Jump For My Love.

Why the title?

Well..because THIS. It helps to put the video on right now and shimmy in your desk chair:

And also, why the title?

Well..because **THIS.

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There’s a lot of jumping in this post. Jumping on trampolines. Jumping into new friendships. Jumping into better weather and better days, after a TERRIBLE weekend and a TERRIBLE Monday. I have two warnings/disclaimers before you proceed:

1. Some of the photos in this blog post are not up to par with my usual level of quality. You’ll see why soon.
2. The next paragraph or two is kind of gross. Don’t read that part if you don’t feel up to it.

So a main reason my weekend was so TERRIBLE was because Athena had some sort of GI problem, only about a week or so into being in our family! We fretted because the last time we had seen these sort of symptoms were in Cassidy’s 15-year-old husky when she had an intestinal blockage from eating a pinecone or something. And that was probably a $10,000 debacle, in which we were worried sick. So you can imagine how this made us feel over the weekend. She’s gotten her way into our hearts, see..

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On Monday morning she had an appointment with the vet, that we were told we could cancel if she seemed fine like she had the night before. She wasn’t fine. When I got home from preschool dropoff, she had “diarrhena” (Scarlet’s pronunciation that I won’t correct because I love it) on the couch. I was running around to take off the cushion covers and throw them in the laundry. I made her sit outside, which made me sad, but I had a one-year-old running around. Then Cassidy came home to take her to the vet where she would stay all day for testing. I was horrified in 500 ways. Then when I was putting the cushion covers back onto the cushions (a chore that deserves its own circle of hell), I somehow moved my hand in a way in which one of my fingernails..and this is so heinous I can’t bear it…FLIPPED BACKWARDS at a more than 90 degree angle. I..finally know what it looks like under a fingernail. And oh, the pain! It’s unspeakable. It’s better today. She’s better today. Today was better today.

She went back to the vet today (Tuesday, as I write this). They found an infection, and also inconclusive results found on x-rays and ultrasounds. So the theory is that she may have eaten a toy that got stuck and caused a blockage and an infection. Or it’s just an infection. Barium went through her and we’re just waiting for..one good bowel movement. That may tell us more. Either way, she’s home and she’s going to be fine. I’ll uh..let you know if we find anything coming out again. If you want to know..

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Which brings us to what I actually wanted to talk about today – Allie from VitaTrain4Life!

We had been talking here and there about how we both live somewhat close to a new trampoline park. We both like to jump. We both have 4.5-year-olds (and I have a Des). So last week, we made plans to meet there! I admit I was a little nervous, because like she said in her own post, meeting a blogging friend is like meeting a celebrity. On the other hand, meeting a good blogging friend is like..well..meeting a friend. You feel like you already know them because you DO. This blogging stuff? It’s for reals! And now I have met four blogging friends who can attest to me being me, and looking like I seem to look, and having two kids, and..well..people always expect me to be taller. I’m 5’6″. Cassidy is 6’1″ and looks tall compared to anyone!

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So anyway, I walked into the trampoline park, with Des in one arm and Scarlet clutching my other hand. I saw Allie ahead of me in line instantly and she grinned and waved. I relaxed! I waited in lie for about…20 minutes. Seriously. While I waited in line, Des leaned on my shoulder and Scarlet lovingly hugged my leg. We looked like such a nice family. I wondered if Allie (already in the trampoline park with her cute twins) could see us and thought maybe we were a non-screamy family. And..ha to that!

We’re not. And talking to her in person was fantastic, although we were interrupted every..five seconds. We do have four kids between us and all. Next time, Allie, let’s meet without kids and with some other New England bloggers. I can’t wait!

The lighting was terrible and the bouncing was plentiful so the photos aren’t up to my quality. Yet, here is Allie with our kids!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

These are her cute twins (and I can even tell them apart) and a blurry Scarlet:

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It was harmonious (until Scarlet yelled at me). It was real and it was spectacular (which I believe is a Seinfeld quote).

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And I can’t wait to do it again.

Now it’s April and I think Athena is fine now, and we’re jumping into better and brighter days, I hope. March came in like a lion and out like a…rabid bobcat. I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl, though. And my Facebook status from April Fool’s Day:

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**The first trampoline photo was from the first time we went with Scarlet’s grandparents. More on that at a later date.

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  1. Poor, poor Athena! I’m crossing my fingers that she has a good poop and feels better soon. Trampolines look like a ton of fun!! I know Zavier would love it. My husband tricked me this morning for April Fool’s too. He texted me saying he was coming home from work late because a psych patient punched him in the face. I really believed him and called him right away and he giggled, “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S!” lol

    1. Thanks, Gracielle! She had a good one today, which exceeded my expectations. I suspect more is coming.
      Your husband is a trickster too! I wish I had thought of a good one in revenge!

