I’ve Never Met One Of My Closest Friends.

You guys all know Janine, right?

Well if you don’t, allow me to introduce you to Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic. How long can I go on and on about her before making her blush? In front of her computer. Yeah, that’s not the same. If I had to give a speech about Janine, it would go over the five minute mark by two hours. Janine is the real deal. In fact, I often say that she is the true “Queen of Blog Commenting” because she’s better than I am with consistent love, support and genuine encouragement. Janine is all heart.


We have about 3,000 things in common and that list grows every day. The first time we ever talked on the phone, I was in a crisis and I thought of her, and two hours later, we got off the phone and I completely forgot why I had called her to begin with. The stress melted away easily. I can talk about her for 17 blog posts, but you can just read her blog and get to know her. I’m very happy to be partnered with Janine for today’s Ask Away Friday! I have been waiting for this day for awhile.

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To see Janine’s answers to my ten questions, go HERE. And here are my answers to her lovely questions:

1. This week we both got the brand new iPhone 6. I know that we were both more then excited and would love to hear what your favorite new feature on this phone is?

With going from the 4S to the 6, with no dabbling at all with the 5 (other than using Cassidy’s once), the camera upgrade is awesome! The first photo I took with the new phone was at night in a dark room. My 4S would have taken a blob of nothing.

This was the first photo:

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Here’s the second from the next day in daylight:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I LOVE the slow-motion video and the time-lapse video options: (Des whining “Mama” in slow motion)

This next video isn’t the best technically, but it might be the most joyous video I’ve ever seen. This is Des eagerly waiting a piece of chocolate birthday cake. Can you remember the last time you were SO excited, that you just couldn’t handle it?

2. An extension to question one, Apple touted this camera during the original press release feed (yes I was that crazy and watched the live feed while working the day it happened). As a professional photographer, have you used the new camera yet and what do you think of it compared to some of the heavy hitters out there, such as Canon/Nikon DLSRs (is there any comparison even)?

The Verizon sales guy said to me, “This is the only camera you will ever need. Except..you. Didn’t you say you’re a photographer?” I giggled. I half agree, though. If you don’t have a great camera or if you have an old point-and-shoot, this might be better! Even if you do have a great camera, there are just situations in life that call for the iPhone. When I go to fairs and I don’t want to carry the big one and I can easily upload and share the photos/videos? Awesome! It’s personally nice to have both. For clients, of course I use my Canon. Creamy, dreamy, bokeh, catchlights, and most of all – CONTROL.

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3. Since we both love summer and are not winter fans, but still seem to enjoy fall (yes it is definitely here), what is on your fall bucket list for this year?

I love fall! I only like spring better, because it means summer and then fall. Poor fall, leading to winter. Anyway, it’s glorious here. I definitely want to do the Frozen-themed corn maze, link HERE. I’d love to go on a foliage drive up to northern New England. October is the best month here, and that’s when my sister is getting married, so we might not do everything I want to do, but we’ll come close. I want to visit the Florence Griswold Museum to see the Wee Faerie Village Alice in Wonderland exhibit. I’d love to book fall foliage clients, although I already have quite a few set up, and weekends will run out fast.

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4. We both had a shared obsession for Robin Thicke’s song (Blurred Lines), but that was so last year. What would be your favorite song for 2014? I need a new song addiction and would love to share with you in new found music collaboration of sorts.

I was going to reply with… “Obviously, it’s Safe and Sound” but I just found out that song isn’t 2014! Like.. at all. So…I think it’s “Promise” by Tori Amos. It’s not at all pop.. as far as I know, though:

5. When I do finally someday in the future get to visit you, what would we do?

When is this happening??? I think if it’s fall, we’ll definitely do the Frozen corn maze in Vermont! And check out the beautiful New England fall foliage. Of course, I’ll bring you to my favorite cookie store, because it is just so talked about on my blog and on Facebook. If you bring the girls, I’ll have to do a photo shoot. And let them play with Scarlet’s princess stuff endlessly. I’ll have to show you this small and proud city’s wonderful downtown, and I’ll buy you a hot drink of your choice. And of course we’d talk for hours! Cassidy would make something great for dinner.

