Jump, Jump For My Love

I wanted to call this post simply “Jump For My Love” because of my deep, jumping love for this:

But you know what?? I already named a post that years ago! And that was because we went to a trampoline park and we jumped for our love. I’m pretty sure we followed that up with Shady Glen burgers, fries, and extra pickles. Jumping makes me hungry. Also, for the love of all that is hungry and holy, listen to this video and its words. And maybe go jumping.

It’s like this:

You can’t deny that my hair is made for jumping, even if it’s wrapping around my neck like a noose in the above photo. Actually, whenever I go get my hair cut, I start to loosen the salon robe thingy (what’s it called?) and she always asks if it’s too tight, but it never really is. I just think it is. I could never wear chokers and I could never wear a tie or bow tie. I’d tear it off, not unlike Des did after these pictures were taken. You can tell by his face, right? He’s usually much more delightful.

Anyway, the point is that my hair is meant for stuff like this:

And I think I’m meaning to be in more pictures. I have to sort of nudge my family members to remember this, after nearly seven years of me being behind the camera. In fact, one of the only insults (or how I took it to be at the time) I’ve ever gotten on my blog was from a woman – who didn’t know me – who said it looked like I had less fun, always behind the camera and never joining in the fun. Well to her I say, “Who the heck are you anyway? I spend my life balancing it all.”

And to her I also say, “..but you have a point too.”

How often do I take pictures of rides and jumps and bounces and coasters and fairs and farms and puppy dog tales and LOVE, but I’m behind the scenes, where I sometimes want to be? And then sometimes, and often, I really, really want to be HERE.

There’s the other woman (or man) who didn’t know me and insulted me – in my opinion, anyway – because she wanted more posts like these, instead of work posts. Well to her I say, “Who the heck are you anyway? I spend my life balancing it all.”

And to her I also say, “..but you have a point too.”

What’s it going to be, people? I can’t do it all, but I sure try. Might as well jump.

And so, how did we find ourselves here? I spent the weekend with small and hidden pleasures. I sank down into a movie theater – ALONE – and saw Bad Moms at night. I didn’t even get popcorn – I just sank down in bliss. The movie wasn’t perfect and there were certainly things I’d change for and with the characters, but damn, that movie had me cracking up and cheering at parts. The whole end montage is fantastic – both in the movie – and the one with the actors in their mothers.

Then this morning dawned argumentative and frustrating – so we thought of things to do – and lost privileges to some things (ahem, kids) and finally found ourselves going through a corn maze and jumping on a magnificent jumping pillow. Ever been?

I got ice cream once this weekend (cookie dough and moose tracks with rainbow sprinkles from Village Green, for those who play along), I had two couch naps, and I recovered from the first week of school. I had recovered from my Alaskan jet lag just in time to be bowled over by school and the details, anxieties, and rough mornings it brings. Things are still sparkly and hopeful and I walk around generally amazed at my own ability to stand, and at all the wonderful people I get to see in three different places: Scarlet’s school, Des’ new nursery school, and the one day a week he still has at his daycare of two years. Because damnit, I have all sorts of feelings, and I’m terrible at letting go. And why do it if you don’t have to do it, right?

Here’s what the first day of school looked like, without me jumping into the photos much:

I survived ok. I did much better than I did with kindergarten, and worse than I had done with the first day/week of first grade. Who knows why? There was one day last week – Thursday – and it was hot and humid and people were swarming and the parking situation was a bit rough, and I felt the world sway a bit. That’s a big sign of anxiety for me. I took a deep breath and just took in the good feelings and I was fine when Scarlet came out. Whatever this is, it’s deep and ancient and only partly explored and I don’t know if it will ever be fully explored? You have all been with me through some of these battles. I don’t get it with Des so whatever it is is attached to Scarlet – or much more likely – her school. I think it can be a good thing, though. Maybe I’m more open and letting all the feelings in and out a little better. Maybe I’m putting myself out there.