  2. Tamara, oh my goodness it appears as if a lot has happened in just a few days with Athena! I surely hope she’s feeling better. Lol, at Cassidy for fooling you with the kitten story after all you guy’s had just gone through. Husbands! Looks like Scarlet and Des had a ball at the trampoline park. Those places look so awesome, I can’t wait to go to one day soon!

    P.S: That Pointer Sisters video had me cracking up, with all the random track and field cut-tos! Fun song nonetheless!

  3. Ohhh, I hope Athena is feeling better! Looks like you and the kiddos had a blast at the trampoline park. My youngest bonus baby always asks to go, and I haven’t taken him yet. I think secretly I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself. I’ll be the mom who dresses her kids in helmets and knee/elbow pads for the trampoline park! Also, I am now singing Jump (For My Love) and wiggling in my seat, and I love it! πŸ™‚

    1. Our friends went and the six-year-old sprained her knee within five minutes there! So I was scared. It went well, though. I kept mine in the tiny kid section, even though my daughter was old enough to go in the big free jumping section.
      Less crashing in the toddler section!
      And the song? Makes the day!

  4. Oh no, poor Athena! I hope she’ll get better real soon.
    And poop on cushions. Huh. Ugh.
    So happy (and jealous) that you met Allie and her twins!

    1. Thanks! She is so much better today. Pooping outside, normally, and not on cushions, abnormally.
      Yesterday one of my friends announced on Facebook that she’s pregnant with twins, due when yours are. It was all a ruse but she had people going for hours!

    1. Thank you! She really is feeling like new today. Even pooping outside!
      And I really hope I can meet you this spring, or at another time.

  5. Ah so, so great!!! Your pictures look A LOT better then mine πŸ™‚ I also love that Vaughn (in the blue pants) seems to be attacking Miles from behind in that shot. Lovely.
    I truly hope everything is ok with Athena. Hopefully the warmer weather will make everyone feel better!

    1. Vaughn in the blue pants! That still sing-songs through my mind.
      Athena is feeling much better today, and so am I. Something about warm sun really does it for me.
      I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since we got to hang out!

  6. OMG Cassidy! Not nice. LOL. How much does it hurt when you bend a finger nail back??? Yikes. I love that song by the way. I reminds me of summer’s on our boat and my dad dancing (drunk) on the back of the boat. I had a wild childhood πŸ™‚

    1. I never knew..the fingernail pain. And it’s my right hand so typing was terrible for two days.
      I think my dad has danced drunk on many boats!

  7. Yay for meeting blogging friends. I love trampoline places, the kids have so much fun.

    I don’t think anyone has tried to pull an April Fools joke on me, if they did, I didn’t get it. Lol.

    1. This was 8:00 at night! I thought I was in the clear by then for anyone to pull one over on me. And you’d think I’d be more aware that it could happen.

  8. I saw the April Fool’s joke…lol. You should never apologize for your photography. You’re light years ahead of people like me…(little pun with the whole light thing). Looks like an amazing time. So cool you get to meet bloggers outside of a conference. Happy to hear your dog is on the mend. AND the whole fingernail thing made me cringe. Ewww, and sorry to hear.

    1. I love photography puns!
      And I have only met bloggers outside of a conference, so I can’t wait to go to one and just meet a bunch at once. That sounds fun!

  9. Oh, so sorry Athena was sick, but glad she is doing better. I actually get quite jealous when I I hear or read about blog friends meeting. I have only met 3 – Sarah (Left Brain Buddha) and Jodi (The Noise Of Boys) at BBC conference back in October and Kristen (Four Hens & a Rooster and MOAM) when we did that new segment for the book last fall. Amber (City Girl on Hicks Farm) actually lives very close to me – like 15 minutes away – and we have been saying for months that we are going to meet for coffee, but we have never actually scheduled it. Oh well – come June I will meet lots of you! πŸ™‚

    1. I would love to meet Jodi! She used to live where I live and we always talk about her coming back.
      I really, really can’t wait to meet you all in June. It will be overwhelming, and overwhelmingly awesome.