6. What do you think you would be thinking the first time we do actually meet for real?

At this point I’ve met a lot of blogging friends and with pretty much each one, it was like this: “Oh yeah. It’s you. I’ve.. known you for five years, it feels like!” There was.. no adjustment period. I showed up on Michelle’s doorstep and then met Ilene and Stephanie like it was nothing. I spotted Bev across a park and Jennifer across a parking lot while I was driving with my window open and we just instantly knew each other. I had a magical meeting with Tricia across a grassy hill and with Iva and Kristi in the dorm “lobby” of BlogU. Not to mention sitting next to Katie during a wonderful class. And Allie in a trampoline park! Sometimes I get really nervous, though! I’d either be really nervous or totally calm and I’d just.. know you.

That’s what I’d be thinking. That’s what I’ve been thinking all along.

Edited to add that I walked into Dana and Lisa’s dorm room like we were old college buddies!

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7. Ok, even though we haven’t met in person, I read your blog with ever new post, I talk to you sometimes through text multiple times a week (sometimes even daily) and yet there has to be something I don’t know about you. Can you share something about yourself that I don’t already know about you?

When I was a kid, I got something stuck up my nose and had to have it removed by a doctor.. after.. weeks.. or months. Of my three pets, I’m in love with Athena, I’m in love with Dinah, but I don’t care much for Bella. Like.. if she got a new loving home, I’d be ok. I keep her around for Scarlet’s sake but she has a terrible personality. Does that make me sound mean?

8. I know we both have had our recent moments with dealing with the mere thoughts of our kids no longer being babies anymore. In this vain, what are your hopes, fears and dreams as kids grow up.

I’m hope they’re always as happy as they are now. They are.. so happy. Right now, Des is dancing and singing and Scarlet is laughing, despite having a fever. She’s also eating raspberries and cookies, so I’m thinking the fever went down. I want them to not feel trapped in life. I want them to see the world, do what they love, and most of all – be kind and strong.

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9. How has Scarlet’s first month of Kindergarten been for her? For you?

It’s been wonderful for her. When you ask her how her day at school was, every day, she says “GREAT!” She loves music class best, and also Physical Education. She calls it “Physical Therapy” and I don’t correct her because it’s adorable as heck. She has a lovely class – of both boys and girls. I’ve gotten to know many of them. Her teacher told me she was delightful. We also stay after school a lot on the playground, while the weather still holds up, and it’s such a nice community of other school parents. As for me, I’m getting there. I still have traces of PTSD nearly every day before I pick her up. I just feel.. heart-poundy. Stomach-butterfly-like. It’s strange. I’m working through it. What else can I do? We learn. We learn together.

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10. I have one last year of pre-school with Lily and believe you have two with Des. I still am not sure how I will be with Lily starting compared to how I reacted with Emma starting Kindergarten this past fall. How do you think you will be with Des when he starts Kindergarten?

I remember a few years ago when my friends’ kids were starting kindergarten, that I felt a little smug. I felt like I still had so much time before I had to worry about it. And I did, to an extent. I guess I feel that way now. I still have three years with this wonderful boy, before worrying about full school days. I think Scarlet is hand-holding me along the way. Some people say it’s harder with the first. Others say it’s harder with the youngest. I can’t imagine it will be, to be honest. And if it is, can’t I just have another baby and prolong the inevitable? Yes. Yes, I can.

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I’ve Never Met One Of My Closest Friends. — 115 Comments

  1. Oh man, where to start. First off, I have been blushing from pretty much the first line. Seriously though, I love you so much and hope you totally know that these feelings are so mutual. I cannot tell you enough how much fun this was this week. I was stressed that I wouldn’t live up to hype or do your linkup justice, but you made this so easy and painless that I would do it again in a heartbeat and seriously hope we can have a redux soon. And I also hope we can meet up very soon – your day for us sounds absolutely perfect. I mean how could I not love meeting you, having cookies, a great home cooked meal and even princess dress up, as well as the Frozen corn maze. Yup, perfectly perfect and then some! Hugs and again just love you to pieces πŸ˜‰

  2. You and Janine are so cute together! So what did you get stuck up your nose? I’m not sure if it was any harder or easier sending my second off to kindergarten – it was just different. I do remember loving every second of having him all to myself when his sister was in school, and the loving when she came home every day.

    • I just edited one of the answers to include the wonderful moment in which I walked into your dorm room and met you and Lisa! I believe that wasn’t the first thing I mentioned. Meeting you two was so natural.

      I love the time with just Des so much.

      • I see your edit – I only hope my daughter has that kind of first meeting with her college roommate! A pussywillow. Hmmm. I guess I could see why a kid would want to shove that up her nose. So soft.