(Scarlet on her first day of nursery school – where Des now goes. I die a little from this picture.)

And in other news, Scarlet started soccer with Cassidy as one of her coaches! Two of her best friends are on the team, as well as two potential great friends, and it makes me giggle. They all seemed really focused, though. So I think it will be great.

And in other, other news, I spilled butter on my shirt at dinner so I just took my shirt off and ate dinner in my bra. Wheee! I love being an adult. Then we all heard a splash because the cat fell into the toilet. So things are situation normal.

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  1. Aw, yay for soccer as Emma just started her 3rd season playing soccer today and the first week back was pretty painless for us, as well. But this week should be the real test with homework officially most likely starting tomorrow for both girls. Wish us all luck and here is to great second week for all our kids now, too 🙂

    1. Good luck! We don’t have homework yet, but I’d really love to send my kids to one of those great schools out there that believe in more recess, and less homework. Too bad the state fights against that. Boo!!!!

  2. Oh it looks like you have a lot of fun both in front and behind the camera. BTW I’m loving that nursery school photo of Scarlet. Where did those beautiful curls disappear to? I have yet to see Bad Moms but I’m looking forward to it either in the theatre or on DVD.

    1. I don’t know! Her curls were so big until about age four. We looked at her as a baby and just figured she’d grow up to be a fully curly-haired woman. Like my sister! And I was also born with massive curls that got more into waves. Boo!
      Bad Moms is FUN.

  3. They are looking so grown up – I can’t believe it!!! I would love a trampoline park… but my hair is not made for jumping. It wouldn’t be pretty. But I would go for it anyway. And moose tracks with hot fudge sauce is about as good as it gets! Been there with food on the shirt… sounds like you found the perfect solution:)

    1. haha – no one’s hair is made for jumping, really. Except maybe Scarlet! I have a lot of non-phone photos I’ll hopefully share in the next decade.
      Moose tracks with hot fudge sauce sounds good!! I think I usually get caramel sauce to mix it up.

    1. Yeah, you know? Not bad. It’s like trying to land back on earth after being on another planet – Alaska.
      We do what we can! It was a cranky morning, which I’m now learning is because Scarlet was coming down with something.

  4. I can’t even imagine coming back to all the back to school crazy with jet lag on top of that!! I really need to see bad moms. I might take a moment and sink into a movie theater myself this week! I think all moms deserve it for sure. I will have popcorn though. 🙂

    1. I generally always have popcorn so I like your style! It was just so soon after dinner and I was already missing previews.
      My ultimate goal is to find a way to go to a movie alone on a school day. I think they’re just often too late in the day and run into kids coming home time. I wonder if it’s easier for you to find better matinees in an urban area.

  5. Those pants rock! I think they were meant for jumping. We started soccer too. Late, and my kiddo had never even touched a ball before the first game, which she totally rocked by almost scoring 3 times. I wish I had a quarter of that athleticism!

    Happy back to school!

    1. Those were my first pair of printed leggings so thank you for noticing! Scarlet wants me to find her a mini-me pair but I haven’t been able to find one yet.
      I did soccer in first grade and I used to cry on the field and once I scored a goal for the wrong team.
      Soo.. not big shoes to fill for my kids.

    1. I was having the time of my life apparently! I even feel sore now from all the repetitive shoulder movements. I’ll just take that as a sign of a good time.

  6. I love you. I love your words. And these posts. And your feels. Don’t ever change who you are. Don’t ever stop making me think about songs like JUMP because I’m going to be singing this now for the rest of my day and it makes me happy.

    Awww, that pic of Scarlet in her pigtails. I kind of died a little bit of the cuteness, too. This is a difficult time of year. I understand. I’m always here if you want to chat. I think and hope you know this already, but putting that out there 🙂

    And I love your carefree jumping pictures. Amazing! XOXO

    1. I love you too! I won’t change. I’ll grow. I hope anyway! This song is fantastic, isn’t it?
      The preschool photo keeps slaying me. Now Des is in that school and I showed the first day of Scarlet photo to his teacher. She was new the year that Scarlet started. They were new together.
      I appreciate your awesomeness. I just may want to chat! And I totally want to meet for coffee already. Sheesh. Fall in NJ has to happen.