  10. Totally glad Athena is going to be ok, but felt terrible for both of you, especially you having to clean up the mess. Seriously the things we do for those we love. And you already know how jealous I am of your meeting up and definitely hope we can set something up soon (Yes I have said this before and just can’t help saying it again). And the April Fool’s joke totally made me smile, but admit if Kevin did this to me, probably would have murdered him! Anyway, yay to April and warmer, spring like weather too, because you know how much I am with you on hating the cold and the winter. So, anything has to be better then that!! πŸ™‚

    1. Sunny and 63 today! It’s like paradise! Although the morning is still brrrr.. And we have to go to the dentist with Scarlet, but then that means a trip to Target for a great! Yay!
      You know I’m game to make something work with meeting you soon!

  11. Poor Athena!! I hope she gets well soon. She’s absolutely adorable though and I can’t get over how much she makes me smile. It looks like you had a fantastic time with Allie and her children! You can color me jealous that you got to meet and spend time with a blogger friend. I’ve only managed to meet one friend that’s a blogger thus far and that was by pure accident. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some other bloggers soon (including you, of course!). I keep debating if I should scrape up the money to go to BBC Philly (in addition to Bloggy Con 14), but we’ll see what happens. And I’m sorry, but I could not stop laughing at the April Fool’s joke, it made my morning!

    1. I’d love to meet you! I am thinking about doing BBC Philly. It’s when my daughter is starting kindergarten, but I think it’s worth it and it’s not such a huge trip for it.
      I’ll keep you posted!
      And the April Fool’s joke was really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing either.

      1. Yes! Keep me updated if you end up going or not. Even if I can’t make the conference, maybe I’ll take a trip down to Philly and we can meet-up. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh the poor puppy, and poor you with the fingernail thing! Looks like a fun time! I love “went out like a rabid bobcat”. So true! Here in MA my prediction is a few weeks from now it will be 90 degrees. No spring at all :-(. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. hah, that could really happen in MA. There really is a spring, I find, but it’s more like..50’s and then two days in the 60’s.. and maybe three in the 70’s, and then it’s summertime! So short!
      I hope we’re wrong.

  13. I hope Athena gets better soon! Poor pup! The more I look at her, the more she looks like our dog before! Kookie was my son’s first pet (who’s already in animal heaven) and she was the bomb! She used to run into my son causing him to fall over but he loved it! One day I’ll show you a photo of Kookie!

  14. lmao a dog is enough ain’t it? Thankfully, cats are a BIT less maintenance but still requires love and care. They’re just a bit more independent. Glad Athena is doing better – hopefully, it’s just an infection or blockage and nothing else; something that will pass. πŸ˜€ We went to one of those trampoline indoor parks thing and my son nor I cared for it haha – we’re like “this is it” we’ll pass. I get very dizzy quick so I can’t do things like that, lol. Glad you guys had a blast and the photos are awesome! Wish you would’ve caught them jumping in mid air – hehe πŸ˜€ Happy Hump Day Tamara!! -Iva

    1. See I’m afraid of cats because they look totally evil, and I’ve heard they puke a lot. Not that Athena’s “diarrhena” is making a good case for dogs, though.
      And I totally have mid-air trampoline photos too! I was just posting the ones of my time with Allie. I’ll put them up soon, though! You have inspired me. I think you’ll enjoy them.

      1. Quite the contrary cats are quite awesome – play with them before committing, they’re finicky creatures. I had a cat named Waffles (totally getting another one and naming it that again) who was super dumb but the sweetest thing ever – super playful. Irritating fact: that brat would bitch to get into the room at night then sit square on my face or on my chest close to my neck and purr all night.. I’d wake up with difficulty breathing wondering why my chest feels so heavy! LOL He was awesome but I couldn’t keep him due to living arrangements so my friends family has him in North Carolina. Anyway, moral of the story: they can be AWESOME. πŸ™‚ Woohoo bring on the aero pics!

        1. That’s the problem – Scarlet wants a little baby and you just can’t tell what they’ll grow up to be. I’m just not a cat person. We’ll totally get one eventually, though, because Scarlet wants one badly.
          I have met some really awesome ones in my life.

  15. Poor Athena. I worry about that all the time with all the crap that Murphy eats. Clara too. They are both like garbage disposals. I hope she is ok! Looks like a great time with Allie!

    1. She’s ok today, thanks! She “passed” whatever it was.. and I think it was a pinecone. So be careful with your dogs! I honestly don’t know how this doesn’t happen all of the time, but it’s only happened to me with huskies or half-huskies.
      Maybe you’re in the clear!

  16. and that is why I don’t want a dog (you said you didn’t want a cat on my blog)

    glad she’s ok though

    that trampoline place looks cool – bet everyone had a blast πŸ™‚

    1. ha! I’m terrified of cats. I heard they puke a lot and I can’t stand litterboxes. However, I’m not making a good argument for dogs here either. I will say that with other dogs I’ve had, this kind of thing happens maybe once a year, tops. So…fingers crossed!