        • I was just trying to smell it and suddenly it was gone! I thought I had dropped it until a few weeks later when my sinuses got really screwed up from it.
          My freshman college roommate was a loony. Like certifiable.

  3. That was one of the sweetest #AAF blog introductions I ever read πŸ™‚
    LOL my cousin had to have a tic tac removed from his nose when we were little. I remember being so scared at what I imagined he’d have to go through!

  4. What a fun Ask Away Friday! I just happily read Janine’s answers before reading yours. Hmm.. something stuck up your nose and didn’t know… I am kind of terrified my kids will do that. Luckily, we have not had that yet, but Anneliese is a determined little person!

    P.S. Why do we not have cool things like the frozen corn maze where I live?? Oh yeah, because I live in a desert with no corn! I will need pictures of this when you do go πŸ™‚

  5. It is great to get to know virtual friends in reality. With my moving around I’ve only done that… twice. But it was fun and I’d definitely do it again and again πŸ™‚
    DSLR, P&S and iPhone? No way, my P&S has been in the closet ever since I got the 5. But like you, not for the real professional stuff.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    p.s. I may be around even less the coming week, traveling πŸ˜‰

  6. What’s up with Bella’s personality? Lol it’s not wrong – all animals have their own personality and temperament and it won’t always mesh well with yours. πŸ™‚ I am a woman of few words today πŸ™‚ Have a great one Tamara! -Iva

  7. I hope you guys get to meet soon! I’ve met two blogging friends in person and it was great. And I am in the gang who found sending my youngest to kindergarten the hardest. It about killed me!

    • I think sending him to kindergarten will be very hard for me. Sending her definitely caused me some PTSD from my own terrible experience at that time. So I’m hoping I will have worked through that by him and I can just be genuinely sad, instead of traumatized. I would take sad any day!

  8. I want to do the Frozen corn maze. Sounds like a blast!

    Des reacts the same way I do when I know I’m going to get cake. I love it. However, Natalie is odd and doesn’t care for cake. But Tommy loves it, so we bond over our excitement for it.

    One day I’ll get the iPhone 6!

    • I wish you guys could come to the corn maze too!
      I have to admit that I don’t love cake the way he does. That’s how I get about cookies and ice cream, though!

  9. So cute that the Verizon guy knew you were a photographer so of course the iPhone 6 won’t be your only camera. And it really does take great photos, much improvement indoors!!! I think camera phones are just going to get better and better. If I don’t upgrade my DSLR soon (ISO3200 only), camera phones are going to outpace it! And love the photo of Scarlet and Des running in the field is perfect to describe their unlimited joy right now, and hopefully forever!

  10. You two are so cute together, I hope you get to meet in person soon! I think we need to reschedule our blogger meetup, maybe your house? And I agree with you 100% on Janine being fabulous at commenting, she’s pretty much always the first person on my blog since we connected when I interviewed her for Mother of All Meltdowns, such she’s such a sweetheart!

    And hehe, saw in the comments about getting a pussywillow up your nose. Oh, the things we do as little children!

    • Yes it just felt funny saying pussywillow in my blog! I was afraid of spam comments.
      I would love to have a get together at my house! Everybody could see all of the fun things. We certainly have the space for everyone.

  11. You and Janine are definitely a perfect match up!

    Now, let me say: YAY iPhone 6!!! I love mine and we need to start a club or something…LOL I haven’t played with the camera as much as all the other cool features but I came straight from the 4G so I know that it has to be better than that…:D

    I can’t wait to meet a few of my Blogger friends IRL for the first time…it’s only a couple of weeks away but I almost think it will be like you said…just like reconnecting with a friend. No first time meet awkwardness because after all we know each other πŸ˜€

    Great swap Ladies!

    • We can definitely start a club! And the camera is an insane upgrade for me.

      I can’t believe you have been met blocking friends yet! It’s an adventure. And unless they really are not what they seem, which I have actually seen out there, then there is no awkwardness!

    • I do love the new camera. It’s so funny because we went to the big fair today, which I always bring my pro camera to, and today I just wasn’t feeling it. Things are heavy enough. So I took phone photos!

  12. amazing swap! You guys are the perfect combo! I like the camera on the iphone6 but I like the instagram added features even more…I love that Scarlet calls it Physical Therapy because, well it is really. I do love the non adjustment period. Its really just falling into step!

