It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month: Here’s How We Protect Our Shelter Cat

This post is sponsored by Catego® for Cats, but all thoughts, opinions, and cute cat photos are 100% my own.

I just applied Juniper's #Catego for the month! #byebyefleas in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Here's how we protect her all year long! #ad #CategoCat

It was nearly two years ago this week that we got our shelter kitten, Juniper (Junie).

As I write this, Juniper – my super cute cat – is sleeping on the kids’ bean bag chair next to my computer. When I woke up this morning, Junie was sleeping at the foot of the bed on my feet, waiting for me to wake up and feed her. I felt the weight and heat of her while still in my sleep and dreams, and then woke up to find us cuddled together on this cool morning. I have to say – it’s moments like this that make me realize that my heart is big enough to love dogs AND cats. They bring different personality traits, tasks, concerns, joys, and pros and cons to the table, I’m sure, but pet love is love.

And cat love is STRONG.


That’s why we do the best we can to take care of her. She’s strictly an indoors cat which I think makes her feel left out this time of year when all of the humans and dogs are frolicking outside. The thing is, Cassidy came face to face with a bear standing on its hind legs last week! We have fisher cats, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and who knows what else. Junie is not safe outside, BUT, with two dogs in the house, we have to think about fleas and ticks with her too. So we get Catego® for Cats.

Wondering what it is? It’s a powerful flea and tick control that is an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice for cats and kittens. It’s topical and easy to apply thanks to its tube and patented applicator. We love that it’s specifically designed to meet the unique needs of cats. And it has one low-volume formulation for all cats weighing over 1.5 lbs and over eight weeks of age. And Catego® kills within six hours.



Catego® kills all life stages of ticks through contact, including Brown Dog Ticks, American Dog Ticks, One Star Ticks, and Deer ticks. The thing is, even with an indoor cat, parasites find their way into our homes through other living and breathing things. So we apply it once a month to protect Junie from harmful parasites. Having a great shelter cat merits celebration!

That’s why we work hard to give her a full month of protection per dose.




You can buy Catego® at PetSmart, Amazon, and through your veterinarians. Make sure you check out their website to find out where you can buy it near you!


Do you have an indoor or outdoor cat?

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