  17. You guys are livin the life. You two crack me up…that picture?
    Poor Athena. I know. Crazy dogs. Why do they eat weird things. Like we feed you food…real food!
    Hopefully she poops like a champ today. Literally, Champ poops gigantic anacondas in our yard. He’s proud of them too.

    1. I LOVE you for not saying, “I told you so.” ‘Cause seriously? Ten days in? We did not need the surgery this time but I have been there before with my old dog. Thousands of dollars later..we never knew what it was. A pinecone, maybe?
      This time? It passed this morning. I’m not really looking (my husband can do that) but I’m pretty sure it was…again…a pinecone.
      The moral of the story is that huskies or half huskies eat pinecones.

    1. ha! I respect that. It’s hopefully not as gross as you imagine, or I didn’t go into too much detail.
      Glad you saw Allie’s photo!

  18. Poor puppy! And poor you!!! I once slammed a car door shut and my thumb was still in there, it hit me right on the finger nail – I feel your pain!
    It’s scary when something is wrong with the puppies… Jacob wants to eat EVERYTHING and I always have to watch him when I take him for a walk – he’s been sick on more than one occasion (and I can’t believe how many people just seem to throw out random chicken bones!).
    I hope the rest of the week will be phenomenal!

    1. Oh dear on the thumb! The nail got better but it’s my typing hand so it’s still a little sore. I used a lot of Scarlet’s Doc McStuffins band-aids!
      I can’t believe this doesn’t happen more often, with dogs. It’s only ever happened to huskies in my life so maybe it’s a husky or half-husky thing? Luckily Athena did pass the “problem” and didn’t need surgery!

  19. Poor puppy! And your fingernail…ouch! Been there done that! Looks like you all (I had to pause and not type y’all) had a lot of fun in the park! I think it’s great when you meet blogging friends in real life!

    1. ha! I totally say “y’all” a lot, and I’m from the northeast. Can’t resist.
      The fingernail and the puppy are very must healing!

  20. Ohhh. I thought you photographed a fox. I think I made this same type of animal mistake before when checking out your pics. Woe is me. Need to get to the eye doctor. However, if you had photographed my children, indeed it would have been categorized as “dangerous pictures of animals”.

    I can’t believe you got to hang out with Allie! Super jealous. But I’m also jealous she got to hang out with YOU. πŸ˜‰

    1. hah! You even crack me up on my blog, much less at yours.
      You are welcome to come and meet up with Allie and me. Bring your wild animals!
      I realize you may not live where we live, but I have this dream in which all great bloggers get together. Maybe I need to throw a giant party one day.

  21. I’m so glad that Athena is ok now. The photo of her with the paw in front of her face is so cute! And the kids looked like they were having a ball (definitely have a kid-less blog meet up next time, but how fun :)!).

    1. Oh yes, she’s all good today. As annoying as anything! Totally leaping over fences and harassing the kids. As she should!
      A kid-less blog meet up is my dream now. I wish Allie was coming to BlogU!

    1. I know! I should correct her, but I can’t. It’s like this too. One day she started talking about us cutting the “crotch” off of her sandwich. And we realized that we was mixing up “crotch” and “crust.” Only, we didn’t tell her because we’re jerks.
      And very recently she was at my good friend’s house and my good friend does not speak English as a first language and Scarlet said, “Can you cut my crotch off?”
      You can’t make this stuff up.

  22. First of all…you never have to explain why you’d give us a Pointer Sisters video. It’s just because THEY ARE AWESOME!!. End of story.

    You also never have to apologize for photo quality because your *worst* photo is better than the best one I’ve ever taken in my life. End of story.

    Now…POOR ATHENA! When we rescued Daisy, she had Giardia and had diarrhea for 3 months straight. The antibiotics just took FOREVER to work. It was a damn nightmare. I’m so glad that Athena is doing better now!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos with you and Allie and all the kids together. (Except that I am jealous as all get out and want to pout because I can’t join in the fun!!!) I want to be a part of a meet up, too!!! Blergh!! –Lisa

    1. You’re a saint! Three MINUTES of diarrhea and I was done. Cassidy came home and took over. That’s really hard and I hope you didn’t lose too much furniture, or money on buying “Nature’s Miracle” in bulk.
      Remember when you met Work in Sweats Nicole? I was envious, I admit.
      I really dream of this perfect party in which we can all come. I’m totally happy to throw the party because I do have the space in my yard to rent a giant tent, but I live far away from most.
      This has to happen somehow.

