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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation. I absolutely appreciated it so much and I’m proud to write this.

It’s been hard over the past few years to get alone time with Scarlet.

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When Des was born and needed me so much, it felt like so often, our family was two and two. And even though that has changed with time, and we’ve all grown closer, the truth is that Des is still young and has more time with me. Scarlet is in full-time first grade and Des will start daycare (tomorrow!) but only for three days a week. Weekends are a whirlwind of parties and family time and work (for me). I realized lately that to have time with Scarlet, I have to grab it. I have to make it happen. As I did with our trip to Vermont, I set aside time. We had a shopping day at Carter’s, and then we had lunch.

It was as special as… THIS:


I aim to have more bonding experiences like this, and you can too!

No matter what your child’s age is, the back-to-school season is a fresh start after a relaxing (or adventurous) summer, and preparing for a successful school year to come. Back-to-school shopping is my fondest childhood memory of late summer, and it’s so exciting to see Scarlet express her individual personality through her fun colors and styles. I have always shopped at Carter’s – because they understand the need for kids to express themselves, and they have something for everyone. We’ve been buying their easy outfit sets, coordinated collections and ready-to-play shorts and tee-shirts since my kids were babies.

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We all know Carter’s for quality and value, and surprisingly – even style. Get set for fall at Carter’s! I also have another handy dandy coupon for you, for your back-to-school needs:

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The Labor Day weekend sale ends TODAY so get out there to get 50% entire store or more! Doorbuster $12 5-pack bodysuit, $9 2 pack pants, $10 turn me around sets (9/3 -9/7 only)

Scarlet picked out some bright pink shoes, which made her pretty happy.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

She picked out a bunch of clothing items for herself and even for Des. She has already worn that Halloween shirt, even in the middle of summer, and we truly think that the “Record Breaker” hoodie is pretty fitting for Des. He also loves comfy pants.

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She’s making a funny face modeling this shirt and skirt:

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And she was super happy getting a pair of footie pajamas again. She always loved them as a baby and toddler.

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Carter’s now offers clothing up to Size 8 and shoes up to 3y!

For more info:
Carter’s Website
Hashtag: #CountMeInCarters

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  1. I love Scarlet’s choices, especially those hot pink sneakers and the pink girl in me wishes I could get my own pair! Seriously though, I agree we need to make as much time as possible to spend that bit of extra time with our kids now while we can 😉

  2. I LOVE Carters and it was the only newborn gear that my kids wore when they were born. They are not only cute but soft too and I always get them for baby shower gifts. Scarlet looks so adorable in her brand new duds. I haven’t been to Carters in a while though and I might just have to use that coupon to get some new sleepwear for Madison for Fall/Winter.

    1. Same here! I got a ton of Carter’s stuff when I was pregnant so I was set for two years from just one baby shower!
      Scarlet loves that store. And it’s next to a puppy store so there’s a bonus!

  3. We loved Carters because of their quality of clothing. Scarlet makes a lovely model by the way. Thanks for the coupon. I am in need of a baby shower gift soon and the timing is perfect!

    1. Thank you! I have to confess I think she looks slightly silly but that’s just because she’s so much more majestic when I capture her candidly – like an animal in the wild. Ha!
      Good luck baby shower shopping! I have one of those coming up.. but it’s not quite public news yet. I can’t wait to buy this baby and mama-to-be some Carter’s! Ok, I confess. It’s my little sis!

  4. big Carter’s household here–we usually get it all from Macy’s. Thanks for the coupon!! I need to by some uniforms for my little pre-k’er.

  5. We went to Carters today! I LOVE that store! Their prices are amazing and their quality is even better. Nothing like Carters! Love your model 🙂

  6. We love carters and I just got a ton of hand me downs from my sister in law. Her twins just turned one and we get to inherit their baby clothes. Luckily she’s got great taste! Those pink shoes are the best!

  7. That’s so awesome you guys were able to spend time together. I’ve bought lots of stuff from Carters too. Looks like you both had a great time!

  8. I LOVED back-to-school clothing shopping. I remember going with my mom and sister and helping to pick out cute outfits for her. I was always so excited for the fall so that I could wear my new clothes. And I had a pair of footed pajamas when I was about 8 or so and they were awesome!

  9. Aww I love your mommy/daughter shopping date, how sweet! You can tell Scarlett had the best time, too! I’m already loading up on onsies from Carter’s. Since we’re going to be surprised with the gender, basically everything is in gray, white, or yellow!:-)

  10. I always liked Carters because they were cute clothes that didn’t break the bank. We have a store not too far away now, and I wish it had been around when my girls were little. Love those pink sneakers – Carter’s should hire Scarlet for the catalog:)

  11. Both my girls would be so jealous of those pink shoes! Such a shame we missed the Labor Day sale, though I don’t think their closet could fit another item!

      1. If I’m completely honest, I’m always looking for a reason to get something new for them! This post may or may not have helped motivate me to go through and get rid of the shoes that the girls have outgrown. *guilty*

    1. Me too!! I absolutely love to go shopping for new babies, and sometimes it makes me want another one.. but mostly it’s just awesome. I’m getting a new niece or nephew in 2016 so it’s off to Carter’s before the baby shower.

  12. When my kids (now 33 and 30) were young, I would drive up to the Carter’s Outlet in Wisconsin twice a year to stock up on clothes for each of them. I knew I’d get great clothes for a great price. Now – I can’t even believe it myself – I’m shopping at my local Carter’s Store for my 3 grandsons. There is a great deal of comfort in a brand that has been around for so long. PS, thanks for the coupon!!

    1. Now THAT sounds fun. We have a Carter’s pretty near us, but also a big outlet one in The Berkshires – way western MA. It’s so much fun to go there.
      And grandsons! Fun!

  13. My kid’s love going to Carter’s because of the table with toys that they have in their stores. So I get a chance to shop while they play at the table (my husband watches them as I shop). We were just in Carter’s last weekend to get my son some new PJs.

    1. Yes, they have that in our local store too! It’s a big draw. AND, it’s next to a puppy store so my kids have a blast.
      Their pajamas are unmatched, in my opinion.

  14. The Mommy and me day with you and Scarlett looked like so much fun! You got some really great items as well which is a wonderful plus. I like that Carters has quality yet affordable clothing

    1. Yes! Very fun and colorful. The kids are always happy and I leave happy and my daughter makes fun of me because I ALWAYS say, “Wow. That wasn’t nearly as expensive as I expected.”
      Go Carter’s!

    1. I’m really glad they expanded. The sizes are awesome for my kids! And my daughter is so small that I bet she still has quite a few years to wear the clothes.

  15. Awww…so adorable. I used to have lots of mom/daughter shopping days with my girls when they were little. I still do, but they are older and a bit more independent as teens.

  16. I really m9sss dressing my kids in Carters (especially the Christmas PJ:). We have an outlet about 20 minutes away and I would stock up every season. Now it’s on to the expensive and cool brands and I hate it.

  17. Back to school shopping is always awesome. I always looked forward to that when I was a kid. Scarlet looks so happy with her new clothes. Love that bright pink shoes!

  18. Hi, I found this post through a Google search for Carter’s “Record breaker” hoodie.. This is probably a little weird, but any chance it is a size 4t or larger, and you’d be interested in selling it? Lol I purchased the same shirt for my son last fall and it is his absolute favorite shirt ever. He is very very sad that he is outgrowing his size 3t, so I’ve been searching Ebay, etc (with no luck) for a larger size.:P

    1. Oh no – it’s 3T! I got it last fall when he had just turned three. It’s such a great hoodie! I’ll keep my eye on for 4T somewhere! I hope you find it.

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