  7. Scarlet is so beautiful! And Des is super adorable. With all the busyness and whirlwind you have during the day, pretty sure you look at them and everything’s so much worth it. I love all your jumping photos! You look so happy and free.

    I feel it too – when I hold the camera and I also want to be in the picture, and selfie or “groufie” just won’t cut. Well, we somehow make it work so that we’re in at least one photo. 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! And yes, I look at their faces and it’s all worth it. They are truly happy children and everyone comments on it. That’s how it should be in childhood!!

  8. Oh all of the pictures are so wonderful. Perfectly adorable kid photos, and you look so joyful in the jumping pics. This post picked up my morning for sure.

  9. Weee, you look like you’re having so much fun! 🙂 I often end up behind the camera as well and don’t have as many pictures of me in it as I would like. Actually, in doing my photo album for 2014 I realized we pretty much only took pictures of Eve, and almost no one else! My goal for 2016 is to take more photos of friends and family — WITH Eve also, of course.

  10. Well, to that one commenter, I want to say ‘the fun isn’t limited to what’s in the photos.’ I’m a behind the scenes person, too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun! It is nice to see pictures of you having fun, though. Also love seeing Scarlet in that gigantic purple t-shirt. It swallows her up in the happiest way.

    1. She was actually a commenter that was part of a linkup. And I just couldn’t believe she said that because I was hosting something with fun photos and she was like, “But you aren’t in them.” Well, right, because someone has to.. you know.. take the photos!!
      The purple soccer shirt is great, right? It was the smallest size they had!

  11. LOL!! I love how you mentioned being able to eat in your bra and then the cat fell in the toilet. ha ha ha!! Ah, we have been there too my friend. We have been there too. Love this post, it makes me feel all happy!!

  12. Your situation normal is so relatable to me and gives me a giggle too! I say keep jumping and getting in front of the camera too. You’ve got a full life and it’s so important to remember to enjoy it all! 🙂

  13. This was just an randomly encouraging post that I needed to read today lol. Just the joy that comes from reading it. I laughed really hard with the bra thing. I do that all the time lol

  14. Love the joy in these photos! It’s so important to get in front of the camera sometimes – it will be so meaningful for your kids later on!

  15. There are times where I wish I was in front of the camera more. But it’s kind of nice being behind the scenes, especially on those days when you’re not feeling very pretty. My family always looks fantastic, but then when I’m in the picture? I look terrible. 😛

    1. Right! And since I’m a photographer, I really get neurotic about taking the photos myself sometimes.. which is hard to let go of!
      And I feel you – I think I look terrible compared to my family!

  16. Great song!! I haven’t heard that one in awhile.
    And who says it’s not any fun behind the camera?!! Pshaw. That’s when your kids REALLY start to perform for you and get your attention by being super silly. Those are the best times. It doesn’t matter if the moments I jump in with them are captured or not – I KNOW I was there and so do they. Like my blog is only about 40% of my life… people get that right? Anyway, let’s hear more about this moose tracks ice cream and where you got your leggings.

    1. Yes, for me, most of the fun is behind the camera! That’s my comfort zone, and my career! This commenter really didn’t know me – she was part of a linkup, and meant it nicely. I just remembered her saying, “Go get it, girl! Go have fun.”
      Indeed! It’s fun both ways.

      As for the leggings, my friend sells LulaRoe. This was my first pair of them! But.. not my last.

      1. Oh! And moose tracks ice cream is vanilla with chocolate swirl and mini peanut butter cups. Caramel Caribou is vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl and mini caramel cups. That’s.. magic.

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