  23. Best April Fool’s ever.

    You’ve got my inner 80’s child dancing…while sitting at my desk at work. I hope Athena is OK, and I’m sorry about your couch cushions (that’s on my chore list for this weekend and I HATE putting them back on). My kids used to love trampoline…my daughter did it competitively for a while.

    And she used to call it “areeha poop”.

    1. Competitive trampolining?? I had no idea that existed.
      Totally laughing at “areeha poop.”
      And Athena seems ok today! She’s “normal” in that department… everything is passing through. Whew.

  24. Oh.My.Goodness. I had no idea that video included track and field footage. My fancy runner husband is beside himself. Wednesday made! Thank you.

    My son and I are on a campaign to convince aforementioned runner husband that we need a dog, but so far, it’s a no go. Hope your Athena feels better soon!

    That’s so fun that you met a blog friend in real life! I always wonder if that would be awkward.

    1. You know, for all of the reasons to not get a dog, and there are TONS, the one reason TO get a dog is that she just cuddled in the crook of my arms while I watched a movie.
      It was magical.
      Anyway, not sure my family ever could have gotten me to pull the trigger, so a surprise it was!
      I hear you about the awkwardness. I’ve only ever met bloggers I knew very well (Ilene, Michelle, Allie) and the friendships just become something more – real life ones. I imagine that it won’t always be that good, though.
      We’ll see!

  25. HAHAH! That Cassidy is so funny…LOL! TOO GOOD! I think meeting bloggy friends in real life is definitely like a celebrity run-in..ugh I think I would be such a fumbling fool. But maybe not? I once saw Busta Rhymes getting out of his crazy exotic car and as I was driving by I screamed “BUSTA WE LOVE YOU!” without even thinking about it. I’m not even a fan! I worry that I may be that same freak in the future too. I want to jump jump. We have one near our house and I’m dying to try it. Is Dylan too young? Maybe…he’ll get over it lol

    1. HAHA! I hope you ever meet me, you scream like a fangirl. (just kidding)
      Dylan is not too young, because Des isn’t! On the website they say that as long as you can walk, you can go on the trampolines. And bonus – kids two and under are free. There is a toddler zone that kids Dylan’s age hang out. It’s a franchise so maybe you have the same place as us.

    1. All good things! Today was actually a great day, partly because the dog..well..healthily pooped. TMI! And the sun came out and it was 60.

  26. Sending positive thoughts for Athena! So awesome that you and Allie got to meet in person. There’s something really magical about getting together with friends you’ve made through the web.

    1. It is magical! And I met Cassidy through business emails, and then personal emails, and look – we got married! So it can really create lasting relationships.
      Athena is good today!

    1. It is fun! I’d say don’t let them eat much directly before or directly after! Although we got quite an appetite after our first time and went out for burgers, fries and milkshakes.

  27. Oh – poor Athena and y’all!! I know you already love her like she’s been in your family for years so I’m sure the weekend and stress of Monday were horrible!! Glad that she is hopefully on the mend.
    And, I can’t even imagine the nail pulling off – just thinking about it is making me shout expletives!!!
    Finally, hooray for meeting Allie and her boys. I’m sure y’all had the best time. When the New England meet-up (with or without kids) happens I might have to buy a plane ticket and pretend I live in NE!!!

    1. We should just have a meetup. Everyone talks about it. We’ve become such a close knit group. I’m totally up for hosting it but I live kinda far for many.
      Anyway, you know I’d love to meet you.
      My nail thing…it was bad. Really bad.
      The dog is better, though! She was racing around like a fox all day.

  28. Awe, what a bummer Athena has been sick. I hate it when things like that happen to the kids and animals and they can’t just tell us what’s wrong. πŸ™ The fingernail….OUCH. I have done that before….it is VERY PAINFUL. As far as spastic, crazy, screaming children….I have those….not that yours are….mine are! LOL. Funny thing is, everyone tends to think it is funny…..but me. LOL. Glad you don’t have a kitten to chase after now…although kitten/puppy wars would be a great blog post every week! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s true! Dog people and cat people would have fun being at war with one another. I personally think it’s no competition, but you won’t find me telling that to a cat person.
      Is your household really loud? Mine can be. Sometimes I sit in a corner and dip chocolate into a jar of peanut butter.

  29. I hope Athena is doing better.

    Awesome that you met another blogger. That would be a blast. And I always wanted to go to a trampoline place like that. There’s not one around here. If there were, I’d jump around like crazy.

    1. When we were in Florida, Cassidy and Scarlet went to a bounce house place one day while I took Des to downtown Disney. It had eight bounce houses and she didn’t get tired for THREE hours. Nutty.