    • One of my friends told me it took her a month before she lost that breathless feeling. I still have the breathless feeling at times, but I definitely feel it falling into place. Scarlet is very brave. Case in point, I just had to leave the big fair because the baby was falling asleep and I heard that she got stuck on an adult roller coaster for 15 minutes and was totally fine!

  13. This is a lovely post, and you two are lucky to have found each other. I love that blogging leads to real friendships! I totally want to check out that Frozen maze, I might have to take my niece there this Fall. Also your town and the cookie store make me want to come up and visit too!

  14. I love both you and Janine!! β™₯ And I’m so happy she got to join AAF too and be paired with you. I don’t have my digital camera anymore now and I’m just relying on my trusty Android camera phone to take photos and so far it’s been convenient and great since you can just take photos and share them right away on IG and FB. I think that iPhone6 has a great camera phone! I’ve also watched a feature about some people who would just attach lenses to their iPhones to make the quality even better! Here’s to hoping you and Janine will meet up soooonn! πŸ™‚

    • I have heard about those kinds of lenses! I would totally have fun with them. It’s a little odd to know where to draw the line, since I can just use my big camera. I do like the instant sharing, though. It’s so much fun.

  15. I am really enjoying the Ask Away Fridays! That video of Des with the cake is priceless. I had to watch it a couple of times because it made me so happy! I can’t wait to get a new phone, mostly because of the camera upgrade! Have a great weekend, the weather is supposed to be fab here in MA!

  16. Wonderful swap! Isn’t it awesome when you meet someone online and then figure out you click almost instantly? I’m still amazed something like that can actually happen! Camera really is impressive on the new iPhone!

  17. The kindergarten thing was harder for me with Biz, my youngest. But I think it depends on the kid too! G has zero problems with transition. Biz’s transitions can get rocky. Also, I remember seeing you pull into the parking lot when we met. I think even G recognized you. So amazing!

  18. This is one of the best swaps you’ve done. Janine definitely knows you. I love your answer to question #8. I hope my kids are always as happy as they are now. Everything is still amazing and there are no worries! I certainly can’t wait to meet you like others in this comment thread. I’m thinking we might need to have a “Meet Tamara” weekend!

    • Thank you for noticing that. I just can’t get over it. I watch it multiple times a day! My sister watched and had tears running down her face. She said that watching it is like therapy.

  19. A Frozen themed corn maze sounds like it would be a lot of fun to go to. I’m hoping that we have time to take a train ride to see the changing foliage soon. We were at the park the other day and some of the trees are already changing colors. We had a tree in our front year that would be really pretty during the fall, but when it snowed about 2 years ago it split and we had to have it cut down.

  20. I loved this post… I read Janine’s too (she’s a new blogging friend and I already adore her).

    Okay… I’m trying to hold off on buying the iPhone 6 but you ladies are making me want it soooooo badly! Good to hear the camera on it is a good as everyone’s saying… because I trust what you’re saying!

    That video of Dez saying “mama” – lol classic! The other video… soooooo cute.

    Thanks for sharing my friend. You seem to be in a better place/space at the moment, which is lovely to see.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    • I am in a better place, thank you! It’s still rocky but I’ve been working hard on it.
      With the phone upgrade, I had no choice. My old one was completely breaking and I had until the 30th to upgrade. I traded in my old one and got $200 off. So I really didn’t pay very much to have this wonderful new phone.

  21. I love both of you… so thankful to have “met” online. You guys share commenting love and terrific, open, honest content. And my sister has a cat she’d be happy to let go of… loving home and all that:)

    • We love you too! Doing this ask away Friday was like having a conversation with a friend over coffee.

      It’s funny about the cat. I suppose it could happen with dogs, but less so for me. I’m a dog person. This one cat has the personality of a snarling piece of paper. The other one is complete love.

  22. Love that you two partnered up and that you have such a wonderful friendship! I agree that, when I’ve had the opportunity to meet other bloggers, it just feels like I’m meeting some gray old friends. It is amazing how well we can get to know each other through these blogs & words without ever actually meeting. I love how you summed up your hopes for your kids futures – to be happy, not feel trapped in life -perfectly said!

    • I feel like so many people feel trapped. Me included, at least at some points. And meeting you and Dana in the dorm room was one of the highlights of my experience at BlogU!

  23. I laughed about sticking something up your nose! When my sister was three, she put a red berry up her nose & my mom could NOT get it out. The doctor showed my mom the tool he was going to use to get it out – it made my sister cry so hard it fell right out! Aren’t blogging friends wonderful? Have a super weekend!

