if you avoid the hottest parts of the day. Thankfully, there are plenty of wearable products that can help keep them cool, such as the dog cooling vests as shown at K9 of Mine. Most of these are relatively simple to set-up. You fill them up with water, put them in the fridge for a bit, and your dog can wear them when they’re having trouble with the heat.

Know when to look for help

Heatstroke is a serious danger to dogs, just as it can be for humans. As such, you must be able to recognize the signs and act. If your dog is showing discomfort, panting and salivating even after drinking and cooling down, vomiting, having seizures, or looking disoriented, you should get them into a cool environment as soon as possible and call the vet. They will be able to offer tips on how to cool your dog down to safe temperatures.

Hopefully, the tips above help you keep your pooch playing happily and healthily throughout the summer. Be sure to keep an eye out for the signs of dehydration and know when to keep them in the cool.

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