  30. I’ll take a kitten!! I am all for starting April off with something cute and cuddly and that I don’t have to shovel.
    March was a bitch. on steroids. and PMS. with bad hair. Ugh.
    first my mom ended up in hospital, so I madly drive 2 hours to get to her. end up staying 5 days, come back get kids for their March break and go back to mom and take care of her while also giving kids Super Fun March Break. then back home to a snow blizzard followed by …you guessed it! blizzard on the first day of Spring. ugh and ugh. done and done.
    The good news is the snow is melting, thus keeping the kids outdoor longer, and my mom is much better and heading off to a Florida vacation.
    But I still think a kitten would really make me feel better.
    Because I can’t jump on trampolines.
    I pee. πŸ™

    1. March SUUUUUCKED. Do I need another “u”? No. You get it.
      I think if someone put a fuzzy kitten in my hand, I wouldn’t give it away, but man, timing here!
      Maybe I’ll give you a kitten?
      And I’m sorry about the trampoline thing! I’m sure you’re not alone there. I think Des pees on them too.

  31. Ha! Cassidy’s text is so funny! I would have reacted the same way. Glad Athena is feeling better. It is always so scary when the pets are sick becuase, you never know if it is going to be something costly since they don’t get simple colds like we do. The trampoline place is pretty cool. I wish thay had that when I was growing up. The kids look like they had a blast!

    1. Thanks! Athena is back to normal acting today. We still have her on the bland diet because it has to be 24-48 hours of it and it is sad because she’s so hungry and she keeps looking at us in confusion.
      That’s why it’s terrible with pets and babies – you can’t explain to them why things are tougher.

  32. So glad you got to meet up with Allie! looks like good fun was had by all. And my heart goes out to Athena. She’s such a doll. I feel you totally on that. I had a vet visit yesterday (I think I spoke too soon in that blog post two weeks ago!) I was exhausted and had a migraine by the time the day was over. I hope Athena’s situation gets sorted quickly (literally and figuratively!)

    1. You know, I never get headaches. Ever. I had two this week when she was sick. It’s totally related.
      Athena is back to her old cute and spunky self.
      Really hope everything is ok with you!

      1. I’m better now; slept for almost 12 hours and woke up feeling like a 102-year-,old version of myself. LOL As the day wore on I got back my mojo. BTW love the song! It always reminds me of my grandmother. Whenever she saw the video, at the point where they kick their dresses up, she’d say they should be given some blows for being “indecent.” ROTF

        1. Yay to the 12 hours, Boo to the 102-year-old thing.
          So glad you got your mojo. It’s been a beautiful few days here so it’s hard not to be happy when you’re in the warm sun.
          The story about your grandmother is cracking me up!

  33. Oh man, that was some April fools joke! Allie and the kids look like they are having so much fun! Even though the lighting was terrible, you got some good shots!

    1. Thank you! It was the worst lighting ever. And for 15 minutes of every hour, they turn the lights off and it’s just black light jumping.

  34. Oooh… I am not a big fan of April Fools jokes! I think a trampoline place sounds so fun! We only have bounce-house places near where I live, and my son is scared of them, so I always dread when friends of ours have birthday parties there. (Plus they smell like feet.)

    1. ha! They do smell! Scarlet and Cassidy went to a place like that in Florida.
      The trampoline place doesn’t smell, but only because it’s only a few months old so it’s still pretty pristine. I imagine that will change. Although it’s been a rough winter and they do sell out on weekends!

  35. The diarrhena description didn’t bother me, but the nail? Eeewww. Glad Athena is on the mend, and that you and Allie had a meet up – how fun! I warned my husband yesterday morning that I did not want to be fooled at all, and he either listened to me or forgot. But Cassidy did good – I wish someone had taken a picture of the look on your face before you realized he was kidding!

    1. The nail thing mostly upsets me because it’s my typing hand! And my Journey “Open Arms” playing hand!
      Athena is totally good.
      I am certain your name came up during our meetup because we were talking about favorite bloggers we’d most like to meet.

  36. I hope Athena is feeling better soon! March really was a rough month for you wasn’t it? It seems sad that I’ve been blogging for almost four years, but still haven’t met any other bloggers in person. At least I know that’s going to change by the end of the year! We don’t tend to participate in April Fool’s Day jokes, but Cassidy’s was pretty darn good!

    1. Remind me what conference(s) you may attend? I am doing BlogU and I believe BBC Philly. I want to do BlogHer but only if I win the lottery, I guess.