    • That is hilarious! And I saw the tool that they used on me. It was superlong tweezers. Never again! What’s really funny is that my husband got a bean stuck up his nose when he was about the same age I was.

  24. I think this feels like the most natural AAF I’ve read from you yet. It really just feels like a conversation. The new iphone pictures look incredible. And I am in love with both of Des’ videos. Seriously, he’s like the happiest, cutest little Darth Vader out there.

  25. Awww… I’m glad you two had the chance to swap, now I’m hoping the two of you will meet up soon πŸ™‚

    My brother once stuck a bead up his nose, my mom freaked out called my dad, my dad drove home, and took a turkey baster and was able to suck it out πŸ˜€

    I’m a little nervous to go to my first conference, this is huge for me, I’m totally stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to meet many of your blog friends.


    • A turkey baster! That is hilarious.

      I was very nervous for my first conference. I was just thinking today how I got zero sleep before it and then went through a whole day of it and then drove 3 1/2 hours from Baltimore to New Jersey. It was an adrenaline rush.

  26. Janine is totally awesome but then again so are you. I can’t wait to meet you both and totally missed out this spring when I was in NY. Lets hope that doesn’t happen again. Great answers to some amazing questions and I’m so happy that you both got to swap today. Now after hearing all those great features of the iPhone 6 I’m tempted to switch but I truly do love my Galaxy S5. So happy that Scarlet is enjoying Kindergarten as well, not looking forward to the next 3 years when Madison starts. My baby is getting so much bigger. Love you both!

    • We love you too! I was sorry that weekend didn’t work but my hands were tied. It’s different when I have Cassidy around to watch the kids. Although I know you’d love to meet them. Next time!

    • I love doing these!
      The phone is great but I never had the 5S. it might be perfectly awesome. I even did try to get one when my 4S was breaking, but they had none in stock so I waited for the 6!

  27. Awwww I love this so very much. It’s wonderful the bond we can form with people we haven’t quite met yet in person… and that for me has always been my absolute favorite part of this blogging adventure πŸ™‚

    Pussywillow up the nose?! How in the hell… LMAO!! Awesome. Also totally something I could see myself doing as a kid.

    I’m glad to read this review of the new iPhone and I take your opinion seriously–especially since you are a photographer and the camera capabilities of a phone are always important to me (since I usually carry my phone but not always my camera). I love my S5 BUT I like to hear about other phones and what works well/doesn’t.

    UHM… HOW IN THE HELL have I not heard of this magical steampunk Alice exhibit mixed with fairies?! That pretty much sounds like the best idea ever. I just googled it and it’s almost 3 hours away… I’ll have to find a way πŸ™‚

    XOXO my sweet. It’s always a pleasure to read more about YOU! Also just became a part of this FB group and can’t wait to meet other bloggers.

    • I’m so glad you became part of the Facebook group! I saw the notification to add you, but somebody must’ve gotten there before me.

      I think we are going to the museum exhibit in mid October and maybe even early October or early November. I’ll let you know!

  28. What a wonderful friend to have! And, those videos are hilarious! The slow mo feature has so many possibilities… I’ve never been to a corn maze, but a Frozen-themed corn maze sounds awesome πŸ™‚

  29. I truly think this was one of the best ever ask away Friday’s because you 2 are such great friends and I think the world of both of you!!!
    That video of Des and the cake was awesome – his little body was almost shaking in anticipation of the cake and then he was so patient and used his fork to get a bite!!!

    • That video drive me crazy! I have to watch it multiple times a day. I will always love that level of happiness, where you can’t even contain yourself. Every now and then I still have it.

  30. Wonderful questions. I have one blog friend that I’ve converted into this kind of real friend (although we have met in person a couple of times, we still live two time zones away from each other so it’s not a common event.) I don’t think I’ve ever read Janine’s blog — gotta fix that right away!

  31. Oh I can’t. That video of Des waiting for the chocolate cake? How can you stand all the cuteness and excitement?? Absolute sweetest. I’m super duper excited to get my iPhone 6. I’m going from a regular old iPhone 4 (not even 4S!!) to the 6 and it’s about freaking time for an upgrade. I love how you seem to connect and bring together all the bloggers. I love that and the connections that grow out from there.

