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It’s That Time Again – Tips for This Year’s Christmas Family Photo

With a few well-placed tips, this year’s family Christmas photo just might go off without a hitch. Try these tips and see if they don’t help.

It’s That Time Again – Tips for This Year’s Christmas Family Photo

Doesn’t it seem as though we just celebrated the holidays and already another year is upon us? Sometimes it’s because all the big box stores start putting out their holiday merchandise even before the leaves start to turn on the trees! Even so, booking a photographer and planning what you’ll do with this year’s family photo may take a bit of doing, especially if you have a family that’s not so keen on the idea. With a few well-placed tips, this year’s family photo just might go off without a hitch. Try some of these and see if they don’t help.

A Bit of Advice on Choosing What to Wear

While you will want to choose outfits that complement each other, you would do best to stay away from wearing the same things. Who wants to send out holiday cards with a family shot that looks like a school class picture? This is something you’ll want to plan for a bit early, especially if you order online. Allow time for deliveries. Sometimes there is no alternative but to order online, especially if someone in the family is an odd size. Mum, have you gained a few pounds this year but want to look as though you haven’t? Why not try ordering from shops and brands that deal exclusively with plus size fashions? On the froxx.co.uk site you can order amazing dresses made throughout Europe and designed specifically with plus size women in mind. However, bear in mind that you’ll need to keep your coordinating colours in mind if you haven’t shopped for the rest of the family just yet.

If Possible, Stay Away from Christmas Backgrounds

Sometimes it’s such a problem getting the family together for a family photo that this is the one time in the year when you can easily get everyone willing to sit for a shot. If you are going to send this photo as a Christmas card, then the card can be in keeping with the season. You’ll want a photo that your family and friends can look at throughout the year, no matter what the season, so try not to wear Christmas clothing or have a Christmas scene in the background.

Make a Fun Day of It

If you have a family member or two that don’t really like to sit for family photos, then perhaps it’s best to make a fun day of it. Do a few things before sitting for the photographer that will put smiles on the faces of the kids. Don’t forget to do something fun for mum and dad as well. You don’t want to sit for a shot that has everyone looking as though they’ve just lost their best friend in the world. The surest way to get a happy face is to have a happy person. Sandwich the photo shoot in between family fun activities and it should go well for all involved.

The easy part is finding the right card to put your family photo in but as one last piece of advice, why not wait until you have proofed the photos and have chosen the one you want to send? You’ll want the card/frame to suit the shot and depending on what you are wearing and the feeling you get when looking at the group, you might like one frame better than the rest. Have fun with this year’s family photo and see just how easy it was after all.

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