  37. Here’s to meeting blogging friends (as in YOU) and to Athena being okay now!!! Also? Cassidy rocks. Just saying πŸ˜€

    1. I can’t wait to meet you – I’m going to hug your face off.
      And it’s true about Cassidy. I was totally not mad at him, but the seconds in between that phone call and that walk to the front door were TENSE.

  38. ha! i was almost so close to seeing a post about two surprise puppies, except one’s a kitten! haha! and poor little Athena. diarrhena with the pups is no fun. i’ve experienced THAT circle of hell.

    1. I love that you and some other bloggers are saying “diarrhena” – it’s cracking me up!
      It’s terrible. Worse than vomit, and I thought NOTHING was!
      I’m sure that kitten post will come, to be honest. My husband is nuts!

  39. Hopefully your puppy gets better soon. Cassidy’s April Fools Day joke was hilarious. I can only imagine how stressful it would be to add a kitten to the mix.

  40. You should ask on a future blog, would you rather have a dog with diarhena or a flipped-back fingernail?

    And instead of writing what comes out of your doggie, just take a picture and post it. We’ll know.

    OK, I need one non-gross line … when I worked in the hotel business, people who talked to me on the phone expected me to be taller when they checked in. And better lookin’.

    1. ha! If only this was that sort of blog.
      I’m certain no one has ever said to you, “I thought you’d be better looking!” I’m certain.

        1. ha! I used to think he was quite a feast for the eyes (wait, I sound like my grandmother?) but not so much lately. So take that as a compliment!

  41. Wow, poor dog! And ew, poor you! The fingernail thing is horrible. For some reason, that gave me the feeling in my stomach more than the dog thing. Maybe it’s because I never had a dog. I don’t know. And hahahaha I just read Eli’s post about you taking a picture of what comes out of the dog, and although, in theory, that is hilarious, please don’t do it.

    1. Well the fingernail thing was pretty painful. As for the dog thing, well, my laundry machine did most of the work there.
      I really would NEVER post a photo of that. In fact, it already happened (all is well) and I didn’t take a photo.

  42. I hope your dog gets better soon! Sorry I wasn’t able to visit and leave you a comment until today. I’ve been super busy packing for vacation.

    In the six years that I have been blogging I only met two other bloggers in person. That was a couple of years ago when I was invited to an event hosted by a major health brand. There were about 12 bloggers and published authors there. Two of whom I was familiar with their blogs. It was so much fun and I was honored to have been able to attend.

    I hope your dog starts to feel better and your finger heals up quickly! Have a terrific day!

    1. That’s ok! You have a big fun trip to plan for. And I really don’t get upset when people can’t visit all of the time. I can’t visit all of the time either!
      That sounds like a fun event you went to! I’d love to go to a fun event like that.

  43. Well, I’ve been debating on taking our girls to the trampoline park in a neighboring town, unsure if they would really enjoy it or not. After looking at your lovely pics, all I can think is, “Pshaw! Quit being a stick in the mud!” So for that, thanks. And I still envy you getting to me so many fellow bloggers in person. Fortunate, indeed.
    p.s. and the fingernail thing? made me feel pain way over here.

    1. Oh, try the trampoline thing! Our place has a little area for just little kids. As long as they can walk. And it frowns upon big kids being there. So it’s rather peaceful. It can definitely get nutty in the open jump area, as well as the dodgeball pit (seriously) and the diving board into foam.
      However, you can just pay for a short amount of time and see how it goes.
      Wish I could meet YOU!

  44. I could use a good jump on a trampoline. I think I would laugh so hard and get some stress out! ha!

    And The Pointer Sisters!! Man, I used to love that song. Hoping doggie is much better!

    1. I think a good jump on a trampoline WHILE listening to the Pointer Sisters is the ultimate stress relief!
      The dog is all good, thanks!

  45. Wow, you met another blogger friend. I’m sure it was a great experience, but I agree that with kids, you get a lot of interruption, LOL! I’ve always wanted to try trampoline.. but there’s nothing like a park or something near us. I’m sure my son would love it! Cheers to better days! Hope you have a great week ahead.

  46. So glad your week is going better and Athena is on the mend. You seriously can’t take a bad picture and you are correct “They are real and they are spectacular” is from Sienfeld. I believe everything in life comes down to a Seinfeld episode!!

  47. Hoping Athena is on the mend and all is good. That fingernail was grosser than the diah…you know. I thought you were going to say it got all up in your fingernail. That would have been gross, too. But the bending backward is awful, I groaned out loud and my son was like “what’s wrong?”