    • I honestly can’t handle that video! My sister (Lindsay) told me she watched it with tears streaming down her eyes. She gets it. It’s not just funny. It’s heartbreaking and wonderful. It’s everything. It’s bittersweet. It’s knowing his innocence and love, and worrying they won’t remain as intact.
      Such is life. He’s full of great things.

  32. It would be neat to see you across a parking like and yell “TAMARA!” and then panic because I didn’t say it like camera. While I practiced saying it correctly in my head I’d just wave fanatically. LOL I didn’t “hear” the slow mo of Des when you shared it on FB. That was hilarious. The 5 doesn’t have that feature, only the time lapse one. So I am missing out there. As for the camera yes it is wonderful (even on the 5). Last year while my husband was taking Christopher’s football photo on a digital background I stole a few pics from my camera while he was changing lenses. Guess which pictures my MIL as for more prints of? πŸ˜‰

    • Even if you yelled it the wrong way, I’d probably not notice. I’d be too excited because I’d instantly know you! So let’s hope that happens.
      I’m going to guess your MIL picked YOUR photos!
      Also to answer your question from your blog, “real” maple syrup is probably thicker. It’s just as sweet but there are no chemicals at all. It just tastes like.. New England.

  33. I wouldn’t be jealous of your iPhone 6 camera if just this night I was not outside trying to take a picture of a giant nasty spider in it’s web in my yard with my 4s camera that couldn’t see the darn thing…. even though it was like prehistoric ginormous. Of course the battery of my Canon was being charged, so – no luck there. Don’t ask my why I was taking pictures of a giant probably bird eating spider when I don’t even like them. I can’t even go into my garage until some braver soul comes and gets rid of this thing.
    I’m going think about some chocolate cake and fall foliage for awhile now. this comment has gotten away from me….

    • Ha! I think the comment got away from me too. I’ve only ever once successfully taken grotesque spider photos. It wasn’t even a macro lens! Trying to edit those scared me too much.

  34. So sweet. I loved this swap since I love you both! It’s nice to hear your opinion of the camera phone! I need a better one for sure because my pictures stink! I guess it will come one day. Maybe. That’s so fun that you’ve met so many blog friends. I think Janine’s girls would have such a blast with Scarlet’s princess stuff. I don’t think you sound mean about not liking one of the cats at all. The fact that you even like one is good right? Especially since you aren’t really a cat person. I’m glad you are happy about fall. I feel so sad when you go through winter since I know it’s not your favorite season. I think fall and spring pictures are my favorites to look at in places like where you live for sure!

    • Another thing about Janeen’s oldest is that she is very very tiny. So is Scarlet. Scarlet is like the size of a three-year-old.
      I feel so sad about winter too, so thank you! I do really have fun in the fall. I don’t let it bother me until it actually happens.

  35. I think this is so cool that you and Janine are so close! I love getting to know bloggers better and better and then connecting with them elsewhere. But it’s so awesome that you two have so much in common besides blogging and the general things.

    I looooved that video of Des and the chocolate cake, LOL. Oh my gosh, made me giggle so much. I love their excitement for the small things in life.

    • It’s sort of makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It’s the sensitive mom in me. I see that video and I just want him to always be that amazing. And he we will be amazing in many ways, but will he always be that happy for cake? Oh heck, I am!

  36. I had 3 cats once, two my husband got for me (before we married), one we rescued off the street. I didn’t bond with rescue cat, and though she stayed with us for a couple of years, I was happy to have her rehomed. She wasn’t mean or anything, she just didn’t feel like ‘mine’. So no, you’re not mean. πŸ™‚

  37. The last few lines of this post is super dang suspenseful! I don’t think coming clean about the unpleasant personality of one of your cats is horrible…I think you’re a better person for loving Dinah! Seriously- for people that like kittens and not cats, falling for one is a pretty awesome situation. Good job!! I love the picture of the kids running in front of the sun- it perfectly encapsulates your sentiment of wanting to keep them this happy and free. So beautiful….as always!

  38. What an amazing swap for sure! I think for me it was harder with the first for most everything. But no matter how old they get they will always be your babies! πŸ™‚ I told the hubby earlier that I would like to get out somewhere that has tons of leaves in varying colors for some photos! Hope you have a great week!

    • Well New England is pretty wonderful for foliage! Although if you Google the best foliage drives, there are a lot of great places on the west coast and Midwest too.

  39. tamara, i’m just catching up now and so happy to see this post. it has made my day! love you and janine both. you are the bestest of the best. you two should go away for a girls weekend getaway and definitely write a post about it. i would adore that.

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