    Trampoline park looks amazing, I mentioned we just got one here, too. Teronis got to go and LOVED it. Now I’ve got to take the others. Isn’t Teronis ridiculous (the name?) Makes me laugh.

    And finally, I totally want in on an adults only NE blog meet-up. A little jealous you got to meet Allie, looks like you guys had fun!

    1. I’m sorry about the fingernail! It was terrible but the pain is hardly there anymore.
      We went to the Hartford trampoline park. I know there’s a New Britain one too. It was awesome. Teronis is the best name EVER, by the way.
      We do want to plan the NE, adults only one soon. So let’s do it!

  48. I am hoping Athena has pooped by now, its okay not to share the details with me. I am worried about your fingenail, which finger, does it affect you when you hold the camera type worries. Hope not.
    I so love these trampoline parks, we have them here too and the kids love it. Strangely I have not had a turn myself yet, mmmmm just realised that.

    1. Your worries are sweet! It’s my right hand and it did affect my ability to type for two days or so, but not the picture taking. It’s not like I’m a pianist, but the experience did make me realize how important my right hand is to me! I need 100% use here.

  49. Poor Athena. πŸ™ I have lots of experience with dogs eating non-food stuffs. It is very worrying. I hope she feels better soon.
    The trampoline park look like so much fun! I would love to bounce around on those – especially since our weather has been so very yucky – an indoor park would be awesome. April has got to be better, right?

    1. Thanks, Kim! She seems fully recovered, although she’s still on antibiotics just in case. Poor dear.
      Our weather has been really nice since April started. Maybe I need to wave it on up to you.

  50. I’m hoping Miss Athena is feeling much better now. It is never fun when a pup is sick…especially on the couch! And that trampoline parks looks like so much fun! Count me in on the New England bloggers get together!

    1. She’s all good now, thanks!
      And totally consider yourself counted IN!
      I still am definitely going to do Six Flags and Maine and/or NH, so we’ll talk.

  51. Athena has quickly become part of the family and I was super worried, like if one of you were sick. I’m glad things are looking up with her. I’m so jealous that all these other bloggers get to meet you! When will it be my turn? LOL!! We have those trampoline places here, well one, and I have never been. I always thought Adrian is too small, but I guess I was wrong. I’m glad April has come in better for you and HA! the April Fools from Cassidy was a super good one!!!

    1. You are so sweet! She is totally fine now – thank you. The transport and changing of foods could also have been what caused it. It was a lot of trauma for a young rescue pup. We’re confident she’ll be ok now.

    1. That’s a good idea, thanks! And I heard pumpkin too.
      I love that you’re an adult with a trampoline. It’s great exercise and stress relief!

  52. Man this makes me now want to meet up with more blogging buddies! Too bad we’re on opposite coasts. Just goes to show how the online world can actually lead to real friendships.

    I haven’t been to a trampoline park yet and this makes me want to look some up in my area. My kid would love this. All I do all day long is tell him not to jump so hard because the neighbors downstairs can hear him haha. Poor kid.

    And I’m sorry to hear about Athena’s problems. Hopefully she passes whatever needs to come out lol. Here’s hoping you have a better weekend coming up!

  53. Oh yikes, you’re nail! And poor Athena πŸ™ Hope your poor sweet puppy is ok!
    That is awesome that you and Allie were able to meet. I totally get when you mean about meeting a blogging friend is like meeting a celebrity. I’m going to be so starstruck when our blog meetup happens!

    1. I’m responding a bit late now, but my nail is recovering well. And Athena has fully recovered, thankfully! It’s hard for puppies to go through rescues/transports/change of homes. I think it just got to her. She’s all good now.
      I’m going to be SO nervous about our blogging meetup. I have no cool at all. Sweet Allie made me nervous!

  54. I’m so so glad that you and Allie had a chance to meet up!! And a trampoline park too! So much fun. Isn’t meeting blogging friends a funny business? I always feel like I’m a stalker because I know so much about them but then I realize, well, people know a lot about me too. Is Athena better? I’m so sorry that she’s been sick. That’s the worse.

    1. It is funny! I was telling Bev above that I get so nervous about them! Even when it’s Allie/Michelle/Ilene. Although I didn’t get nervous the second time with Ilene. We were old friends by then.


    Whew. Now that I got that out of my system, even your trampoline park photos are glorious.

    What a great place to meet a bloggy friend!

  56. OMFG…your nail!!! That’s so messed up and I can’t imagine the pain. On a brighter note though, I’m glad that things are getting better, like the weather! You guys deserve some spring time after this long winter you’ve had. Got my fingers crossed for Athena too!

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